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Law School Admission Test (LSAT)


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Law School Admission Test (LSAT) Test Prep Guide 2017-2018

In this quick quide we will cover the following concepts:

  • Latest LSAT Exam News updates 

  • Latest references about Law profession from Rome Wells and references

  • Definition of LSAT exam

  • What question types you can expect to find on the exam.

  • How LSAT score and GPA is proportional to your succes in gettingg into law school.

  • Our research findings by analyzing several law schools and seeing what their requirements for admissions are.

  • What study materials available on the market to help you increase your LSAT score and which study path to chose when preparing for your test.

  • List of several schools in CT and NY and links to school rating sites where you can find student ratings and professor ratings of other students

  • How our company Tutoring Services, LLC can help LSAT exam takers who obtained top LSAT score make extra income helping to pay off your college loans while attending law school on par time basis.  Providing even further incentive for you to do well on your LSAT exam.

  • Where to find used college books sold directly by other students on campus at affordable price and save money on shipping or buy directly online from cheapest bookstores.

  • Reviews, Ratings and recommendations of LSAT study materials we found on the market. Differences between them and learning effectiveness to price comparison.

Latest LSAT Exam News 2017-2018

News #1  Harvard changes scores

Harvard University dropped LSAT exam out of the picture and is relying now on GRE exam instead to admit candidates.

What does Rome Wells think about this?

I think it's a great movie, it makes it consistent with other colleges and organizations.  

News #2.  Law Schools accepting less candidates due to high volume of applicants

Apparently there is way more LSAT candidates then Law Schools can accept... competition is fierce between Law students admissions. Read our researh findings for more info here.

What does Rome Wells think about this?

I think it's great, competition in preparing for Law Schools will rise, that means higher demand on being able to get higher score, which also means you must prepare smarter.

News #3 LSAT eaxm is in the process of becoming computerized

LSAT exam is in the process of being switch to computerized version. 

What does Rome Wells think about this?

Well, this will make it possible to take the exam instead of 4 times per year a lot more times per year, which is a sweet deal!  Without you having to wait for a long time before you take it. However, this surge of increase in supply of applicants who will be taking LSAT will be dispraportional to the demand of law schools.  Hence, competition for higher scores will be even higher.   This will cause minimum scores to go up. 

Latest References

In every test that I cover including LSAT test I try to relate to students who are taking it in a way that keeps them engaged.   Here are some cool references for existing LSAT students who want to know what your life can be like when you become a lawyer. 

Reference #1  Rome Wells Recommends you to watch "Better Call Saul"

    Check out this tv show called "Better Call Saul"   This is a great tv show it's highly relevant to law, it's about the main character who really just focuses on law, has a brother named Chuck who is also a lawyer, and the main character strikes on his own to do quiet amazing things in life, that some what seem unprofessional, but at the same time unique and funny.  

     You will find in this tv show how Saul (main character Lawyer) gets to create his own law firm and teams up with another lawyer (as solo partners) and you will find how also Saul floats in the pool and just doesn't want to do anything sometimes and wonders if law career is right for him, but at the end channels his doubts  and becomes a great lawyer... (well sort of... the show still not done... but it's in progress so check it out and when you do.. perhaps you will better connect with Rome Wells if you do. Rome Wells is in a way sort of like this guy Saul....  Courageous, funny and extremely interesting.   Check out his profile on linked in also and feel free to connect.  

    Also one more thing... in the show watch how women Wexler... defends her cases... see how clearly she speaks and how she gets offers... from another company and how they are impressed by her.... see how vicious she is...  

Do you think you can be like that?  Do you think you can be as aggressive and vicious in defending?  Can you formulate statements logically?  

If yes then perhaps law career is right for you! Else... see other exams Rome Wells helps students prepare for and maybe just maybe Rome Wells will save you your precious time from talking you away from doing something perhaps just maybe you shouldn''t be doing in the first place.

Anyway enough with the news and references, here is more about what is being offered on this site.


Brief and Friendly Introduction from Rome Wells your guide

Want dirt cheap law school LSAT test prep books?

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Powered By Tutoring Services, LLC to help you save money on education! However, before you buy book view other LSAT Study resources here which are better than books!

So now back to LSAT, who is Rome Wells and why is he helping you tackle LSAT?

Rome Wells is the founder of Tutoring Services, LLC company and educational advocate, if you happen to face Rome Wells on facebook approaching you or suggesting this link feel free to reach out back to Rome Wells with any additional questions about your test preparation journey for personalized study tip suggestion.  

Rome Wells tutored students over many years in math and computer networking and Information Security and knows concepts of learning, that are replicable across all fields including for graduate exams such as LSAT, GMAT or GRE, MCAT, CPA, NCLEX, ASVAB, Mathematics subjects, Cyber Security, Information Technology Marketing and yep even Breakdancing you name it.  

Who is Rome Wells? Modern hero of education or perhaps just a good writer?

Many students consider him as modern Mark Twain of educational advocacy, you can find out why here  Or of course you can read FREE LSAT book to learn more about Rome Wells and your future LSAT journey, perhaps after reading it you may even change your mind of becoming a lawyer, or perhaps you will push through.    

To some LSAT companies, Rome Wells seems as an outsider, to engineers he also seem as an outsider, to accounting field he is also seem as an outsider, to nursing field also as an outsider, to teachers he seems somewhat close, but no matter which way you look at who Rome Wells is, and no matter which angle you look at, he is there to help you in one way, shape or form.

Helping you learn how to prepare for your LSAT exam or simply helping you chose the right career path in your journey, and his goal is to make education affordable, help save enviroment and trees, and help education to also have high quality options.  Not all education can be affordable, some simply can not (it depends on quality vs quanitity)

Rome Wells helps law related degree students, Accounting Degree holders, IT Engineers, project managers, Business students and other types of industry students trying to enter new career field. Our company specializes in LSAT local tutor and online tutor match making in CT and NY, helping students prepare for their exam.  We also specialize in educational research and career assistance, for example this is how we help IT Network Engineers to transition into new field.

Discover LSAT Exam Details


LSAT exam general info

Law colleges require law course enrollees to take appropriate admission tests to get into the major. The Law School Admission Test or LSAT is a standardized exam administered across the different states in the US including states of CT, NY and NJ. This admission test is developed to assess law school applicants to measure their qualification to get into the college course. 

How is exam scored and what it covers?

The Law School Admission Test is administered four times a year. It comprises of six sections. Four of which sections are in multiple choice format, a section that is an unscored experimental section and another that is an unscored writing section. To compute for results, these law colleges admission test converts raw scores into scaled scores.


The LSAT test consists of five sections each of thirty five minutes. These sections are described as follow:

What type of LSAT questions you will find on exam?

The three multiple-choice question types in the LSAT are:

•  Analytical Reasoning Questions

The questions in this section measure the ability of the candidate to understand a structure of relationships and to draw logical conclusions about that structure. Analytical Reasoning questions reflect the kinds of complex analyses that a potential law student can performs in the course of legal problem solving.

•  Logical Reasoning Questions

This section the ability to analyze, critically evaluate, and complete arguments as they occur in ordinary language. The questions are designed to assess a wide range of student skills involved in critical thinking, with an emphasis on skills that are central to legal reasoning.  Hence you must be a good arguer and know how to make a point, defending your statements.

•  Reading Comprehension Questions

This section measures the ability to read, with understanding and insight, examples of lengthy and complex materials similar to those commonly encountered in law school.

•  Written section

Exam taker is given a problem and two criteria for making a decision. Exam taker must write an essay favoring one of two provided options over the other.

•  Un-scored section

This section contains one experimental section, used to test new questions for future exams. Scores of this section are not included in the final section. However test takers are not informed for what section is un-scored making test taking process a bit more mysterious.

Want personalized Advice in LSAT in the form of a graphic image like this?


Some students not sure what to chose, which test to prepare for and in these cases often Rome Wells can help.  If it''''''''s extremely complicated question then Rome Wells can provide useful suggstions that can put you in the right direction if it''''''''s easy question, then Rome Wells can in some cases answer it himself.

Hence feel free to respond back to Rome Wells if you are not 100% sure what study guide to pick

Simply contact Rome Wells if he approached you on facebook and simply tell Rome Wells what is your goal, what you are trying to achieve in career and ask Rome Wells for personal study suggestion advice in the form of an animated video or screenshot.  Rome Wells will provide this advice to you and maybe in some cases during promotional periods can even hook you up with some coupons for some of the courses if available.

 Think of Rome Wells as your study guide and your educational doctor who can provide good tips and suggestions to help on your right track towards your LSAT test preparation journey. Rome Wells loves helping people improve their chances of gettingg better score and not just students, but actual LSAT test prep companies as well and law schools.

Why College Admission exams can be stressful

These types of entrance admission exams can be quite stressful. Most LSAT test takers may be having a difficult time preparing for the test without necessary tools to help them. offers LSAT test guides developed by the top makers of test prep resources for Law School Admission Test. From providing practical advice that can be applied in preparation for exams to get into law colleges to gettingg very effective tips in answering the actual exams efficiently, the LSAT test guides never fail to live up to your expectations. 

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Why gettingg into the school of your choice depends highly on your LSAT score

We realize that in order for you to get into best law school, you must demonstrate your logical and analytical reasoning as well as reading and comprehension skills to school representative.  LSAT does play important role when it comes to considering candidates for school entrance.  

Each School have variety of standards for accepting their candiates, for example Georgia State University College of Law has the following acceptance standards.

       Notice how gettingg into it your college of law, depends on not just on your LSAT scores, but on GPA.  So if your GPA was one of the lowest during your earlier days of academic studies, then if you score well on  your LSAT exam you will at least have possibility of entering school.  To view schools admission criteria and requirements it make sense to view individual school admission criteria.  However based on our research that we have done, LSAT score does matter, the higher your LSAT score the better it is for you to get into top law school.

Studies show that undergraduate GPA and LSAT scores strongly predict the level of a student''''''''s performance in the first year of law study, and both are significant factors in admissions decisions. Each committee member will review your entire file, including the personal statement and letters of recommendation.  The chart you see was from Georgia College of Law School. 

Note here is another one of our findings that shows gettingg high score on LSAT exam matters

    This Chart you see here is a sample data from Ohion State Univeristy Moritz College of Law, what can you tell by looking at this chart?  Well clearly the lower your LSAT score is the lower chances you would have of gettingg in. Note that even if you did super well in your school studies in your academic years, and for example scored 140, based on the data you see above, it doesn''''''''t look like you would be able to get into this college.  So what score should you shoot for?  Our Advice:  The higher the score the better.

This was a snipplet data from college in this case Ohio State U Moritz College of Law State, clearly you get the point, similar picture obviously not exacly the same but you get the idea.... can be witnessed for other colleges, and for top law school colleges, it can get even more improtant to do well on your LSAT.

So how can I increase my LSAT score, or increase my chances of gettingg better score?

        Clearly you must be well prepared for your LSAT exam, sure there are many materials out there on the market, in the form of flash cards, exam secrets, local and online tutors.  However all of that material assumes you have some level of academic background and core level of logical, reasoning skills.  gettingg higher LSAT score according to our research is a rare concept, unless of course you fully sub-merge yourself into the right test preparation study resource.   Or better what use multiple study resources to achieve your LSAT test preparation goal.


Should I take LSAT exam more than one time?

It is extremely important to prepare the best you can for your first attempt at the LSAT because substantial increases in scores are rare. However, depending on the college you are applying admissions committee will review all LSAT scores received in the last three years and take that into consideration. 

Some of the major Law Schools by State

(we have listed only couple just to show you some in major metropolitan area and Eastern USA)

State: CT:  School Name:    Type
Quinnipiac University School of Law     Private         
Hartford     University of Connecticut School of Law Public    
New Haven    Yale Law School    Private
State NY: School Name:      Type
Albany Law School, Union University     Private   
Manhattan    Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, Yeshiva University     Private     
Brooklyn    Brooklyn Law School     Private     
Buffalo     University at Buffalo Law School, SUNY     Public     
Manhattan, New York City     Columbia University Law School     Private     
Ithaca    Cornell Law School     Private     
Queens     City University of New York School of Law     Public     
Manhattan, New York City     Fordham University School of Law     Private     
Hempstead     Hofstra University School of Law     Private     
Central Islip     Touro College Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center     Private     
Manhattan, New York City     New York Law School     Private          
Manhattan, New York City     New York University School of Law     Private     
White Plains     Pace University School of Law     Private         
Queens, New York City     St. John''''''''s University School of Law     Private     
Syracuse     Syracuse University College of Law     Private        

Useful Study Tip

There are many other Law Schools to view every school by state and see school ratings don''''''''t hesitate to visit our sister site RateMySchool.NET.

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Truth about Test Prep Material on the market


If you are trying to become a lawyer, it''''''''s no brainer that many LSAT test prep companies will try to sell you all sorts of information.  However, the honest truth about many of them is that these companies have only one sole interest of selling you their study guide (note not all companies are like that). 

      Yes some of them are good, and some of the are bad from the perspecive of learning effectiveness, some of them sell LSAT Prep material that costs less and some them costs more and they all claim to improve your score! (nothing wrong with that.... but the obvious thing that comes into my mind someone who is the outsider of the lawyer community industry, but at the same time an insider, since, I happen to have exposure to not just one industry, but multiple industries and can analyze what test prep material is better and happen to own local tutoring company specializing in LSAT test prep and tutor + student match making.

Other enthusiasts and law students who already took an LSAT exam wouldn''''''''t bother doing any of that, such as creating opportunities for LSAT students to make money after passing their LSAT exam, or helping the world stay green by providing method to buy and sell books directly from each other avoiding middle man and saving money on book expenses, help education stay affordable, or creating local tutoring opportunities for students who did pass LSAT exam and want to make extra income or helping students find affordable tutor local or online. 

Some LSAT test prep companies simply can not do that, while we can!  Some blog sites think about only one thing, how to help improve score... with their study guides only....  while we are helping students across all angles of test preparation journey, helping you chose from multiple test prep vendors and thereby improve your score, while simultaneously motivating you to do so.  Other sites don''''''''t motivate you and don''''''''t try to make you feel good.  

However, we do... why?  Simply because if we can motivate you and help you be passionate you will have more  reasons to study and be better prepared and hence be able to obtain better LSAT score. 

We are thinking not just about how to help you improve your LSAT score, but whether or not you even need to improve it in a first place!  What if being a lawyer is not for you? Heck there are other fields out there that believe it or pay more without you even bother having to finish your law school and have fewer college debt! Plus you don''''''''t even have to spend lots of money on test prep and schooling in some of the other fields.

Or less demanding fields for example, Coding or network Engineering with cloud SDN specialization field, Accounting FieldProject Management field yet not that far away in salary range! In some case above the salary range!  Obviously others will tell you if you are good in something you will succed.  However, the truth is Lawyer salary ranges are becoming closely equated to other field salaries  and we tell that not just to LSAT students but to other field students as well for example  IT network engineering/Project Management audience or for any students trying to get into coding or Software Defined Networking with limited background helping them transition into new field.

In fact what we tell to other students in for example cloud and IT technology related field is how to improve their coding skills by solving algorithms, and showing them how to super charge themselves and become really quick in doing so and then landing a job in IT field.  

Similarly like we tell students in other fields to leverage coding algorithm to learn how to code we tell law students that preparing for LSAT doesn''''''''t even have to be necessarily from using only LSAT resources, and in fact can be greatly enhanced if you use additional study resources from other similar tests to enhance your logic.  (note that doesn''''''''t mean not studying from LSAT resources, it means supplement it with extra study ninja tactic of studying from additional admission test, not not everyone use that tactic, but these who do, can fill in extra holes in their Logic Knowledge swiss cheese mind) Some may say it will take extra time, yes... that is true, but... it will help you get better logic skills.... because you are seeing analytical problems from other perspective. 

Our analysis showed, that there other graduate tests, that have high level of similarities from the perspective of helping you develop logic skills, for example GMAT test.

What on earth does that mean?  That means that if you are preparing for LSAT exam, I wouldn''''''''t rely solely on LSAT resources, in fact there is a lot of FREE Resources in GMAT test from older exams taht all focused around methods of recognizing patterns.  This type of intermixing of studying from other graduate exams or at least doing couple of practice sets per day in addition to what you are studying from LSAT study resources listed on this site can greatly improve your learning effectiveness in overall logic! 

Of course other LSAT test prep sites will tell you that you just must study tons and tons of practice LSAT tests from previous years, which is also correct advice.  However, trying to improve your logic is like looking at Swiss Cheese with many holes in it.  To fill in all of these holes for maximum learning effectiveness with knowledge you need to leverage different tools and look at problems across multiple angles.  Some other tests like GMAT help students develop these knowledge angles and help you fill in the holes that you otherwise wouldn''''''''t be able to fill up by solely studying from test prep materials dedicated for LSAT exam only. 

Of course these swiss chees holes would be filled up from your previous experience and education even before your undergraduate studies and your overal academic background, but leveraging these ninja super study tactics can help you get ahead of others.  Note we are not saying simply study from GMAT.... for your LSAT nooooo... We are saying that GMAT is similarly setup to be admission type of test into graduate test and tests student''''''''s ability about integrated reasoning, quantitative and verbal and writing assessment. 

Leveraging other exam tests for your study habits can give you that extra supplementary edge over others.   Of course studying from previous LSAT tests is also a must (else you just end up getting poor score), and communicating with other LSAT students or studying with study partner is even better, especially if you can split tutoring expenses (precisely what Tutoring Services, LLC helps students do just like we tell that to our Accounting Students, similarly concept goes with LSAT) and test prep expenses with your study partner.


What we just described here is a tactic of jumping outside of the box and gettingg slightly competitive edge over other test takers.  That doesn''''''''t mean that you need to go to our site and buy GMAT course, no... there are plenty of resources out there...  that are free.  Of course that is not the advice we would provide if you were studying for GMAT itself.  Simply because in your case you are trying to become a lawyer and not trying to get into graduate business school (although if you do want to go in that direction do check our GMAT section), you are trying to leverage multiple tools to improve your logic.   Methods to do that exist, but not everyone is leveraging them and only using


Our intetn is not to talk you out of taking LSAT test or becoming a lawyer!


Note our intent is not to talk you out of studying for your LSAT we simply want you to make more accurate decision when choosing your career before you start browsing any of the study guides.  If you happen to become a great lawyer and you are in the right place where there is demand, then sure you can make a killing.  Which is why it''''''''s important for you to study for your LSAT exam and get better score and study for it the smar way, however you need to realize that upfront. 


If you watched Dave''''''''s Video about goals and confident about your goal of becoming a lawyer, then our advice is to use multiple test preparation resources and study guides and don''''''''t just rely on few cheap study guides, that can hinder you chances of gettingg into top law school.  You can still use some of them to improve effectiveness, but not solely using them...  There are multiple reasons for it.

Have you asked a simple question?  How many jobs do you see students get after they graduate law school, and what is the probability of you gettingg a lawyer job after graduate top law school and what is the salary range?  Take a good look.... then come back to this site and continue reading.

Except some fields are simply more demanding, it''''''''s not like it''''''''s way back in the days of 1980s-2000s where Lawyers was higly paid position (before the days of the internet widespread, in fact similar problem exists not only with lawyers but with IT Engineers who are currently in the process of transitioning their skill set into cloud oriented IT solutions technology), these days are no longer the same as it used to be.  However that is not to say it''''''''s bad profession.  We are not here to talk you out of this.  Rather to intercept you in the beginning of your studies to help you out and make that decision of whether your goal is truly becoming a lawyer before picking any of your study guides. 

However, for students who do cross the barrier of truth and realize that they truly do want to become lawyers, and truly understand their goals, we provide our advice and study guide materials in the form of packaged courses, or even local or online tutors who can help you prepare for your test.  The truth is other test prep companies simply don''''''''t do that.

Why?  Reason is simple, they mostly interested in selling their study guides, they rarely list other company study guides on their sites, other then their own, and what all of them are saying is that they are mostly interested in improving your LSAT score.  Do not believe smoke and mirrors other blog sites feed you.   Let us help you decipher what packaged course vendor to prepare from, what methods exists, and whether you even want to become a lawyer in a first place! 


What if you failed exam?

Did you know your scores all of the scores from previous tests are being sent to law schools by LSAC?  So if you screw up badly, and don''''''''t get the right score, then you are pretty much screwed!  Of course it depends in which percentile you are at, but the gist of the story is the same across majority of top schools!  So do you really want to take your chances studying with 1 week or 4 weeks or 1,2,3, 4 months weeks, study packages?   

Is this a joke?  This is LSAT test we are talking about, just like any other admission test, it''''''''s not designed to test anything law related, but it is designed to understandand provide that understanding to law schools how good you are in reading comprehension, analytical reasoning, logic and whether you will survive through law school?  Do you think you can just pick that up from any of these short length study plans? Seriously?  You want to be a lawyer right?

Can''''''''t you see the truth? 

That if you want to increase your chances you must really really really study smart and not just from some cheap study resources that promise you the world.  That is not the reality here!  If it was the reality then no one would need local or online tutors and no one would be studying from packaged courses.  Yet students study from them? Why?  Reason is simply because they simply provide better learning effectiveness then the short ranged 1 hit wonder type of study guides that you find on other sites.  Note not all study guides listed on this site are the BEST, but we try our best to describe what they offer and how they can help, without leaving you in the dust like some of the other other blog sites do!



Some Other sites, mostly care about selling their own study guides, we have holistic view, of not just trying to help you make up your decision in regards to what can help you get a better LSAT score, but also help you answer honest question, such as what is your goal?  

Some LSAT test pep sites are mostly narrow focused only telling you about different types of study guides you needs to study to get better LSAT score, but first question you got to ask... is... "What is Your goal"  In fact Dave makes this concept of goals very clear in his video.

What if you really do not want to be a lawyer? and you just don''''''''t know it your self yet, and only came to this decision simply due to success stories spread all of ther internet of how great can be to become a lawyer from some test prep companies feeding you fairy tales, when in reality it may not be the best choice for you in a first place.  Did you know that some people change their mind of even becoming a lawyer after graduating their law school?  In fact I my self also went through similar situation, except I am not a lawyer, rather former certified math teacher for the state of CT. 

Who went through the journey of becoming certified to teach math for high school students got my math degrees in pure math and masters in education with concentration in math, and then simply realized none of that was for me, and instead became IT Network Consultant and IT Network Engineer and IT Generalist. True Story!  In fact you can read more about my story and how I help others transition into new IT field here. Speaking of IT field there is no reason why you can''''''''t jump into it either... just throwing it out there for anyone who do happen to realize that Law is not for them or failed their LSAT exam. 

If I was able to transition from math field into IT Field surely some of you can do the same, you just need to know the correct study path, which is precisely what I show to my cloud IT coding and software defined networking students showing rapid paths for how to quickly learn how to code and super charge your self into transitioning into new field

Of course primary reason why you are here is to learn more about LSAT therefore let''''''''s take a look at some of the learning effectiveness + price comparision info across variety of study resources and see why it makes sense to study with more than just resources. 

The chart below is approximate values, based on the mathematical reasoning, and overall research conducted by our company.   This should not be taken as pure factual statement...... but rather my holistic interpretation from what i have seen across LSAT test prep materials, based on my mathematical reasoning and logic reasoning knowledge, engineering knowledge and ability to approximate things.

The assumption of this chart is if you study solely from a single resource what it means for you from learning effectiveness.  However reality is, you must study from multiple resources to improve your learning effectiveness not just from a cheap study guide.  I tell that to Educators, future Doctors, future graduate MBA and Business students, algebra studentsaccounting studentsIT Network and Security engineering students and Project management students and will also tell you future lawyers the same. 

Anyway Back to LSAT...

We created a chart below to give quick approximate comparison view for what type of test prep materials exist on the market and their learning effectiveness.  There are many other types too, but these are the ones we listed for now to make it easier for you to understand the main differences between pricing and type of materials. 

Note many LSAT test prep companies will tell you that they are the best, they can provide the most learning effectiveness.  Remember one thing many of such companies have main interst of selling their own materials, they are not interested in comparing what exists out there across other industries, showing other test prep materials across different vendors, giving advice how to drop being a lawyer if that is not really your goal and helping transition into other field, creating money making opportunities for students who do pass their exam, creating local tutoring opportunities .

Creating methods to split tutoring expenses with other study partners or creating any way to minimized educational expenses by helping planet stay GREEN (check out our UsedCollegeBooks.NET site) and providing opportunity for students to buy and sell books directly between each other, or creating methods to find affordable tutors (check our site) or providing reviews (continue browsing our StudyGuide.NET/LSAT site) specifically about useful test prep resources that can actually help, or even helping other LSAT test prep companies get marketed check out FREE book. Or even providing more thorough advice in our FREE LSAT admission advice and marketing book for LSAT students

What was described is just small part of what we do, not to mention opportunities s that we offer for students who trully became LSAT Ninjas and helping these students get marketed and make money as Local or Online tutors working on part time basis and helping your self pay off these college expenses. 

Something that other test prep sites don''''''''t even mention to you. Why?  Well simply because they are mostly focused about helping you get better score (without looking at the initial picture of whether or not you trully want to be a lawyer and looking at your overall goal just like Dave describes), but test prep vendors are not designed to help you actually make money, some help you save money on LSAT expenses. 

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LSAT Secrets Study Guide

LSAT Secrets Study Guide: LSAT Exam Review for the Law School Admission Test

ISBN: 1621202798
Study Guide Type: Exam-Secrets
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Prepare for LSAT Exam with the study Secrets  Leverage exam secrets and flash cards for your test...
LSAT Flashcard Study System

LSAT Flashcard Study System: LSAT Exam Practice Questions & Review for the Law School Admission Test (Cards)

ISBN: 1609719972
Study Guide Type: Flash Cards
Price: $39.99
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Prepare for LSAT exam with Flash Cards   Improve your exam score with prove memorization tactic....
FREE LSAT study tips 4 students and test prep companies

FREE LSAT Study Tips 4 Law School & Test Prep Students & Tutors & Law Schools & Test Prep Companies & Authors

Study Guide Type: ebook
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FREE LSAT Study Tips 4 Law School Test Prep Takers with over 485 pages in Length   Detailed...
lsat manhattan prep

LSAT Manhattan Prep Interactive Video E-Course

Study Guide Type: E-course
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Prepare for LSAT exam with the Manhattan Prep Interactive Video Course    Course Consists...
lsat alpha score test prep

Alpha Score LSAT Online Course for students attempting to prepare for Law exam

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  LSAT Test Resource for Improving your Score In case you are preparing for your LSAT exam and...