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Find out which CPA Accounting Certification Exam Study Resources are the best


     Read about different types of way you can prepare for your CPA exam, Discover which study method is the best for your CPA exam.  Some study materials are better then others, and some contain more information for specific sections of exam such as REG, BEC, AUD, FAR.   We make the concept of finding study resources easier for CPA accounting students.  Find out how you can prepare for your exam, see quick snapshots of reviews for CPA test prep materials.  

If you already familar with CPA exam and simply trying to figure out what study materials are the best, then this is the right page to be at.  On this page we show quick snap shot of different type of study materials and their unique benefits.  note studying for this Accounting exam is better, when you leverage multiple test preparation strategies leveraging different resources.

Note other guys who own CPA review sites simply create videos of reviews and open up boxes of expensive CPA courses in front of you to describe things like, how great the resource is!  Nothing wrong with that, however be open minded, that majority of these sites simply trying to sell you resource so they can make money, and once again there is also nothing wrong with that, but don't make any of these sites cloud your overall final decision about what resource you will be preparing for and how you are going to study for your CPA test and how you can recoup of any your test prep expenses. Rome Wells creator of this site, is passionate about education and takes advice of his students seriously. 
Rome Wells is not just CPA aspiarant, but an educational advocate, certified math teacher for the state of CT, architect behind many network of sites IT Security and Consulting Guru and even a breakdancer.  Oh in case if you want to check my breakdancing tutors and live in CT NY Or NJ feel free to check me out here.  But anyway let's get back to CPA exam.  CPA is not the only type of exam I offer review in, for example you can check out my LSAT review for example in case if you have a friend trying to become a lawyer. 

What qualifies us to provide CPA review?



Note Busy Students who are preparing for their exam do not have time to be lurking around across 100s of different CPA blog sites trying to figure out what's best, I used my IT consulting skills from being able to interconnect technology, and transofrmed that skill into ability to interconnect together business proccesses and study methods that can help CPA exam test taksers prepare for their exam. 

I intercombined by my skill sets in math, and it network consulting to bridge majority of study methods that can help you improve your learning effectiviness and increase your chances of preparing for CPA exam.  I have researched multiple exams (not just CPA) and how other students prepare for them, found major similarities between the learning methods and which methods makes sense to leverage in your studies and which does not, which one is the most effective and which one is not. 

I have interviewed PHD experts from Kaplan and McGraw Hill edu publishing companies to find out what are the best methods out there that can help students learn.   I have extracted some of these best methods and even created test prep systems for teacher certification candidates (although not in CPA but the concepts of the test prep and how students learn is very similar!)

Some of these insane test prep products that I have crafted up for teachers include for example biology biobooster course, that leverages insane level of test prep, concepts of pre-tests and post-tests.    You can take a look for your self and see.  I have spent 1000s of hours tutoring students in subjects like math, algebra and computer science, and created numerous business systems helping students learn and helping instructors/tutors/educators also make money.

I have created methods that can help students learn math (in fact check out this page or, and analyzed variety of special tactics that can help students of all ages be able to learn quickly and effectively, in fact i have even created a book for Engineers helping them learn coding.

I also created LSAT book that in fact describes many of the busines processes, free of charge for LSAT companies, and not only that i managed to intercombine multiple search engines together to drive variety types of visits across different sites, simply reusing my expertise of understanding math, patterns, and even IT network consulting, as well as my masters degree in education with concentration in math to carry over my and my team's findings to you Accounting CPA exam test prep journey traveler in the form of a review. 

Assisting you by being your personal guide, feeding you with information that can help you make up your mind in regads to what particular direction to follow when preparing for your exam.  
Note what I am saying here may either seem to you is complete fluffy fluff type of information, however keep something in mind there are 100s if not 1000s of CPA sites, that simply do not provide authentic information or do not bother providing it to you in a way that makes any sense, or information is simply outdated.

Note, what I am saying here is that you may say, wow this guys is not even CPA how does he know all that info about CPA?  Note my goal here is not to  relay eccentric details about CPA, but rather have me and my team analyze learning styles offered by major test prep providers. 
Just to get to that same level of expertise of being able to analyze (by the way in 2017 new analyze and evaluate sections will make exam different) things and properly present them literally can be more difficult then actually taking CPA test! 

Plus no ordinary CPA student who just took CPA exam can properly describe in eccentric details as much as described on this site, methods to prepare, and how to prepare, using variety of tactics, provide analysis, thought process behind each test prep program and guide you in the right direction.   Often people say, well if you didn't buy test prep product and didn't study from it then you should not provide review. 
That is indeed valid question, in fact that is exactly what Amazon just did recently and shut down incentivized based reviews from shady 3rd party companies who simply created fake reviews to increase more chances of people buying Bogus products! 

Wow about time Amazon.  However if you have noticed what Amazon did it also provided Vine membership access to specific set of individuals who Amazon trust in writing review, who can only join by invite!  These type of reviewers of products are official representatives, from reputable companies who have good track record, and authoritative figure in the industry, for such type of individuals Amazon made exception. 
Hence think of Tutoring Services, LLC as educational authoritative figure whose interest, is not only in helping students prepare for CPA exam and pass, but also interest in actually helping local students in CT, NY and NJ by match making them with local CPA exam tutors and earning a bit of comission on that. 

What's important to realize here is that, our company is not just some bogus site that provides review for vendors randomly picked.  No, that is not the case many of the vendors who we work with are so high up in the ladder of test prep that they don't even want to work with you, unless you truly can provide benefit for them and for their students.  Yet many of such CPA test prep companies are interested in working with Tutoring Services, LLC.   

Why?  That is because we are an educational/research/development/marketing/it consulting company all in one who can help companies realize their presence, while also helping students find such companies.  Other companies out there simply don't do any of that, and mostly provide reviews just for the purposes of making money in selling items, without haveing not much passion about education! 

In our case yes that is also one of our goals, but in the process of that goal we want to provide value to the reader, future CPA and to any other students or future tutors, show opportunities, present discounts if available, share latest test prep vendors, and help you decided and be your guide in completing your CPA Test Preparation Journey. 

Hence if you are asking questions well why should I read review of a guy who is providing review who didn't take CPA exam, and my response to that is.... well... first of all you are still reading.... and 2nd of all ask your self a question, will the actual person who took the exam use all of the CPA Study vendors that exist out there to prepare for CPA exam?
Probably not, right? (unless of course this person really has a lot of money and simply wanted to ensure that he/she will pass with 100% chance and maybe used maybe stil only 25% of materials that exist on the market today!)  Would the regular CPA test taker, who took the exam be able to dive deep into each test prep provider?  Not really why?  Well because that student who did take the CPA exam most likely used only one or two different test prep vendors to study for their exam, so what authority can this person really have of providing review for another test prep vendor? 

Not much authority right?

Unless of course that CPA student happen to hire entire team of edu researches to analyze lessons learned from multiple CPA blog sites, hired graphic designers, SEO experts, managed to convince major CPA companies to affiliate with, and put it all together conviniently  together for CPA exam test taker to go through review, and make up their mind about what study material they should pick to study for their exam.  You see the point I am trying to make here? 
What's important here is not whether the reviwer is CPA (for reviews of actual CPA about each product you can see that on each of the study vendors pages), but whether the reviewer reviewed what many other students learned from the exam, and interconnect many different features that the CPA  test prep provider offers and relay it to the reader in context of a strategical usefull to the student CPA study methods, in such a way that can help student actually make up their mind of whether or not they want to study with one vendor or another or both or multiple, while maximizing their overall learning effectiviness.

This can only be achieved if the company who is providing the review has adequate resources to  do so, and since majority of typical CPA Exam test takers and bloggers do not have such resources, such reviews will never be useful to anyone unless whomever is providing review have found a way to incentivize their business strategy in the direction of student benefiting and company benefiting (there are some reviews like that, but not many). 

Note there are tons and tons of review sites, but none of these sites go into deep details, of actually how it's done on back end, what it takes to create a review, and why often seeing reviews from people who never took the exam can give you way better eagle eye overview of what test prep material is the best and what is not, simply because mind of the person who is providing review, is not wondering around vertical realm of BEC, FAR, ADU, REG sections of exam, but instead mind of the person who is providing the reviews is spinning around ideas of how to identify study resources (and their benefits) that exist across many different Accounting test prep providers, and conviniently relay it to you, without overhwelming you with reading.  

Note you may say well i don't care what is going on back end i just want to find my CPA study resource that can help you prepare for your exam.  If you are that way, i am going to tell you one secret... you should care... because if you don't know what is going on back end and reason why someone is recommending specific CPA Study material to you, the chances are you are being swindled. 
However, knowing what is going on the the back end of any CPA Review type of blog site that you find out there on the internet, and knowing why they are providing review for any of the study resources,  what their mission is, how do they create job opportunities for CPA students who passed their exam, how do they help society other then selling courses,  and how they are helping students, then this can help you decide whether or not the he company who is providing review for a particular CPA vendor  is serious and can be truste and only in that case, you can consider their advice when analyzing any of the CPA test preparation resources that they list on their sites. 
Maybe reviewer sites hide the truth from students, and place it under rug.  It's equivalent like going to a store, eating food and then thinking food is organic, but in reality being swindled into eating GMO food.  

In fact I personally reveal the truth to Greenwich parents in CT for example how many companies swindle students for insane comission agency fee, and reveal the truth and secrets other companies don't want regular students to know about.

Hence what you are getting from this site is not just some Joe Shmoe providing review, but someone who truly has a reason to help you pass your exam, as an authoritative figure, who can relay many of the things that you may want to know about CPA exam, but could never find anywhere.


Note main difference about this site is the fact that the products that I and my company reviews, are actually created by other companies who are willing to share a bit of revenue with Tutoring Services, LLC (at no expense to you the student) for the greater good of delivering consise information to CPA exam test takers. 
It's way different then having your own for example CPA Test prep company whose plain interest is to only sell their own resource, therefore what you are getting here is independent opinion of a person who is an educational advocate who worked for the board of education at the age of 16 and decided to help students save money on their education, Sometimes I talk to many CPA takers directly and they are always thankful to my feedback, you can find me on facebook search for Rome Wells.   I learned how to decipher information believe it or not while doing lots of math problems, then i intercombined my knowledge somehow as part of IT consulting and networking, in case if you are interested this is another site i created.

In the process of it all, I was doing breakdancing (yes you heard me correclty breakdancing), and writing lots of different content for variety of tests that exist on the internet, and leveraging my team to do research, graphic design and more.  Since i work with my company to provide review for other exams and you have a friend who needs help to get their teacher certification then don't hesitate for example to check out teacher certfication study guides etc. 

If you have a friend who is a medical school trying to become a doctor then don't hesitate to send them to this MCAT test prep page.  If you are trying to become more then just an accountant and want to enhance your expertise with project management certification don't hesitate to check our PMP section.  Anyway let's get back to CPA review, advice, study guides info and more.

Disclaimer: Note I am not an expert in CPA I never took exam my self,,  my expertise is being able to analyze multiple pieces of information across multiple blogs and make consise decision based on overall research conducted by Tutoring Services, LLC about specific study guide vendors and based on my holistic approach of digging further deeper and deeper into variety use cases, making it extremely easy for my company to relay information that students may be looking for.  If you are looking for actual experts CPA test prep experts, I describe it on this site how you can find them and even save money in doing so. 

This level of analysis is impossible to achieve by an ordinary student who just took the exam, unless you constantly review lessons learned from other CPA test prep takers and constantly evaluate different type of stories (after all CPA exam is constantly chages!) which learning method is the best and have a team of graphic designers and test prep researchers to do so.  If you want to actually dig deeper inside of each resource, and ask specific CPA exam questions then, hopefully with the resources I will show you on this site you will be able to find the right fit. 

Note there are other companies that have their own forums, and rarely do they ever let anyone advertise on their forums free of charge to convey the true message to the students, so I decided to create this independent review site, where I and my company can share what makes sense for accounting students to leverage in their CPA Test Preparation journey.

If you tell me some particular resource is horible we will take it off our network. Our goal is to esure that you as the CPA exam test takers have more then just pages of information helping you decide what study guide to buy, but also to give you methods for how you can learn effectivelly.  Tutoring Services, LLC was created speficially with one purpose and only one purpose only to help students save money. 

If you can study with a course for which you do not have to spend thousands of dollars, and can get a way with another alternative then why not do it? However it really depends on your learning style, in some cases the expensive CPA courses can really make it easier to tackle your test, but remember no course on earth is better then having actual person face to face next to you explaining detailed CPA REG, BEC, FAR, AUD concepts.  Hence study for your exam the smart way dont' just use study guides, if you feel that you really did bad on your accounting exam, then get help, we show you on this site how to get that help properly



Our recommended CPA Materials

4 Resources below we highly recommend, however we have more then just these 4 resources listed on our site.  Be sure to check out each individual resource before buying any of your study guides, and also be sure to read methods for how you can save money on your CPA Test prep studies, and how you can even make money on part time basis after passing your exam.  It's in our interest to ensure that you pass your CPA exam and got a good score, students who do pass can take advantage of the opportunities presented to them by Tutoring Services, LLC by saving money and making extra money teaching others students, click here for more info.

Note don't just read and take our advice blindly, if you are confused about something or not sure about which study guide or have some weird situation, that you just don't know something about particular study guide, for which one is really the best, don't hesitate to contact us tell us your situation and we can suggest the right study guide for you based on your individual learning needs. 

Resource #1 Crush Ultimate CPA study guide, which you can find here.

Resource #2 Surgent CPA Test Prep shown below

Surgent CPA Review

You can also click here to view Rome Wells review on one of the best ways to prepare for CPA exam using Surgent, and view full full details about Surgent CPA, make sure you carefully review all of the test prep vendors listend on this site, before deciding which study material is best for you


Resource #3  Yaeger CPA Prep found below


Yaeger CPA Review

In case if you actually want to check out a bit more of my analysis on what i think about CPA Yaeger and want to understand a bit more if it's the right resource then don't hesitate to check out AdaptaPASS CPA Yaeger Study system review info that my team put together, to help you understand what a heck that is, and see if you like it, click here to be navigate to Yaeger CPA review and product info page.  


Resource #4 Obviously our Tutoring Services Site, we wouldn't be in business if we wouldn't recommend you independent tutors who do not charge insane fees, all thanks to the fact that we don't charge recurring agency fee like other agencies do (within exception of CT NY and NJ in exchange for better tutor + student match) For more info about out tutors visit here.


BEST 5 study test prep materials


Getting certified can increase your chances of getting a job and can even help you make part time income helping other students prepare for it locally in your are or online.  Hence make sure you don't take your studying light way, and be sure to leverage CPA test prep material that makes most sense to you.    Check out quick review of best 5 materials below in a nice visual format. Note do not discard other test prep courses for CPA that we shown to you before some of them may make more sense then the ones below! 

Just because it's BEST doesn't always necessary means it's BEST!  For example many students based on our research and surveying find Yaeger AdaptaPASS CPA review very effective learning course using insane level of formatting to help you study dynamically, rather then statically, that is just literally absolutely unique in comparison to what I Rome Wells have ever in my whole entire life seen, before, not even my biobooster course that i crafted up together comes close to what Yaeger cooked up, using propriatory AdaptaScore mechanism.  Yaeger uses insane and absolutely jaw dropping study algorithm to help you study dynamically. 

Off topic:  I appreciate Yaeger's AdaptaScore concept myself, because well... i happen to like creating algorithms myself in fact i have created algorithms myself  for NY CT and NJ based tutors, helping tutors get listed higher in search results called Tutor Rank, it's  completely different concept of AdaptaScore, but given the fact that i went through the very same exercise my self at some point of trying to create intelligent system, i know how difficult that is to create killer dynamic system that can help students learn and that is what Yaeger managed to pull off here.  

    I am not listing Yaeger as best 5 type of course in the graphic at the bottom of this page, but that doesn't meant that it may not be the best for a particular student's learning style, and given the circumstance that Yaeger leverages AdaptaPass to adapt to your learning style!, i would not  be surprised if it was the best, but i can not say that with 100% confidence, and instead let you decide, click here to find out more about Yaeger's AdaptaPASS.

Note other vendors also have their own bells and whistles, which you may like better then Yaeger, hence be very careful when deciding what test prep provider you are trying to pick.

In some cases what is best for one person may not necessarially be BEST for another!  Especially if you are on the budget and can't afford expensive resource.   It highly depends on your learning style.

Reasons why they are best are included, however these reasons may not be good enough for you, maybe you are a self learner who needs more then let's say 8 month of CPA access, or maybe you commute on the train a lot and would like to listen to audio. 

Know something that we don't about any particular resource?

Let us know we definitely would like to share that with other CPA test prep takers and include that in our review.





For CPA Ultimate Study Guide click here


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