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Our mission

At Tutoring Services LLC we understand the challenges of preparing for the very important certification exams. Along with the growing number of test takers comes a growing need for test preparation assistance prior to the upcoming test day. And to widen out products ands services to larger network of students the Tutoring Services LLC launched the in June 2013. 

Our goals:

1.  Make education affordable

2.  Keep America Safe from Cyber Crime

3.  Create jobs for American people

4.  Provide options for high quality education

5.  Help earth stay GREEN and save the environment

I like the mission how can i help?  Feel free to provide us donation by contacting us from contact window below.  If you like the mission.  Since the mission is operated based on passion and not greed as it is the case with many other companies! 

About Rome Wells founder of Tutoring Services, LLC and DBA Binary Fusion  


Purpose of this site is to provide student with informative decision, it's operated based on pure passion of the educational advocate Rome Wells, educational advocate, data scientist,certified math teacher for for the state of CT (cert expiring in 2018), information security professional, breakdancer, network consultant (in both IT and education networks), math tutor, marketing expert, author and many other things in between, who managed to bring companies together and established one of the biggest educational marketing companies in the world named Tutoring Services, LLC.    


Rome Wells is also a founder of IT Training and Staffing Company named Binary Fusion.  The very same company that started out as IT Consulting Company and expanded its service into the field of IT Training and staffing. 


The very same company that helps recent American college graduate students get instructor led and hands on training in QA Software Testing in Manhattan NY, by infusing IT & business knowledge into students brains and helping recent college grads develop professional qualities and become experienced QA IT Consultant, and helping recent college grad students break into the field of QA & Software Testing & get jobs, by giving students a chance to become Binary Fusion consultant and helping recent college grads gain not only chance in landing full time job in QA Software Testing


all that without having to pay 30k for the 3 months training, and also end up getting a chance as Binary Fusion Alumni land part time income opportunity tutoring other students (if qualify), by becoming Binary Fusion’s parent company (Tutoring Services,LLC), trusted agency managed tutor, and end up teaching other students in Manhattan NY or nearby counties in math, sciences, English  and information technology, helping college students pay off their college loans, and helping America grow and advance further academically and technically. All that while having a reason, not to give up on math and sciences and not to give up on the original values of academics.  View google plus for Binary Fusion Training and Staffing Business here.


Rome Wells is commonly referred to by students as Mark Twain of modern era in the world of education and educational advocacy.  Rome Wells pops up literally on almost every major industry test of the 21st century, that you can possibly think of.

What makes his company so unique is that it's personalized towards particular types of students, something that is impossible to replicate, unless of course you are Rome Wells himself. His perspective is the most unique perspective in entire world not only in the field of education, but in the world of Cyber Security.



Biography of Rome Wells

Rome Wells was born in 1981 in the country of Russia, (formerly called Soviet Union)

Rome Wells started working for the board of education at the age of 16 as one of his first jobs.

Rome Wells became certified for the state of CT in mathematics in 2005. 

Rome Wells has 2 degrees, B.S in pure math and M.S in math education.

Rome Wells has launched Tutoring Services, LLC company in 2008

Rome Wells has launched IT consulting company DBA Binary Fusion in 2012.  

Rome Wells has created in between many different search engines that include inter-combinations of tutors, books, schools, study guides and many types of different business models.

Rome Wells created network marketing engines in homework help, math, and many other concepts that relate to math helping students find our company Tutoring Services, LLC (or anyone affiliated with)

Rome Wells has created variety types of advanced educational weapons, which currently Tutoring Services, LLC is selling to other online test prep and local tutoring companies as well as schools, colleges and educational organizations.

Rome Wells for his hobby enjoys breakdancing, this what makes him stay in shape both physically and mentally.

Rome Wells has over 23 different types of personalities (but not like in that movie Split don't worry nothing crazy like that), as a data scientist you simply develop different types of personalities which make you absolutely incredible in being able to hold conversation literaly with almost anyone.

Rome Wells recent networked engine included providing long term plan for American government to fight Cyber Crime.

Rome Wells has helped over thousands of students with their educational and career path goals.  

Rome Wells secret is being able to educate people, because these who can educate, can hold power.

Rome Wells Tutoring Services, LLC's company slogan is "Where Learning Never Ends" (the promise Rome Wells intends to keep until the end of days and past his days)

Rome Wells is one of the most unique educational character who you absolutely must meet. If you ever get a chance to meet him either face to face localy or online,  it's like talking to Mark Twain. 

Rome Wells goal is to one day become Secretary of Education,helping other companies get networked for the greater good of making America safe from cyber crime and helping education stay affordable while providing high quality educational options.

Anyway enough about Rome Wells, here is more about StudyGuide.NET

All in 1 portal designed to bring multiple test prep industries together is the all-in-one portal created by Tutoring Services, LLC for students where our company continuously provides high-quality and very efficient test preparation solutions to to variety types of students, by offering reviews, recommendations, study tips and more in test prep industry as well as showing recommended study materials in the form of printed books, courses and classes, tutors, questions with answers text books, flashcards and other forms of study materials for a variety of test categories such as the college admission exams, engineering and accounting certification exams, finance certification exams, military certifications, technology certifications, electrician certifications, state teaching certification exams and tests which includes the CSET, NYSTCE, MTEL, GACE, FTCE, AEPA, Praxis II,TEXES and more.  

Why chose for your test prep need?

Why should you choose It is pretty simple actually. We offer the best test prep study guides at the most affordable prices you can imagine. First of all other sites, that we have noticed on the market simply show other company's products without really providing any of their own feedback, and mostly mass producing content that is not personalized in anyway shape or form to individual types of students.    

In this site you will find a great inter-combination of personalized content that makes it enjoyable to read and easy to understand and other mass produced content (similarly as other companies do).  You will also find on this site variety types of study paths and career paths, something that many people simply do not offer take a look at career advise for accounting professionals for example here.  In our case it makes sense to create this enjoyable to read content, because we inter-link and inter-combine other synergies to it. To really see what we mean read our google plus blog, we show you how for FREE.


How we can help local and online tutoring and test prep companies?

Other affiliate test prep sites that we noticed on the market only show small selection of test prep materials and only from specific vendors, well last time we checked... students like options....  What we do here is different, we partner up with multiple test prep vendors who have variety types of educational products and list these products with intercombination of recommended links to our own products.

Other affilate test prep companies can't really do that because technically you must have your own product as well to be able to benefit from such synergies the most and not just your own product but a method to convince others to be your partner, and a method to interconnect your products together which is called networking. .  

In our case it makes sense, in other competitor cases it doesn't make much sense or at least it's not as beneficial as it is in our case.  Plus what we noticed is other test prep companies do not really help with marketing other then marketing themselves.  While we on the other hand, help online test prep companies and local tutoring companies, colleges, universities, schools and eductionatl organizations with marketing and have variety of marketing options commonly referred to as advanced educational marketing weapons..

In our case it makes sense to create this enjoyable to read content, because we inter-link and inter-combine other synergies to it. To really see what we mean read our google plus blog, we show you how for FREE.  


At first glance this site may look like a typical blog site, however, if you look closely you start realizing that each of the tests that we add is backed up by some sort of busines model or a strategy (many of these strategies we describe in ).  

Either in the form of local tutoring companies pointing to these tests such as our own companies or other companies who purchased our advanced marketing edu weapons), or in the form of related test prep products that are inter-connect to each other or in the form of schools or tutors or books, or other types of interconnected mechanism that are driving the gears behind this site.  To help you understand what we mean take a look at this picture below. 


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We can help you market a product and list it on our network of math sites and help you sell it from multiple angles.

We also provide ideas for how to create products, and you can follow them and execute them and become our partner.

Who gets that opportunity?  Any 1 who wants to use our marketing weapons.

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