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Transitioning Your Career into Cloud, IoT and SDN Study Path For Network Engineers

transitioning into cloud IoT and SDN career for Network engineers
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Master secret tactics and your own study path towards becoming IT Generalist.

The book is not out yet guys, but if you want to be in the waiting list shoot Rome Wells an email. However, do take a look at this sales page and tell me if you like it, and if you do simply tell me yes Rome Wells, I am interested, in which case the book will be published and sent to you in couple of months.

Note Rome Wells is a good guy and simply trying to help, try not to criticize, this is a draft sales page, and has some typos to, so please respect. I wouldn't have created this sales page if i didn't have respect for you, so share the same feeling back.


Audience:  Network Engineers, IT Security Professionals, TELECOM Engineers, System Admins, or DevOps Engineers, IT Project Managers

Laguage Book Tailored To: English speaking audience, however author speaks Russian too, and if he reached to you and you speak Russian or English doesn't matter which language you can contact him back and say hi.


FYI if you happen to be Project Manager do not hesitate to check out StudyGuide.NET/PMP

That goes for you too if you happen to be Network Engineer or any other professional, since having PMP now days can increase your marketability. Although PMP is not the only cert that exists out there that can help you get an upper edge!

E-Book Written By: Tutoring Services, LLC & Hop Code (infusing your brain with the power of coding company, educational company and traditional IT consulting company all in 1 study guide!, Wow!)  Discover how author of this book Rome Wells became a Network Ninja and how he can relay some useful knowledge to you with the help of his brother Mike and his friend Nick, using fresh american English  language easy to understand, helping not just IT Network Engineers, but students also trying to get a glimpse of reality in the field of Software Defined Networking or Project Managers trying to get SDN Specialization area of specialization, Cloud, Internet Of Things and Beyond!

Primary Author: Rome Wells

Book is not political at all and is relevant to cloud, SDN and IoT

Primary Author: Rome Wells  (Dual Citizen, American & Russian) spent majority of his life in USA.  Was born in Soviet Era in 1981, whose father is Jewish and mother is Russian.  Who also speaks Russian language. Rome Wells since age 6 wanted to be Technology Expert. Throughout his career, Rome Wells was a traditional IT network engineer, consultant, high school math teacher for the state of CT, breakdancer and many other professions.  (who is extremely multi-talented and an educational advocate) 

Some People may Say Rome Wells is not a real Network Engineer, and never was.  (if you are here to judge me what is real and what is not, the book is not for you, what you should be worried about is not about authors credentials, because the book written by multiple brains, but how the book is presented and if it makes sense to you or not based on what you see on this page. However if you really that worried about author's credentials hit me up on facebook, and ask me technical question and see how real I am or not, I charge $275 per hour for my time, here is my profile.

My advice to anyone if you think you know.... something... and you are so smart.... be willing to listen and learn new things... because if you do it will only make you smarter and more likely to make more money, rather then being skeptic.  This book is not for skeptics.  Rome Wells is a good guy and simply doesn't have time for skepticisim, there plenty of other professionals and students who are not even in IT network engineering field who listen to Rome Wells and end up getting transitioned into new career. 

Rome Wells, flexibility of being raised initially in Soviet Era and living in American culture at the later stage of his life, placed him into unique atmosphere in American culture, resulting in rapidly using his brain (from both sides of his parents Jewish/Russian) to tap into the inner complex layers of technology, helping many American companies deploy reliable IT Networking Solutions.

Most of the russian population was not exposed to computer networking with Cisco as much as USA for example, and perhaps will have easier time transitioning into new field of Software Defined Networking then a typical American IT Network Engineer.  Reason why is because many of russian population relied upon open standards (that is not to say Americans did not they also did and still do, just not at that scale).  Not because of choice, but mainly because of innovative tactics that needed to be deployed without having to rely on expensive closed vendors like Cisco (note Cisco is no longer as closed as it was before and also has some solutions for SDN that are more open) for majority of the years, until SDN field and the cloud started taking edge. 

To american population affording hardware from Cisco was not as expensive, as it is the case for Russia, where standards of living are different in comparison to America, and where 1 dollar is much more for Russia, then it is for America in terms of overall salary.  Of course you may read this and say what a bunch of horse shit (if you are one of these people and don't agree with anything, and constant skeptic, and don't want to learn about SDN and cloud, and how to transition yourself into IT Generalist, then do not read anywhere further, what i am saying here is purely from my experience)

Many IT Network Engineers and IT professionals will say that SDN is not new.  Indeed there is nothing new in it however, at the rate the change is hapenning, what seemed to be relevant in information technology to you before, will become less and less relevant.

Over the years, there were gradually more and more SDN concepts and NFV features added into overall IT infrastructure solutions for many companies, throughout the years (sort of like what you are seeing with automative industry in cars, where little by little some break assistance is added or lane control, or even automatic parking where cars park themselves)  In case if you haven't noticed we are at the rapid state of evolution, and in case if you haven't realized, what will be coming next for Auto Industry taxi drivers, can very well end up at some scale end up hapenning to you in the world of IT traditional networking. 


Wondering what skills to focus on the most for your IT Career in Cloud Software Networking and IT Generalist world? You are not alone!

With technology moving at such a rapid pace, the good old days of Frame Relay and IT traditional networking are becoming the days of yesterday (but in some companies traditional networking still exists and well is widely used even up to this day).

However the shift is not going to happen overnight , and companies will not just be able to get rid of you so easily, providing that you show them that you are an expert in your field.    It's in a human nature for companies to always try to do things cheaper, even if it doesn't make sense in some cases! 

Until other network engineers are ready to transition and until C-level execs catch up, you have a bit of time to catch up, but don't wait to long, start transitioning now starting with this book! 

Or else... you simply get replaced if not today then in the nearest future, by a young college grad student or someone from another country who is willing to work at lower rate, at the fraction of what you are getting paid, without you being able to do anything about it!

Of course you don't need to buy this book, if you simply want to transition into new field, and can do so on your own, simply researching SDN vendors, cloud IT solutions and basically reading multiple blogs, figuring out best ways to learn coding, seeing how other engineers learning coding, how to become more of IT Generalist, what is hapenning in other fields, what additional certifications to obtain to be more marketable  and why even bother working as Engineer in a first place. 

Many of these questions you may have in your mind.  Researching all of them you can do, but it will not be just another day at the picnic, but rather rigid exercise, that is painful without really giving you much motivation and confidence to pursue your IT Career goal.

Sure you can do that to, but it's not the same as getting information infused by 3 study tips, advice, recommendations from 3 experts all in 1 study guide. 

Companies need experts who can decipher truth across so many different SDN vendors popping up here and there, across different type of technologies that can make user experience better. Therefore providing that you obtain the extra level of skills sets that make you better it's going to be easier to stay competitive even if you are completely dead in the water! 

If you speak english and have great analytical skills you will not simply dissipate or get outsourced easily as you may think, but you must figure out ways how to stay on top.  This book helps you stay afloat.  You will learn how to talk to c-level execs, learn how to decipher truth from ficiton, and become close to the level of Network Ninja.   


Trying to get SDN specialized?  Well it will be tough without having core engineering background, and project management expertise.  However, following this guide can super charge your brain that can help you get guided in your IT Cloud and SDN career.

All the books about coding are over hyped, how much time does a typical network engineer or IT generalist coming from Project Management certification background or similar background actually spends coding?  Find out from real experts!   The answer you get will get will be shocking.

  I will show bunch of API examples from real world, without getting into to many cryptic details, my goal here is not to convert you into coder, i let other books handle that part if that is truly what you want to do. 

However after reading this book you may actually realize that coding is not for you and there are simply other fields that are highly relevant and easier for you to grasp, Will show you tricks and methods to quickly analyze what one API does and how to quickly research new concepts. 

Something that many of you may already know but, only from the perspective of for example researching which IT solution vendor is the best, etc..  this is no different!

SDN will allow for 2 things to happen (note it will allow many other things to happen to)

1. Simplification of IT Networking

2. Provide easier ways for remote workers to work. 

That translates into easier chances of having your IT Network Traditional Engineering job being outsourced or being replaced by younger college grad student (something that easily happens already in other fields).   This is one of the minor fears.   However, I will clarify in this book what it actually means. 

I won't give you soothing pill to help your soul not be worried, but will show you what it means for your IT Generalist with SDN Network specialization career path in greater detail. 

I will show reasons for whether it's true or not, and help you realize what to study next. Instead of just blabbering about inner details of technology for entire book (only to see it rapidly disappear in couple of years), something that majority of other books do, only leaving you confused in regards to what you should actually do in your IT Career next), instead you will see what you actually need to study and may need to know!





Quick  FAQ about this book and Summary: 


Will this book teach me about Software Defined Networking?

Answer YES it will provide intro into it and show you what makes sense to learn.

What else will this book show me?

Answer: It will show lessons learned from authors, tactics, secret ways how to prepare for your cloud oriented SDN or IT Generalist career, how to become a better coder and learn quickly code, get access to variety of study paths helping you transition into your Cloud, SDN, IoT and IT Generalist career more effectively. 

How is this book different?

It's unique, it provides guidance to former traditional network engineers and also helps anyone reading this book including network engineers gradually jump into Cloud/SDN or IT software solutions or IT Generalist career.

Will I Learn anything new in this book that I didn't know?

Yes however how much of the new info you will learn depends on how much you already know, perhaps you read other blogs and read other books, so some of the info you may already know and it may seem obvious to you.  However, book is just easy to ready and is very motivational and passionate. 

Is this book currently for sale anywhere on Amazon  or somewhere else?

No but you can always contact us directly from the contact form below this page to ask any other questions about this book.

How is this book different from other cloud and SDN books?

This book is designed to be in the form of a guide, it's different because it doesn't just blindly add variety of Software Defined Networking topics, that people already know anyway from other blogs or other books.  What this book focuse on is on literally helping Network Engineers, Sys Admins transition into new Cloud oriented and SDN field and begin adapting to new roles. 

It goes through the theory, author's take on the field and helps you get motivated.  Other books don't motivate engineers other then just tell them how screwed they are with the arrival of SDN and Cloud.  That is not intent of this book.  This book is to motivate you or help you realize if what you will end up doing next in your future network engineering career journey and what traditional skills can be retained, and what must go.


Authors of this book and contributors

Author:  Rome Wells (me main author), Nick Mavridis (my friend co-author editor) 2 Authors with assistance from my brother Mike. 


Also contribution of this book is dedicated to my brother Mike, who I personally interviewed from time to time, directly at my home during ocasional tea drinking visits, except these tea drinking visits, eventually ended up getting converted into this guide. 

Many tips and concepts shown in this book are also from my brother Mike, who happens to be SCRUM certified, CCNA, PMP certified, AGILE, oracle certified, business analysis expert and works at wall street as the full time instructor, helping consultant students coming out of college prepareby transitioning their skill set into world of coders, networking, security, database, and business analysts. 

Who have more info in his brain then Rome Wells and Nick combined (since that is exatly what Mike does, specializes in literally helping IT students get into fields), yet you only get a glimpse of that info in this book (since there is simply so many topics that we do not touch in this book), but enough usefull glimps to get you thinking about Software Defined Networking field and point you in the right direction where to find more info about SDN, Cloud and Internet of things.  Note if you are reading this you are probably thinking it's just another fluffy fluff book.....  Don't think that way and read all the way through, to see why this book is good for you. 

Often in the evening after work, I talk to my brother who travels quiet often across Toronto and London and all over the world teaching variety of IT consulting courses working for a company based in Wall Street NY city USA, and I often ask him about what he thinks about the trends, industry, cloud, SDN.  My brother transitioned from a shoe sales man to a well respected recognized instructor along his students in IT education and if he can do it, so can you, my brother was in all sorts of fields ranging from cook major, shoe sales man, network monitoring analyst, and IT instructor. 


Mike worked for multiple different fields and simply knows many concepts.  I also ask him for advice on my diet and on how to exercise, and what things are bad for your health and what things are good, as he goes to work every day, it takes him 3 hours to commute from Stamford to NYC and back, during these 3 hours he spends time reading, reading, reading and a lot of researcing!

Majority of his advice helped Rome Wells not only be very creative in book development and writing, but also saved a lot of time from going to doctor offices in completely unrelated to Cloud SDN type of concepts, simply following what my brother Mike describes and listening to his reasoning.  But wait this book is about SDN not about health and doctors!  Yes indeed sorry got carried away, but anyway. 

There is so many things in this world that you simply don't know or wish you would know, but have no one to turn to put it all together in 1 guide.  Note this guide is strictly about Network Engineers, transitioning your skill sent  into cloud, SDN, becoming IT Generalist and more, but maybe at the end of the day you will get even better idea of who you are and whether or not you are even on the correct career path. 

Plus reading this book will make you feel better about your self and give you that warm and fuzzy feeling about the world, technology shift and new ways how to learn information quicker and more effectively.  This book will be like happy music in your heart.  This book will either help you adapt or help you realize who you are and whether proceeding further with network engineering degree or trying to get into it is worth it, or perhaps there is a new field on the horizon that you can jump into, by leveraging special tactics described by Rome Wells, his brother Mike and Nick.  We will infuse your brain with learning methods to help you tackle your biggest fear on planet earth. 


The fear of being extinct in the work force.  In this book you will be come a super ninja, IT Generalist and get familiar how to approach cloud and SDN field and from which angle.  Note not everyone's work environment is the same, not every company is the same, so some sections of this book will be more relevant to you and some will be less relevant depending on your network engineering or system administrator's experience. 

Note if you want IT Career transitionin Advice based on your specific case or have other questions, please feel to send us contact form request, Nick's hop code team can take a look at your question and see if we can answer it for you. 

The key is trying is to understand how you can adapt your self to new technology.  

You can either not read this book and continue your journey as a network engineer until your work lays you off, or you can super charge your with ability to understand how to learn new technology quicker, faster and beat the competition.

My brother shares these opinions and Nick and I simply infuse some of these opinions in this book along with our findings about Cloud, SDN, IT Generalist roles, transitioning into new career of IT Solutions Programming and coding. 

Plus you get the holistic view from Rome Wells, who specializes in learning effectiviness improvement and helps people learn, and also used to be IT Network Engineer, who is now a hybrid of it all IT consultant, former certified math teacher, Security Expert, IT Generalist and intercombination of many other things (even breakdancer!), prolific writer and edu researcher. 



About this Study Path Guide

Written by 2 guys Rome Wells and Nick, Former Traditional IT Network Engineers,  Network Consultants, Marketing Expert and IT Generalists.

With over combined 25 years of IT experience and educational experience, under their belt, Rome and Nick produced this study guide specifically for Network Engineeers seeking to transition into the new field of Software Defined Networking. 

     Book discusses variety of secret learning tactics that can help IT professionalists coming from traditional field of IT Network expertise overcome their fears of coding, learning how to become more of an IT Generalist while emphasising on what skills would still be needed in the upcoming 5 to 10 years

Revealing the secrets that can help IT professionalists differentiate themselves from competition, learn interview test preparation questions for your upcoming SDN Engineer, IT Generalist, Solution Architect type of position Interview.  It will also focus on providing killer learning secret tactics, that can help you formulate your own study path towards cloud, SDN and IoT related career.  




This Study Path Guide also shares special tactics for helping network enginers learn how to code


Additionally it shares killer methods for you to learn how to code quickly without spending too much time on useless information and feeling more comfortable about your future software solution oriented career. Rome Wells have analyzed these methods himself and used expertise of hop code Nick's company to infuse additional tips, advice and recommendations for engineers who are tying to learn how to code.  

Note what you are getting here is not the super coder expert who is a developer and someone who knows how to code across 10 different languages, no that is not Rome Wells!  


What instead you are getting here is analysis from Rome Wells about different learning methods that exist out there to prepare for coding, while simultaneously learning about Software Defined Network field, transitioning into it, cloud and IT security project management and IT generalistic, skill set. 

Rome Wells specializes in analyzing test preparation vendors who help students learn using variety of methods.  Some of these methods included self guide materials, tutors, flash cards, exam secrets, or other methods include adaptive learning, etc, bascally tactics that help students learn better.  

The bottom line is you are getting study guide that is reviewed and analyzed and crafted up by someone who is not just a former certified math teacher, network engineer, network consultant,  but someone who actually knows how to decipher what works and what doesn't work in humans brain when it comes to learning new particular skill both mentally and physically.  Therefore often when some people say how can you create study guide, and you are not even a full time coder!


My response to that is, I never intent to be and never will be, but I can show you how to become one, and have every possible justification of why I can be better then the coder him/her self trying to explain you how to get your self in the field, simply because i can process information very quickly and intercombine pieces of information together (something that I gained from math skill set, and by actually being a Network Consultant my self)

If I can explain how to learn new things to students who are trying to become Doctors, lawyers, accountants, project managers what method is best for them to study and how to study, surely i can do the same for Network Engineers who are trying to merge themselves into the new SDN field or IT Generalistic mind set.

To view how i help lawyers and read my review, check out here, to see how I help accountants check out my review about insane adaptive method to prepare for cpa exam (I wish crazy methods like that also existed in network engineering world helping people to learn code, unfortunately there is not that many of us in comparison to other fiels such as accounting), and study guides here, to view how I help students become project managers  (speaking of PMP that is something I mention about in this study guide helping you transition into IT Generalist field and make references to).  I even help students to get into graduate school, check out my reviews here.

So the Question is do you want to be helped or not, because if you are a former network engineer (your days are numbered unless you learn how to adapt) and I can help you by providing you with the study path just like I helped other professionals across many other different fields, except in your case you get an additional bonus from the fact that you are actually also going to learn from an IT expert who happenned to go through the same dilemma of trying to figure out what does this whole SDN cloud and all of the above mean for my career!  You don't get such deep level analysis from anyone in the entire industry of SDN, the only books you see out there are strictly about technology and showing you what they are, but never do they actually focus on you!  

We realize it's hard to adapt and replace your old habbits




At the end of the day it's all about you, making that transition.  So enough with all the bull shit that exist out there that talks about only new technologies, what people need to know is what they should study, what to study and need some guidance in transitioning to Software Defined Networking world from IT Network Engineering Career and best way to do that.

Also with SDN there is a new threat of being outsourced, how to avoid mistakes of becoming outsourced, how to your competitiveness, that is what most of the engineers want to know.  Network Engineers are not the same as coders.  If everyone was a coder, then we would have a huge problem with money making and decision making and many other things in between!    I am not Karl Marx here, but if you read his books, you can probably understand what is hapenning with the industires right now.  

Well let me enligthen you guys right what is hapenning, and show you exactly what is hapenning.  Reason how I know all of this is because I see the picture from multiple horizontal standpoints from different industries and based on what I am seeing, and you can believe me or not.  I am seeing that lots of different fields slowly converging towards the same salary!

Just like in the good old day of communism!   Surely we don't want that! What we want is opportunity, and know how to get it, and don't end up working 100 hours per week (competing against other coders from 3rd world countries in doing something that we always loved), when someone who does 100 times less as you mentally gets paid the same as you do, that's just not right. 

However if you are smart and know where to apply your self and find out how to analyze supply/demand  trends in technology world, you can position yourself in the right direction and that is what this study guide is all about and not just about Software Defined Networking!

Meaning what I am seeing hapennig is everybody regardless in which field you are in, generally speaking will be fluctating around the same salary range especially if you are residing in USA, regardless if you are a Doctor, Accountant, Lawyer, or Network Engineer for that matter. This level of realization and enlightment you typically wouldn't see under normal circumstances if you are simply reading other books that talk about how bad SDN is and how it can wipe out network engineers, and how everyone should be straight up coder, but learn a lot of different things, but can't concretely tell you what to learn!



I will reveal you all of my secrets that you need to know about SDN field and show you my theory of what I think is hapenning in network engineering industry, and why it can be either a very bad thing or a good thing for you if you are in the right place in the right time under and follow my concept of Economy 101, SUPPLY and DEMAND.  

Some of the info I share perhaps you will never think that deeply about, and simply discard it as a rent or refer to it as fluffy fluff type of material, and some of you who are smart, will use that information, study paths that I show you to transition into IT Generalist or SDN Engineer or Cloud Architect and use it to your advantage to drive your skill set expertise in the right direction of your career.  

If you are simply here to read a book about 100% teach me about SDN, this is not the right book, I must warn you ahead of time.  The entire field is huge!  This book alone does not under no circumstance covers it all.  However it provides some vendor examples and gives you an understanding and proper recommendations where you can learn more about it.  

I use my overall combination of IT network consulting skills, hop code expertise, my math skills, logical level thinking and verbal level of skills to fully infuse your mind into Software Defined Networking and show you what I think is going to pick up speed in nearest future and what I think you should learn.

Note I am not just some random Joe who is telling you this, I have my own IT Network consulting company ran on autopilot by my partner and my friend Nick without my involvement (since I work at the full time job), I am also friends with Nick who has Hop Code and specializes in book and product publishing through Amazon I Rome Wells own educational company specializing specifically in helping students learn new things, originally started as the company name Tutoring Services, LLC

Helping students find tutors at both local and national levels, and gradually converted into the type of company helping students find their proper study paths, prepare for their certification exams, help other educational organizations get marketed and much more, consisting of edu research division, where our eductional team experts research particular information about variety of learning methods, study tactics, and relay it all out to different type of students including to students such as yourself who is reading this page.  Essentially all of this ended up being intercombined together in one jar, making it easy for students to transition into new skills, learn new things and achieve their goals.   


Note if you are from other country be worn, you must have extreme level of advance verbal english skills to fully understand what is presented in this study guide.

I will try to use language as much as possible tailored towards Network Engineering audience or IT Security professionals, but do not expect to see super 100% clear content explaining you what you need to know like you would for example see on TCP/IP Ver1 Jeff Doyle Book talking about Cisco.  At the end of the day your learning style completely different from another student, and if you have poor set of foundational experience, you may find this study guide difficult to read.  

However, I make it easier to read, since I understand that your original way of learning things came from non Agile methodologies of a network hero (but developers are opposite type of creatures they are mostly agile based tactical code strategical heroes), and having this new set of technologies dumped on you can be overwhelming.  The key here is to understand how to process technologies that you need to know, and realize the pattern across many of them, and understand how to learn this pattern.  I will describe some of such patterns. 

For example one of the patterns you may have followed for a long time as a traditional network engineer is.... as long as you can prove packet reached from point A to point B you can quickly troubleshoot the issue, clap your hands and relay it to application team to deal with.  

Well in SDN world there are similar patterns, but they are slightly different.  For example I happen to be also a math tutor, that's right and in fact you can visit my page and what i tell students, is one simple thing. 

Learn how to identify patterns and you will learn the world.  This is no different when it comes to learning anything new related to the new world of network engineering.  I will show you which patterns i have identifed as IT Generalist and how these patterns can help you transition into the new world of Software Defined IT solutions, SDN Cloud and Internet of things. If you don't recognize these patterns you end up not liking what you do and not wanting to work in the new field and will feel really bad.  


Also if you are not existing network engineer and simply trying to get into the field and coming from Dev OPS experience or perhaps you are already a coder in your company and your Boss asked you to come up with a way to transtion yourself into cloud.  Well if that's the case, then this is also a good bok for you to read. There are tons of vendors out there and tons of companies, different types who may be better suited for one solution then another.  

You are not here to learn about Cisco, you are here to learn about ways how to transition your self out of Cisco and traditional level of network engineering into new SDN field and how to relay your overall skill set to the new technologies, how to become IT generalist, pick up a bit of coding skills, and don't just stay narrowly minded with expertise in one vendor waiting to be discarded by the company like some useless tcp packet.   Instead be ready to fight back, and learn how to adapt.  Not that many books out there that actually teach you.  Simply because it's easier to just copy what the technology does and place it all together in one book without really going to theory behind what it is why on earth do you actually need it!



If I can relay to students how to become doctors, lawyers, accountants without actually being one.  Can you imagine how much of a benefit you get by buying this study guide and learning from someone who was actually in your very same shoes and technically still is?  

Often you simply don't get coders who also happen to have great verbal communication skills to relay anything in a first place (however some coders do, therefore what you will find in this book is also references to the type of coders out there who can also teach how to code and are coders 100% themselves) 

Plus anything that doesn't fit in properly in the book from my personal former traditional network engineering perspective in regards to coding, my friend Nick former network engineer who now owns his own Hop Code app development and custom software development firm is the one who is reviewing the book and providing additional recomendations advice and study tactics.  What you are getting is a hybrid code

This is what makes this book different, because you are getting both sides of the story, not just the story from a traditional network engineer, trying to become a coder or IT Generalist and convince everyone to do the same, but from several perspectives including from an expert coding company and traditional IT network engineering company all in 1 study guide!  Super deal value!  

The biggest fear of many network engineers is ability to adapt to the new work loads and new type of environments in IT Generalistic world.  Whether it's trying to to learn new code, migrate your network or your self to new vendor, for example instead of using Cisco Migrate to Checkpoint world or from Checkpoint to FortiNet or vice versa whatever it is that flows in your mind set about network engineering and IT security career.  


This book also shows examples of automation and security methods that you should get familiar with and be prepare to learn about.

If you happen to own your own IT consulting firm

For any of the IT Professionalists who are also happen to have IT consulting business, we will show you secret marketing tactics and additional new methods of stream revenue that can be leveraged specifically for your IT Consulting Business.  Book will share variety of examples for the type of services that corporate companies would be looking for and where your IT solution company can fill in the gap.