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Oh by the guys if you want to kill your CPA exam this is how


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CPA April 1st 2017 Exam has changed are you up to date? 

Discover CPA Exam test prep vendors who can help you prepare for CPA with confidence.

Discover how students study for CPA exam in Connecticut and how you can do the same.

Tips for how to save money on CPA exam

Latest Tip from Rome Wells:  


Tip #1  Split your CPA Exam study material expenses with the study partner

Consider splitting your CPA Study materials with study partners, this can help you prepare for your exam in more affordable way.

To search for a study partner, simply go to CPA facebook group and tell everyone that you are looking for a study partner, see who responds, then simply ask them if they are willing to split 50/50 one of the CPA courses.  Or if you have 3 people who respond, then ask them if they are willing to cheap in 33.33 percent of CPA exam prep course price.  

If they say yes, simply navigate to one of the cpa courses shown on this site, and follow the buy now button link that will take you to the vendors sales page, where you can purchase the course.

Be sure that you discuss with your study partners your study plan and scheduling that fits all of you.  Note some CPA courses are adaptive, and often it's a good idea to go through the course on your own, but while together in groups with your study partners go over the course again and try to test each other, this will make learning fun and make it more memorable.  

In case if for whatever reason you have trouble collecting money from your study partners and no one is willing to cheap in, then you probably found the wrong study partners.  In which case you can repost your study partner ad on the facebook group to see who else will respond.  

Once someone responds best way to convince someone to split study expenses is to communicate with them, explain them where you are from and how quickly you would like to study and when are you planning on taking your test.  

Then when ready simply purchase one of the Rome Wells recommended CPA courses and simply study together with another student, by split sharing your screen either using Skype or another online sharing method such as google hangouts.  

For maximum effectiviness, purchase CPA tutoring discount package from one of the CPA tutors, who can explain to you and your study partners how to prepare for exam more more effectively. Getting a tutor is definitely worth it, since it can make a huge difference between pass and fail. 

Tip #2 Consider using a tutor and sharing your tutoring expenses with another study partner or multiple study partners.

To search for a CPA tutor reach out to Rome Wells directly either on linked in or on facebook or go to Rome Wells created search engine and search for your CPA tutor on your own, first lesson only $15. Or get specialized CPA tutors who are directly managed by Tutoring Services, LLC and are higher quality go here.   Typically agency managed cpa tutors are either content creators + tutors or simply CPA tutors (either students who finished their CPA exam and passed and can make a huge difference in helping you pass or professional accounting instructors CPA veterans)

Tip #3 Consider using coupons and discounts.

 Rome Wells either list courses that are already discounted or provides coupons hooking you up with even bigger savings for you CPA exam test prep expenses.

Studying for CPA doesn't have to be difficult


Whether you are from Canada or USA or any other country Rome Wells is here to guide you in the right path, helping you prepare for your CPA FAR AUD REG BEC exam, with his amazing advice, recommendations and all sorts of methods that you can leverage to tackle your test. Rome Wells is commonly referred to by many students as Mark Twain of modern era in the world of education. Often students ask Rome Wells exam CPA questions and often he requests his team to updates the response to these questions and answers on this site.    Check out how Rome Wells convinces existing CPA accountants to advance further in their careers beyond CPA and help America fight Cyber Crime, helping you advance your career beyond CPA wow!

Studying for this exam is not easy as many people may think

What you see here is not an easy way out tactic to help you prepare for your exam, this exam takes hard work and effort to prepare for.  However, Rome Wells beleives in you and knows that you can do it! Worth case that can happen is you fail, or perhaps realize that maybe Accounting carer is not the right choice for you, maybe you want to become a hacker or information security expert instead or a lawyer or a teacher or a network consultant or a math tutor, or a broker, or a project manager or a nurse, remember accounting is not for everyone.  

Whatever the case maybe Rome Wells helps you get through your journey.  Rome Wells is the most recogonized  educational advocate in entire USA and even globally in the field of education in the sector of test prep.

You can literally find his guidance and advice across many academic and non-academic tests. This guy is like a machine, machine that creates incredible content helping students discover themselves, their journey and learn their lessons as they prepare for their accounting career.

For some students Rome Wells is just a great marketer and for others a hero and someone who truly helps students do better in their career journey and test preparation studies.  

In either case Rome Wells helps you prepare for this exam find out how.

Surgent and Yaeger are also good check out Surgent here, and Yaeger CPA course here for GLEIM go here

Word of caution to anyone who is reading this.

As you may very well know CPA exam often gets confused with actual CPA marketing, which basically has nothing to do with the CPA test.   This site is about test prep. and helping students to prepare for account CPA exam.

This is not a CPA marketing site of any sort.  In fact word of advice and caution from Rome Wells. Any time you see any company who is attempting to teach you something CPA marketing related (not test related). dont get fooled. majority of these companies are swindlers and thiefs.    Why is Rome Wells telling you this, especially if it has nothing to do with CPA test?

The reason why I am telling you this. is because if you are in the process of preparing for CPA exam then you are at higher risk of being victim to such scams. These scams are around how you can become rich by following their marketing patterns or anything insane like that. all a scam. at least in 95% of the cases.  

Rome Wells is like a firewall, that detects bull shit and exposes this bull shit so no one elese becomes victim of it.  I as educational advocate can not bare looking at multiple people getting ripped off, and it's just my absolute duty to tell you this...even though it's not related to CPA test prep (or should i say it sort of it is in a weird negative way). simply because. I am an educational advocate and i speak up for others who do not have power in voice as much as my company does, and therefore I will make it harder for such type of companies to swindle you, hard working student and future CPA exam test taker and accountants.

However in case if for whatever odd reason you do happen to be interested in CPA marketing and not in CPA then consider reading our book in marketing that is based on actual real marketing, that is proven to work and no it's not any useless CPA marketing it's completely different, but perhaps is something that you are looking for.  Note I have nothing to do with any of  CPA non test prep related offerings that swindle people to invest into something, I simply deliver the truth.  I built my business on delivering the truth to future accountants and students like you and many other students in different fields. 


Want dirt cheap CPA Exam Prep books you are not alone?   

Go here, compare prices, buy CPA FAR, REG, BEC, AUD books from the cheapest bookstores, Save environment and Save Trees, help earth stay GREEN, cheaper than self guided courses or tutors (but not as good as courses or as tutors, or perhaps... not the same.... in terms of learning effectiviness) Compare prices and select the best CPA books or sell your book directly on college campus.  Powered By Tutoring Services, LLC to help you save money on education! However, before you buy book view other CPA Study resources here which may very well end up being better than books, for your individual learning style and needs.


What this CPA Exam Prep site is about, and why on earth is Rome Wells helping you?


This site is all about accounting degree CPA test taking students and all about helping students get better score, if you see Rome Wells contacting you and sharing this site with you, dont hesitate to respond back for any additional questions that you may have in regards to helping you better decide which CPA Accounting test prep material is best for you.

Latest Blog Update 2017 Jan: Beyond CPA Tips Suggestions Advice and Recommendations


In here Rome Wells shares with you what AICPA is cooking behind the scenes right now and provides his advice to students who did pass their CPA exam, how to advance accounting career further, and what Rome Wells sees as the major shift in technology, the shift that can help smart CPAs jump outside of the box of their current industry, helping them differentiate themselves from other counter parts, while preparing your self for an extra skill set. 

Rome Wells descibes what skill set that is and provides career recommendations to accounting students, and something to consider.  Advancements in technology will essentialy end up creating new ways for CPA practioners become more competitive in comparison to their counter partsf for more info click here.

For student who didnt pass CPA exam yet and need help preparing for it continue reading here further about exam info and other details.

CPA Test Preparation Help For Accounting Degree Students

Look if you want to skip all the fluffy fluff and jump directly to study guides click here. However if you want to actually save money and learn about financial opportunities for CPAs , study tips, advice, tactics, study paths, about exam, upcoming changes, what changed etc, continue reading.



Chose from the cheapest study guides below, and prepare for your exam with confidence. Tutoring Services, LLC have researched variety of test preparation methods for future CPA exam test takers and placed these resources in front of students who are trying to prepare for their Accounting exam test to increase their chances of getting a job as a certified public accountant. 



Trying to see which course is the best to prepare for your CPA exam, see if this one is the best click here 

On this site we show you variety of test preparation material that can help you study for your Accounting CPA exam, and you can even check out our recommendation and advice for CPAs who want to go beyond their career after they pass their test.  With so many materials on the internet it's hard to decide which way to preapre for your exam, dont fall down into the internet hole, let us help you make up your mind.  Tutoring Services, LLC makes this concepts a lot easier, helping future CPA exam test takers prepare for their exam with the appropriate type of study resources.




Surgent and Yaeger are also good check out Surgent here, and Yaeger CPA course here for GLEIM go here

Our Research and Test Preparation Advice Service.

Based on Tutoring Services, LLC research we have specifically searched 100s of blog sites and groups and variety of study methods created by many test prep companies, and compiled variety of study tactics for future accountants to check out. 

     In fact we have also created our own study guides and our own test preparation systems (in different exams though not CPA, but conceptually we know how to understand if a particular study resource makes or doesnt make sense for CPA exam test taker), and dedicated years of research on figuring out exactly which study methods is the best for variety types of test preparation taking audience, whether its college level students or adults.

Upon our research we discovered multiple reinforcement learning tactics that can be used when studying for you test.  In the case of CPA exam what we found is that the exam itself has a huge audience base, and some study materials for this exam are overrated.  Our goal here is to help CPA exam takers chose the righ study path in their test preparation journey. 


We are all about helping Accounting Students save Money on their education


Our company is all about helping students save money on their education expenses, whether it's through getting a local private tutor at affordable hourly rate to prepare for your CPA exam without spending tons of money on tutoring agency comission fee or by helping students save money on books with our UsedCollegeBooks.NET or helping students save money on thier CPA accounting study guides and test preparation resources. 


How exactly do we help CPA exam test takers save money?

        We do that by simply partnering with educational organizations and variety of networks who are willing to work with us and even provide us with coupons that we can conviniently share with students on this site, for certain CPA Training companies. Since we have a big network of tutoring sites and educational sites, companies are keen on partnering up with us and extending their discount coupon offering to us.  We use that as oportunity to help out CPA exam test takers by sharing these coupons with you. 

We can share Accounting CPA discount coupons

     We will lay out all of the coupons that we have for particular study vendors on this site.  Hence be sure to constantly check in to see if any new coupons are added or message back Rome Wells to see if we got any coupons for you if you have been contacted by Rome Wells directly (I can check and see if there is any promotional periods that can help you secure lower pricing).  Additionally we are updating latest changes in CPA exam and news, and sharing study tips, reviews and special test preparation tactics including study paths, advice suggestions for future test takers.

Email Guidance Service | helping you decide if purchasing something is a waist of money or really can help in your particular individualized case


We even have email guidance service where you can email us and ask a question about specific test preparation resource or particular study path or advice in opportunities for increasing your qualifications or even opportunities for making part time income (valid only for USA) tutoring other students CPA exam or Math exam etc.  Or you can respond back to Rome Wells direclty if you have been contacted by him on Facebook.


Residing in USA?  Looking for additional reasons to study for your test?


Also if you happen to be from USA, Tutoring Services, LLC offers some additional financial incentives and reasonings for exam test takers to actually pass their CPA test, we will share these reasonings with you later.  Often you will see other companies simply describe their study guides and reviews, and share coupons, but rarely do you ever see any company actually giving financial reasoning behind why you should actually do well on your CPA exam for reasons other then just getting a full time job in Accounting. 

Tutoring Services, LLC happens to provide such incentives and reasonings as to why you should do well on your CPA exam, hopefully giving you the motivational edge to study, in fact we do that not only for Accounting Degree CPA exam test takers but for Educators as well. 



If you are CPA student you can skip this section if you like, although if you are interested in reading about the company behind our Accounting Learning CPA search engine, and interested to see what opportunities it offers to future accountants locally and even on national level, feel free to continue reading. 

Note some of this reading maybe a bit boring but it does show to readers, how Tutoring Services, LLC helps students who did pass their accounting CPA exam and also happen to be interested in making part time income teaching other students for how to prepare for such rigorous exam. Next section also shows secret place where you can sell your accounting college books and make money or even buy cheapest CPA books online or directly on college campus.  Hence reading this next section may make sense for you, especially if saving money on educational expenses makes sense to you.

Are you a CPA expert and Residing in CT | NY or NJ any of the Westchester, Fairfield, New Haven or Bergen counties?


Come work directly with Tutoring Services, LLC as a local CPA tutor Find out how visit  teaching students directly in their homes math or CPA exam or any other related subject that you are good at. Rome Wells founder and owner of Tutoring Services, LLC designed the first in the world method where he literally intercombined Books, Schools, Study Guides and tutors together and created insane level type of search engine that targets CPA exam test taker students in CT, NY and NJ specific mentioned counties of Bergen, Fairfield, and Westchester and New Haven.  This is what the actual search does.  If you happen to residing in the mentioned counties dont hesitate to apply.


This may seem very strange, but basically the gist of the story is simple.... Tutoring Services, LLC specializes in crafting learning methods and solutions for variety of industries including accounting industry.  FYI tutor rating stars showing grayed out needs to be fixed.. its a bug in the system.

Owner of Tutoring Services, LLC Story (note if you dont want to read the story and interested in simply study guides click here)

And Yes, Owner of the company Rome Wells (the guy in that profile above), created insane network (leveraging his IT consulting and math skills and actual IT networking skills in real world computer networks and carried that knowledge into creating CPA website network, in case you want to see actual IT networks that owner of Tutoring Services, LLC created check out this site, it may be difficult to see how on earth I managed to think of all this, from creating IT networks and creating math services and carrying it all over into helping CPA accountng students prepare for the exam).

Interested in Rome Wells amazing brain power?  FYI Rome Wells is not a CPA, but his power is to bring people together. See how he does it here. how he is uniting together multiple test prep companies and tutoring companies together and telling them enough is enough, start following best practices of high quality education in America and start offering better tutoring services for students in all sorts of fields and stop swindling people with high agency recurring prices unless you provide solid value to students, and if you can not provide that value make prices affordable on education.  Rome Wells even shows them methods how to make pricing affordable.

In fact Rome Wells even intermixes concepts of accounting into his advocacy speech towards American companies and makes every company out there who specializes in educational test prep realize importance of education, making it perfectly clear and concise, that they can not move jobs away outside of America, within a small exception in cases where it can provide feasible beneficial value, and if they do move jobs away get ready to be hit by higher tax prices.  Our company Tutoring Services, LLC helps America and Canada get ahead in education, this is what we do, and of course helps other countries too, but America comes first.

How I Intercombined concepts of CPA books, tutors and study guides all in a single platform

Essentially what I did is intercombined concepts of books, tutors, study guides, all in a single web site.  This way what this technically means is, if lets say you happen to be a student studying for your CPA eam and happen to live in CT and decided to search for a local tutor in CT in lets say subject of CPA. 

Then the relevant information would be shown to the student.  For example if there is a tutor then there would be CPA tutor shown, if there is a study guide, then there would be CPA study guide shown, if there is a book that is being sold in CPA exam in particular school directly from other student then the book will be listed under school as well.  You can even click on school to see school ratings and see what other students are saying about particular school.

Students can view local tutors, who can teach subject of CPA and come directly to students home and purchase discount packages from such local tutors, where Tutoring Services, LLC helps students get matched with a particular tutor in the local area of 4 counties mentioned above. 

        Students who are looking for accounting help can simply realize by browsing our search engine, that there is also for example CPA study guide and end up realizing that perhaps there is a cheaper way to prepare for their Accounting test and may end up clicking on CPA study guide instead and get directed to this page you are looking at right or to any other CPA study resource page.

Or perhaps student may want to save money even more and either consider buying CPA book directly from another student in their own school in their city, or selling their book directly in that particular school and listing it on the FREE site that Rome Wells conviniently designed for CPA exam test takers. 

Well technically it wasnt for just CPA exam tests takers it all started out with insane idea of trying to make search engine work for only Algebra students and tutors only, but then somehow it gradually carried over into CPA exam search engine, helping accounting students, and rapidly it grew into search engines across other industries also.  For example, Nurses Lawyers, Doctors, even IT Engineers, Information Security Professionals, and  Project Managers , Business Graduate Students, Graduate entrance students, military students, private school students, and many others. Providing multiple people advice based on the research conducted by our company.  

Rome Wells pops up on many different industry exams. So the chances are even if you are preparing for something else other then CPA Rome Wells most likely has it covered!  Or if your brother or a sister or a friend preparing for some exam, whatever that exam maybe the chances are Rome Wells has it covered and you can nicely refer them to this site.

Do you think CPA exam is hard and should I become CPA?

Do you think CPA exam is hard?  Have you thought about other fields?  Rome Wells is here to give you perspective across many fields, because maybe just maybe CPA is not something that you want to do!  Maybe just maybe you want to do something else... and someone else brainwashed you that you need to become CPA instead.... have you ever asked your self this question?  

This is why my company Tutoring Services, LLC has created this site specifically to help lost souls out there who got improperly influenced by others, helping them realize if their journey is right for them or not and if it is then most certainly by all means continue preparing with the study materials that we provide recommendations for and if not then visit other sections.  

Advice from Rome Wells to do your research carefully before beocming CPA

You know initially I also used to be a math teacher (well i sort of am in fact still certified until 2018) but guess what... i hated teaching in school (yet i loved tutoring 1 on 1).... and i only realized that after i became a teacher and finished my first semester of student teaching... so can that happen to you... can you hypothetically not like accounting and perhaps your life should be dedicated to something else?  Hmmm that is most certainly a possibility....

However to understand it all you must have different perspectives on life and careers and options and this is what Rome Wells is good at... leveraging his company Tutoring Services, LLC to help you make that realization.  Who knows maybe you are not here because you really want to prepare for CPA, but instead you are here to get advice, and recommendationof what you should really be.

How do i know if CPA career path is right for me?

When was the last time you seen in any website that you go to... where you  get recommendations authentically for you?  In most other sites you vist all you see is how you must become CPA and giving you all the benefits, but what if you are not sure... what if its not the right field for you!  What then?  Dont be fooled, get the whole perspective just like Rome Wells has entire perspective from multiple angles and multiple industries, before making your career choice.  

What you are getting from this site is authentic advice, from multiple angles, from an independent advisor, whose goal is not to just sell you study guides, but motivate you and help you learn and help you realize the truth and who you are and even tell you to explore other fields before deciding to get into CPA field.

Why other companies only try to sell their product and do not recommend you other careers?


Other companies typically dont do that... why? Reason is simple .. because they are trying to sell you their product and their product only. however we do not have such large incentive... because technically you can buy any of the test prep CPA products that we list in either CPA field or buy study resources in any other exam, the difference here is....

You get to see multiple perspectives on you career path from an independent educational advisor, which is  heck of a lot beter then listening to anyone else who is not an independent advisor.   Note of course you may say, well I know i am ready to be CPA therefore i dont need any independent advisors and need CPA advisor who is more tailored towards me....

We understand that. which is precisely the reason why we researched multiple CPA test prep vendors and shared multiple lessons learned from CPA exam test takers acrosss our entire network of blogs sites, helping you make informative decision in your CPA test preparation journey.


Of course you should listen to CPA advisors as well, but always cross reference their advise with ours for your own senity. This will help you develop strong vision of who you want to be in the future whether it's going to be CPA accountant like Ben Affleck (well maybe not like Ben Affleck) or wild marketer, CPA agency managed tutor or non agency managed tutor, CPA book author or both tutor and author (in both cases our company helps) or someone else.


So in summary what on earth am I saying here?

I am saying that if you are CPA expert and residing in CT, NY and NJ in 4 countines that I mentioned then dont hesitate to contact from the contact form of this page to help you get listed on our network of local tutoring sites as a CPA tutor. 

Of course you must pass your CPA exam first in order for Tutoring Services, LLC to enroll you as a local tutor, but in case if you happen to be in the process of studying for your Accounting exam, then do remember that there are incentives that are not just about getting a job in corporate company working as a CPA, but also making some part time income after your daily job.

Hence motivate your self and study for your CPA exam with thinking about the fact that you are studying not just for your self, but you are studying because you would like to improve your qualifications and increase your chances of making part time income after finishing your full day of working at corporate job doing CPA accounting tasks.

        Tutoring Services, LLC is not just about helping students prepare for their Accounting exam by saving them money and showing them different type of study guides available on site, but its also about helping CPA subject matter experts make money. 

In fact doing tutoring field, dependent on what the demand is for a particular subject you can make more money teaching on part time basis, then working at your entire full day accounting firm, as crazy as it sounds, it is indeed true, however it is true only dependent based on supply and demand concept.   Hopefully in college you have learned about supply and demand and know what that is.  

So does that mean there is no opportunities outside of CT | NY and NJ specific 4 counties that I mentioned for CPA exam test takers?

   The answer is no, the screenshot that i showed you of earlier is a local system that was specifically created by Rome W. for 4 counties, such as,  this local system is designed speficially to allow subject matter expert to declare their own hourly rate for how much they would like to tutor their students CPA exam, create tutoring discount packages, show off that they have credentials on file and even show off their prices based on individual subjects and grade levels along with intro videos of themselves and many other bells and whistles, maximizing opportunities for local CPAs to first of all make money tutoring not just by teaching CPA exam, but teaching other subjects that they love, for example Math or any other subjects.. 

In fact also happens to be site that Tutoring Services, LLC owns and advertises tutors on.  My imagination is, if you are future accountant then you must be good in math (even though surprisngly there is no formal dedicated section for Math in CPA Test like it is for example in GMAT quantitative section or any other test for that matter, that fact alone is very shocking to me, just like its shocking to me that there was no guidance in entire Accounting industry for Information Security issues related to the cloud, that are hapenning all over the world in every industry, although concept of Cyber Security and Accounting CPA profession is being finally somewhat adressed by AICPA as described here)  and most certainly can teach basic math students and make some extra income after work. 

Being outsider to CPA accounting test prep community gives me wings of being information ninja, helping me see things that other people dont really see.  This is the cool part about reading any of the info you see on this site.

You get to see it from different perspective, and not just from someone who wants you to simply buy study guides listed on this site, as it is the case with many other review sites (within exception of a few good ones). In fact I have less interest in selling you any of the CPA study guides, and have more interest in selling you local tutor, yet I still recommend self guided approach for many students over expensive local or online tutoring something to consider especially if you are on the budget. 

Of course doing both provides the best learning effectiviness and each method has its own advantages, and it really depends on your overall learning style, but that is besides the point.  Therefore what you are getting here is independent advice, not just some guy unpacking boxes of bunch of books showing you whats inside the CPA course.  


So what happens if I am a college student who does like the idea of studying for the CPA exam with intent to get my accounting degree, increase my chances of getting corporate job and also get the opportunity to teach students after work or on weekends, then which tutoring opportunities exist for me in USA outside of these 4 mentioned counties if lets say i do want to become a tutor?

        Thats a good question and the answer is, we have created another site that is called and created combination of several blog sites specifically designed to target CPA exam test takers.   Using intercombination of these sites and even this very same site you are looking at, its possible to boost local presence in your local area wherever you are in USA, helping CPA subject matter tutors get more student leads.

       This is why we mention that when you are preparing for your CPA exam be sure to use coupons listed on this site, and record the date and when you used them and what was the number of the coupon and title of the study guide you purchased, and email this info to us after you passed your CPA exam, that is of course if you are interested in increasing your chances of making part time income tutoring students CPA exam, regardless if you are in these 4 counties mentioned above or any where else in USA for that matter.


We can verify whether you used our study guide coupons when preparing for your exam, and have you listed as an independent tutor on with the verified CPA tutor icon and story of your lessons learned when you were preparing for CPA exam, showing to the student how you did it, differntiating your self from other tutors and maximizing your chances of being contacted by other students who need help in preparing for the CPA exam.

Listing your self as a CPA tutor maximizing your chances of making money.  For additional boost in your profile we can leverage other CPA and accounting blog sites, making it more likely for Tutors to receive leads locally or online.  (for additional boosting of your profiles contact us from contact form at the bottom of this page for pricing)



So wait I am confused what CPA network did Rome Wells create?

Rome Wells created local tutoring network, national tutoring network, school rating network, study guides network and used college books network, all convienitly designed to help students in one way or another save money on education or make money. 


For example, let me show you how you can make some money selling books directly in your school.  Lets say you finished studying for your CPA exam and want to get rid of your book by selling it directly to another student in your school then guess what there is a place to do so, its called UsedCollegeBooks.NET

The custom API that i have created replicates your book across other search engines.  Students can also search your book on either directly or indirectly, you simply list your book in your campus and wait for someone to contact you, then you meet that student face to face directly in your campus and sell them your CPA book.  This is just one example of search engines that Rome Wells created.  Its nothing major, but it does help college students save money.  After all we all know how college can be very expensive, every little thing that Tutoring Services, LLC can do for students save money can go a long way.


To do that Visit UsedCollegeBooks.NET, log into your account and simply list book in your school in CPA subject or other subject, this book will automatically replicate itself across other search engines such as tutoring search engine where students search for CPA tutors.  Here is a screenshot from UsedCollegeBooks.NET

 Note, you may probably ask where is the platform itself?  Well the platform is intercombinat of different sites, that are designed specifically in a networked manner to provide resources for CPA exam test takers, tutors and variety type of individuals looking either for help in accounting exam from either local tutors, online, or from study guides.  

      The actual local tutoring platform is only open for CT | NY and NJ residents in the above mentioned counties, however used college books site is open for anyone who wants to first of all find cheap CPA books from the cheapest book stores or list book directly on campus, whatever floats your boat, related to CPA exam we got you covered.

Also in case if you actually want to check out the search engine the actual local searching engine in the 4 counties that i mentioned send us contact request from this very same page at the bottom of this site. 

How Tutoring Services, LLC helps CPA students who want to be future CPA tutors make money












So where do I start? With which test prep method?

As Step 0. Read opportunities for CPA students & Tutors for saving & making money

       As a step 1 we recommend CPA Crush resource by Bryce, we have listed that resource on the bottom of this site, be sure to read this entire article first before scrolling down further. This guy Bryce, literally spent tons of time bulding CPA test prep community and an actual killer CPA study guide that helps believe it or not many students pass their CPA exam from the first time with the killer good scores.  In fact I my self talk to Bryce from time to time, and can see how pro-active he is with his study guide and how passionate he is about helping CPA test taking students prepare for it. 

     To start your journey test prep journey for your accounting CPA exam test studies, Tutoring Services, LLC recommends his study guide as the first of the first things to do, it can save you tons of time. View detailed CPA by Bryce Crush your exam study guide listing here, to see what we are talking about here.  

    Note for any other study guides for CPA we recommend browsing, researching and reading each of the CPA study guides on our site, and using discounts codes from this StudyGuide.NET site.  

Reasons to use this site for your CPA test preparation research 

         Reason why we are telling you this is simple, first of all you get to compare prices of each CPA material listed and read about exam changes, second of all you get to view more then just CPA study guides, if lets say you are interested in another exam that is similar to CPA or even if its different one such as financial type or any type of exam, that you are preparing for, then you can simply contact us from the contact form below of this site and tell us which exam you are preparing for and we can help you make decision which study material is the best for your particular individualized case.

Preparing for Similar to CPA exam why not ask us for help from contact form at the bottom of this site.


If we happen to specialize in your exam our test prep researchers will respond promptly providing our suggestions or advice or Rome Wells will respond, note our team covers variety of exams not just CPA.  For example take a look at our

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cpa exam secrets

CPA Financial Accounting & Reporting Exam Secrets Study Guide: CPA Test Review for the Certified Public Accountant Exam

ISBN: 1609714768
Subject: CPA-Test-Prep
Study Guide Type: Exam-Secrets
Price: $39.99
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Prepare for CPA Financial Accounting & Reporting test with exam secrets Studying for your CPA...
cpa flash cards

Prepare for your CPA Financial Accounting & Reporting exam with flash cards

ISBN: 1609714776
Subject: CPA-Test-Prep
Study Guide Type: Flash Cards
Price: $36.50
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Prepare for CPA Financial Accounting & Reporting exam with flash cards Studying for this exam doesn't...
crush the cpa exam

Crush the CPA Exam Study Book

Subject: CPA-Test-Prep
Study Guide Type: ebook
Price: $47
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Crush The CPA exam with flying colors! This guide comes with the following whooping bonuses, for full...
premium cpa review

GLEIM CPA Exam Review for Students trying to prepare for their test with confidence!

Subject: CPA-Test-Prep
Study Guide Type: E-course
Price: $1519.05
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Destroy your CPA Test Prepare for your CPA test from a company that has over 40 years of experience...
CPA Surgent Review one of the Best ways to prepare for your test

CPA Surgent Review One of the Best Ways to Prepare

Subject: CPA-Test-Prep
Study Guide Type: E-course
Price: $1595
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So you are trying to become CPA? Great why not study with Surgent?  The first thing that comes...