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Frustrated studying on your own? Already have Study Partner?  Great choice! Studying together is more fun!


Find out how you can increase your learning effectiviness by leveraging study partner, prepare for your CPA exam, and save money in the process of doing it all, while positioning your self in the direction of making money after you pass your CPA exam, by doing something on the side such as part time tutoring.  Find out how you can split your CPA test prep and tutoring expenses with your study partner, and find out where to find study partner or how to find study partner for your CPA exam, additionally find out how to split expenses for your study guides.  This article also reveals biggest secrets on planet earth revealed to CPA exam test takers about how other edu companies exploit poor students, and how our company helps education stay affordable.  Getting accounting degree is already expensive, we try to help students prepare for their career in affordable way.

Study Tip There is a lot of info to process in this article about study partners, hence please don't be overwhelmed.  Reading this info is neccesary to help you save money and prepare effectively for REG | BEC | AUD | FAR sections of CPA exam.


Reason why studying with CPA exam study partner makes sense


Well indeed, it's not fun to study on your own, study partner concept been around for a long time  (the trouble is not that many companies managed to glue together such concept before) and often having someone by your side either locally or online can indeed motivate you and increase your overall learning effectiviness when preparing for your Accounting CPA Test.  Plus when you are studying with study partner, you can split your test prep expenses and save money, something that is also a good plus.  However, sometimes it's not about money, and more about how motivated you are.  Getting study partner to help you be motivated is definitely a good idea.


Why studying with study partner only for your CPA exam is not a good idea?


Typically if both study partners are studying for exam, they are most likely studying because none of them know much about CPA test prep and simply want to combine their knowledge power to overcome rigorous test, which is understandible.  How often there are situations where both study partners are simply studying wrong topics, or not studying right for their exam, and in some cases that can result in simply failing your exam, especially when both study partners are not really that good in test prep yet still teamed up together.  The  fact that both study partners can team together is already a motiviation and power element when it comes to preparing for your exam. 

However if you already got the study partner then why not take advantage of each others finances and help each other out while increasing your overall learning effectiviness?  One way of doing this is by getting a guide someone who can guide you in your test preparation, someone who can sit down next to you and your study partner and can teach both of you or entire group of you to prepare for your exam. 

This way you are studying for your test comfortably with a qualified expert who actually either took CPA exam or simply graduated from a good accounting school and knows accounting subject in and out, typically such tutors are referred to as subject matter experts. 

The problem with this approach is that although studying with the tutor maybe a very good idea, in reality studying  for cpa accounting exam only with the tutor and study partner is not good enough.  Think about it, when you are trying to learn something new, you probably do some sort of research right to be more prepared for something right? 

Tutor can faciliate the discussion between study partners, offer his/her advice, share their lessons learned, and can also be your guide for your CPA test prep journey.  However if you truly want to increase your learning effectiviness even more, we highly recommed studying not just with the study partner and not just with the tutor, but with intercombination of it all, Study Partner + Tutor + CPA Study Guides.

Why studying with the tutor and study guide is a good idea?

Tutor may have his/her own CPA book that they most likely use during tutoring lesson and already went through the process of helping students get better grades or getting better score in CPA test, understand learning styles and can relay their information better to you and your study partner, then if let's say you simply studied for your CPA exam with the study partner only. Studying from the study gudie before meeting with the tutor, is even better idea, this way you can have higher level of learning effectiviness when tutoring session takes place.


When preparing for your CPA exam, don't just rely on your study partner and your tutor, know CPA concepts your self as well


That is all great, but even before tutor shows up at your local learning area, either at your home, starbucks or public library or college campus, it's sort of important to actually know topics your self and don't just rely on your study partner and your tutor, if you actually know the topics at least remotely near yourself, it's easier to faciliate discussion between your tutor and your study partner. 

What to do before you and your study partner meet with the tutor face to face locally or online for your first CPA test prep tutoring lesson

So before you even meet with the tutor face to face, it's recommended that you go through the listings of the study guides on this very same site see which self guided material you like and discuss with your study partner or study partners if they are willing to split cost of the study guide between each other.

If they agree to buy study guide and split expenses, be sure to use our coupons if you see us offering them to help you save even more money, however even if you don't see coupons, it's still a killer deal to save already on your CPA study guide expenses by leveraging finances of your study partner, and not only that but also split your tutoring expenses, while getting highest level of learning effectiviness for more affordable price.  Every time you purchase a study guide from our site, you are supporting our cause for affordable education.

Before hiring a tutor

Before hiring a tutor you can discuss with your study partner whether he/she is willing to hire an agency managed on non agency managed independent CPA tutor (whose expenses you and your study partner can split) who can help both of you guys/gals out directly in your local area or online to  prepare for this rigorous test.  This type of communication between your self and the study partner we recommend doing ahead of time before contacting accounting tutor.

Note you can also save money even further for CPA study materials, some times we show promotional offers, and discount coupons to CPA exam students.


What are the main challanges with studying together in educational industry?


Challange number 1.  There are a lot of companies out there who simply capitalize on poor students without providing much in return, forcing students to pay huge agency comission recurring fees for their tutors and creating the type of material that costs thousands of dollars, making it difficulty for students to prepare for CPA exam in mofre affordable manner!

Tutoring Services, LLC combats these type of business models by eradicating middle man out of the picture and making it possible to have more affordable education.   Note we do not completely eradicate middle man, we still are middle man for let's say our local tutoring tutor managed business system model, which simply offers higher quality match with a smaller comission fee then any other company offers in the area (where we work hard to deliver local CPA tutors to local students, by helping them get matched), that is precisely why it follows comission based model, and there is nothing wrong with that, providing that the company provides particular value to CPA exam test takers helping them pass their exam. 

However what we discovered is that there are tons of companies who simply do not provide any of the high quality match value and simply charge huge agency recurring comission fees, with 100ds of thousands of tutors listed on their sites who are simply way over inflated in price! 

That's not right..... It's understandible if the fee is about $65 per hour since agency have to do many things like back ground check, communication, marketing and bunch of other stuff, but insane fees like 70% and way above are simply not right!  Note for learning centers it's different, they must maintain class room and space and fees can go higher there, but.... for actual companies who simply math make students with tutors and charge huge fees for no good reason, well that's just robbery! 

          We realized that and created Tutoring Services, LLC company that eradicates middle man and although we charge $15 fee for first lesson, that we kindly ask students to pay to try their tutor, it's a heck of a lot better then charging insane agency fees and not doing much in return.  Simply because you and your study partner can work with the tutor direct after first lesson with out any agency fees and in some cases, if tutors show up in their profile CPA verified icon and group tutoring discount icon get even bigger discounts!  That feature we offer to CPA independent tutors, who want to be listed on our TutoringServices site and be differentiated from other tutors by showing that they offer group tutoring discounts and CPA verified, be sure to look out for tutors like that if available in your area.

Note however in some case hiring agency especially specialized agency who knows what they are talking about can be better for you, since they can provide better study guide recommendations and offer higher quality match, plus agency tutors are more responsive, managable and controlled rather then non agency managed once, because they are binded by contract. 

Plus some agencies have tutors who offer discount packages directly in their profile, helping you save even more money if you buy several hours upfront, but agency tutors are typically less flexible then non agency managed based tutors, but not always for example our CT NY and NJ managed tutors are flexible yet still enrolled into our managed tutor agency. 

For example our company have both business model that we leverage to help CPA exam test takers prepare for their exam, (for example check our CPA New Haven Managed tutoring business in CT.  

One business model that works with managed tutors and another one that simply allows tutors to register on as non managed agency independent tutors, although both models are very similar in reality, one model offers way higher quality match, where we actually help students find their tutor based on their budget, talk on the phone with an agent and discuss your CPA test prep taking needs, and get matched with the local tutor, but that model is only available in selected counties of CT NY and NJ.


What to not do when searching for a study partner?

Do not just try going to some sites that simply tell you that you can find study partners there and learn from each other and only use this strategy for your CPA test prep, CPA exam is not a joke!  The reality is if you already lost in the woods, and trying to get out of the forest, the chances are, with another person in the woods who is also lost in the forest your chances of finding way out are still slim!  (symbolism for CPA test prep and you studying only with study partner)  Hence leverage someone who can help you and your study partner get out of the woods and hire a tutor whose expenses you can split between each other and study effectively for your CPA exam.

Well technically you can still go to these sites study partners, find study partner you need and then come back here to find your tutor, providing that these sites do not nickle and dime you for anything you do on their site.  Or you can send a message in this very same site for us to help you post your study partner request in your local area in USA only or online.  We like to help our students save money. 

However, this would require us posting some ads on this site and bunch of CPA test preparation sites that we have access 2 and other companies don't, we have no problem of doing so, but there would be a small fee for that, do let us know if interested.  We try to help students as much as we can in saving money.   Although you can probably avoid these fees, if you already have someone in your school locally, someone who goes to the same college as you do, perhaps another student in your Accounting class.  

The main benefit of do spending a small fee and asking us for help from contact form below, is the fact that we have bunch of CPA sites spread out horizontally and leveraging that strategy to post your request across multiple of them can in some case results in you simply finding study partner quicker.  

All you have to do is contact us tell us when you are taking your CPA exam which school you are currently attending and tell us where you are looking for study partner, what state what city in USA or if your are looking for one online or either or.  Then we can put our network of sites to use.  Note other students often come down to this site and also interested in study partners, that is how they also would find out about you. We would show their listing, in dedicated sections, specifically designed to make it easier for your study partners to find your ad, and no we are not just advertisement company.  We are an educational research company, and match making company who can help students find each other or tutors or study guides.  If we were simply an advertisement company, then that ad fee would be extremely expensive, but because we already have network of CPA accounting sites, it's less expensive for us. 

Why don't you find out for your self.... go to google sign up for ad sense, and see how much each click cost for keyword "CPA study" or anything related to that.... then see how much money it would take you to find study partner on your own.  The shocking surprise is... it would be a lot.... Of course you can try other methods, but... it's like trying to scream in the forest where no one around you and can't hear you and hope that someone responds.... :) 

Word of advice if you have your test coming up and you are stuck and need help finding someone to help you such as study partner, don't hesiate to contact us to help you find your study partner by posting an ad on our network of sites. Doing so can increase chances of finding someone rather then not doing it at all.

We aggregate multiple methods together to help find CPA study partners

We aggreate, school ratings, teacher reatings, books, study guides, tutors, reviews, study guides, study partners, top CPA firms while leveraging our local tutoring network of sites, and test prep blog sites together, and in one way or another students find us.  Typically placing an ad does not gurantee that you find study partner right away, in fact it may take a while in some cases dependent on which geographic region you are at, however doing so does increase your chances of finding one.  It's a good idea to ask us for help way ahead of time before your CPA exam.  Note we are match making company we specialize in that, whether it's tutors or study partners we can help. 

However as mentioned earlier there is match making fee, the fee that can help us maintain your expenses, plus you can recover that small fee anyway once you get matched with your study partner, because you most likely will be able to split your expenses and go 50 50 with your study buddy and would even be able to split tutoring expense if one of the CPA tutors is available online or locally, briging your savings even further. Plus by dong so you can support our mission of supporting affordable education and knowing that you are making a difference in this world.

Plus when you and your study buddy prepare for your CPA test you can use discount coupons (only if we offer them) to save even more money.  Hence that fee is not a big deal, or of course your other alternative is to go to bunch of other sites that can help you find study partners and come back here.

Tutoring Services, LLC is all about helping students save money

Crafting business systems that can help students save money is exactly the type of business we specialize in.  Why not leverage our model to help your self save money, prepare for your test at way cheaper price, then studying for your eaxm simply by your self and be bored, less motivated and over pay for something that you shouldn't overpay in a first place. 



So what's next? 


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