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Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT)


Comprehensive GMAT' Graduate Management Admission Test 2017-2018 Exam info and Study Guides

(disclaimer, all GMAT names and test references belong to official trade mark owners, Tutoring Services, LLC is not affiliated with the GMAT official site, and only provides useful test preparation journey advice and resources that can help students prepare for this test. Any advice given on this site should be consulted with your admission advisor and well researched before making any decisions.

Tutoring Services, LLC is not responsible for any action that you do that may result in a negative outcome resulted form our advice, this site is strictly for informationtal purposes, designed to help students to save money on their educational expenses and helps students improve their chances of getting better GMAT score

Please respect our advice and respect our knowledge, we created this site out of respect for you, therefore for any critisism or concerns send us request directly through contact form at the bottom of this page. 

All IP addresses and visits are recorded.  If you have an urgent question, contact Rome Wells directly on facebook, if he contacted you.  If he did contact you then contact us by the contact form below this page.

Intro into your GMAT Test Prep Journey

To get into your preferred graduate management programs, most colleges and universities require students to take the Graduate Management Admission Test to determine whether they are qualified to get into management programs like a Master of Accountancy, MBA or Master of Finance.

The Graduate Management Admission Test is administered in over 112 countries internationally.  What you find on this site is motivational advice from Rome Wells, comonly referred by many students as modern day Mark Twain of education advocacy.  

You will find loads of different types of GMAT Study guide materials and even methods to make money while you are still in school, and preset your self for the bright future past business school, by discovering business values that Rome Wells teaches many students, companies and huge organizations, the values that can help America stay strong, environment stay green, and education stay affordable, and values that can help you future potential business leader learn the values even before you graduate your busines school.

Warning Do not read any of this blog if you do not like money, this site is about both, career advice, study guides, career path, business values and ways to make money to help you  pay off student loans (after all they are quiet expensive especially for business school) and methods you can leverage to preapre for GMAT exam, or have higher chances of failing GMAT ifyou prefer to not read my advice (provided by me Rome Wells)

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Now who is Rome Wells and why he is helping you tackle GMAT?

Sometime you see Rome Wells reach out to you, and if you do see Rome Wells reach out to you do not hesitate to respond back to ask any additional questions about your test preparation journey.  Rome Wells is the founder of Tutoring Services, LLC company and can help you make the right decision and in some cases even hook you up with some coupons during promotional periods only.

Note if you think this is a scam stop reading and close this page right now.  I prefer to give advice to students who listen and read, I have no time to provide advice for someone who does not listen and does not read.


Skip this pagragraph below if you are not thinking of going into Financial Industry with specialization in Information Technology  (

Are you thinking of going into Finance Industry for your college major, not sure what to study? Thinking of GMAT as your first step in your academic path journey can you imagine where you will be after... you get into grad school?

If you can''''t imagine let Rome Well help you imagine it... read further below and discover Rome Wells background in finance, and discover his tricks of success.

Here is Rome Wells story in financial industry

Step 1.  Love what you do.

Step 2.  Do well academically

(but believe it or not Rome Wells initially never did well academically in his initial journey as the student... but somehow magically evolved into doing well by being influencial speaker, and well known educational advocate, IT consultant, financial advisor, math teacher, tutor and many other things in between, the question is... how on earth did he do it?  

How can typical business graduate program student do the same and use Rome Wells advice to do well on their GMAT exam and succeed beyond GMAT test preparation journey?  Simple continue reading!

Step 3.  Ace your GMAT exam here is one company that does pretty darn good job in helping students prepare for GMAT. 

(note there are many other companies who also do a good job, but Manhattan Prep I had honor of evaluating my self and in fact I liked their level of teaching GMAT so much that I decided to open up my own college/training center, yep that''''s right my own college/IT training center with concentration in Financial Industry and specialization in IT in Manhattan NY, based on similar color theme of Manhattan Prep website. (in case if you are business savvy and really want to view how process of developing business works, feel free to see how Rome Wells literally is creating college from scratch (make sure you follow him on google plus), this can be great business case for you to consider which can be beneficial for you long term in your business analysis courses in MBA graduate program and beyond)  

View here how Rome Wells is creating college from scratch, by inter-combining Financial Industry, Education and Information Technology industry in 1, and demonstrates to students and to everyone how he creates actual training center from scratch.

Read his business analysis and his blog here.  What he is doing here is no different then what you may end up doing in your own context in your own world of Finance perhaps when developing specialization in financial trading or perhaps when developing specialization in Information Technology.  

What will be the future of MBA graduates?

Future of MBAs will be well mixed inter-combination of technology and business and education, therefore it''''s probably a very good idea for you to not only consider reading this site and my study guide reviews, but also read my google plus blogs and review my business analysis studies in real world, that can help you not only develop business analytical mind set but also get good grades in your graduate school, plus advice and reviews I provide here can help you prepare better for GMAT exam!  

After all, where can you find authentic site that helps students get educated?  Probably no where.... Why is that?  Reason is quet simple... not that many people care... but Rome Wells does, because that''''s his destiny, the destiny that he discovered during his trip to Hawaii. Learn what Rome Wells learnt in Hawaii here.  

In fact Rome Wells shows CIOs and CTOs in financial industry companies how to gain super power that can help them better lead their companies in the field of IT and Finance!  The very same super power Rome Wells exposes to CIOs and existing future leaders can also be leveraged for you future MBA graduate (providing you pass GMAT exam).    

View super power Rome Wells discovered in Hawaii, that can help CIOs or anyone in any time line today or tomorrow, do well and succeed in their career path. View what Rome Wells teaches leaders in financial industries, and see how you future MBA college program graduate can apply that same knowledge for your academic journey and career journey and tune into the same radio frequency as CIO and C-Level execs (helping you quicker get promoted and succeed).

Discover super powers Rome Wells learnt in Hawai and shows to CIOs, (and fast forward and imagine your self being CIO, or CTO)  

Oh one more thing... definitely when preparing for GMAT, try to do well... best way to do well on the exam is to study using multiple resources, below I will show you some more resources for GMAT after my motivational advice.  

Motivational advice from Rome Wells and more info about Rome Wells

Rome Wells is an educational advocate, who helps students save money on affordable education and is the founder of Tutoring Services, LLC Company.  Rome Wells realizes that many students are preparing for GMAT exam

However some students may either not be sure if that GMAT xam is even for them and their future business career or perhaps they are on the wrong path or simply if they are on the right path not sure which test prep material is best. Many Students do not know what materials exist out there and how to identify all of the differences between so many test preparation methods, that exist out there, and which material are best for you. 

With GMAT exam changes hapenning rapidly it''''s very tough to keep up, with what''''s the latest and the greates and Tutoring Services, LLC makes it easier for students to find relevant study guide resources for your GMAT test Prep Journey.

Test Prep Material and Resources recommended on this site can help you prepare better for your exam

As an educational advocate and perpetual learner, Rome Wells has been around GMAT industry for quiet sometime.  Therefore resources you find on this site can help you simply better prepare for your exam, and help you make more informative decision. 

Before jumping into business graduate degree, please consider this advice

Many students often do not realize why they are going for MBA, or why they are trying to get into business school.  In fact some don’t even realize what they are going to be doing for their specialization.  Sure business degree is great, but at the end of the day, getting specialization in specific field where your MBA can be most valuable is the key.

Whether that specialization ends up being managing business finances or being more closely oriented towards specialization of CPA accounting profession or if it involves end up being IT Generalist and eventually becoming CIO. or becoming IT project manager with MBA degree. All of these goals and career journey patterns Rome Wells tackles also by providing variety of specialization study guide resources for Business Graduate Majors.

This section below is motivational advice and special tactic designed by Rome Wells to tell you that studying for GMAT is worth it.  Do it make sure you get into the right business school and while attending that school learn the secret busines strategies that are out of this world, designed by Rome Wells himself!   

Rome Wells shows secret marketing tactics, that can help you do well in your business degree after you pass your GMAT 

Note if you want to skip this motivational story and view study resources for GMAT feel free to do by scrolling all the way to the bottom and viewing BEST Study Resources to help you tackle your exam, however reading this can open new doors to your future. 


Rome Wells shows secret strategies for how to run and market your future business (even if you are still in school).  Now you may say well how will that help me with my business school?  While you are going to business school wouldn''''t be nice to pre-set up your self for future success?

Meaning for future sucess in being able to make money? Rome Wells shows how, you can read his blog that shows how to do that, he teaches all of the students and even tutoring companies as well as many other companies how to get into networking business (brokering not financial something completely different and out of this world yet something that you would highly relate to as the business professional) and learn how to do marketing and will show the secret markating tactcis that can super-charge your learning skills in your business school helping you excel in your business studies, and in your future business career. He shows how to create secret marketing funnels that can help you in the future generate client leads and make money.

Beyond GMAT into the world of Business

Note if you want to skip this motivational story and view study resources for GMAT feel free by scrolling below, however reading this can open new doors to your future. 

The values Rome Wells teaches are absolutely incredible and, perhaps you end up relating to these values. Reading these values that he teaches even before you get into business school, can super charge you intellectual understanding about business world.  

Note what Rome Wells teaches and advocates is not for everyone.  Do not listen to Rome Wells if you do not like money in your future.   Rome Wells realizes that you are student and in the process of going to business school and simply looking for way to prepare for GMAT.

Rome Wells realizes all that however, Rome Wells also at the same time helps you realize what to do next past your GMAT exam and for your future self past your business degree while you are still in the process of getting it, and how to pre-set up your self ahead of your business graduate school in such  a way that when you graduate you can dive into business tactics that Rome Wells describes using fully fledged marketing advice and business strategies, that are literally out of this world.  

Discover the world of business even before getting into business school

Note if you want to skip this motivational story and view study resources for GMAT feel free, however reading this can open new doors to your future. 

Not only will you end up realizing the truth behind business world, you will learn how to setup your self for future success by following what Rome Wells does. His story is absolutely incredible and you can read free blog that he runs that is marketed towards business companies and how he teaches companies who run businesses in educational sector how to run business.

This education that he delivers is absolutely incredible and can help you carry over the concepts that he teaches in educational industry into your world of business, regardless of what business you are in.  

To be good in any business you must have solid looking examples and hear the truth and know the truth and understand the truth, and Rome Wells does an amazing job of deliver that truth and can show you how to get ahead of the game and be ready beyond the days of your GMAT.  


When Studying for GMAT think beyond just passing.

Therefore when studying for this GMAT exam do not just think that you are studying to pass GMAT to get into business school.... think of what you do past the point of business school and why you are doing it and how you can setup your self on the right track ahead of the game and learn business values that Rome Wells teaches and special secret marketing tactics that can help you do better in business school and can help you simultaneously prepare for your future self!

Here is the blog that Rome Wells talks about so much, here it is here is the secret passage to your success, visit that after you pass your GMAT, this way you can set your self up in the right future path and underrstand how to make money.  



Rome Wells teaching business philosophy is extremely motivating!

The busines principles he teaches applies to being able to get ciients and teaches how to do that, by providing real business examples that are absolutely breath taking and can help you better understand the world of business especially when you are in your graduate school!  Perhaps after finishing your GMAT you may come back to Rome Wells, and say Thank You Rome Wells for showing me the path to success, and maybe one day you can take Rome Wells out for a drink and realize how truthful and since his words was and how he helped you become who you are in the future.

 Some students come back to Rome Wells begging for him to teach them 1 on 1, after realizing so many incredible business secrets.  His guidence is absolutely incredible, his story is incredible and guess what Rome Wells didn''''t even take GMAT!   Yet you are still here, reading what''''s next... and wondering what a hell does it have to with GMAT.  


Don''''t worry, think of Rome Wells as your future self, except it''''s like your future self arriving back in time to your particular time frame and providing this guidence.  Something that many years from now, you will remember and say hmm...

I remeber that guy Rome Wells.... who provided me this advice and i remember that what he was takling about I seen in business schools, or you may remember him as the guy who helped you become money making machine in the future or simply better human being.  

Attempting graduate school is important decision, do you know what your specialization will be?

Hence even before you take that GMAT exam ask yourself 3 steps ahead, what will be your career specialization after you graduate?  I am not here to talk you out of going for your MBA, I am just asking you before you end up spending money on MBA to think about your decision. 

Perhaps maybe the right thing to do in your case maybe working a bit longer with the bachelor’s degree towards your specialization that you have already obtained and simply end up getting a job in something a bit more specialized then going for MBA and having your work help you pay off your educational expenses. 

If you finished bachelor’s degree for example in business or finance or accounting or combination of it all or other similar degree, consider getting help from your employer to help pay for your graduate school education including test preparation for GMAT

Or perhaps if you already gone through path, and did get your Bachelor’s degree and did happen to convince your employer to pay for your education, then there is no brainer to check out some of the resources listed on this site for your GMAT and see if your employer can even help pay off for some of these self-guided resources.  Some employers would be even willing to pay off your entire GMAT education test preparation and even your college credits for your MBA. 

Rome Wells provides advice to students who truly want to choose the right path, and helps students save money along their career path.

In case if you haven’t noticed I am providing you the tips that can help you save money, some tips maybe valid for one student but not for another.  However, gist of the story is, make sure you focus in your career path, and make sure that you actually explore your option before you even go for that GMAT exam. 

What if business school is not for you?  What if let’s say maybe CPA accounting degree is more for you?  Are you 100% sure you want to go into business?  Ask yourself these questions, explore this site and see how Rome Wells provide advice to other students even in another fields. 

Rome Wells advice helped thousands of students save money on their test preparation expenses.

If you haven''''t had a chance to follow Rome Wells saving money tactics in your educational career, and only found this site recently, we are sorry that you coouldn''''t find it sooner.  Rome Wells guidance and advice, helped many students save thousands of dollars on their test preparation expenses. Hence, there is absolutely nothing wrong with helping business school major students also consider Rome Wells advice.

Business Major Students are not the only type of students who benefited from Rome Wells test preparation advice study path tactics.

For example take a look how Rome Wells helps college students save on money for their placement test such as ACCUPLACER (I realize it''''s not relevant to you, however if you took your self back to early day of your bachelors degree and manged to find my advice similar to what i provide current bachelor students then perhaps you could have save your self a lot of money on colleg credit expenses, helping you pay off your college loans quicker, hence if you have a little brother or a sister, consider spreading the word and letting them know about this site). 

Check out how Rome Wells helps military students save money on educational expenses.  Or how Rome Wells helps other type of students who are not in military but in other fields such as military, law, medical, IT consulting, accounting, teachers, high school students, middle school students preparing to enter private schools, and many other tests. The gist of the story is simple, helping other students and helping you get better score in GMAT is our business, that is what we specialize in.

More info about this site and GMAT resources you find here

Note what you will see on this site, is many different angles of GMAT test preparation tactics, and how you can improve your score in GMAT, some methods can be more effective then others, Rome Wells has no interest in simply selling you something.  Instead Rome Wells want you to make informative decision before you buy any of the resources shown on this site. Our company Tutoring Services, LLC is simply making it easier for you to find your test preparation resources, and motivates you to keep your options clear. 

How is our services different from others?

In comparison to other GMAT sites that exist out there, who are mostly verticalized in GMAT field, we are horizontalized independent based company, who provide GMAT test preparation study guide reviews and useful info for you to make your information decision about your career, and your study path. 

Note in comparison to other companies, we are not here to blabber about things like, how important it is for you to buy something.  We are here to show you useful features about each product and help you make your decision, even if that decision ends up being not wanting to buy any of the resources listed on this site. 

Typical students who already took GMAT simply can''''t afford to have such luxury of creating GMAT product reviews (and if they do, they typically don''''t offer other methods for students to prpeare with or provide advice or help GMAT students who did pass their exam make money), and helping other students, simply because they do not have much incentive to do so, while we do, therefore we do that for you and list this information on this very same site. 


Now that you seen useful career advice, consider checking out further info about actual GMAT exam and how this site can help.




Check out this amazing GMAT Test Prep Course

Or better what check out this GMAT resource, highly recommended by Rome Wells.

GMAT Exam Sections

Discover this super wicked kewl GMAT online Course

Or better what check out this GMAT resource, highly recommended by Rome Wells.

This admission test for graduate management programs comprise of four major sections. These four major sections include Verbal, Quantitative, Integrated Reasoning and Analytical Writing Assessment. The Graduate Management Admission Test usually lasts for four hours including breaks in between. Each of the sections has its specific number of questions and time limit.

Registration Process for GMAT

The registrations for the GMAT test are invited online or through a phone call. The candidate has to schedule an appointment at one of the designated test centers.  Contact official GMAT site to schedule test date.


GMAT Exam Test Structure and score info


Check out effective online test prep tool for your GMAT test 

Or better what check out this GMAT resource, highly recommended by Rome Wells.

The GMAT test measures skills of the candidate in mathematical problem solving and English language. The GMAT Test Guide and Exam content focuses on:

  •   Analytical Writing Assessment – analysis of an argument and analysis of an issue
  •   Quantitative Section – problem solving, data sufficiency
  •   Verbal Section – critical reasoning, reading comprehension, sentence correction
  •   Integrated reasoning

The total testing time allowed for the GMAT candidates is 3 hours and 40 minutes.  Note exam info maybe outdated, hence always refer to the official GMAT site for official exam description.

Types of GMAT Study Guides Available on this site.


The GMAT study guides present on this site is comprehensive test preparation set of material from multiple educational vendors. The GMAT study guides are composed of very helpful and well-written tips that are both effective and very efficient in providing accurate help for test takers. Depending on the study guide you purchase, some may have videos, some may have practice tests, some may have combination of both


Comparison for GMAT Study Resources Vs Learning Effectiviness

Note even if you see, some resources show lower effectiviness that doesn''''t mean you should not consider them for your studies, you still should to improve your overall combined level of learning effectiviness. The chart values are approximate with assumption that you went ahead and studied only from the resources, which is never the case. 

However to make it easier to understand we created the chart for you.  So when preparing with multiple resources remember this chart and add couple of extra bars to your overall learning effectiviness every time you study from something new, providing that it really does provide value, the only way to understand is to practice, practice and practice and leverage multiple resources, since some GMAT can provide better value then another, not all of them are the same!

Browse GMAT Best Collection of study resources

Feel Free to browse our collection of study guides and ensure that you review each GMAT test prep material, prior to purchasing one.   The GMAT study guides listed on this site can help you prepare for your actual test by aiding you in assessing and providing solutions to your most common test preparation and test taking concerns.  Tutoring Services, LLC wants education to stay affordable, which is why we creaetd this website to help GMAT test takers chose the most affordable study guide material or most high quality.   To begin browsing and comparing study guides and read reviews click this link to be taken to the bottom of this page to view different type of GMAT study resources.

Need a GMAT tutor? Tutoring Services, LLC got you covered!


Attention to GMAT Students looking to get Local or Home tutoring help.

Our company specializes not only in helping students find affordable test prepm materials for GMAT exam, but also helps students prepare for their GMAT examWe have GMAT test preparation experts that can help students with their studies.  This is especially usefull for students who are studying from GMAT study guides, but simply still can''''t pass their exam. 

We have independent tutors who can help students prepare for exam and not charge an arm in the leg. In fact many of our tutors offer 1st tutoring session for only $15 allowing students to try before they commit to the rest of the tutoring sessions with the tutor.   Our independent tutors specializing in GMAT test prep math and english subjects and other academic subjects, can offer local home tutoring services or online. 

Search for GMAT Tutoring Services Online or Local



Attention to GMAT Tutors looking to help other GMAT students and earn some part time income?

We also invite GMAT tutors to register on our site to offer their tutoring services online or in person.  Make part time income tutoring other students academic subjects and GMAT test. 

Our GMAT tutors show up on our network of education sites including, and many others.  Registration is FREE.   Even if you do not know GMAT but want to become a tutor in another subject for example Math or Science Academic subject, then this is a great site for you to register at.

Took your GRE or GMAT exam and did well? Care to help other students get better score and in the process of it all make some part time income?






 Improve your GMAT Score with exam pal

examPAL GMAT course

Dominate your GMAT with the help of Exam Pal test prep program has an interesting concept of helping students tackle their exam by tackling it in 4 weeks.  Looks like examPAL has discovered a way how to actually improve score by relying on interesting 3 ways to solve any GMAT problem. You can read my review here about examPAL

These guys managed to refine the knowledge that you may already have an packaged it neatly together to optimize your studying in the right direction without spending too much time with what you already know.

PAL - Precise, Alternative & Logical

We''''ve discovered that these are the 3 key ways to solve any GMAT problem.
You naturally already own the keys. We help you refine and optimize them.

Dominate the GMAT in 4 Weeks

Accoring to Exam Pal Site it looks like they have created a unique way to help you study for your exam.
Exam Pal has the following benefits.

Unique Technology Made by Experts Affordable

  • Spend less time preparing for the GMAT
  • Avoid wasting time on trial and error
  • Solve more questions in less time
  • Excellent for busy people

Please review other study guides also before making your decision in pursing further with any of the study guides that we mention on this site.  This will help you decide which study guide is the right fit for you.  For more info about how to dominate the gmat in 4 weeks program click here.

However don''''t just study for 4 weeks that''''s our advice.... use multiple test prep resources to reinforce your test taking skills and allow more then just 4 weeks of studying. 

Alternatively if examPAL is not right for you, you can consider another course that specializes in GMAT Test Prep, called GMAT PILL gmatPILL is a good course as well for GMAT test prep, take a look at what Rome Wells had to say about GMAT PILL here to see which course you like more GMAT PILL or examPAL.

There is also GMAT Economist, which is more expensive, but does offer bunch of advantages that other course don''''t offer.  Every course has it''''s own bells and whistles, my company Tutoring Services, LLC is compiling it all for you to make up your decision easier, in regards to which GMAT study guide is the best for your educational test prep needs.   There is bunch of others course too, feel free to browse through them and read my reviews.  If still not sure which course is the best, ask me on Facebook, especially if I reached out to you. 

I can find out more info about you and tell you which one is the best for you, at the end of the day it all depends on your learning style and quality of the course.  Quality of the course or study guide  is determined by many of the factors, that I describe in each review, helping you easier decipher truth from fiction, and getting you on your way of improving your GMAT score.


Difference Between GMAT and CPA

Finishing up your bachelors degree in the next 3 month to 1 year?  Majoring in Bachelors and perhaps taking some accounting courses?  Shooting for MBA in the upcoming year?  Trying to get ahead of the game and be prepare for your graduate school? 

Torn apart between becoming accountant or following business degree MBA path?  Find out the difference between Business and Accounting profession.  For accounting CPA certification exam info check out this page. For GMAT test prep and additional info continue browsing this site.


Tutoring Services, LLC going GREEN helping graduate school students make money on Used Books!

Tutoring Services, LLC believes in affordable education, and is helping college and university students who are attending graduate school or going back to school, make money selling textbooks to other students on Campus. 

Buy or sell Books Directly from other students on college campus

Vist UsedCollegeBooks.NET and list your Book FREE in your college Campus and see if there is another student who contacts you to buy it, or search for books your self from other students, save trees, help environment stay green, reuse old college textbooks and best of all save money on College books. 

Buy or sell cheapest books online (but remember... studying from book may not be as effective as with courses)

You can also search for college textbooks and buy them from the cheapest bookstores online or sell them to other bookstores online or even rent them. However word of caution do not just use GMAT books for your studies, getting into grad school is competitive, students who leverage the best tools for their test preparation studies often get ahead of others in simply getting better score.

Not every body can afford expensive GMAT courses, however using the book can be just as costly from the perspective of time you end up waisting on concepts that you may already know by studying statically

We realize not everybody can afford to pay money for expensive GMAT courses, even though studying from the GMAT courses can save you more time then studying with the books, because some of them have insanely good adaptive and learning style approach, when you find such self guided GMAT courses on this site that does offer adaptive approach then consider supplementing your knowledge with such courses. 

There is actual reason why packaged courses for GMAT are more effective for studying then simply reading from book

There is an actual reason why GMAT packaged self guided courses are more effective then the book, but not just from the perspective of learning effectiviness, but also from the perspective of you actually saving time!  How important is the time to you?  If it''''s not important then consider studying only from the book, however if you want to save time, learn tips, tricks and methods to do better on your exam more ef

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