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Project Management Preparation Help and study resources

     Thank you for visiting this page, our company Tutoring Services, LLC will help you chose the right study resources for your PMP Exam.

Take a look at the graphic below to get familiar with project management certification process, and how we can help you prepare for this exam, for actual info about exam visit our PMP Exam Certification section here, you can also find there PMP Self Study materials, helping you Prepare for your exam with confidence!

Did Rome Well reach out to you attempting to help you prepare for PMP?  

If you seen Rome Wells reach out to you on facebook don't hesitate to get back to Rome Wells with any additional test preparation questions about your PMP Test Prep journey, Rome Wells can answer easy questions, for any more difficult questions, he can provide appropriate study guides recommendations or online or even local tutors, or ask his brother Mike who is PMP certified for help.

Hence don't hesitate to ask Rome Wells from the bottom right corner for advice.

Looking for coupon discounts for PMP study materials?

In some cases Rome Wells can even share some coupons during promotional periods only. Be sure to respond back to Rome if you have any questions about study material, such as which ones are the best etc, based on your personal background info and learning experience.

Also support Rome Wells mission to help new career students transition into Cloud oriented technology, IoT and SDN by checking out this link. Helping IT Engineers and project managers transition into specialization, that will be needed by many employers.


Continue reading to find out more.

Here is a brief overview of what it takes to become PMP

       First things first, get familiar with actual PMP application process and what it takes to become PMP Certified. Take a look below at this infographic just to get a brief idea of what to expect when preparing for your PMP exam, get familiar with certfiication process and how our company Tutoring Services, LLC can help you chose the right study material. 

Note our company worked hard on researching this material for you, creating a single website with Multiple PMP study resources in one place.  

We didn't just create just another blog site that talks about vertical details about PMP certification, but we created a site that helps you figure out which material is the best for you and your learning style, while also giving you useful tips, advice, references to useful learning tactics.  Ways to improve your marketability in the existing job workforce

Trying to figure out what to do after you get PMP certified?


How to differentiate yourself from other Project Managers.  What to do after getting certified.  How to get specialized in particular cloud, SDN field to become super IT Generalist with the core skill set of cloud, converging your project management skill set into something more.     


What fields go well with PMP certification?

Discover what other fields are doing such as Network Engineers, see how you can transition your self into their newly transitioned mind set by learning from similar materials that they are learning from to get the super level of learning effectiviness improve your chances of getting specialized and get a head start in becoming more then just PMP Certified

However of course you want to be PMP Certified we list information that can help you become PMP certified as well.


Here are just some of the PMP study resources we bring to you


    As you Browse this site you will find our recommendations, reviews, ratings plus more for variety types of PMP study materials.  Coninue reading below to view what is needed to become PMP certified.


Project Management Certification Process


If you are looking for PMP Exam info, pricing of exam, pre-requisties and other information navigate here.

Tips, Recommendations and Study Materials for PMP Students and Project Managemers


     Preparation for the important Project Management Professional Certification of your project managerial career can be quite frustrating and intimidating if you do not have the right tools to initiate pre-test preparation, process.

        PMP exam can be typically taken by undergrad/grad level candidates who are in the process of obtaining their certification to improve their qualification for employment.

However do not be mistaken PMP is not the only way out towards increasing your qualification.  On this site we list several PMP prep resources that can help you decide which study guide, e-course, online course, practice tests, or combination of it all is best for you.

PMP Test preparation does not have to be hard.

       Good news for individuals looking for the most efficient study help for PMP Certification! offers the most comprehensive yet easy on the budget test preparation project management certification study materials  for you.

     From the printed PMP Certification study guides with helpful videos, module workbooks and brain empowering exercises to tutors and other forms of test preparation help, we have it all in one site.  To view PMP Practice questions click here.

If you are looking for PMP Practice Exam Questions. We have several Project Management Test Preparation vendors who we listed on this site.

Which PMP Study Option is best for you?

Discover secret study paths and reviews described on this site about variety types of project management test preparation tactics.  Be sure to review multiple vendors when studying for your test, to make most accurate decision.



  • Online Course?
  • Local Course
  • Or Self Guided On Demand type of course?

Looking for a PMP coupon code? Want to Save money?

     Send us written request in the contact form all the way at the bottom of this site.  Let us know exam you are preparing for and what type of pmp study guide/tutor/video course or local course you are looking for, and we can send you the coupon codes for your PMP test preparation studies.  This offer is only valid if you use contact form on this very same site.  Or you can simply browse for variety of test prep resources we list on this very same site and decide which study material is best for your educational needs.



Trying to create a project but not sure how to organize it?


      Did you know that you can save tons of time when it comes to writing projects for new clients using templates? Our company Tutoring Services, LLC uses these templates ourselves to create project scope proposals. 

      This makes project look extremely professional and helps us lock down clients.  Feel free to check out project management templates that can help you save tons of time. Plus the kewl part about these templates is if you buy entire KIT it comes with FREE Project Management Study Guide that can help you reinforce your study skills!


How to prepare for PMP Exam with Practice Questions

       Looking to prepare for your exam by studying from the set of simulated PMP exams?  Need help figuring out which test preparation material is right for you?  Best way to prepare for your exam is by studying from PMP practice questions.

    We have listed one of the resources that by PM Training that is not too expensive, and gives you access for 90 days to full set of PMP practice questions, where you can review your skill set, or even create your questions to reinforce your knowlege and measure your study progress.

Getting Certified in PMP exam can help you improve your career

Nobody wants failure on the final results of the important test of their career. Disciple, preparation and the appropriate studying tools like the PMP Certification study guide are the factors that will gear you up to become one of the most competent project managers in the industry.


Here are 2 PMP Study Guides you many consider preparing from

                    PM Training                     

       To make it easier we have listed variety of study guides on our site, so you can easily compare them by price, plus it will help you decide which one to consider preparing from for your exam. The one you see is one of them above and below.   For Detailed info about PM Training Study guide info visit here.


    SimplyLearn preparation alternative is not bad either, to study from.  However we recommend intercombining multiple prepartion methods, and not only rely on one vendor one preparing for project management exam.  It's great for your foundation skill set.


See how Project Management is used in real world.

View how Project Management is used in Real World in IT Managed Services sector of Information Technology.  We use many of ITIL, PMP, Agile concepts to fuel Information Security and IT Networking industry.  We are doing so, and so do many companies.  

How to enter Project Management Field with specialization in IT Networking or Web Development

    Students who work with us are simply experts in information security sector, network consulting, project management or Web Development, we offer internship opportunities that help students improve their resume, increase their qualifications and get the job they were always looking for.  For more info about internship opportunities and training options visit.

What if I am not good in web development is there any other way for me to get into project management field?

The easiest way to get into Project Management field is to have specialization, our company Binary Fusion helps student get into the field of project management with specialization in QA Software Testing (easier then web development, and great way to break into entry level position).

If web development or IT networking is not your cup of tea, then the less advanced way to get into the field of project management is to get specialization in Software Testing.  However specialization in Software Testing is not enough to land job in for example financial industry.  

What is also needed is certification in ISTQB, having combination of PMP or CAPM + ISTQB can be a killer combination for your career starting point.  

You see companies do not really care if you have just PMP.  What they care about is multitude of other skills, such as business analysis skills, soft skills, understanding of relational databases type of skills etc.   Unfortunately not everyone is capable of having all of such skills and certifications.  Which is precisely why our company Binary Fusion offers flexibility for students to get hands on training in QA Software Testing, get certified in ISTQB and get placed into actual job.  

In short there is several things that are needed for you to maximize your chances of landing a job.

From high level you will need, education, certification, specialization and industry area expertise, soft skills, business analysis skills, project management skills, basic web development skills, but nothing crazy... In short you will need someone who can vouch for you and hook you up with the job.

So how do i obtain all of these soft skills, cert etc and get a job in project management relevant job role and get someone to hook me up with the job?

Good question... here is how...

  • Having 4 year Bachelors Degree (note having degree and no experience not good enough)
  • Having PMP Cert (optional, but highly recommended,having PMP cert can place you ahead of the competition)
  • Having ISTQB Cert (our Binary Fusion training center can help you obtain this cert) 
  • Having completed accelerated 3 months accelerated IT training program by an organization that can help you get hands on experience and hook you up with the job in the field of Information Technology QA Software Testing as specialization and place you into financial industry or another type of industry.  Learn more here about Fusion Track accelerated 3 months IT training program, we have local program in Manhattan NY and online program.  Our 3 months accelerated IT Training Program is offered by our training center Binary Fusion.


Having these 4 steps completed can open up doorways for you in maximizing your chances of landing a job, the job will either be in QA analyst type of role, or business analyst or other relevant IT position.   The bottom line is to have highest chances of landing a job you will need to have experience or equivalent level of training that pertains to your experience.

For example our company Binary Fusion offers IT training at no up front cost to you, then place you into IT position in metropolitan tri-state are of CT, NY or NJ helping you break chicken and the egg conundrum of no job=no experience and no experience = no job. If you do decide to go into Professional Quality Assurance Software Testing specialization on top of your PMP cert or even without your PMP cert, then do check out this link, we show you how to go about obtaining your ISTQB cert, getting trained, getting specialization, getting core area industry experise, and getting hooked up with the job.



Why do we give such opportunities? 

The answer is simple we have actual IT projects that companies need to be executed, and these projects require project management expertise and even a bit of coding in some cases or SDN and Cloud consulting. 

       Having someone not experienced to help us execute these projects is never a good thing, however if student who contacts us ends up going through PMI training and passing PMP exam with some level of technical expertise in either Networking or Web Development or Information Security Track and read our SDN guide book, then we offer such candidates higher chance of entering our internship program, simply because such students can be closer to our mindset level and easier to communicate with and provide assignments to, even if it means working with us for FREE in obtaining experience, helping you solidify your resume, yet still looking good from marketability perspective.

Now for candidates who do not want to buy anything from this site, we also give a chance to such individuals get 30k worth of IT training opportunity at no up front cost to you, visit our ISTQB test prep training page section and see how we help students prepare for ISTQB on their own without our help and with our help.  

Without our help means we don't hook you up with the job, you simply study on your own using self guided materials that we compiled on this site for you. With our help, means we train you, you become Binary Fusion Consultant, graduate program and then we attempt to place you into a job role in financial industry or another industry (however our core industry expertise is Financial, meaning we have ties and connections with financial companies where we can place our Trained IT consultants) If interested in our help and getting trained in Manhattan NY  Go here to learn more about our Binary Fusion Training center.


     Alternatively if students do not pass PMP exam and want to simply get trained by our company Tutoring Services, LLC in specialization field of IT, Web Development, IT Security, Project Management or IT Networking Infrastructure field then we provide training for that as well seperately outside of the Project Management track.  Contact us to find the pricing by visiting NetworkConsultant.NET


     Note in some cases depending on how experienced applicant, we also provide specialization training helping students solidify their set of technical expertise, prior into acceptance of our internship program.


At the end of completion of our program students end up with solidified beefed up resumes, higher chances of obtaining employment opportunities and not being stuck in the world of no experience = no job.  Many student simply can't break that loop.

Not all candidates who apply are admitted into program, we are very selective of who we chose to work with.  


We help project managers get specialization in IT Networking and Information Security 

We help students get specialization and you help us do the projects, based on non-paid or in some case even paid internships.  Other companies in IT technology field simply can't do that due to the fact that they most operate in IT industry, however our company's roots are in educational and IT services.

We also have dedicated Project Manager experts who can even tutor you directly at your home and in fact we offer local tutoring all over CT NY and NJ for students who are interested in becoming project managers and need help from local experts.

We also help Project Managers get IT security specialization, using informal based approach.  Often IT project managers have no specialization, and no way to break into the field such as IT networking or Information Security.  One good way to break into IT security industry is to get certified in CISSP (note this is more advanced level cert, but worth it and can do magic with combination of PMP when it comes to obtaining employment opportunities)  

Our company has official IT training track program called Fusion Track that is very strict accelerated 3 months training program, and we also have less strict version of IT Fusion Track, more flexible from scheduling perspective, designed based on 1 on 1 private lessons between student and tutor, for which student would have to pay for based on hourly tutoring discount package pricing. Click here to view Rome Wells tutor's profile, pricing and feel free to request a discount package.

Having trained by Rome Wells or one of our Binary Fusion trainers, directly 1 on 1 will cost you money and you will have to up front in comparison to formal training where you do not have to pay up front and would only pay after getting placed into job role with money automatically deducated from your pay check, but is well worth it since after completion of training Binary Fusion will assit you in getting a job in IT Networking field or IT security field.

 Helping you obtain specialization in IT security or IT Networking, by training you hands on concepts in information security, computer networking and then help you get placed into a job role.   Either Rome Wells will teach you or another tutor who works as Binary Fusion trainer.

You would pay for 1 on 1 training, and if we place you into a job role, we would charge agency fee from your salary's pay check.

 If we do not place you into a job role, we will provide recommendations what to do to improve your credentials and attempt to place you into another contract role.  Our goal is to definitely place you, since when we place you is when we get paid, you are paying for 1 on 1 training up front and you are paying for being placed, but only after we place you.  

If you do not have payment for up front for tutoring lessons, then your only other choice is to get formal training and not 1 on 1, but it will be less flexible in scheduling, no individualized attention as in the case of 1 on 1 training, plus training must be local in Manhattan NY and not online.  

Note other companies simply will not consider you if you have no specialization and experience in financial industry or another type of industry, we provide that level of experience for you by asking you to do actual projects relevant to the field of IT and information security.  Hence regardless which way you train 1 on 1 or in class, it's still worth it. 




Not interested in any of our offerings simply want to study for your PMP on your own? PM training is our best recommended resource.


Although training offered by other vendors can be great, most of the training you see is strictly to become PMP Certified.  Which is great since you are already here on this page, however don't be fulled to think that you would be highly needed in the job field by simply having PMP certification. 

Having it is great and gives you lots of opportunities, but many companies simply want more specialized type of employees.  Find out how you can specialize in Cloud and SDN from our study path guide, we also go over coding and how much coding you would need, that is mostly designed for network engineers, but is also great for Project Managers who want to differentiate themselves from others and increase their marketability as well as gain a glimpse of direction for how to become specialized in the field of Software Defined Networking, Cloud and Internet of Things and even IT Security. Many topics covered in this study guide.  Check it out below.

Did you know that simply becoming PMP Certified is not good enough without being specialized?



Many sites out there simply talk about PMP facts, pampering you with bull shit, topics, lessons learned, key tactics to prepare (our site is obviously exception), almost making it seem like they are milking money from you future PMP Exam test taker, without really telling you the truth.  The truth that PMP is not enough on it's own sure intercombining PMP with SCRUM cert, Black Belt Sigma, ITIL and becoming Agile certified intermixed with a bit of coding skills can get you on the right path. 

         However that path is only good if you are planing on stricly becoming super project manager, however that can be a lot of effort, and not exactly the reality with the job markets!  For the highest marketability and chances of landing a job don't just go in horizontal direction trying to get certified in all Project Management related certs, instead learn more about SDN and Cloud and IT solutions and learn how to get specialized!

           However, do not make mistake of simply over specializing your self into 2 much general based certtifications.  Instead consider getting that extra something what companies are currently looking for, and no, they are not just looking for someone who can create a huge power point doc to describe what processes the rest of the company must take.  Sure that maybe possible in bigger companies, but even bigger companies don't want that type of project manager unless you have specialization. 

Without specialization it's like asking someone, "Hey what are you majoring in?"  oh i am majoring in Business.... but Business in what?  they would ask questions such as what is your specialization, tell me the reason why should hire you as oppose to someone else.  Well that someone else will have that something extra and that something extra is typically not another project management cert.... but rather something specific oriented towards technology.  So which specialization should you chose in addition to getting PMP?  Well Software Defined Networking with a slight touch of coding and Project Management Cert or Agile can be deadly killer combination for your overall skill set. 

Forget just being super coding ninja (this typically doesn't end well if that's all you do), if you truly wanted to be a coder you would be, instead learn bunch of differen things related to cloud and software defined networking, to shine on your interview and gain understand how to become more specialized in core skill set of  SDN and Cloud while maintaining your IT Generalistic roots and becoming a shining star in front of your employees. 


Ok enough about specialization, you are here to find out how to study for PMP

Well there are Multiple ways to prepare for this exam

You can continue reading further or clicking through different resources at the bottom of this page.  Other resources that can help you prepare for exam are Flash Cards and Exam Secrets, they are way cheaper then PMI Institue training, however not good enough on their own and we would not recommend them to use as the only method for PMP Test Prep studying.  Multiple methods of studying for this test will be needed.

Search for local/online PMP tutor

If you can't afford PMI training then other option is to prepare  for CAPM or PMP exam by contacting one of the local or online independent tutors on our sister site.  Many tutors registered there simply are experts in PMP exam and know how to teach students locally and don't mind tutoring students who would like help in preparing for this test. 

Expert in project management?

Additionally if you are PMP/CAPM/AGILE/ITIL/SCRUM or Microsoft Project expert then don't hesite to register on our sister site to offer tutoring services locally or online and earn part time income tutoring others PMP.

So what is needed for me to become a tutor?

Our best advice that we can give you is make sure that you are fully prepared for your PMP exam before you can teach anyone, and preferrably certified before you can start tutoring and making part time income, we recommend PMI Training based on official PMI institute objectives, many training companies use that level of training and PMI objectivies based on PMBOK for PMP exam to prepare for this test. 


Facts about Project Management

         Many Employers search for PMP certified experts who also have specialization!  Having no specialization means less likely to get a job in Information Technology sector.  However good news is our company operates sub division called DBA Binary Fusion with the parent Tutoring Services, LLC company that helps project managers get that specialization (specifically SDN, Cloud or even coding!).   

How exactly do we do that?

     We offer training and internship or simply internships if you have already been trained to work in the Information Technology sector, with specialization track of either Project Manager, Web Developer or IT Networking.  However only limited number of people can be accepted due to high level of competitiveness to enter our program. 

The ones that do enter our program end up obtaining real world experience, that can help them break the circle conundrum of no experience = no job.

We do not only specialize in jobs for Project managers but also specializing in training of project managers and sharing professional study resources which can help with passing PMP/CAPM exam.

Note due to limited number of people being accepted into our program instead you can consider going self guided route using our SDN study guide for any network enginer or project manager trying to transition into Software Defined Networking and cloud IT solutions oriented field.

For any other test preparation material for Project Management PMP certification exam specifically continue reading further.


We have collected multiple study guides materials and placed it all one site for your review to chose from


Here at, we make sure that our customers and clients only get the best Project Management Professional Certification assistance and nothing less. Among the many test takers, majority the number of passers made use of the PMP Certification study guide in their most crucial preparation periods. Most claimed that the well-written and easy to comprehend content and very challenging modules and practice test questions contribute greatly to improving their test taking performance and brain power that became very beneficial on the day of the actual test. 



Do not risk yourself for a failing test. Start preparing for your test today and earn your certification so you too can grab the best job opportunities available. What are you still waiting for? Purchase your own copy now! 

To begin preparing browse this site for different types of study materials that can help you prepare for your test.   Compare prices and select best material that suits you.



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