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Algebra Learning Resources


Effective Algebra Learning Books and Resources for all Grade Levels

In here we have collection of effective Algebra learning resources to help you with algebra test prep, in the form of worksheets, practice questions with answers, private algebra tutors, online tutors and other algebra school test prep materials for multiple grade levels, including but not limited to College, High School, Middle School.

Buy/Rent or Sell Algebra textbooks directly on campus from other college students or from chepest bookstores

Forget useless apps try something more concrete and physical and in your hands that you can sit and read dirt cheap!  

Go here, compare prices, buy Algebra books from the cheapest bookstores, Save environment and Save Trees, help earth stay GREEN, cheaper than self guided courses or tutors (but not as good as courses or as tutors, or perhaps... not the same.... in terms of learning effectiviness)

Compare prices and select the best Math Algebra books or sell your book directly on college campus to other students. Powered By Tutoring Services, LLC to help you save money on your mathematical education!  

Algebra Resources for Variety of Grade Levels

Whether you are looking for Abstract Algebra study materials, or Linear Algebra or Algebraic Geometry, you came to the right place.  This is where you can find the material that you are interested in we have popular product called Algebrator, imagine solving all of your problems similarly like on the calculator except in a way that makes sense and  is fully explained to you. 


We Have variety of Algebra Study Guides directly available on this site

 View our collection of mathematics Algebra resources that we have compiled specifically for elementary high school and college students looking for help in their math class. On this site you will find reliable resources, which you can review, see which of them can help you study for your test, or prepare for your academic goals.

Algebra Review Materials Created by Math Experts

We offer a wide range of affordable and useful algebra study resources expertly developed especially for you. Our compiled algebra subject review materials from different study provider vendors include.

    • Student-friendly Algebra Lessons
    • Worksheets with Answer Keys & Explanations
    • Homework Help resources
    • Flash Cards Exam secrets
    • Video Tutorials Covering Major Algebra Concepts
    • Personal Home Algebra Tutors
    • Online Algebra MathTutors
    • We even have math teacher test preparation resources


          Simply browse our site by scrolling below, find your study guide that best suits you, make sure to read info about each study guide before attempting to purchase one.  There are money companies out there that sell study material for k-12 student we placed some of these study materials, on this site to make it easie for students who need help to search for such resources.


Local and Home Tutoring Services for Algebra Math Students



If you are studying for algebra and have assignment that you need help with feel free to visit our sister site to search for local or online algebra tutors. Math Algebra Homework Help Tutoring Services for Students who need help in Algebra.




Trying to prepare for college while still in high school?


     Did you know that you can prepare for college even while you are still in high school and save money on college expenses?  In another words when you go to college you must pay for credits and college credits can be expensive. 

     However good news is there is this test available in USA called CLEP, it's a neat test since it allows students who are not even yet in college to take Algebra test and earn college credit, therefore not having to pay for that extra course in college, graduating early, getting prepared for College while still in high school and best of all saving money!  


Tutoring Services, LLC gives power to students to save Money on Algebra college books!


Tutoring Services, LLC created going GREEN Used College Algebra Books website helping college students save money on their educational expense by being able to buy academic textbooks in algebra subject directly from each other, or from the cheapest book stores.  Students can reuse other students books and help save environment and reuse used College Algebra Textbooks by purchasing them directly from other students on campus.  Alternatively site allows students to purchase chem books from cheapest bookstores.  

To find math algebra book (click here) all you have to do is register as a student, registration is FREE there is no catch what so ever, students just post their textbook for sale and other students contact them.

Same books that students post on UsedCollegeBooks site are also automatically shown on our educational network of sites, such as RateMySchool.NET maximizing chances of student selling or buying their textbook on college campus for cheaper price then it would be sold for otherwise if purchased directly from a college bookstore, waiting in line.  Students can also sell textbooks online.


Trying to become certified teacher and need help preparing for Algebra exam?


Whether you are trying to prepare for Praxis, FTCE, MTEL, MTTC, CSET or any other teaching certification test, we got you covered visit our teaching certification section of our site to view study guide resources for your teaching certification exam.  We even have subject matter experts specializing in teacher test prep who can help educators be prepared for their teaching cert test.

Happen to be Algebra Math Subject Expert and have content development experience in Math subject and interested in earning part time income?


     Why not contact us and let us help you make money.   Our company gives flexibility to mathematics content developers, of obtaining unprecedented advantages over any other company.  We give our Algebra content developers managing their own Algebra study guides product line, online math tutoring opportunies, local math tutoring opportunities, passive income and active income opportunities, in the form of 1 on 1 online algebra tutoring, workshop based mathematics tutoring. 

If you have teaching test preparation experience in Mathematics subject then don't hesitate to contact us and see if we can help you make money helping create Mathematics Content. 

Our mathematics content developers can earn revenue from multiple business streams from tutor match making, from matehmatics study guide test sales, mathematics course creation sales, mathematics online workshop deliveries, and even 1 on 1 online or local math tutoring.  Contact us to find more from contact form below. 

If interested. This opportunity limited only to USA residents and based on proper qualifications.  Great for professors in math or someone who wants to teach math, but stuck and can't figure out a way how to market themselves to make money teaching math.

Need High Quality Online Algebra Tutor provided directly to you by Tutoring Services, LLC? 


Then do not hesitate to contact us, our online algebra tutors who are shown on our sister site are independent tutors not directly managed by Tutoring Services, LLC, but tutors who work with us directly, through our alternative business model system get to have higher level of flexibility, much better online tools to teach Algebra, way better match making process and in some cases even more affordable than independent tutors.   Hence if you want Tutoring Services, LLC to help you get matched with online math tutor, and get the highest quality type of math tutoring experience then do not hesitate to contact us directly.


Why get Online Algebra Math Tutor directly from Tutoring Services, LLC as oppose to attempting to work directly with any other tutor that you find online or from any other company?


    What's the catch?  Catch is simple our Algebra online tutors who work with Tutoring Services, LLC directly, are not just regular independent online tutors who simply want to teach Algebra, (although we have these type of tutors to), instead our managed online tutors are actual math experts, who prepare algebra content, such as algebra study guides, or even video algebra courses, hence these type of mathematics tutors gets to reuse our algebra created materials during tutoring, reuse our propriatory whiteboard with all the mathematical tools on that whiteboard that make it easy for algebra student to learn algebra topic and even have diagnostic exercises that can help students learn concepts better then before. 

What differentiates us from other Online math Tutors and Tutoring Agencies

         This differentiatiates us from any other independent math tutor that you find on simply because our tutors who work with us, have much higher incentive to provide quality service, simply because opportunities that we provide to such algebra tutors are from multiple business revenue streams, and losing such opportunities is obviously not beneficial for such algebra math tutors, hence these types of tutors realize that, understand that and therefore provide much higher quality algebra tutoring service, then any independent algebra tutor who you find on the internet.

How does our Onlne Algebra Tutoring Rate compare to other Agencies?

    Yes hourly rate for our algebra tutor, may be more then the typical online math tutor you find, but these tutors who work with us directly are way higher quality and much more attractive in price in comparision to local math tutor and can assist in algebra college test prep or teaching certification prep and are extremely rare to find.

To get help from online tutor directly from Tutoring Services, LLC contact us through our contact form on this site. 

What is it that really differentiates our Algebra Tutoring Services, I am not convinced?

Plus the owner of the Tutoring Services, LLC company happens to be a math certified/former teacher and basically knows his stuff!   Which means, he has created solidified mathematic tools for students to be able to use. 

Owner in fact was not planning on offering such tools to general student public population and instead mostly focused on offering such math tools to Westchester NY, Fairfield and New Haven Counties in the state of NY and CT, to the local parents, who specifically asked him to create mathematical whiteboard, that can help students jump into it and study math with the mathematical expert.  

So what was the mathematical challange for creating math oriented platform?

Challange was that at the time there was no such tools, when parents asked him for it.  So what the owner ended up doing is, he leveraged his intercombination of mathematical skills and IT consulting skills to come up with rather interesting solution, that does provide variety of math tools to the student, to operate with. 

These math tools make it easy for our online math tutors to work with students, since the tools include integrated math calculators, hand character recognition, shape recognition, ways to provide tutoring over IPAD, Surface Pro and Android, and basically intercombined it all together. 

To create math platform for online students who need help in algebra owner had to....

  To do that owner had to do research to see what IT solutions are available on the internet, owner pulled all of these mathematical solutions together to build this mathematical tool for students.  After doing that, owner partnered up with variety of IT consulting companies to provide that very same solution and integration services to other companies who are looking for mathematics online whiteboard solution for their tutoring needs. 

Owner formed division of the company called DBA Binary Fusion small sector of Tutoring Services, LLC company this sector specailizes in helping other companies integrate such solution into their environment to view use cases of online whiteboard solution visit this page.

This division specializes in IT Networking solutions and networks multiple mathematical concepts and IT concepts together, helping companies bridge the technical gap in education.  Company offers help for colleges and universities and other small and medium businesses.

What can math solution for online algebra students do?

    Math Tool allows recording of math video lesson, and allows students to purchase tutoring packages from an algebra tutor, allows students to draw on whiteboard, take pic with IPAD of algebra homework problem and show it to tutor, so tutor can use variety of mathematical tools to explain student how to handle this problem and be able to provide step by step solutions usign easy to read mathematical explanations by leveraging intercombination of different set of tools. 

What else is owner doing to help online algebra student community?

    Owner, is in the process of creating mathematical search engine library to allow tutors who work with Tutorng Services, LLC to be able to reuse this mathematical library for easier lesson creation and practice tests creation.  Meanwhile owner has provided this math tool and flexibility to use it only to few individuals, many parents in Westchester County has already expressed interest in this tool,   Westchester County is the most demanding county in the whole USA when it comes to mathematical education. 

How Online Algebra Math tools were born with the help of the NY Parents.

    Parents demanded quality in tutoring and better math tools.  Many parents who asked for local tutors, also wanted to get online algebra tutor with our company simply because our tutors are not just random people we match, instead we take them trough rigorous pre-screening process and, using variety of methods to ensure that tutors who we work with are reliable.  Our math online tutors are independent contractors, but they are binded by multiple methods of incentives, and interested in providing quality.  Hence this is really the major difference here. 

How do our Online Math Tutors who are managed by Tutoring Services, LLC help students learn algebra math better?

Also our algebra online tutors are willing to work with students and parents based on parent's reasonable demands, meaning.  If parent wants our online math tutor to have homework assigned to student in diagnostic fashion then our tutors can very well do that at slightly higher negotiated rate. 

Can tutor and Algebra student meet before student decides to hire him or not?

Student/Parent and tutor can meet directly face to face with such tutor for 15 mins, and raise his concerns and have our tutor handle these concerns and agree on the hourly rate.  Other companies don't even allow you to meet with the tutor before tutoring takes place.  We do, Some of our Algebra tutors even have practice tests created. 

Do tutors create any ways to differentiate themselves from other Algebra online tutors?

Each tutor is given option to create practice tests and have these practice tests listed directly inside of their profile.  So you can check these algebra practice tests out and see how well you or your son or daughter do, if you do not do so well we encourage you to contact tutor who created Algebra practice test to see if you can get help with the concepts that you didnt' do so well on.   Our Algebra tutors do not only tutor Algebra, but can also help students prepare for variety of tests, regardless if it's SAT, GRE, GMAT.  

Don't be fooled with Algebra Scams you find on the internet!

On the internet you willl find many companies who cheat and take your money away and pay their algebra math tutors only 30% and keep 70%, so many parents end up with low quality algebra tutors and start wondering why their sons and daughters weren't so good in getting better grades in school.  Well the true reason is simply because many other companies did not bother creating multiple business strategies of reducing online algebra tutoring costs, like we did. 

You may not get the right algebra math person for your money

Yes you may get an algebra math tutor from another company for low amount, but always ask your self is that truly what I deserve for that money?  Is that trully what my child deserves for that money? 

If you want whats best when preparing for algebra consider this.

If you want whats best for your child and want to make sure that they have the highest mathematical quality then contact Tutoring Services, LLC.  We have created multiple business math models to keep our costs low!  

Dirty secret other Algebra Math companies will not tell you but we will!

Other companies are forced to keep their costs high, simply because they are not test prep company, they are match making company and their models are based on greed, where the more you match make the more money they make. 

We feel that this is wrong way at looking in education, that doesn't mean we do not have match making fee, we do, however we provide better incentives for our tutors, keeping them more responsible and our tutoring agency matchmaking for for online or local tutor is much lower, then other tutoring companies fees.

So what should you as the parent or student do?

Therefore when you get an algebra tutor from us, not only will you or your child gain access to our mathematical tools and whiteboard and be able to work with tutor on on one to get one of the highest individualized attention, but you or your child would also get high quality tutor, rather then random Joe that you find on 1000s of other sites, where other companies chose to pay their tutors 10 dollars and charging you $45. 

So what is our hourly tutoring rates?

With us yes we also have $45 rate or slightly lower, depending on the tutor, but our model is different majority of money goes to tutor not the agency, and tutor has actual reason to help you, since our tutors are provided variety of other incentives.  

We even have lower then $45 per hour rate, depending on the tutor you need, depending on their qualifications, and tutoring experience and many other factors, such is if you would like the tutor to follow up with your child's teacher to ensure they are doing well in school, or not...  such as would you like to have tutor create diagnostic homework assignments for your son or daughter or not and many many other factors that other companies just fail to consider when match making their tutors with algebra students.  Hence price Varies but don't hesitate to contact us directly if you need your online math tutor deliver directly by Tutoring Services, LLC. 

When searching for algebra tutor consider this.

     Don't be fooled by many sites with tons of different tutors, this is just an illusion to keep you chose something.  We also have such site if you like to check out online algebra tutors on that site feel free to do so, but they are not managed directly by us, they do not get to have access to the math tools that we provide during training, and they are not pre-screened by us as other tutors who are managed by us and working directly with us.

If you would like to see what the owner provided for NY parents, feel free to check out this link  "How Tutoring Services, LLC helps Algebra Students in Westchester County NY get the highest quality level of online math tutoring

Note that doesn't mean that we only work with NY and CT students, it just means we service mostly NY and CT area in 3 counties, and developed mathematical solutions based on what parents asked for, however we are more then like to consider helping students online learning algebra from reliable tutor, hence if interested feel free to contact us on the form below, to help us match you with one of the algebra math tutors.   

Here are just some of the features of our whiteboard offered for students who want to study Algebra, directly by Tutoring Services, LLC and want to contact us.


If interested about our onine math tutoring for algebra students consider contacting us from the form below of this website, to help you get matched witht he right online algebra math tutor. 

Limited Functionality Does apply

     Note currently limited functionalities apply depending on what browser used, depending on what device you use, for best experience we recommend Chrome/Firefox browser with Microsoft Surface Pro 4 with the stylus pen.  This way you would actually be able to use math tools, and whiteboard, if you use ipad or android device, you can still use whiteboard but functionality is limited. 

     Hence for best experience use Microsoft Surface Pro.   However whiteboard real time voice and video + chat will still work if you use IPAD app or Android APP (android still in testing phase).   Due to the fact that Microsoft has full operating system rather than mobil operating system of android or ipad it's easier to go with Microsoft Surfac Pro 4 or later versions of Microsoft.   To View Demo Contact us from this page.


If you know Algebra you can use your skills to save money on college credits

    Now of course there is an admission fee to take the test, but it's a lot lower then earning Algebra college credits.  Note a lot of college campuses accept such credit and students who do take advantage of it can help themselves financially or help their parents on paying off these student loans.    For more info about CLEP Algebra test and methods that exist to prepare for it feel free to visit our CLEP Algebra study guides section. We have variety of learning resources in science and CLEP test prep that can help students prepare for this exam.

To begin

Feel free to browse our effective algebra study guides which can help you do better in school regardless of what grade level you need help with, whether it's High School, Middle School, College or Elementary we can help you chose the right algebra learning resource.


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