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FREE LSAT Study Tips 4 Law School & Test Prep Students & Tutors & Law Schools & Test Prep Companies & Authors

FREE LSAT study tips 4 students and test prep companies
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FREE LSAT Study Tips 4 Law School Test Prep Takers with over 485 pages in Length


Detailed Description Info about Study Tips


        This study tip book was created FREE of charge, with the main purpose to show students what type of learning materials exist out there.  What factors to consider when preparing for your LSAT exam, and your law school.   With so many study materials on the market it's tough to make up your mind in regards to whether or not you are on the right study path, or perhaps maybe law school is not for you in a first place.  How do you know?  How do you discover yourself?


Book is written 4 the following Audience

Book is targeted towards LSAT Exam Test Takers preparing for exam, law school authors, companies specializing in LSAT test prep and law schools.

       It provides variety of examples from different industry field and provides examples of how learning effectiviness goes back to original purpose of your overal goal.

Warning it's a bit long and not all of the information is targeted towards LSAT exam takers.  Since book targets variety of audience, ranging from LSAT test prep companies, law schools, LSAT authors, tutors, and tutoring companies it has a lot of information that may seem irrelevant to you.  However it also has lots of relevent pieces that you may find usefull.

Format of the E-Book

       This e-book is a bit long and may seem like a lot of fluffly fluff type of material, note it doesn't go into eccentric details of exact type of questions or any type of practical material that you maybe looking for in LSAT exam, but it does provide perspective from a company named Tutoring Services, LLC who specializes in research and test preparation help for variety of subjects, the perspective that can help you better understand what type of study materials exist out there when preparing for your LSAT exam. 

      It shows you how to improve your LSAT score, increase your chances of getting admitted and even shows you what you can do after getting high LSAT score by making money tutoring, it also  summarizes variety of information you find on into a compact PDF doc.

Note this is a 1st edition, hence don't mind the typos, but hey it's FREE.   If you want something more concrete, and less fluffy fluff related consider viewing other study resources on, compare prices and decide which study path is the right choice for your LSAT test preparation needs.

Wait But why is it FREE?

The book is FREE, because it doesn't provide specific exam examples, or questions, but rather focuses on tips for how to approach exam and how to increase your chances of getting better score for LSAT exam.  It doesn't give any type of practice exercises.  It's designed to provide the reader with a view about exam from a different perspective, it also reveals marketing secrets for test prep companies and law schools, authors, and tutoring companies. 

It even reveals methods for how students who did well on LSAT exam can make extra money teaching other students LSAT exam.  It reveals variety of LSAT test prep key players and differences between them.

For Tutoring companies who specialize in LSAT and want exposure in obtaining students, this book is also usefull, since it provides variety of marketing tactics which can be leveraged with the help of Tutoring Services, LLC to increase student audience and maximize revenue streams.

       This book is designed to be as copy free, meaning it's distributable to anyone.  It does has author's personal stories and examples from another industry, showing how math is related to logical thinking of the exam, showing how defensive statements for any type of argument can be used to convince others.  Author demonstrates how intercombination of networking expertise is being used to bring together, variety types of audience. 

The book is Designed to be FREE

     The book is FREE and is designed to be FREE.  Author did not take LSAT exam himself, but is an educational advocate and knows how to position usefull tips and advice in front of the right audience.  The content was well researched before the book was written.  Company behind this book specializes specifically in improving student's Academic Scores.

         This book is also usefull for students who are lost with themselves and simply scared to transition out of law career if let's say they realized that law school is not for them.  Author provides other usefull ideas that can help LSAT exam takers who perhaps did not do so well on the LSAT exam transition into another field, that is just as lucrative if not more lucrative then the law related career.


Gain understanding of which path is best for your law school journey

Brief Summary



For Law School Applicants and LSAT Exam takers

  • LSAT Score Improvement Advice Tactics
  • Methods to Prepare for your LSAT exam
  • How to chose the right method for your LSAT test Preparation Journey.
  • Discover best ways to improve learning effectiviness in preparation for your LSAT exam
  • Goal Driven Learning Experiment - and why goals are important
  • Method for how to differentiate your self from other law school entrance candidates during your undergrad studies
  • LSAT test prep Study Options that exist out there for Law School entrance students
  • Factors students should look for when applying to law school
  • Challanges for Law Schools and why they should accept you as oppose to someone else
  • How to chose the right law school
  • Low ranked Schools vs HIgh ranked Schools
  • Why Hiring independent college admission advisor is a must if you are serious about which law school you are planning to go into.
  • What kind of academic LSAT advisors exist out there?
  • Hiring independent tutor for your LSAT exam prep and why this maybe a smart move.
  • Combining multiple study methods to prepare for your LSAT exam and reasoning behind
  • What Law School College Admission Councel is looking for in LSAT test applicants
  • Why getting adequate LSAT score really matters for law schools?
  • Secret Tactics showing how to convince essay admission staff to consider you as an applicant for the law school you are applying into, by leveraging marketing tactics that Tutoring Services, LLC describes in this study guide.
  • Learn differences between prepering for LSAT exam with Private Home Tutor Vs Local Learning Center
  • Discover Study Paths offered on

For Law Schools

  • How law schools can differntiate themselves from other law schools
  • How to increase your law school admission numbers for most qualified student leads
  • How to increase revenue for your law school.
  • Advertising your law school with the help of Tutoring Services, LLC to differentiate it from other law schools FREE of charge.
  • Additional Marketing Services for Law Schools


For LSAT indepent tutors

  • How to make money on part time basis teaching other students how to prepare for LSAT exam
  • How to be beat prices of other global tutoring companies or learning centers.
  • How to offer first free lesson in exchange for student info and make money teaching LSAT.
  • Pay As You Go marketing method for LSAT local independent tutors who want to get students and make money.
  • Fixed cost marketing service for independent tutors to get more students.

For LSAT Learning Centers

  • How to increase student leads for local learning centers & online tutoring companies.
  • Challanges LSAT test prep companies face and solutions described
  • Special Marketing Tactics revealed for not so specialized LSAT local learning centers and online tutoring agencies.
  • Beat the competition with the help of Tutoring Services, LLC and gain higher student exposure
  • Premium Pay As You Go marketing Option for LSAT tutoring companies
  • LSAT Marketing Evolution and how your learning center can be part of it
  • Leverage our network created by Network Consultant to help you take over your local LSAT tutoring market!
  • Why Marketing on your own doesn't make sense
  • Leverage our sites to post your tutoring job ads, and let us help your learning center get more qualified LSAT tutors.
  • Custom match making platform development solutions for LSAT companies.

Are you a Law EDU expert Author?

  • Wrote an LSAT Book?  
  • Find out how you can leverage Tutoring Services, LLC to help you publish it.
  • We can leverage our Search Engine to help you get discovered
  • Top mistakes law/lsat authors make