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Our Review about this LSAT course

My name is Rome Wells owner of company named Tutoring Services, LLC, I will be reviewing this course shown here, to help LSAT exam test takers understand what this course is all about. 

Here is a quick preview in a snapshot what this course offers

Our goal for this review is to offer our profesional opinion, rating, recommendation, and ranking for this particular Velocity Test Prep LSAT Online Video course show LSAT student's author's teaching style and help you make informative decision whether you should consider preparing for your LSAT exam with this course or not. 

What qualfies us to provide review?

        As part of our company Tutoring Services, LLC our professional educational research analysts dig deep inside of multiple resources available on the market for students preparing to enter law schools and identify what resources available on the market for LSAT students and their quality.  Our company specializes in educational research, tutor match making, and study guide development.  

Our researchers analyzed multiple LSAT test prepation vendors and extracted usefull test prep materials that exist on the market and networked them together on this very same site you are looking at and even created our own free study guide for LSAT but mostly marketing type of study guide (that's targeted mostly towards LSAT test prep companies), but this study guides does have some sections for LSAT students too and it's free but under no circumstance recommended to be studied for LSAT exam as the only resource.

We been in edu industry since 2008 and know exactly what exam test takers are looking for. We also know what is high quality type of test preparation material and what is not. Think of us as your trusted partner helping you make decision in your LSAT test preparation studies.  Note LSAT is not the only exam we offer our advice test prep taking services, for.  For example we also provide our advice, reviews for students in other exams such as teacher certification tests, CPA for example or MCAT or PMP  

About our company Tutoring Services, LLC who will be doing review for this LSAT course

        We have access to 1000s of Tutors and experts in variety types of subjects, including LSAT and in fact hire our own LSAT instructors in our local area of CT, NY and NJ area to work as local tutors making part time income while attending law school on part time basis giving possibility for students who already struggling with college debts as attending law schools pay off some of their loans on part time basis. 
     Oh in case if you did score well on your LSAT exam and do reside in CT NY and NJ specific counties feel free to apply with our company as local subject matter expert helping you pay off some of these law school expenses, by helping other LSAT exam takers do well on their exam. 
     If you happen to score well on LSAT exam and located outside of CT NY and NJ then don't hesitate to visit our sister site to make extra income on part time bases working as independent LSAT tutor.  Registration is FREE of charge, curtesy of our company Tutoring Services, LLC, we can even list your as a tutor with a verified LSAT Icon in your profile, hooking you up with some extra level of differention in comparison to other tutors and helping you get more LSAT students. 

In case if you are actually interested in becoming LSAT tutor in your local area some where in USA after you do pass your exam and get a good score, then we can help you to earn some extra income to pay off huge college law school expenses on part time basis.  We are proud to extend similar type of services that we already provide for CPA students in accounting industry who passed their exam (not LSAT but CPA) and interested in making extra money. We apply similar concept for LSAT tutors.
We can similarly offer the same type of services to LSAT tutors, such as verification of your LSAT score, placement of your profile on our site helping you get local students who also need help preparing for LSAT exam, while helping you earn some money.  Sweet deal if you are interested, we all know law school is expensive.  For more info visit this link (note it's tailored to CPA audience not LSAT, but similar concept can be applied for our LSAT tutors, if interested in this opportunity let us by sending us message from contact form below)   

Anyway now that we have motivated you with some opportunities to continue reading by listing some of our own opportunities for Law School Students who did well on LSAT exam (meaning recieved top LSAT score),  why not continue with our review of this course furher, and start off with the video of Dave Hall goals intro video to help you demonstrate his teaching style.

Our goal for this review is to help LSAT students understand

How this particular LSAT Velocity online course compared with other materials on the market and which LSAT study path makes sense to chose from when preparing for your LSAT exam.  When deciding on which study path to chose from it's important to remember your goals
       What are your goals?  How are you preparing to study for your LSAT exam and is it it really woth it for you to get into top school and work in the corporate world, or perhaps get into not so top of a law school save money on education and try your luck in similar sectors but for less money, in some cases money is the same, depending on geographical location you are looking for.
In fact goals is what we always start with when preparing for anything in a first place, because after all without goals it's hard to know where you end up if you do not know where you are going, something that Dave Hall mentions in his video, which we conviniently listed for you rigth here to kill multiple birds with one stone. 
Stone 1.  Show you Dave's LSAT video course teaching style (to help you realize what type of videos to expect in LSAT course)
Stone 2.  Help you make informative decision whether or not preparing with Velocity LSAT course can be part of your study path.

So let's defined study paths that we think can help you study for your LSAT exam and improve your score.  Alpha Score LSAT prep is your study path 1 described here , and study path 2 is your Velocity Prep or combination of both paths i.e study path 3. Alpha Score and Velocity test prep.  
       Which path would you take is decision you would have to make depending on your overal goal.  If it's the question of affordability then study path 1 is the way to go, if you want more for your money 3 times more only for couple of extra hundres of dollars then Velocity Test Prep is the way to go.  Each test prep vendor has prons and cons.   We think study path 3 is the best way to go to increase highest possibility of landing better score, because one test prep vendor may reinforce one concept better then another.  Think of preparing with both methods as a Venn Diagram, if you took statistics or calculus class while you were in high school you probably remember what Venn Diagram is.  In case if you do not remember we will remind you what it is.  

See that? Recognize yourself remembered the diagram?  Well deciding which study path to take doesn't have to be that difficult.  It all goes back to your goals, just like Dave pointed out in the video it's important to know your goals.  If your parents are ok in shelling out a bit of money for both study methods, then go for study path 3, 2 is better then 1. 
However keep something in mind... if you chose study path 3... i.e purchasing LSAT prep from Alpha Score and Velocity test prep.... (2 different LSAT test prep companies....) then some things that you find in training will overlap.  For example access to old LSAT exams may overlapp... so that is what we are trying to make you the future LSAT exam taker recognize..... from that picture.  Is that some elements may overlap and some may not. 

    Does anyone remember what that study path 3 means?  and no don't worry this is not an LSAT question.. if you took math class in high school you probably remember that it means intersection..... So if a teacher asked you to find intersection area of 2 sets, you would be looking for that middle value ... i.e study path 3..... So what does it all mean? 
That means that if you do want to go above and beyond in your LSAT preparation studies, and consider studying from both test PREP vendors, keep one thing in mind that there will be some things that will fall into that intersection area... such as LSAT past exams that students literally took in the past provided by official vendor who created them.  Note do not confuse Velocity Test Prep with official vendor who created the exams, study guide test prep vendor and company that creates exams are different.

        So what falls outside of the intersection area?  Well that would be all benefits of each individual LSAT test prep provider..... Similarly if there is another test prep provider who you are considerting consider drawing similar circles and remembering just because you study from both vendors does not mean that you will get twice of value.   So how much value would you get when preparing from both study vendors as part of study path 3?  To understand this, you must fully read our review sales page, recommendation and rating and fully understand what both vendors offer in order to make your decision, because after all, last thing we want to do here is to waist your time reading this content and end up doing something that is not according to your goal.  

       Determening each elements that are unique to each particular study path is the key in undersanding whether or not it will bring you value in relation to improving your score.  Our company's goal is to help you understand these elements of the sets. Woa wait a second this whole review turned into math tutorial..... oops my bad.... on the side note speaking of math, sometimes when i write reviews I bring up example of math.  In case if you are interested in getting math tutor to help you with your college studies don't hesitate to visit our company's page where we provide useful links to tutoring resources in math, anyway ... let's continue.. 
In case if you do end up making decisiong of studying with study path 3, then do keep something in mind.... since there are a lot more study material to go through you must set your self pletny of time when preparing for it.Anyway let's talk about Authors teaching style.

Study Schedule and dates

Also remember there is a period of time between LSAT exams... so knowing exact dates... is important, last thing we want you to miss is your deadline for law school applications... Dave included a study calendar schedule in your profile on the site making it easy for you to keep on track with your studies.


Author's Course Teaching Style

     A bit about the test prep course and their founders, The founder of Velocity Test Prep is Dave Hall,  an engaging and experienced LSAT instructor who achieved a perfect score on the LSAT multiple times. To get an idea of his lecture stye, we have included this video of Dave talking about setting up goals, and attending top law schools, taking out students loans and end up finishing with debt of 150k loans.  The way you see Dave describe concepts are indeed witty and really engaging, meaning you won't fall asleep while preparing for you LSAT. 
In fact the way he lectures some what reminded me of the TV show called "Community" where there is a college character named Jeff, who makes funny remarks making it easy to watch entire tv show episode after episode.  

Our findings about this LSAT course

       We have recently signed up with Velocity Test Prep fro FREE account and gained access to FREE videos and forum site.  From our initial impression, the quality of Velocity Test Prep is high quality that follows intutitive web interface design, making it easy to communicate with fellow LSAT exam takers who are also preparing for exam, plus we have spotted that Dave himself responds to many questions posted on the forum making it always a plus
     Some of these students even list their profile pictures and sharing their LSAT scores making it quiet tempting to contact some of the other LSAT test takers and engage in asking each other questions.  Hence the naming of Kung Fu Forum and Kung Fu Blog as well as podcasts is very appropriate.  Kung fu comparision signifies which Dave is trying to relay to students amplifies that it's the type of similar training concepts that you would get when preparing for your LSAT, patience, and not feel overwhelmed and practice.
        Which the art of Kung Fu is all about. Comparing it to LSAT training does signify passionate sense of ownership of what Dave is all about and relaying it out to the community to take advantage of and use it for the purpose helping each other preparing for LSAT exam, taking ownership of test preparation product is what we look for when reviewing someone's test preparation product. 
       We can see passion and willingness for Dave to explain eccentric details for this online lsat course, we can see passion in his teaching style, obtainng that set of learning experience from his video courses is a holy grail of any LSAT test preparation test taker.

FREE of charge option gives you access to explore your course

Best part about Velocity Test Prep is that you can sign up FREE of charge to explore exam practice tests, post on forum and, in fact get a response back. Based on our analysis Dave seem responsive to other student comments.

Making decision about quality of this LSAT video course is no brainer

An impressive amount of free content on the Velocity website makes it easy to determine if this is the right course for you. Video explanations and lessons are short, to the point, and delivered with a lot of personality.
Priced at $599 for the full course, Velocity LSAT Prep takes advantage of online videos and textbook materials in addition to practice tests. Users can choose eBooks or hard copies of practice books. Online tools include free access to video explanations, a forum, and 30 practice tests that can be graded for you.   Taking 30 practice tests can be overwhelming, word of advice from our company TutoringServices, LLC  is do not just try taking tests all in one time, or else it's easy to get frustrated and abandon your studies.   Take rather interesting approach instead, approach that uses intercombination of blogs, podcasts forum access, videos, practice questions and more flag shipped by this very systematic and usefull course.

Reason why you should consider this course for your LSAT prep





How is it compared to others?

This course is 2nd highest ranked in our chosing from the perspective of affordability in comparision to another LSAT video course test preparation provider that we have also listed here for your convinience.  Yes this course is more expensive then another provider but the fact that it provides 3 times as more content for 100+ video lecures content + 30 whooping full practice exams instead of 10 for Alpha Score and access to printable book media (after all i am not sure about you but when i read books I prefer to hold something physical and guess what so do many other students, in fact this is why my company Tutoring Services, LLC also have this site UsedCollegeBooks.NET specifically designed to help college students save money on their law school educational expenses by buying and selling physical printed books directly from each other  with no middle man involved, avoiding expensive shipping fees and having to stay in line in front of university book stores).

Another Plus Velocity Test Prep site is well...
mobile device friendly (For all the IPAD lovers on the go), site offer free study materials with free account tools, including method to track test progress while preparing for your exam (tracking progress alone is a killer feature it may seem that everyone has this feature, but if you analyze other LSAT test prep providers who we have listed such as exam secrets and flash cards you will not find such tracking.
     Not every company has that feature, the fact that it does means the company has integrated LMS system that keeps tracking easier for students to study for exam and see their progress and how close they are towards their goal, after all as Dave pointed out in the video above, it's important to know your goal) and gives you option to upgrade to more extensive comprehensive version of the course, while making it engaging with Jeff from community character sense of character humor, and the fact that not only does Dave, respond to email but in some cases respondsback with video answers to homework questions , and answering student's questions by email or internal messaging system/forum, and study calendar designed towards your particular LSAT test preparation date.

Our Final thoughts Ratings/Recommendations

It's no brainer type of course to consider as part of your Law School LSAT test preparation studies.   is it powerful to use as the only resource for your LSAT exam?  Our recommendation is to consider not just a single course provider, but include multiple test prep providers in your test preparation journey.  Reason for that is because other providers also have different teaching styles and using intercombinatio of them is what truly can make a difference in your LSAT score.
     We realize that you may not have a lot of time and may not want to study from multiple options or consider bothering to add this course to be part of your study path, however based on our company's research that we have done in comparison to other test preparation providers we truly think that this LSAT course provider is one of the top lsat providers to consider preparing with for your law school admission exam.
From afforability standpoint we give this ranking of 2.  Why 2?  Well because there is more affordable course available for that money from alpha score, but also provides high quality content.  Our final overal rating of 4 stars.  Why 4.

Reason why 4 is because there is no online tutoring option provided in addition to this course and only 8 month access as oppose to competitors who offer 12 month access, but then again you can always get online tutor through either our or if located in CT, NY or NJ contact our company Tutoring Services, LLC by this contact form that you see on this site and tell us that you are preparing for your LSAT exam and we will help you find a tutor.  
Match making students with tutors happens to be one of our specializations, in fact we have multiple business models in match making, helping law school students find reliable tutors in the area.  So although rating of 4 stars seems not as good as 5 stars it's still a course we highly recommend. 
Yes it's a bit more expensive then the course provided by another test prep vendor that we listed, but it does provide value and does provide necessary tools to help you achieve goals, after all your overall goal is what should matter most.  We would like to end this review with what we started .... your overall educational lsat success should be all about goals..... so this should be conclusion of this review.. or perhaps.... maybe not... continue reading further to see what we think about pricing... and.... coupon saving....

oh almost forgot one more thing Pricing of this course....

Oh one more thing.... if you do consider purchasing this course, there are several pricing options that availble that are being offered by Velocity Test prep.... which include hand-printed materials and digital... depending on which option you chose price does matter, be sure to check out pricing here
     If you do end up adding this course to your study path and end up purchasing this course and getting great score that helped you achieve your goal, be sure to let us know your  LSAT lessons learned, we can publish your lessons learned on this site and give you access to registere FREE of charge on as an independent tutor and associate your lessons lerned with your tutoring profile, helping you differentiate your self from other tutors and helping you prepare other LSAT students who are studying for LSAT exam while attending your law school and making part time income, helping you pay off your college expenses. 

oh sorry one more extra thing..... interested in saving money on your LSAT course

If you do consider purchasing this course..... be sure to contact us directly by the form below on this site.... and ask us for coupon code that can save you whooping 10% off this course... helping you prepare for your LSAT test preparation journey with smile on your face, knowing that you saved some money before enrolling into course access.  Ocassionally we get access to coupons that we can share to students, and we give these coupons out to students as incentives to help them save money.  Coupons not always availble, that is why they are called coupons, but if you ask us we can help.

Slightly off topic

On the side note if for example halfway through your major you decided that Law School is not for you and instead you wanted to become Project Manager, or perhaps be project manager in law industry, then don't hesitate to check our PMP Certification page to see our reviews and study materials we list there for future PMP exam test takers like you. 
         Who knows by the time you grade you may remember our reviews/ratings and recommendations and come back to this site to let us help you develop study path for PMP exam.  We similarly provide reviews and ratings for other exams not just LSAT and not just PMP, but wanted to bring that up to you just in case you happen to be preparing for another exam in addition to LSAT.
Now that you have seen our review and rating and recommendations.... Feel free to look below to view more info about the actual course