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Medical College Admission Test MCAT Physical Sciences Prep Tips and Materials


MCAT Study Information and General Exam Info


  • Basic info about MCAT test?
  • Who Can Take this exam? 
  • When to Take it and what are the prerequisites?
  • Which Sections are covered on the test
  • Important MCAT 2016-2017 Changes  
  • MCAT Test Schedule for the New Exam
  • FREE Practice Questions MCAT exam



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Basic information about MCAT exam


The 2016-2017 MCAT, or Medical College Admission Test, is a standardized, multiple-choice exam administered by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC). This standardized multiple-choice exam is a prerequisite for admission to nearly all the medical schools in the US and Canada. Annually, over 80,000 applicants to American and Canadian medical schools submit their MCAT scores. 

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FREE Practice Questions for MCAT exam

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More info about exam

The MCAT will evaluate your knowledge of natural, behavioral, and social science concepts and principles as well as problem solving and critical thinking skills that are required in medical school.  Developing these skills early on in your undergraduate studies is ideal.


Who can take the MCAT?

  • Students who are planning to apply to a health profession's school such as allopathic, osteopathic, podiatric and veterinary medicine, are eligible to take the MCAT.

  • You are also eligible if you are applying to any health-related program that will accept MCAT exam results.
  • Students who are enrolled in an MBBS degree program or having such a degree (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery), are also eligible to take the exam.



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 When to Take the MCAT and what are the prerequisites?


Future Medical students usually arrange to take their MCAT test a year before their intended acceptance into medical school. For example, if you are applying for medical school in 2017, then you should take the MCAT in 2016.

Ideally, you should start your MCAT prep at least six to 9 months prior to your exam date.

     Since there are no academic prerequisites for the MCAT, you can take the MCAT as early as your freshman, sophomore or junior year. As you consider when to take the MCAT keep in mind that you can take the MCAT exam up to three times in a single testing year, up to four times in a two consecutive-year period and up to seven times in a lifetime.

If you have decided when to take the MCAT, visit official registration site to register for your exam, however before doing so be sure to review study guides and practice questions shown on this site.

What Sections are covered on MCAT test?

There are four MCAT sections, namely:

(1) Chemical and Physical Foundations of Biological Systems;

(2) Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills (MCAT CARS);

(3) Biological and Biochemical Foundations of Living Systems; and

(4) Psychological, Social, and Biological Foundations of Behavior.

Note if you are weak in any of the sections, and feel that you do not have enough knowledge in your brain to tackle particular section, we highly recommend for you to consider checking out some of the study guides and test preparations that we listed on this site to help you reinforce your weak content knowledge area.

Important MCAT 2016 -2017 Changes in comparison to older exam

Note you will notice new section called CARS and no it's not automobile cars, but rather critical analysis and reasoning skills.  CARS is basically the same as the old MCAT Verbal Reasoning except that it is longer and it does NOT contain natural sciences-themed passages.

Also time to take the test is no longer 3 h, 20 m , but instead on the new 2016-2017 test it became 6 hours and 15 mins (that is without breaks) with breaks it's a bit longer. 

That means you really must develop your test taking skills of being able to sit the test for such a long time!  Make sure you practice from different study resources to make sure you get familiar with the exam before proceeding sitting this exam.   You can find variety of FREE test prep resources  and paid study resources all in a single site in here, continue reading further for more info.

The following exam questions were updated in the new MCAT 2016-2017 exam


Note as you can see there are subject questions for biochemistry, psychology, sociology that were added.  It's important to prepare for these subjects the right way.  Continue reading further to view advice and recommendations for how to prepare for this exam and which study resources can be helpful.  The best part about our resources that we list on this site is the fact that some of them are FREE! 


    The new MCAT Biochemistry will also include the pentose pathway, lipid metabolism, gluconeogenesis and other typical first semester college topics.



New 2016-2017 MCAT Test Schedule

Ever wondered how much time you would have to take particular section of MCAT exam?  Takea a look at time table distribution to see how many questions are in each topic.

Old exam Vs New MCAT 2016-2017 Test Summary


Subjects on the new exam and their abbreviations



Math Topics on Exam

Although there is no precise subject of Math on MCAT exam it does emphesize mathematical concepts and techniques that are are required in the three sections of the MCAT -- Chemical and Physical Foundations of Biological Systems; Biological and Biochemical Foundations of Living Systems; and Psychological, Social, and Biological Foundations of Behavior.

Some of these math sections are

Luckily Tutoring Services, LLC specializes in helping medical students solidify their math concepts and get better score on their MCAT exam, the only thing to consider when studying for this test is the fact that you do not want to cram for it 3 months before and take it.  This test takes a lot of preparation and flexibility of being able to evaluate complex questions, across multiple academic subject levels.  If interested in improving your math skills do not hesitate to check our algebra section of this site
Although dedicated study resources are also presented in this very same page, it can be quiet a good idea to reinforce your core mathematical skills by relying on more then just dedicated MCAT study resources.

How many times can this exam be taken?


Ever wondered about the number of times you can take MCAT exam?

In case if you take your exam 1 time did bad and decided to take it again, do not do it unless you leveraged at least several study resources to prepare for it, depending on which school you are applying some medical school may either avg out your score or take the latest score.  Do not risk it, prepare for it the right way.  To make test prep study easy for you we have compiled variety of study resources below.  Scroll to bottom to see study guides and resources to help you study for your exam.

Solid Physical Chemistry Verbal Reasoning MCAT Preparation for the  new CAT Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills section

Are you a prospective medical student based in the US who wants to get into your preferred medical school? Taking the Medical College Admission Test and earning good results will help you get into the med school you want.  Consider reviewing study guides listed on this site to get access into dedicated CARS section video course or gaining access to other sections of this exam.  We conviniently list vairety types of study materials for MCAT exam at the bottom of this page.

Get ahead in your MCAT Studies with E Course Prep and other Resources

Nowadays, medical schools require students to take medical admissions tests prior to enrolling into a medical major or course. The Medical College Admission Test is a standardized exam with multiple choice questions. The test is divided into four sections which comprise the total exam. This consists of Biological Sciences, Physical Sciences, Verbal Reasoning and two essay writing portions. 

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