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how to dominate your gmat exam
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Discover Magic Way how to Dominate Your GMAT exam


Take me to this amazing GMAT course to learn more 

Find out secret tactic that can help you crush your exam.  Discover ways how to use unique technology to get above and beyond regular GMAT book.  Increase your level of learning effectiveness and dominate your exam with this resource.
These guys managed to come up with a unique way to help students prepare for GMAT exam and improve on the key skills you already have, here is more info about exam pal.

examPAL Info


Take me to this amazing GMAT course to learn more 

PAL - Precise, Alternative & Logical

We've discovered that these are the 3 key ways to solve any GMAT problem.
You naturally already own the keys. We help you refine and optimize them.

Dominate the GMAT in 4 Weeks

Accoring to Exam Pal Site it looks like they have created a unique way to help you study for your exam.
Exam Pal has the following benefits.

Unique Technology Made by Test Prep Experts in Affordable Way

  • Spend less time preparing for the GMAT
  • Avoid wasting time on trial and error
  • Solve more questions in less time
  • Excellent for busy people

What's included?


Take me to this amazing GMAT course to learn more 

Take me to this amazing GMAT course to learn more 

Brief Review and info about what Rome Wells thinks

Who is Rome Wells?  Founder of Tutoring Services, LLC.  Why is it important to see what Rome Wells think about this course?  Simply because our team has done the research and reviewed other courses and compiled it all together for student to easily recognize major advantages for examPAL and Rome Wells talked directly to the rep of examPAL and asked specific questions, and was satisfied with responses from examPAL about their course.  

Why should I listen to Rome Wells and consider this GMAT course as one of the ways to prepare for GMAT?

In comparison to some other review sites, I deliver the truth.  The truth that makes you have better chances of getting better GMAT score.  How do I know that Rome Wells is telling the truth?  You don't, you just have to trust me.  To help you gain my trust, take a look at how I help GMAT students in America in states of Local CT and NY and NJ students prepare for Exam.


In comparison to other review sites, I offer valuable feedback for students and even career advice!

In comparison to other review sites, I actually happen to know what I am talking about when providing review for a particular site, and also happen to own GMAT tutoring match making company specializing in test prep and academics, hence when local USA CT, NJ and NY students call my agency on the phone, and asking for a GMAT tutor in CT, NY or NJ specific counties, I don't just tell them hey sure you can hire our tutor and simply try to sell them local tutor and make money on that....(this is what other sites do without offering much incentive for students majority of sites are like that.... within exception of few)

Tip from Rome Wells: If USA students are studying for GMAT using this resource, surely you can do, regardless if you are located in USA or not. (note however, there is no substitute in most effective method of learning then the real person face to face teaching you remember that) 
However, sometimes if you can not afford local or online GMAT tutor it's better to leverage self guided approach option.  This way you can save a lot of money on your educational expenses.  If I start comparing this course to actual amount of a local tutor would charge in CT and NY and NJ area, oh gosh i can't even compare the pricing.
This course will simply be way cheaper.  However, that doesn't mean local tutors shouldn't be used for your test prep studiesThey should be if you want maximum learning effectiviness and even more personalized approach towards your learning goals.  Therefore this examPAL course will save you a lot of money in comparison to the amount of money you would pay for the local tutor or online based tutor (of course though it depends which tutor you get, but you got the idea hopefully)

Here is a bit more info for you, take a look

Take me to this amazing GMAT course to learn more 

K now that you seen brief visual overview of the study guide? What's next?

Want to know a secret about some of the study methods that exist out there in the GMAT world and why this examPAL course can be very affordable for you in comparison to some other methods such as tutoring?

If you answered Yes continue reading further, else skip, further down to course online description info

Anyway, Want to know a secret?  Want to know how much other students are paying per hour for a GMAT tutor in CT? or NY?  I will give you a hint.... a lot! In fact why don't you see how much for your self tutoring hourly rates in CT.... Why am I telling you this? Reason is simple, I want to hook you up with really good deal on this examPAL course.  Not, because I am just trying to sell you something, but because I enjoy helping students succeed.  Check out how I help accounting students succed with their certification test prep, check out how I help future lawyers succed in their tests, how about project managers!

How on earth do i know all of this? 

Answer is simple i have match making company in CT NY and NJ, where I simply know all of this, to help local students, as oppose to someone else out there who is simply selling you GMAT courses.... My company stricly specializes in helping students prepare for their academic subjects and exams, we research and identify products that help students and list them on this site, (note not all products are super helpful, some maybe more effective then others depends on the learning style of the person, but some students want cheaper resources as well, so we add cheaper resources as well)
Many students including people in military, enjoy my reviews
As well as enjoy my test prep advice and enjoy doing better on their exam, then students who do listen to my advice!  In fact, why I am even saying this! Take a look for example how i help military students prepare for standardized test to see what i mean, and see how much passion i have helping people.  But wait you are not in military, you are a GMAT student! Yes i know that... but concepts of standardized testing regardless in what field you are in are the same, (just like concepts in mathematics field are the same where there was 2 + 2 there is always 2+2)  What are these concepts? 

So what are the concepts across all standardized tests and admission tests tha are the same just like 2+2=4 thousands of years ago, and just like 2+2=4 is still is the same today?

These concepts are: Providing good quality education for affordable cost is one of these concepts, Rome Wells realizes these concepts and helps students in the right path regarding in what field they are from (while at the same time being a local tutor and also happen to be tutoring GMAT locally in CT & NY).  If you were to get tutored locally for example... then guess what... be ready to spend for 10 gmat tutoring session at minimum and I mean minimum $650 and that is with a local tutor who is only a subject matter expert in only one part of GMAT (such as math or verbal), and not really a GMAT super specialized expert across all parts (extremely rare find). 
With someone specialized, we are talking for 10 tutoring 1 hour in length sessions easily at least $1500 dollars i.e easy $150 per hour (including agency fees).  Dang! That is a lot of money!  Of course if I had that money or had rich parents, I would definitely go with local tutoring route in addition to this examPAL course or any other similar GMAT course (since essentially that is the most effecive route for highest level of learning effectiviness), however for most of the folks out there who are not from CT NY and NJ specific set of counties and simply can't afford to maximize their GMAT test prep learning effectiviness using local GMAT tutors with the help of an agency, this paricular option of examPAL course seems extremely lucrative and favorible! 

So how favorible is purchasing examPAL in comparison to getting local tutor?

Just to help you realize how much favorible, consider my story to you.... My company Tutoring Services, LLC gets lots of calls from students and parents who need help in searching for local tutor in CT NY and NJ in few counties. 

Here is my match making story, when students call our company on the phone locally and asking for help

In fact I tend to get a lot of students or parents who sometimes contact me on the phone and ask me the following...Can you please help me find a GMAT tutor, but i am not sure what subject type of tutor i need, i just want that tutor to teach my son all subjects. 
When I get response like that, I instruct my agency to tell such parents and students that we can't help such people, since what they are asking for is not realistic (in majority of the cases and if it's not realistic it's not profitable). (having someone who knows multiple subjects is just very difficult to find, especially locally, that is one of the reasons why pricing of local tutors is so high, other reasons include making sure tutor is not a criminal, background checks accounting etc..)
However what my agency can help people with when they call on the phone, is by helping them get multiple subject specialized type of tutors (since there are multiple sections on the GMAT exam).  When students or parents hear such response, majority of them hang up the phone, because they don't like to hear that, they want to have 1 tutor does it all the cheapest approach (yet not the best) you can take when it comes to preparing for GMAT when using local tutor.  However, I speak the truth, no person can know every single subject and be an expert it (within exception of a few type of people who really scored well on the GMAT exam)

Hence what am I saying here?

What I am saying here is if you really want to prepare effectively for GMAT exam, and you have budget to afford, study with at least 2 local tutors for GMAT, one specializing in math and 2nd in English, that is if you truly are in trouble in both sections.  So what does it mean in terms of pricing?  That means you may multiply that $1500 number by 2, meaning for top of the line type of specialized GMAT experts you are easily talking 3k!  Does 3k sound expensive to you for 10 one hour tutoring GMAT sessions from 2 experts?  Heck yea!  However is that the reality? Yes that is the reality and that is why education cost so much.
Will everyone chose that route of hiring local tutors for GMAT prep? 
Not everyone, but some students who want to maximize their chances of getting into top schools often will.  However, I am not here to sell you a local tutor (although if you are interested definitely hit me up especially if i contacted you).
I am just here to explain to you the value of examPAL, so you can see how much of a better deal you are getting from the perspective of affordability then what you would get with hiring 2 local GMAT tutors for only 10 sessions (and by the way these 10 sesions may not even be enough, depending on what type of learner are you!) 

So what does it all mean? 

Well it means that if you really can't grasp concepts well in GMAT, it may easily end up being 20 sessions, out of a sudden becoming $6000 for 20 tutoring sessions for 2 students..... Hmmmm. That is very expensive....

So now that you understand the value of reality....

Take a look at the price of examPAL then think about how much of a better deal you are getting in comparision to local tutoring.  Plus you get to study for more then just 20 sessions using examPAL for the prices way less then the local tutor, plus you get to study on your own terms and have the course be self adjustable towards your learning profile, that is more then just adaptive.  So you decide for your self, if it's a good course or not. 

Why am I explaining all of this to you?

In comparision to other sites who simply provide you with information about the course, I actually provide you with my review analysis, that is super deep and help you make up your mind.  Look I have other courses not just in GMAT exam that I am helping students decide upon.  Yet i am infusing this very same page with information of what is going through my head specifically for examPAL course, to help you out.
I have no interest in selling you only this course (although if you do buy it I would be very happy for helping you out making informal decision and helping education stay affordable), in fact i have more interest in selling you local or online GMAT tutor, yet i am still telling you GMAT student and future test taker that's examPAL is more affordable option, yet at the same time very effective, because I am trying to help you out here.  Note this advice is not for everyone some students really prefer to study with local or online tutor instead. 
If you are super confused and not sure which method to pick for your GMAT studies, and happen to be messaged by Rome Wells on facebook and not sure about your future career journey, be sure to respond back to Rome Wells and tell him your goals, to see if this is the course is actually best fit for you or perhaps you need to study with both local tutor book and this GMAT course or another course.

Instead I ask students what is your background, what are you goals, have you considered studying from self guided study guides and packaged courses on  What are you trying to achieve, is it a business school you are trying to get into or some othe type of school, what is your current background in education, and therefore by doing this and providing valuable advice, I am helping students save money on their test preparation expenses, and helping them chose the right study path.


Additionally if students are on super budget and simply can't afford our agency recurring fee (even though it's one of the smalles in the area) I recommend them visit to our other sister site where they can find local or online independent tutors without even paying our agency any money for the agency fee recurring fee, through our site called where tutors can teach you for only $15 for first lesson then there is no agency involved, afterwords.


Of course, you may not end up getting the right verified tutor if you do go down this path as oppose to having local agency help you and use our network of sites to help students find the right GMAT candidate (whch is precisely one of the reasons why some students prefer to pay agency recurring fee for helping students find local GMAT tutor, simply because they want maximum chances of success in learning effectiviness), but that's a different topic.


Plus I am former certified math teacher for the state of CT with degree in bachelors pure math and education.  So someone in this world you just have to trust.  If it's not going to be me then at least trust your professor or your local or online tutor.   So now that you are ready to read more about this examPAL course here is my opinion.


Quick Review and Summary about the course

Quick Summary: Rep from examPAL responds quick and can do so to other students usually within 1 to 8 hours.  Thats a good plus, in comparison to some other courses where response time maybe lower.  So good support!  Thumbs Up here.
examPAL literally managed to create new technology that no other GMAT course in the world has... (I seen couple of videos and was very impressed)
examPAL provides functionality to actually track and analyze what works best for all of their students there is currently about whooping size of 2k students attending this course wow, and it is designed to find the best way to solve each question on the GMAT (remember guys there is more than 1 way to solve each question)
Course is extremely unique and more then just adaptive, but personalized towards your learning style... hmmm very interesting.... that means, examPAL actually tracks student's personal learning profile, his strengths, weaknesses, and the best way for him/her personally to solve each question on the GMAT.  hmmm Very intersting... Thumbs Up here
Course has interactive Videos that can keep you alert and engaged, try comparing that to GMATPill videos for example or Udemy onese and see how engaged you are....  You will see a huge difference!  So thumbs up here for examPAL!
The kewl part about this system is that it provides real time feedback on how to cut precious time, and solve more questions in less time.  That's crucial in order to ace the GMAT.  Thumbs up for examPAL here also...
Plus the course yes actually includes 4 real tests worth $50, not all courses have that some do.  This keeps you on your toes of being able to stay alert and practice more and more and more. 
Overall, GMAT doesn't test really intelligence, but rather tests how fast and correct you solve the specific questions on the GMAT, and since there are different ways to solve each question, the thing you need to learn as a student is how to find what is the fastest way for you.  And that is exactly what examPAL focuses on helping students with in this packaged course.  Thumbs up for examPAL here also. 


Tip from Rome Wells:  Thinking of just studying with the GMAT  book?  Don't waist your time, you will end up studying statically if you only do it from the book only (use both book initially then the course for maximum learning effectiviness, think of me as your doctor prescribing pills of knowledge to you).  Static method of studying can result in more time being lost, especially if you already have some test taking skill set and have decent background in education.  You just need to learn how to quickly solve the GMAT type of questions and see variety of them, but in such a way that learning experience is personalized to you.


Verdict which study guide is better this one or another GMAT study guide?

The way things look like it looks like it's definitey better the exam secrets, udemy course or flash cards, although leveraging this course along with other resources can give you higher level of learning effectiviness. 


The fact that it promises to improve your score in 4 weeks, is similar promise that GMAT Pill makes that provides study plan for 1 month, and you simply follow it.  Our advice on this is, even though test prep vendor may promise you something, don't just act on it.  Consider the fact that you may have weaker educational experience then another student and may need more then 4 weeks.  Not everybody's learning styles are the same.


However difference here is this study guide is a bit more expensive only $3.00 more then GMAT Pill (hence both are relatively priced the same, however if you send us email to we can try to reach out to the examPAL for you to see if we can provide you coupon discount, when contacting us tell us 4 things


1, what school are you trying to get into, (we would like to know if that school is good or not, so we can share your experience with other GMAT students)
2, when is your exam date (this will help decide whether this study material will help you or not, if not we may make additional recommendations)
3, if you are interested in exam pal coupon or some other type of exam coupon,(some students simply can't afford $400 course, we realize that however that is how much it costs, but we do offer coupons sometimes during promotional period)


note we don't typically give out discounts and only do so during promotional period, and there is no gurantee, however do give it a try and send us an email and we will let you know if we can hook you up or not, and if you fall into any promotional periods, then we will try to do our best to help you out, oh almost forgot,


the 4th thing tell us if you are located in USA and if you are and happen to be interested in making part time income after getting into your grad school to make some part time income tutoring other students GMAT, to see if we can help you out with that as well!) 
Exam Pal can be leveraged by buying either entire course or individual pieces of the course.
The best way to see if this course works for you is to try it.


After you try we would like to hear your feedback simply contact us from the form below on this page or emailing and let us know what you think about Exam Pal GMAT course, your feedback is very important to us, this way we can help other students make up their mind easier as well, who contact us by email.  If you let us know your true feedback we can help you out as well, by recommending you study tips or providing custom advice about test prep, and help you move in the right direction within your study path.  Hence we all win. 


You can also study from both for example either Gmat Pill as your core course and supplement your weak link sections with examPALl or vice versa, for maximum learning effectiveness.


GMAT Pill seem to be the type of course though that's been around for a long time, however, examPAL have managed to infuse 20 years of experience into making this and is the most unique in the entire world type of GMAT course in comparison to others, hence do try both and see how you feel.  We are hoping to show some other differentiating features about both of these courses to help you make better decision, but for now simply try it for free (they have a free trial)
See if you like the formatting, the interface and how well the course is adjusted towards you. Also be sure to check out their video that you can find here explaining more about the actual course, we saw the video we liked what the course had to offer, however do take a look at it your self as well.


The good news is examPAL lets you try their system.  Try it here and see if you like it, if you don't what's the worth case that can happen? They got that free question board where you can try bunch of questions right away and they are timed.


What if I am not confident to study on my own?

Look if you get stuck in any of your test prep studies don't hesitate to grab on of the tutors which we conviniently listed on our tutoring services site.  You can either get help from local tutor or online, tutors are independent.  If you are residing in CT or NY or NJ be sure to check out local tutors in GMAT. 


Note our local private GMAT tutors are expensive, hence let me tell you first hand.... you are getting a heck of a lot better and more affordable deal here then you would get with the private local tutor!   See how much tutors cost on your own locally and see for your self that you are getting a bargain deal here!  So even though local tutors can be expensive, they do provide extremely high level of learning effectiviness. 


We tell that not only to business graduate students, but to other students as well such as future lawyers, for example, you can check out learning effectiviness vs pricing chart for various types of study guides there for lawyers, similar concept applies for graduate students who are taking GMAT and preparing to enter business school.

This course is too expensive I rather prefer to study from a book....


If that's the case no problem check out this link .... you can buy book direct from other students or cheapest books online. However static books are no where near the same level of learning effectiviness as what you would get with this course or any other packaged GMAT course fort that matter.  Hence if you want to maxiize your score, try what Exam Pal has to offer and see if it fits your budget.


Please help are there any savings available for this course?

Have you been contacted by Rome Wells Directly on facebook?  If yes reply back to him and see if he can hook you up with the coupon.  Note Rome Wells may or may have the coupond available depending if there is a promotional period window, which examPAL offers from time to time and I can see what I can do.

Happen to be on your way of jumping into IT Career?

Support Rome Wells mission of helping education stay affordable, by checking out this book about cloud, Information Technology and Software Defined Networking, helping students transition into new world of technology.  I realize it has nothing to do with GMAT, but in case if any of the few souls out there are who happen to be into Technology and tryint to learn how to code, are still not even sure if business school is for you then.. then feel free to check out my book.  StudyGuide.NET/SDN 


Book is mostly tailored towards IT network engineers and project managers who are trying to jump into this field but can be great intro book as well for any beginner students.  This is where the job demand will be in the nearest future.  In fact it's already hapenning in accounting field, see my advice to CPA accounting students and will also be major emphasis of many other fields, since majority of technology is going into the cloud this will impact many jobs also across different sectors, book focuses on methods for how to adapt.  


Also if you are going into business, sooner or later you may encounter this exam called PMP.... just remember to come back to this site for more info about it.  This is just one of the exams that many business organizations look for in employees. I provide review for PMP exams as well.


Anyway back to GMAT examPAL