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ACCUPLACER Exam Math & English Section Info

accuplacer exam

Relevancy Exams:


What is the ACCUPLACER and what is it's purpose?


     You’re probably questoning yourself: What exactly is the ACCUPLACER, and why does my college want me to take it? Indeed you are asking the right type of questions, because the ACCUPLACER isn’t nearly as well-known as other standardized tests such as the ACT and the SAT.  However if you do want to check out other exams you can do so conviniently from the very same site.


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Who is Rome Wells and why on earth is he helping me tackle ACCUPLACER exam?


Hi, I am Rome Wells, and I will be your test prep guide for your ACCUPLACER journey.  Most students, don't know the actual reason why ACCUPLACER is one of the exams that simply makes a lot of sense to do good on. 


Simply because it can help you save lots of money on college credits for classes that you possibly do not even need to take!  Rome Wells, realizes that and shares that with you.  Rome Wells is a former certified math teacher for the state of CT grade 7-12 and an educational advocate, whose goal mission is to helps students study affordably.


If Rome Wells has messaged you and you are on this page, do not hesitate to respond back to say hi or ask any additional questions about your test preparation journey to receive free advice for which study material to prepare with.  Rome Wells helped, multiple students achieve their academic goals, and not only for just students who are trying to pass ACCUPLACER, but also for students trying to get into law, medical, accounting, business schools, as well as helped students obtain project management certifications, IT Network Engineering and even military.  For example, Rome Wells helped many students get into Military field take a look how here, to learn more about Rome Wells if interested.

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Or future lawyer types of students, entering grad school.

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So what's the bottom line? The bottom line is if Rome Wells company Tutoring Services, LLC can help these students become doctors, project managers, IT Network Security Engineers, Project Managers, Teachers, Business School graduates, lawyers and doctors, and help students get into military field, surely we can do the same for ACCUPLACER students who are trying to save some money by recommending them variety of useful study resources, and helping students get better score in ACCUPLACER exam and helping them to essentially and possibly (depending on which college they are taking placement test) skip some classes that they don't even need to take!

Rome Wells is an educational advocate, local tutor in the state of CT, Network Security Engineer, IT Consultant, and even a breakdancer!  Rome Wells is a believer in affordable education and also owns local tutoring match making company in the state of CT, NY and NJ, check it out, how Rome Wells helps local CT and NY, NJ students prepare for their exams, by match making students with tutors, and additionally supplementing students with ACCUPLACER study guides.  If students in CT, NY and NJ (in few selected counties) are studying using materials listed on this site, so can you. 



Note depending on which college you go to, getting certain score can place you high up in the ladder, meaning you would not need to take some classes that other students who get lower then you score would have to take.  That means you get to save money, graduate earlier, and well... do not even end up waisting precious time doing something that you may already know!  That is the whole purpose of the actual placement test, to determine your placement in college. Some students ask how much money can they save? The true answer is... it depends....


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Therefore, Rome Wells strategized more affordable way to help students save money on education, and not just in helping them realize the potential savings of exams like ACCUPLACER, but also helping students realize methods to find more affordable to search for tutor and get matched with one, helping students avoid the middle man and save money on education expenses. 


Of course Rome Wells didn't just create one business model, he created multiple models, because some students wanted more then just getting matched with the math tutor for example, they wanted high quality match, this is why he created local tutoring company in CT NY and NJ helping students get mached over the phone, where yes there is middle man involved and a small agency fee, but there is also value involved.


That level of differntiation many students simply don't see and in many cases end up overpaying for something that they should't be paying in a first place, unless of course there is value of high quality match.


Students simply would get better and high quality match experience then simply trying to hunt for tutors on their own on  However some students still do not realize the value, and still hunt for affordable tutors, without realizing that the tutors they may get may end up not being as effective as the tutors they would get with the help of a local agency. 


Rome Wells helps students clarify that point.  Hence if you are looking for a tutor for your ACCUPLACER test, there are 2 options, agency based option... where you get to talk to Rome Wells or his agency on the phone helping you find the local tutor in CT NY or NJ selected few counties. Or if you live outside of these few counties you can simply visit and hunt for a local or online tutor on your own, without any agency recurring comission fees. 


Note there is still a fee to get your first lesson for $15, that our agency charge to maintain the site, but that fee is not recurring, meaning you save tons of money when you get matched with the local tutor. 


Other tutoring sites simply don't do that (within exception a small few), because well, such sites rather prefer ripping students off so they can make money off you and not really providing value that is really worth that much! (of course in our local tutoring company in CT NY and NJ in selected few counties we do provide that value, but many tutoring sites that have mass tutors out there simply don't provide such value!


So Watch OUT if you are trying to get a local tutor for ACCUPLACER exam from any of such mass sites that charge agency recurring comission fee from every hour you are tutored without really providing much value!)

Rome Wells realized that, and decided to put an end to such bad practice that many educational companies follow, thereby helping out students more and helping education stay affordable, which is why Rome Wells created multiple business systems helping education stay affordable. 


However, Rome Wells as an educational advocate and a former certified math teacher for the state of CT is hontest, and exposes the biggest secrets on planet earth to all of the Academic students out there, about the sytem of education.  He uses his insane level of IT network consulting expertise to accomplish that goal, while simultaneously helping students who are preparing for ACCUPLACER simply study more affordably.  (note affordable doesn't mean highly effective)


For more info about tutoring scroll a bit down, you will see me discussing about this method of learning even more and showing learning effectiveness vs pricing chart for ACCUPLACER exam, and what is better to study with, local tutor, online, self guide material, etc... anyway let's talk now more about actual ACCUPLACER exam and some of the test prep materials that exist out there, that can help you improve your score.

Good news for students taking this exam 

ACCUPLACER results will not be a factor in whether or not you are granted admission to a college or university. Another difference is that the ACCUPLACER is actually a group of several different tests, and your college probably won’t require you to take all of them. On most standardized tests, there are several different sections, and test takers are required to take all of them, not just some.


Format of this test and what do I need to study for?

Exam consists of 2 parts math and English.

ACCUPLACER English Sections Exam Details

The ACCUPLACER English test is composed of two sections and has no time limit. The first section requires you to write an essay and the second section consists of 40 multiple-choice questions which are individually adaptive; they increase or decrease in difficulty based upon responses to previous questions.

The exam questions are divided into two topics, and along with the essay, are designed to assess different skills that are needed in order to study college-level English courses:

How can I study for the English Section of ACCUPlACER exam?

Study Tips for students who are preparing for their exam

Step 0.  Start off with studying from FREE 30 sample ACCUPLACER exam questions provided conviniently by test prep online vendor for your ACCUPLACER exam.
Step 1. Study from one of the ACCUPLACER English Packs with access to 3 english practice tests, grammar guide plus additional exervices.
Step 2.  Reinforce your ACCUPlACER skills with exam secrets or flash cards or combination of both for maximum learning effectiviness, placing all of your eggs in one basket when studying for your exam is something that we never recommend.  
Outcome of this study path 1 will increase your chances of doing better on your ACCUPLACER exam and help you get better english score.   Why take unnecessary college classes when you can skip them if your skills are sufficient enough in a first place!
For students who want to kill multiple birds with one stone, consider purchasing premium pack ACCUPLACER for both math and English.  

       You can view full list of these premium math pack resources below on this site, and compare their prices to other resources created by other vendors, helping you make affordable decision that suits you the most.


     Be sure to carefully review materials presented in this StudyGuide.NET to see which study material is best for you.  Use multiple study guides and practice questions with answers to prepare for your english ACCUPLACER exam.  Continue browsing this site to see variety of study guide resources.


Accuplacer English Scores Explained in details

The Accuplacer English sections are graded on a scale from 20 to 120 points. Below, we will explain your Accuplacer English score by elaborating on the grading ranges.

To improve your chances of getting high English Score consider studying with the test prep online resources provided on this site scroll all the way down to see english study resources that can help you improve your score.


Readiing Comprehension

ACCUPLACER Reading Comprehension exam detail info:

On this test, you’ll face 20 multiple-choice questions designed to measure your skills at understanding written English. You’ll read short a short passage, or two stand-alone sentences back to back, and then answer questions based on what you’ve read.

Master Sentence skills on the ACCUPLACER exam with the help of flash cards, exam secrets and other types of study resources in the form of english packs, basic packs and premium packs.

ACCUPLACER Sentence Skills:

This exam also contains 20 multiple-choice questions, designed to see how well you understand sentence components and structures.

Accuplacer Math Part info

To do well on math part you must clearly understand basic core concepts, luckily on this site we can share with you variety of study guides in the form of practice questions, local, and online tutors as well Test Prep Online study materials for math section of the exam.There are basicaly Arithmetic Section, Elementary and College Level section on this exam.


Arithmetic Section of the Math ACCUPLACER Exam scoring

If you are extremely poor in arithmetics skill test consider reviewing some of our interactive study guides listed in our algebra section of this site to enhance your knowledge and core expertise, then once you do that, dive into additional study materials such as the ones provided by test prep online vendor who is solidifying ACCUPLACER study preparation tactics with unique math packs consisting of several math practice tests and additional exercises.  Consider reviewing this site further to see which math packs we are referring to here.

Elementary Algebra skills

    Integers, and rational numbers and algebraic expressions are often difficult to understand especially if you missed a lot of your high school classes or simply never liked math in a first place. 

       I personally never liked math either when I was a student, the trick here is to learn how to love math.  The best way to do that is by improving your elementary algebra skills with someone who can either motivate you to study, because face it studying on your own sucks, or if you are already motivated then consider studying from ACCUPLACER math pack study resources provided by test prep online vendor and intercombine your studying with flash cards and exam secrets. 

Elementary Algebra Math Section in ACCUPLACER exam doesn't have to be hard.

Oh one more thing, in case if you happen to be not motivated enough to study, consider checking out some of our online or local Algebra Math Tutors which you can find on our sister site


Detailed Elementary Algebra Score Range and questions

College Level Math section can be complicated it consists of 20 questions


When takling math portion of the college level math, don't get too hung up too much on the hard questions, if you can't understand something simply move on to the next question.  However if you want to reduce your chances of struggling with college level math questions consider arming youself up with additional test preparation resources listed on this site or getting local or online math tutor.  Speaking of math tutors we have them too, visit our   or simply send us contact request asking for online or even local tutor (if you reside in CT, NY Or NJ)

Scoring for College Level Math Details

ACCUPLACER® is a trademark and property of COLLEGE BOARD. The trademark holder is not affiliated with site.

Difference between the type of study materials that exist on the market


Local and Online Tutoring for ACCUPLACER exam


       In addition to providing affordable study material, all in a single palce for you to browse through, you can solidify your test preparation efficiency and hire a local or online ACCUPLACER tutor.  The kewl part about our sister site is that it doesn't charge agency fee allowing tutors who specialize in ACCUPLACER advertise themselves way more affordable then if they were to do that through an agency. 

Study with the help of ACCUPLACER tutors at affordable rate

       Meaning you can take advantage of a local expert who can come directly to your home and teach you math or english section of ACCUPLACER, helping you maximize your chances of getting higher score on your eaxm.  Note however the tutors listed are independent and many of them offer first lesson for only $15.  Making it easy for students to try their tutor before committing with any further tutoring sessions. 

       Note if you live in CT, NY and NJ and prefer to have an agency help you get mached with the tutor and ok with paying slightly higher rate then independent tutor, in exchange for pre-screened tutors,  and higher quality match, then we highly recommend you contact Tutoring Services, LLC agency directly through the contact form on this site to help you find a local math tutor in math or english, we specialize in match making students with tutors and offer higher quality match.   We can help you get matched either with local or online math or english tutor.  Visit our page for more det

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