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The Economist GMAT Premium Prep Plan for Graduate Management Aptitude Test

The Economist GMAT Premium Prep Plan for Graduate Management Aptitude Test
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GMAT Premium Prep Plan for Graduate Management Admissions Test

Thousands of business schools require the GMAT exam as part of the application process. Admissions officers use GMAT scores to assess prospective students’ reasoning skills and preparedness for business school. 

The Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) is a standardized computer adaptive test (CAT), required as part of the application process to many MBA programs around the world. The GMAT takes almost 4 hours to complete and is structure as in the table to the right.

Officially, the GMAT measures skills in the fields of English, Mathematics, and analytical writing. Actually, the GMAT tests some basic English and math skills, but what it mostly tests is how well you use specific techniques and strategies for best performance on the GMAT.


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   Learn with a virtual tutor (Interactive learning) - GMAT Tutor lessons have an easy, conversational flow that feels like there’s a tutor by your side. We’ll help you see the big picture while taking a systematic approach to each type of GMAT question.

   Get personalized support (One-on-one tutoring) - Every course includes private video tutoring sessions with our expert tutors. You’ll be able to discuss your progress and problem areas and get strategies on how to improve.

   Keep track of your progress (Progress reports) - A customized dashboard keeps you up to date on your progress. You’ll see how long you’ve spent learning and what you need to do to reach your target GMAT score.

   Get expert answers (Ask-a-tutor) - Stuck on one of our 5,000+ practice questions? No problem! Use our Ask-a-tutor messaging system to get a personalized explanation from an accredited GMAT tutor.

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