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About ISEE Exam General info

The Independent School Entrance Examination (ISEE) is an entrance exam that is used frequently to enter and place in schools.  The test is also used frequently in magnet and specialty schools.


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Rome Wells is a former Grade 7-12 certified math teacher for the State of CT, with masters degree in Education with concentration in math and Bachelors in pure Math. Rome Wells helps parents find the right test prep resources for their sons and daughters, and maximizing chances of helping students get into private school.  

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Rome Wells helps not only private school students get better score in upper, lower and middle level exams, but also helps students who are taking other exams similar to ISEE such as SSAT, and even exams like ASVAB, graduate level admission students for tests like GMAT.  Rome Wells also helps students who are gong into law school, accounting profession, project management, information security,IT Network Engineering and many other fields.  

Test format and grade levels exam is designed for

The ISEE has three levels:

  •  Lower level - for entrance in grades 5–6
  •  Middle level - for entrance in grades 7–8
  •  Upper level - for entrance in grades 9–12



All levels consist of five sections:

  •  Verbal Reasoning
  •  Quantitative Reasoning
  •  Reading Comprehension
  •  Mathematics Achievement
  •  30-minute essay.


What methods exist out there and their level of learning effectiviness vs price, approximate chart.




Upper Level ISEE info

Middle Level ISEE Exam detailed info

The ISEE is similar to the SSAT.

The ISEE test is crucial in the highly competitive world of scholastic and collegiate placement in private schools.

Throughout prestigious private schools the ISEE test score becomes a foundational basis for the placement of students. Magnet schools, Charter and private schools consider the test a critical foundational step in the career of their students.

In private schools the entrance process is critical to administrators. Should the process be critical to students ?

Taking ISEE maybe difficult but critical for your child's success

We understand that school entrance and placement is both crucial and difficult.  Let us help your child prepare with the right study tools, whether it's in the form of test preparation study guides, practice + answers type of questions or local and online tutors.  Preparing with the right tools is more necessary now days then before.


ISEE Tutoring Services from local and online tutors

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Looking to improve your child's Math Skills?

View our Math Test preparation materials here, use the study tools found here in the form of video courses online tutors and intercombination of study tactics helping your child increase their chances of doing well on the math section of ISEE exam.  View our recommended Algebra Study Guide materials here, use these resource in combination of ISEE recommended resource here to sharpen your chances of getting higher ISEE score. 



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     Want to continue browsing more for variety types of study guides?  We did all the hardwork and put them together for you, to choose the best one. Be sure to select filter to show more then 10 study guides below to see what resources are best for you.



Note we listed only upper level ISEE resources if intereted in other type of resources more then just upper, such as lower and middle level, either click here for flash cards and exam secrets, or here for premium membershp access or individual test preparational needs for your exam.

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isee upper level practice questions access

ISEE Upper Level Practice Questions

Study Guide Type: Practice-Questions-Answers
Price: $69.99
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Learn how to prepare for ISEE upper level exam for private school exam entrance and improve your score       Online...

ISEE Upper Level Flashcard Test Practice Questions & Review for grade 9-12 Students

ISBN: 1621209539
Study Guide Type: Flash Cards
Price: $29.99
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Prepare for your Grade 9-12 Upper Level ISEE exam with flash cards           ...

ISEE Upper Level Secrets Study Guide: ISEE Test Review for the Independent School Entrance Exam

ISBN: 1627331115
Study Guide Type: Exam-Secrets
Price: $29.99
Buy Now
Grade 9-12 Upper Level ISEE Prep Exam Secrets          Studying...
middle level Study pack

ISEE Middle Level Grade 6,7 -8 Premium Practice Pack

Study Guide Type: Practice-Questions-Answers
Price: $69.99
Buy Now
Study with middle Level Premium Pack for ISEE Grade 6,7 - 8 Exam   Every year many parents attempt...