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Online ISTQB CTFL Exam Prep QA Training for CT NY & NJ Students

Software Testing
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Prepare for ISTQB CTFL Exam Online and get Job Placement Assistance in Manhattan NY


What is the benefit of this training?

To help you break chicken and the egg conundrum of no job = no experience and no experience = no job.  (conundrum which is difficult to break unless someone like BinaryFusion a reputable company with strong educational founder and information technology background places trust into you and helps you break that conundrum) 

To help you increase your qualifications by getting Certified in ISQTB CTFL (certification that our company BinaryFusion helps you prepare for and get certified for)

To help you increase you qualifications by getting hands on experience in QA software testing. (experience which BinaryFusion company can help you obtain by providing you with hands on training in the form of instructor-led courses nicely compiled together as part of the Fusion Track Professional Quality Assurance curriculum)

To help you increase your qualifications by getting relevant education that matters in the eyes of employers infused into your brain. (the very same type of education financial companies are in fact looking for in employees before hiring them)

To help you increase your chances of landing job in QA Software Testing or relevant to "Professional Quality Assurance Fusion Track" training program type of job role in information technology sector. The job placement assistance that can help you break chicken and the egg conundrum by us converting you into BinaryFusion Consultant after you complete our instructor-led courses and hands on project)


What type of jobs students can land after completing training?

We help college graduate students ages 18 to 24 who are about to finish graduating college with Bachelors Degree in Computer Science, Mathematics or relevant type of fields, break into financial sector type of QA jobs in information technology where financial industry is our core area of expertise.  However, our "Professional Quality Assurance Fusion Track" training is also feasible for other industry type of jobs relevant to QA software testing field and not just finance.

Here is the type of jobs we help our Binary Fusion Consultants break into

  • Professional quality assurance software tester
  • QA Analyst
  • BA Analyst with Software Testing background
  • QA Analyst with Project Management expertise
  • QA Tester
  • Junior QA Tester
  • QA Engineer
  • (and many others)


Now some of you may say well why would I need Binary Fusion's help if I already have some experience, I can just do so on my own. 

        Indeed you can do so on your own prepare for ISTQB CTFL foundation exam for example, (in fact I Rome Wells even share with you some study materials that you can use on your own to prepare for ISTQB CTFL exam pass it and get certified!).  However, getting certified is only 1 small peace of the puzzle.   

Why doing so on your own can only get you to your goal of landing a job in QA Software Testing field half way?

The other peace of the puzzle that is equaly important as getting certified is called experience, experience that often many students who decided to take their journey on their own, simply do not have.  

  • Experience that other financial companies or non financial companies are looking for in employees.
  • Experience that you can only obtain by getting relevant instructor led training, that pertains to your overall goal.  
  • Experience that can only be trusted upon by companies to rely on, only if you have gained that experience based on highly relevant to companies needs and wants.
  • Experience that can be obtained not only from doing, but from knowing how to do it and why.
  • Experience that is not only defined in the context of software testing skills, but the type of experience that has a hybrid set of skills such as soft skills, business analysis, project management, scripting, professional skills and more


       As you can see there is lots of puzzle peaces.  Our company Binary Fusion helps students break the barriers of experience by infusing students' brains with relevant to "Professional Quality Assurance Fusion Track" concepts, the very same concepts which are relevant in the eyes of companies, who are in fact looking for QA Software Testers or releavant to QA Software testing type of employees with soft skills, business analysis, project management, scripting and other types of skills.

Having great inter-combination set of skills is exactly the reason why companies prefer some candidates over others.

So what is the solution here?   

One possible solution here is to get help from some one who can help you break into the field of QA Software Testing or relevant to "Professional Quality Assurance Fusion Track" type of job position, by getting your brain infused with the relevant to financial companies and other types of companies type of skills, which employers are in fact looking for. 

The solution here is to get experience and knowledge from not just a university that may only teach general academic concepts, which are great, but not good enough in the eyes of financial companies or companies in other types of industries, but to also get the relevant hands on training and education from the company that is a hybrid of both worlds.

The world of Education and the world of Information Technology combined. Our company, Binary Fusion company is preciesly the type of company that brings both worlds together, the world of education and the world of IT into 1.

How exactly does Binary Fusion makes information in the Professional Quality Assurance Fusion Track relevant to financial companies who are hiring?

We have created "Fusion Analysis" team responsible for researching the field of Quality Assurance and Software testing relevant to the QA job positions companies are looking for and infusing skills and concepts that financial companies are looking for in the context of our training as part of the "Professional Quality Assurance Fusion Track" accelerated training program, thereby accelerating the process of student learning and experience gathering by tailoring our training program in the direction of financial companies wants and needs.

This means Binary Fusion Consultants would be able to learn quicker information that is relevant in the field of finance, and be able to gain experience quicker.  

This means getting 3 months of training in accelerated program with Binary Fusion is similar to getting 1 to 2 years of equivalent experience of working in financial organization full time.  

Except in financial organizations, trouble is... not everyone does the same thing all the time... the entire concept of employees in Financial organization doing multiple tasks creates slow process of experience gathering.  

In comparison to let's say Binary Fusion Consultant, who is the recent college graduate and went through the accelerated "Professional Quality Assurance Fusion Track" relevant to financial industry, got certiffied in ISTQB CTFL software testing,and received help by Binary Fusion getting placed into a QA software testing or relevant to QA Software Testing type of job role.


Why should students consider QA Software Testing field as part of their initial career journey?

Trying to break into the field of QA is much easier than let's say attempting to become Network Security Engineer, or attempting to become IT Project Manager


Who Provides this Training?

Company named:

Binary Fusion

Founder of the company is Rome Wells himself. Yep the very same Rome Wells is all over the internet (about Rome Wells)and the very same Rome Wells, who is guiding college graduate students in their journey towards successfull career paths.

Where does the training takes place?

Training Takes Place online and is based on similar Professional Quality Assurance Training curriciulum as the one provided by our local training center in Manhattan NY.

When does the Online QA Software Testing Training Takes place?

In comparison to local training center QA software testing, online training is more flexible. We provide training in the evening EST time zone from 6:30 pm to 9:30pm EST time Zone.

Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 3 days per week, totaling 9 hours of training during the week and Saturday and Sunday 9am to 3pm EST totaling 11 hours.  Total training is 20 hours, during flexible evening weekdays and weekends.  

Online Training is more flexible, and still gives you time during the day to have a full time or part time job.   

Alternatively we offer 1st shift Mon-Friday 9am to 1pm EST

How long does the online Fusion Track accelerated 3 months training lasts for?

Training lasts for 12 weeks, 3 months. 20 hours per week, which can be taken either in 1st shift or 3rd flexible shift.


When is the best time to go through the training.  

Best time is right when you are getting close to graduating college, in your Senior Year of College.  This way you can get a head start, even before you graduate college, plus you will have easier time landing QA job in software testing, since you will be going through accelerated onilne training program ahead of other students who are still in college, but not thinking about carreer goals and next steps after they graduate college.



Why getting head start while still in college can help students increase chances of landing job?

     Once again employers are looking for employees with experience, and also prefer students who have qualifications, such as ISTQB CTFL certfiication and graduated from college with relevant degree in computer sciences, mathematics, or other type of information technology related degree.

Getting certified while you are on your final months of college senior year is one of the most important steps you can do.  Cert + College Degree + Experience = Higher Chance of getting QA job relevant to Software Testing.   

Binary Fusion helps you get certified, you would have to pay for the cert (unless of course your refer a friend, in which case we will pay 50% for your cert expenses, or if you refer 2 friends and we will pay 100% of your ISTQB CTFL expenses).  

Binary Fusion will train you for 3 months, at the end of 3 months you will get certified and will be provided job assistance, where we will connect you with either company in financial industry (since that is our core specialization) or any other type of industry.


Why Binary Fusion places college grads into QA relevant job roles?

You see, it's in our interest to help students and get them placed into job roles, if we do not place you we do not get paid.  Hence, therefore we would not be able to provide students with training FREE of charge, where they do not have to pay anything up front.  

Therefore to be able to provide training where recent college grads do not have to pay anything up front, we must place students into QA job roles, at which point employers pay our company percentage of your salary.  If we do not place you then we do not get paid, and if we do not get paid, we wouldn't be able to operate (hence it's in our interest to place you into a job role).  

One of the reasons is so that we can help you and you can help us.

       Which is precisely the reason why we have to also ensure that our QA training is high quality and creates impact on student's learning process.  If we can not create that impact, the probability of you getting QA job would be much smaller.  Since that's the case, we must do absolutely everything in our power to ensure that you get QA training with high quality in mind, because your success = our success.  

       Most colleges and universities do not operate that way, and simply ask students for money up front for tuition and have no regards to whether or not what they teach will make impact or not, simply because they are not bounded by the fact that if they don't train their students right, they do not get paid.  This is what differntiates Binary Fusion Training center from others.  

     The difference is we do care about training we provide because if we do not, then employers who hire our Binary Fusion consultants, would not have any desire of hiring our IT consultants and would not go back to get more students from our company, unless of course our Binary Fusion consultants (students who graduate our training program) in fact demonstrate their qualities of work ethincs in the field of Software Testing or relevant to QA Software Testing job role, and show that they are in fact really good.


How much is the training worth and do I have to pay for the training?


We realized that after graduating college, not that many college graduate students have money to spend on the training, after all college loans can be expensive.  Which is precisely the reason why we offer this training at no up front cost to you, until we place you into QA Software Testing job role relevant to "Professional Quality Assurance Fusion Track" accelerated program.  

Which means you do not pay any thing for online Fusion Track accelerated 3 months training program, unless of course you decide to leave our training program (before contract expires) or after receiving our training you decide to work for another company and end up breeching contract and not going through us, in which case you would have to pay our training center 30k for the training we provided to you during these 3 months.

What does it mean to go through Binary Fusion?

It means, that students before joining our program must get interviewed by us, sign the contract indicating that they are getting 3 months training at no up front cost, under condition that such students must work for the minimum of 1.75 years as Binary Fusion IT Consultant if graduated with Fusion Honors or 2.25 years if student did not graduate with Fusion Honors, before deciding to work for someone else or getting our contract renegotiated.  

Meaning students will be presented to financial company or any other type of company where we will end up placing students as Binary Fusion consultant.  

This way our Binary Fusion Consultants will have higher chances of being placed into a job role, rather than being presented as themself, plus that is the only way that we will be able to place Binary Fusion Consultants, into company and is mandatory condition for you to accept.

We will assist you with enhancing your resume based on the training program courses which you will end up taking as part of the "Professional Quality Assurance Fusion Track" accelerated training program.


What will my resume look like?

Your resume will be enhanced based on the current experience you already have as well as addition of other elements relevant to QA Software Testing job role.  Elements that you can only know or talk about during an interview if you finish our training.  Elements that you learn about and understand as part of the "Professional Quality Assurance Fusion Track" accelerated training program.


What does Professional Quality Assurance Fusion Track consists of?

There is total of 8 courses with hands on project and final exam. 

Entire track is infused with courses that are relevant to Quality Assurance Software Testing specialization. Here are the courses that you will take as part of the accelerated training.



Professional Development course goes first... 1 week

Intro to project management goes 2nd 1 week

Foundation of Manual Software Testing goes 3rd 2 weeks

Intro into relational databases goes 4th 1 week

Intermediate Manual Software Testing goes 5th 2 weeks

Intro to app/web development goes 6th 1 week

Intro to Business Analysis goes 7th 1 week

Excel goes 8th 1 week

Hands On project goes 9th 1 week

Final exams 10th 1 week

Each course is infused with skill sets that are most commonly found in the financial industry sector (our core industry area of concentration).  However, this training is applicable also for being able to break into the field of software testing or relevant QA job roles in other industries.  

Can I study on my own and not do the training with Binary Fusion

Yes as briefly mentioned earlier... however benefit of doing it through us may be far greater than attempting to do so on your own.   Due to the fact that we train precisely what is needed in QA Software Testing specialization and relevant to financial organizations or other industries who are looking for solid candidates plus we provide Binary Fusion Rewards (look further down).  

What companies are looking for is hybrid set of skills.  That is exactly what we provide, plus we provide you with experience which you can get after being placed into company by Binary Fusion working as Binary Fusion Consultant with specialization in QA Software Testing.

If we do not place you into a job role for QA Software Testing, then we do not get paid, so we must properly train you and ensure you are provided with job placement assitance, our success=your success.

Who is the online training for? 

It's only for students who are willing to work in relevant to QA Software Testing specialization job role, somewhere within tri-state area of CT, NY and NJ and who have graduated or about to graduate college with relevant degree to information technology, math or sciences. Students must have residence address in CT, NY and NJ and live withing 60 miles of Manhattan NY.


What are Binary Fusion Rewards?

Binary Fusion parent company is Tutoring Services, LLC, which means that our Binary Fusion Alumni (students who graduated Binary Fusion accelerated Training program) who have completed Professional Quality Assurance Fusion Track with honors and received good grades during the program, are provided an opportunity to increase their chances of making money on part time basis, by becoming trusted tutor. 

Becoming Trusted Tutor with our parent company Tutoring Services, LLC means you can supplement your income with part time tutoring gigs after work in tri-state area of CT NY and NJ specific where our parent company specializes in.  

Which means not only can Binary Fusion help you get placed into full time job and provide you with instructor led training infused with industry skills that are needed in today's world in the field of software testing, but also can help you make money after work on part time basis tutoring other students in the field of information technology or Academics.

Which is precisely the reason why we want our students who apply into Binary Fusion "Professional Quality Assurance Fusion Track" accelerated program to be relevant to computer science, or math and sciences degree majors, not simply because we want such type of students to be in our program, but because we want to actually help students get more then just 1 opportunity in making money, not only from full time job but also from part time job tutoring other students in math and sciences or IT relevant subjects. 

        Giving the nature that our parent company does not trust anyone to be our tutors (local tutoring division CallMyTutor), unless there is circle of trust presend in our bondship, that is precisely the reason why, we are making that trust first by developing that trust by helping our Binary Fusion Consultants get placed into job role, by training them and by helping them get certified for ISTQB CTFL foundation exam and getting relevant set of skills that matter in the eyes of employers.  

All that while maximizing chances for students landing part time income gigs tutoring students near Manhattan NY, Fairfield County CT, Bergen County NJ, Westchester County NY.   For example take a look here at one of the local tutoring sites in Fairfield County where we advertise our tutors. Similarly we can advertise you.

You see we believe that students who just graduated from college with degree in math, or sciences, or relevant to information technology field, are capable of doing more than just working full time job.  Why?  Reason is... college loans got very expensive... students need every chance they get to be able to pay off their college expenses..

Wait if I don't get good grades in training program provided by Binary Fusion will I still qualify to becoming trusted tutor?

Repurcussion of not doing well in our training program and failing exams and not doing homework = you getting kicked out of our "PQA Fusion Track program.  Graduating with honors would qualify you for Binary Fusion Rewards of becoming our trusted tutor helping you increase your chances of making money on part time basis in the evenings or weekends (at flexible to you schedule) in addition to working as Binary Fusion Consultant working at full time job as QA Software Tester in financial company or other type of company in other industry where we place you..

Hence if you do not do your homework and do not pass exams that we offer during the training, then this can result in the following.


Why do we want you to do well?


       Primary reason is because if we fail, then we do not get paid, clearly we do not want that. Therefore, we must ensure that you do not fail.  Not doing homework and not passing exams can qualify you in getting kicked out of the program, not getting Binary Fusion Rewards and not being our Binary Fusion consultant.  Not being Binary Fusion consultant = less chances of getting full time job, unless you can manage to break into the field on your own.  

Therefore, even if you are doing training part time you still must allocate time to do homework.

       If you are thinking that you will get paid to do homework while you are at home, you are wrong.  There is mentality that we discovered that exists with certain students who apply with us, that they would get paid for the time they spend at home doing homework.  If you have such mentality do not apply with us there is plenty of other students who will take your place instead.  

This is more intensive type of training than you would get in college and requires dedication, which is precisely why we are offering this not from 9am to 5pm but in flexible evening and weekend schedule.

Do not get confused that this training is not equivalent to the training you would get in college. The price you would pay for courses in college or other training programs provided by other training centers would cost you at minimum 2k to 3k per each course for just 2 to 3 days worth of training 

The type of training that doesn't exactly care about the fact whether or not you will end up getting placed into a QA job role or not.  In our case we care, because if we don't place you, we don't get paid. 

       In our accelerated 3 months Fusion Track training program not only do we care for you to get placed into a job role relevant to QA Software Testing specialization, but we also help our Alumni and Binary Fusion consultants who graduated with Fusion Honors increase their chances of making money on part time basis tutoring other students in Tri-State area of CT NY and NJ.

Therefore the cummulative benefit of you joining is far greater than anything you have ever seen being offered by other training centers.  

        The time spent during lectures in class and hands on exercises is going to have much higher impact in your learning process than simply doing homework in class.  If you want to do homework in online class, then be prepared to spend not 3 months, but 6 months, then you can do homework in online class.

Spending 6 months out of work and not making full time income money is not as good as only spending 3 months training.

Since many students do not want to wait 6 months and want to make money as fast as possible, then be prepared to take the training in 3 months and do the homework our instructors assign to you and passing these exams.

Rome Wells Advice for current college students:

While you are still in college, think about what was just mentioned here, and consider applying with Binary Fusion training, at final stages of your college, so this way when you graduate you will have far greater chance of landing full time job and can stay ahead of your competition, and do not feel the burden of not making money for 3 months while you are out of college.

However, even if you are out of college already and graduated with Bachelors Degree in mathematics or computer science or information technology relevant field, you can still apply into this program, after all program is flexilbe.  Which means you can have time for other things such as having part time job helping you to survive while in the weekday evenings and weekends getting that training.

How can I apply for this Accelerate Flexible Online Training QA Software Testing program?

Send email to info@NetworkConsultant.NET 


Tell us the following items to see if you can get pre-qualified.

  • Your first name and last Name Your address (where you are currently residing)
  • Year and Month of Graduation  or if already graduated
  • Degree you are about to finish
  • Your Major
  • Why you want to join
  • Years of experience in information technology working
  • Names of any certificates you alread have.
  • Include Your existing resume
  • Include cover letter explaining your interest in this program.
  • Tell us if you have ever tutored anyone before academically.
  • Tell us how computer literate are you from 1 to 10.  (10 being very literate)
  • Let us know if you are ok with working as Binary Fusion consultant for 2 years after getting placed into job.
  • Let us know which job position you would be interested in getting placed the most (based on the job positions described earlier)
  • Tell us what makes you different from other candidates (include that in cover letter)
  • Tell us which is your most preferred time for this training to take place either in evenings and weekends or first shift 9am to 1pm EST on weekdays.

You can alternatively fill out form below at the bottom of this page, but don't forget to send your resume to along with the filled out form.

       We will determine if you pre-qualify and get back to you with our answer.  If you get pre-qualified you will be contacted by us to schedule an online interview, during which you will be asked to answer several psychological questions and other types of QA subject matter expertise type of questions. After interview is completed we will notify you with our decision on whether or not you are accepted.  

       Note if you do not get accepted into our PQA Fusion Track program, then we can alternatively recommend you to take ISTQB tutoring lessons directly from our trainers on more flexible basis based on tutoring discount package pricing, the lessons that our trainers can provide to you in 1 on 1 basis are more flexible from the scheduling perspective.

However, such 1 on 1 training costs money, money which you would have to pay up front for entire tutoring package.  

       However, the good news is... you wouldn't have to work as Binary Fusion consultant for 2 years if you take this 1 on 1 training, it would also help you increase your chances of landing QA relevant job and help you get certified for ISTQB, obviously the chances of landing QA job will not be as high as going through the formal accelerated "PQA Fusion Track" training with Binary Fusion since financial companies do not exactly trust students when they apply to QA  Software Testing jobs on their own, especially without financial experience skill sets and no trustworthy backings.  

Plus 1 on 1 tutoring is quiet expensive, but nevertheless we still provide that option for students who simply want to prepare for ISTQB CTFL.  This way they can understand value of "PQA Fusion Track" training you they are getting in comparison to 1 on 1 tutoring, without having to think in the back of their minds whether or not what they are getting is worth it.


Next "Professional Quality Assurance Fusion Track" starts on April 17th 2017

Join Today Find out if you pre-qualify Send email to the following address

And Apply to become Binary Fusion Consultant 

Or get guided by sending message direct from bottom right corner and ask your questions.

Have a a question about PRQ Fusion Track?  Talk to our "Fusion Guide

Have any questions before applying to our program? 

Fusion Guide is the real person who can talk to you directly from this website, simply message from the right corner icon and talk to the Fusion Guide Directly. Fusion Guide can either be Rome Wells himself or another instructor.

And Yes Rome Wells actually does teach PQA courses himself when feasible as a guest instructor or guest speaker or an actual instructor Learn more about Rome Wells here.

More Info Look Below



How does this program work?

First 3 months students who are getting trained is called Binary Fusion Student

Completion of 3 months Fusion Track Training Program converts student into Binary Fusion Consultant.

Completion of contract term converts student into Binary Fusion Alumni.

Contract is signed before training program begins.

Minimum Length of contract is 2 years since the day training begins.

Total Length of contract is 2.5 years if student does not graduate with Fusion Honors.

Total Length of contract is 2 years if student does graduate with Fusion Honors.

If student graduates PQA Fusion Track with honors then that means student would have to complete total of 3 months training + 1 year and 9 month consulting = 2 years total

If student does not graduate with honors then that means student would have to complete 3 months training + 2 years and 3 months consulting = 2.5 years total  

As you can see it's better to graduate with honors, since this means you can quit being Binary Fusion Consultant, and find another job for higher pay or you can come back to us to help you get marketed at higher paying salary after your contract term exprires and still continue being our Binary Fusion consultant if you qualify.  

In either case we look out for our Binary Fusion consultants who are in in our circle of trust and help them along their career journey and also help our Alumni.

Typical College graduate scenario:

Student is in Senior year of college, in the final 3 months of senior year semester student enrolls into training program, 3 months passes by student. If student graduates with honors then student gets placed into job role and works for 1.75 more years to fullfill 2 year contract requirement.

If Student does not graduate with honors, then there is either 2 options left.

Either student is let go due to poor grade performance and does not qualify to become Binary Fusion Consultant, or student graduates with minimum avg score requirement of 70% across all of the exams.  (therefore it's important to do your homeowork and do well on exams)

What happens if college grad student does not graduate with Fusion Honors?

If Student does graduate with score between 70% and 80% across all exams then student will be placed into a job role as Binary Fusion Consultant working for the minimum period of 2 years and 3 months of consulting totaling 2.5 years for training + consulting, where .25 years as Binary Fusion student and 2.25 years as Binary Fusion Consultant.

What happens if college grad student does graduate with Fusion Honors?


If Student does graduate with score between 80% avg and 100% and completes 80% to 100% of homework assignment with avg score of completed homework assignments at minimum of 80% then such student would graduate with honors and would qualify for Fusion Rewards, and will only need to work for 1.75 years as oppose to 2 years and 3 months after completing 3 months training, totaling period of 2 years total.


Therefore since student is College Senior, and have 3 months left remaining until such student graduates college, it would mean that such student would finish Fusion Track accelerated 3 months training program around the same time when he/she graduates college.

Then what that means is, providing that student gets placed into job role right way in such case student would work for 1.75 years as Binary Fusion Consultant and at that point can switch jobs and work for another company with a nice resume showing that student worked as Binary Fusion Consultant, maximizing his/her chances of landing higher paying job in the field of QA & Software Testing.

Besides think of it this way, staying at the entry level job for less then 2 years, often does not look good upon by companies, especially if you have 0 experience before this job.  First job is the most important job, hanging on to it is the key to success.  

The best case scenario is to graduate our PQA Fusion Track with honors, since this will qualify you for Fusion Rewards and give you flexibility to leave our company 6 months earlier, in case if you happen to get offered another position by someone else for much higher pay.

       Plus graduating with Fusion Honors opens doors for your for Fusion Reward program where you would qualify to become our parent's company (Tutoring Services, LLC) trusted agency managed tutor, increasing your chances to make part time income tutoring other students, especially if you are good in academic subjects.  

Plus it opens up doors for you to be able to receive money for referrals of your friends, where we would pay for your ISTQB exam fee 50% for 1 friend that you refer or 100% if you refer 2 friends.  

Hence in short, what that means is.... Graduate with honors and you will have more benefits and rewards, do not graduate with honors and you will have less benefits and rewards, or get kicked out of the program.    Therefore, doing your homework that is assigned in the training center and doing well on exams is imperative for your success.