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GMAT Pill 6-Pill Combo Course Learning Tools for Graduate Management Admission Test

GMAT Pill 6-Pill Combo Course Learning Tools for Graduate Management Admission Test
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GMAT Learning Tool That Can Beat Your Test in 1 Month 

The GMAT has become one of the most popular exams worldwide and is accepted at virtually every top business school. The competition to get into top business schools is more fierce than ever and so is the desire for a competitive GMAT score to go with a competitive MBA caliber application.
This GMAT PILL course provides a preview of the mentality needed to prepare for the GMAT exam in as little time as possible. Also included are various practice problems, some frameworks on how to approach specific types of questions, and video explanations for members of the GMAT Pill Study Method.

Brief Review about GMAT from Tutoring Services, LLC about reviewer

Person who will be providing review for GMAT PILL course is Rome Wells.  For more info about who is Rome Wells is, click on corresponding test name links that Rome Wells reviewed before. Example CPA exam for accountants.  LSAT exam for lawyers, teacher certification exams for educators or PMP Certification exams.  Rome Wells owns IT consulting company, test prep company and tutoring company in CT NY and NJ, who is an educational advocate and test preparation advice and guide expert helping students prepare for their exam with confidence by helping them find not only study guides, but also local and online tutors.

About GMAT PILL video that you seen above

The video above briefly goes over the 1 month study action plan for your GMAT exam. The course that GMAT PILL leverages is very effective, it combines each section of the exam into proccessible pieces of information, which is extremely unique in comparision to what I have seen before. 
What makes it unique is the fact the author of the course makes the video engaging, not just by using audio and video, but also using a yellow cursor and highlighter to reinforce GMAT Learning topics, while describing concepts in the video. 
Note this is not a cheap type of course that you would get with some youtube videos thrown at you in random order, it's not like that at all.  Instead, it's a holistic intercombination of GMAT test prep material and resources put together designed to provide GMAT students one of the best ways to prepare for their TEST and increase their chances of getting into Graduate School. 

More details about how course is categorized

Entire GMAT course is categorized into study sections referred to as Study Pills.  Author of the course wanted to emphesize that taking his GMAT course is like taking a pill when trying to get better (of course not real pill, but you got the idea of the analogy here).  So think of pills as bunch of videos constantly reinforcing your GMAT knowledge.
This is what it looks like


Each Pill represents a video you can check out sample video and more information about the course by clicking on the screenshot below.

Hopefully you see the fact that yellow highlighter is being used (in fact you even see me use yellow highligher in this review text), note I have reviewed multiple courses in the past, and know what it takes to create a good course, often I see some GMAT courses that either have too much noise on the background or students interrupting or simply showing power point slides without really pointing with the yellow cursor onto anything, making it some what hard to follow. 

Additional Study Tip for future students who will end up getting admitted into Graduate School

Note also in case if you do prepare for your GMAT and get accepted into Grad school then finish your grad school and happen to be interested in actually picking core specialization, other then just business (because face it many organizations look for more then just graduate degree)  then you may want to also consider our CPA Test preparation section for accounting students.

What You Can Get From This Learning            Guide 

✔  Learn 10 Core Frameworks (65 lesson videos; 448 minutes)

✔  Watch 200+ video walk-throughs of OG and GMATPILL quesitons

✔  40+ Flashcard videos

✔  Dozens of Mini-Drill

The GMATPILL Study Method Is Broken           Down Into 6 Pills  


✔  SC Pill (Sentence Correction)

✔  CR Pill (Critical Reasoning)

✔  RC Pill (Reading Comprehension)

✔  PS Pill (Problem Solving)

✔  DS Pill (Data Sufficiency)

✔  IR Pill (Integrated Reasoning)


Each Pill follows a natural method of learning retention, practice, and then mastery.

Learn the Core Frameworks  

Each section pill comes with core frameworks of how to fundamentally approach every kind of question you will see. Mastering these core frameworks is key to the GMAT Pill method.

✔  Past-Present-Future

✔  Table Top Framework

✔  Matching Metrics

✔  Cutting the Fluff

GMAT Pill Compared


The fact that the GMAT Pill allows for students to write directly on the question is a huge plus.  Math part is difficult to comprehend and often it requires lots of thinking durint the test, especially the statistics based questions, and last thing you want to be doing is placing your notes about particular question some where else, rather then directly within the particular question.  I definitely appreciate the fact that the author of GMAT PILL included this flexibility in the mix. 

Indeed not a lot of test prep companies provide anything type of insane bells and whistles in their course when it comes to mathHowever, in case if you are weak in math part, then we suggested getting help from a local or online tutor.  Rome Wells, created several math sites specifically for the purpose of helping students over come the math fears.  In fact owner of Tutoring Services, LLC Rome Wells, him self happen to be former certified math teacher for the state of CT and created several technical methods for students who are struggling in math, algebra for example or any other subjects. 

For more info about any type of additional methods to reinforce your skills or if you happen to be looking for online tutor in math don't hesitate to visit (message us there direct so we can help you find local math or online) or our algebra study guide section of this site to see what type of math solutions Rome Wells created for students struggling in math. 
Rome Wells basically created insane level type of search engine that intercombines, books, study guides, tutors (from multiple business systems), school ratings all together into one, making it possible for students to prepare affordably for their test, especially with all the costs on education being so high now days. 

Study TIP if you happen to be in CT NY or NJ don't hestitate to contact us by phone to help you find a math tutor.  Our company offers tutoring services for Bergen, Fairfield, Westchester and New haven counties, CT NY and NJ, as well as help students get connected with online math tutors locally or or online.  For more info visit our GMAT local tutoring page
Rome Wells, helps local CT and NY and NJ students conquer their GMAT fears by intercombining local tutors with students, this is how he does it, take a look, by clicking on that local tutoring link to see what I am talking about.

Anyway back to this GMAT PILL review, my opinion. 


First of all I was very impressed with GMAT PILL, if someone tells you that they are impressed by the course, that's probably a good sign, especially if the person who tells you that is Rome Wells, who happens to be an educational advocate, who started working for the Board of Education at the age of 16, graduated with pure math degree and masters in education with concentration in math, Founder of Tutoring Services, LLC, IT Engineer, math tutor, certified teacher and IT Security expert all in 1 whose level of expertise is literally in analyzing test prep materials and creating tutoring and test prep solutions and seeing what is effective type of learning method or not, by relying on carefully researched information. 
This is just one of the reasons why, I think typical student who is thinking about taking their GMAT exam should at least consider my review about GMAT PILL.

Note other typical GMAT test takers who took the test and share lessons learned, do not really go into depths of particular study methods or what is good and what is bad for a typical student to study from, and mostly focus on things like, which course exist out there and is the best and  how much does the course costs, and how can i get away with paying the least amount of money and get the most amount of benefits (however answering these questions for each individual student is not the same across all students).

Majority of information that other GMAT test prep students go through is scattered all over the internet across multiple blogs, making it difficult to find anything about usefull study guides that can help you prepare for your exam.  With so many low quality courses available on the internet it's impossible to figure out what is effective or what is not without some authoritative figured who can assist you with that decision. Other reviews sites that you find on the internet only try to sell you courses that provides them the biggest comission....

It's almost equivalent to staying in line in pharmacy in Russian Federation country and asking pharmacist which of the pills is good for me, only to find out later that the pill prescribed by the pharmacist was not effective at all, and the only reason pharmacist prescribed it is because the maker of these pills provided them the biggest comission fee if they sell it.  
This is the reality of business believe it or not, as cruel as it may sound with many of the GMAT review sites out there and not just GMAT but other products including FOOD (so think twice before you go to that CheeseCake Factory and eating their food). 

Therefore when you visit other sites and read the reviews about test preparation material be sure to ask yours self a simple questions, who is writing this review, do they qualify to provide review, and what do they get out of this review, before clicking further into any of their links, and look at the overal facts presented on the page, and see how it can really help you prepare for your GMAT exam, because at the end of the day everybody's learning style is different. 
There is no secret that Tutoring Services, LLC is also writing this review for you to view more info about this product, and provide useful information that can help you make up your mind, and indeed we also get paid small affiliation comission fee in exchange for helping GMAT PILL spread the word, if we refer a GMAT student such as you! 

However this is not our core business model (although we would greatly appreciate it if you do check out GMAT PILL course and do use our links (at no additional cost to you to support our cause for future of education, and further helping other students prepare for GMAT exam and other exams at affordable price), our core business is to help local students in CT NY and NJ, by helping students get matched with the GMAT tutor and yes if you happen to be outside of the areas we specifically created business model just for you future Graduate student, to find local MGAT tutors or online tutors for only $15 for the first lesson,

eradicating the middle man recurring agency fees and helping you save money on your GMAT test preparation education when trying hire  a local or online GMAT tutor who can help you prepare for your exam with the highest level of learning effectiviness (especially if you use both tutor and intercombination of study guides listed on this site such as for example this very same GMAT PILL online course).  We figured this is the best thing we can do for anyone outise of CT NY and NJ area specific set of counties.

For anyone locally in our tri state area area in specific counties we have managed tutoring agency based business model where we provide over the phone support and higher quality match between GMAT tutor and GMAT student helping both parties find each other, and therefore charge recurring agency fee that is still one of the smallest if not the the smallest in comparison to other companies in all 3 states (that still somehow managed to operate charging students insane agency fees!), helping students who are preparing for GMAT easily find tutors and helping them increase their chances of getting better GMAT Score and getting admitted into their Graduate School. 

At the end of the day face it, it's all about how well you can prepare your self for the future, and with so many companies out there spread out on the internet providing low quality of service it's getting more and more difficult to find reputable resources or companies for that matter to help you prepare for your GMAT course.  Tutoring Services, LLC is realizing that students need hel

Plus remember something else, just because other students got good score on GMAT doesn't mean you will too!  It all depends on your learning style.  I tell that not only to GMAT test prep takers, but also to students who are trying to become lawyers accountants, teachers, educators, project managers doctors, you name it.

I simply use my knowledge of math, patterns and engineering skills, network consulting skills to recognize which test preparation methods on the market are good for GMAT and which ones are bad, and with the help of my team I can quickly relay this information to GMAT student who is really in the rush of trying to get into graduate school and simply needs help.  Think of Tutoring Services, LLC as your guide. 

So what do I think about this course?

GMAT PILL happens to be a good course, and can save you tons of time, allowing you steadily prepare on your own.  Take a look how the course is organized and what's included.  It has lots of static materials, and mobile support which is definitely great for students on the go, for example when i am on the train i love just going through flash cards to get my self familiarized with content before diving into the core of the course.




What do I think of this course in comparison to other courses that i seen online in other industries.


What I do not see are things like ability to calculate things in question using hand written recognition of math symbols automatically converting hand written symbols into math computable information, making it easy to compute answers and figure out answers.  However then again on the actual test you wouldn't have that either, however it would be nice to have something like that for quicker way to solve math concepts. 
This is something that I integrated together in the whiteboard math tutoring software for my company for more info about my math tutoring white board check out here.
However something like is very difficult to pull for an ordinary company unless they are serious about offering online tutoring options, and GMAT Pill happens to be self guided resource and that's the main quality and attribute of it, which makes it easy to prepare for your GMAT exam at your own time without having to schedule any type of real time 1 on 1 tutoring.

What I also would like to see is something that believe it or not, i do not see a lot offered by companies and that is what so called Adaptive Learning.  Adaptive learning is an absolute kick ass type of learning method, almost as if it's straight out of science fiction movie.  However these type of highly creative and innovative test prep methods I have only seen in accounting industry for some of the test prep companies (not all) who specialize in  helping Accounting students become CPAs, for example this one.
Where basically test prep course automatically adjusts format of the course based on your learning style wow, I wish they had this in GMAT PILL course, same type of adaptive learning mechanism. 
However this is a different test, and way different from CPA, but i see no reason why similar method of learning can't be leveraged by GMAT Pill, because at the end of the day not everyone's learning style is the same, by making course a bit more intelligent being able to adapt to the GMAT test prep taker's learning style it would be possible to increase overall learning state of effectiviness, helping students save even more time when preparing for their studies. 

But then again, 1 month study plan seems to be short amount of time for test like GMAT, anyway so perhaps such level of adapitive learning methodology wouldn't really be needed for GMAT test.  However note, don't just study blindly with 1 month study plan for GMAT and expect you get a good score.  Yes that is all great course prep material is designed to super boost your chances of getting high score and basically maximizing your possibility of getting admitted into graduate school, but don't forget that not every student has the same level of educational background. 

Some students for example simply didn't go to the right college, that didn't have much emphasis on academics, and as a result you may have been neglected over the years by your school wher you went to without even realizing that it is the case!  Therefore to really understand where you are at in your GMAT test preparation journey consider taking practice test when you sign up with GMAT PILL course and then see where you at score wise. 

If you discover something shocking that you are really far away from your goal, then do not just blindly believe that 1 month will be enough!  Reinforce your study skills with the help of a local tutor or online tutor or even get the help of the study partner locally or online, if you really bad at studying on your own.  Advantage of study partner  can be the fact that you can split your tutoring expenses and save money on education with your study partner. 

In fact our company helps students find the type of tutors who would actually be ok teacing group of study partners, and help you save money, this is what we do for CPA accounting students, our business concept is very similar for GMAT test (and given the fact that you are trying to get into business school it would be easier for you to understand, if not then you will definitely need to enhance your academic skills a bit further), for more info about study partners and what we do for accounting students, and how we can apply similar tactic as other students in other industries to help your self money, click here. 

Similarly we help GMAT tutors just like we help CPA students as described here find local/online tutors.  Note I constantly refer to CPA? Why?  Well simply because it's easier to provide contrast and comparision to other industries, so you are not just glued to the screen inside the world of GMAT only and know what exists out there, plus who knows you may end up after getting your business degree going into accounting specialization or Information Technology or Investment Banking or any other field, helping you see this from different point of perspective and helping you realize how it all compared can make you get a bigger perspective in helping you realize what you are getting for your money, plus you actually get to see how we help students and what our goal and mission is.

If you think this GMAT PILL course is expensive, see at the bottom of this page how much other providers charge, or better what see what other students pay in other industry such as accounting, where some courses go up to 3k!  So what you are getting here is a heck of a lot more for less

Study with more then JUST GMAT PILL

Note Studying for your GMAT exam with only GMAT PILL is not recommended, feel free to check out what other GMAT books are being sold by students directly at your school.  Tutoring Services, LLC is going GREEN, helping students in colleges and universities save money on their book expenses, avoiding the middle man, helping the world stay GREEN by reusing old books from other students, and also providing you with flexibility to find cheapest books online from multiple bookstores, making it easier for you to tackle your GMAT test preparation needs at affordable price.  Check out books from multiple book stores or list book online directly in your school and have another student buy it from you direct, or you buy it directly from the other student.  No agency fees, and no middle man.

 Note though studying with only book for GMAT is not as effective as studying with the actual course, plus studying with the book is kind of boring if you ask me. However, it all depends on learning style, some times intercombination of reading and watching videos and leveraging other materials in GMAT PILL and getting help from the local tutor whose tutoring expenses you can split with the study partner can be one of the most effective ways to prepare for your GMAT test.

See what other students say about GMAT PILL


"I started taking practice tests about a month ago and started off at a 620 (Q44 V32). Since then, I purchased your SC and RC pills and in one month, I have been able to improve my verbal score to a 38 — SC has gone from 60% to 93% correct and RC 58% to 67%!"

                                         Lisa (Deloitte Consultant)


"Just wanted to let you know that I received a score of 760 (49Q, 45V) on Saturday. Thanks to your platform I was able to push the score up from 680 (43Q, 41V) earlier in January!"

                                        Alexander (760)



Official Score reports from students who used GMAT PILL


Alternative options if you do not like GMAT PILL GMAT 166x166