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NCLEX RN Exam Info & Details

nclex rn nursing exam info

Prepare for your NCLEX RN Exam with Best Study Materials

If you are think of studying for your NCLEX-RN exam and not entirely sure what to start from, where to start from studying, how to study, what's on the test, how to save money, which sections on the exams, what test prep companies are the best to help you study for your nursing exam and wondering how to get certified, then you reached the right place. This site is designed to provide test preparation guidance to the future Nurses, by helping them chose right study materials and save money.


Want to know where to get dirt cheap NCLEX-RN books?

Journey, from nursing school to state board exam can be a tough challange especially for nurses that are also moms, Rome Wells realizes that. Rome Wells also realizes that you don't have a lot of money to spend on education, which is why Rome Wells precisely built book search engine for you future RN, in fact Rome Wells built multiple search engines from all sorts of angles that can help you save money in one way shape or form.


Want dirt cheap NCLEX-RN books? Forget useless apps try something more concrete and physical and in your hands that you can sit and read dirt cheap!  Go here, compare prices, buy books from the cheapest bookstores, Save environment and Save Trees, help earth stay GREEN, cheaper than self guided courses or tutors (but not as good as courses or as tutors, or perhaps... not the same.... in terms of learning effectiviness) Compare prices and select the best NCLEX books or sell your book directly on college campus.  Powered By Tutoring Services, LLC to help you save money on education! However, before you buy book view other NCLEX-RN Study Guide resources here which are better than books!



Money Saving Advice from Rome Wells to future Registered Nurses

If Rome Wells have messaged you direct, then don't hesitate to reply back and say hi, ask for test preparation advice, and any other questions that you may have regarding to which type of NCLEX-RN study guides are best for your individual needs.  Also, for some of the study guide resoures that you may find on this site, there are may also be discount coupons available, helping you save money on your educational NCLEX RN test preparation expenses, therefore feel free to ask Rome Wells if they are available (Note: discount coupons are not always available, and their availability depending on the promotional time period offered by a particular NCLEX RN test preparation company, hence definitely be sure to Ask Rome Wells



Studying for Registered Nurse NCLEX-RN exam doesn't have to be hard

Studying for your exam doesn't have to be difficult, indeed trying to become registered nurse is an important carrer journey in your medical life.  However the good news is you are not alone there are multiple students who are also in the process of becoming registered nurse, and our company Tutoring Services, LLC has created this site specifically to help you futur Registered Nurse get through your test prep certification journey, and help you increase your chances of becoming registered nurse and dominate your NCLEX-RN exam

With so many materials on the market for Nursing exam it's tough to make up your mind which one is truly the best for your particular NCLEX RN test preparation needs

          With so many test prep materials available, on the market it becomes extremely difficult to decipher which test prep material is good to prepare for your medical nursing NCLEX RN exam and what's not.  To help you get through this decision we compiled multiple test preparation resources together to help you figure out what's best.  We have also included basic exam info in a nice visual layout to help you quickly understand what is on the test, how long is the test, what is the format of your nursing exam, what sections are covered.



Speaking of FREE NCLEX-RN Practice Questions

Many students who are at their final clinical nursing school stage, and final semester of nursing school, try to anxiously study for this rigorous adaptive, exam.  Rome Wells realizes that this is why Rome Wells decided to put some FREE How to Study Smart Essentials video and some free NCLEX-RN practice questions for you to study from

My advice is, if you enjoy the practice questions and the video and would like to get access to full course and more questions then definitely consider purchasing the full course access, and be able to study on the go, especially when you are in the train or tired after nursing school and want a free relaxed non-structurual way to prepare for your exam. 

Here is the link to help you get started, one of the NCLEX-RN Test Prep vendors who I listed happen to provide many FREE Practice Questions and How to Study Smart Essential Video, extremely great value especially for students who are at the end of their semester studies and simply not confident enough about their overall test preparation efforts. 

Rome Wells highly recommends preparing with multiple resources, such as FREE Practice Questions, How To Study Smart Essentials FREE video any other NCLEX books that you may have been exposed to in the past and most definitely study with the comprehensive course. 

Discover ways for how to improve your score

Trying to tackle your nursing exam?  Did you know that preparing with multiple test preparation materials can help you better prepare for your NCLEX-RN exam?   There are many books availabe on the internet and many ways to prepare for your test, however, books tend to be boring, not motivating enough and often do not relay information in a dynamic manner. 

Preparing from Multiple resources can help you get better score


Studying from books is a great way to prepare for your test, however reading type of learning style is not for everyone.  Some students are more visual type of learners, and some students prefere to learn new materials by mostly reading. Our company has done extensive research about NCLEX-RN exam and we have pooled together different methods to prepare for it all in 1 site.

We will share with you detailed Analys of each NCLEX-RN product and help you make your decision in regards to which test prep product is best for you.

Rome Wells will share with you his analysis about particular nursing test preparation product, that can help you study for your exam and show you each individual study material in detail, helping you better make up your mind in regards to which type of test prep material is best for you.   Note many studens study from multiple materials, for example studying with the video course, and then reinforcing it with the book content and practice questions. 




Some of you may say, well who to hell is Rome Wells and why on earth should I even listen to him? 

After all he is not a nurse, how can he know about this state board exam so much?   All of these are valid questions. Rome Wells talks to a lot of nurses, and students who are either in the process of their clinical studies, or in the last semester of nursing school, he has Facebook Group associated with NCLEX test prep, and happens to even own local tutoring agency in CT NY and NJ specializing specificaly in match making nursing managed tutors with students who need help in Nursing exam.  In fact you can check out his sites here,

Local nursing students work directly with his local tutoring agency company in CT NY and NY and even NJ where they can ask for help and his agency Tutoring Services, LLC helps local nursing students who are in their final or even initial stages of their nursing program and clinical completion program to prepare for state board certification NCLEX-RN exam, by either match making them with tutors or by recommending them self guided materials or intercombination of both! 

Looking for NCLEX-RN tutor can't master your exam on your own?

Oh speaking of tutors.... if you are outside of CT NY and NJ.... and happen to want a tutor... someone who can help you prepare for NCLEX-RN exam.... well then read this article before you decide what type of tutor you should get, this article is tailored towards military students but concept is the same, knowing the difference between the type of tutors you hire to help you prepare for your NCLEX-RN exam, can mean huge money saving!

Then after reading this above referenced linked article navigate to if you want independent tutor or simply navigate to one of our local tutoring agencies sites listed earlier in this article especially if you are residing in CT NY or NJ to request managed tutor, who can meet you directly your home in Fairfield, Westchester, New Haven or Bergen Counties. 

If after reading this link that shows differece between managed and independent tutor (addressed towards different audience not nursing) you realized that you want online NCLEX-RN managed tutor and happen to be outside of Fairfield, Westchester, New haven and Bergen counties, then navigate to this site to see how we can help you get online managed NCLEX-RN tutor to help you get matched with one and help you perpare for NCLEX-RN exam in addition to whatever test preparation materials that you find on this site, maximizing your overall learning effectiviness and chances of passing your NCLEX-RN exam!

Note there is huge difference between independent and managed tutors.  So if you truly are feeling not prepared for your NCLEX-RN knowing this difference can help you make intelligent decision. Not knowing this will result in you spending either more money, on your test preparation expenses for NCLEX-RN.

Rome Wells provides valuable recommendations and advice and study tips, for future nurses, his team analyzes multiple nursing test preparation company resources that exist out there on the internet for NCLEX-RN exam, and strikes partnerships with them to hook you up with some discount coupons on NCLEX-RN study courses !  Rome Wells uses his incredible brain power that he managed to develop from being simple network security engineer to create logical chains of partnerships between nursing test preparation vendors. 

So what on earth does it all mean? It means more affordable test prep education for you future nurse!


It means being able to get cheaper study materials for your state board exam, being able to save money on education and being able to actually get useful advice, and not only that, but also even motivated to study for this exam!   Rome Wells provides methods for nursing students to even increase their chances of making money!  You simply do not see any of the test preparation vendors out there who do any of that!  If anything.... they ask you for money.. and don't really provide any other opportunities or provide any motivation for you to prepare.


Plus most of them simply preach how you should buy their NCLEX-RN test prep materials as oppose to someone elses! Well guest what Rome Wells is an independent advisor and not some greedy company who brain washes you to buy only their study guides or test preparation materials!  So if you truly want independent advice and truly want to see best advice for your test prepartion journey then don't hesitate to continue reading....

In fact see how Rome Wells and his company helped other students in other professional fields!


Take a look how Rome Wells helps students become doctors, take a look how Rome Wells helps educators and future teachers prepare for their state exams

Take a look how Rome Wells, helps Accounting students become certified for their state exams.

Take a look how Rome Wells helps future lawyers!

Take a look how Rome Wells, helps IT Network Engineers in their career

Take a look how Rome Wells, helps Project Managers become certified.

Take a look how Rome Wells, helps business graduates pass their exams.

Take a look how Rome Wells, helps College students take their placement exam and save money on education.

Take a look how Rome Wells, helps military students enter military field and pass military tests.

Here is how Rome Wells helps middle school students enter private schools.

Oh one more thing.... Rome Wells is a Breakdancer (check out his crazy moves), Former Certified Math Teacher for the State of CT, Educational Advocate and a math Tutor.

Oh Rome Wells also happens to be an author check out some books for educators helping them pass their state teacher certification school entrance program exam.

If Rome Wells can help others prepare for this exam by providing useful study tips and advice and helping students decipher their cryptic exam details and helping them save money on education and even showing them opportunities for how to make money and helping them engage into these opportunities, then surely Rome Wells can do the same thing for you future RN nurse!  Remember study smart, with multiple resources and use intercombination of study methods! 

Don't just buy cheap book and expect to pass your NCLEX-RN, in many cases some students simply find cheap book not enough.  Studying from courses is way less stressfull more convinient and just in simple words easier and also in many cases help you save time studying, depending on what type of course you get!

Wow I had no idea who Rome Wells was, how else can Rome Wells help me?

Hence if you have brother or a sister or a loved one, or someone who you truly care about succeeding academically, regardless if it's test for your college entrance, doctor, lawyer or whatever it is, send them reference to this site, StudyGuide.NET they will thank you for doing so, i am sure they all somehow want to either save money on education or find out how to increase their chances of making money and being motivated to study!

Facebook NCLEX RN Study Group join today!

Also one more thing join this NCLEX-RN group it was opened recently, but this group was created for students to exchange study tips with each other, ocassionally we will share secrets in that group, study tips, coupon discounts to help you save money, and recommendation advice for your test preparation journey.

So what that means is, his team and his company researchers who are part of Tutoring Services, LLC simply know what tests are made of and how they are made of what format they are made of, and what strategies exist to prepare for them. 

In fact Rome Wells even helps nurses make money!  Something that you rarely see anyone ever do on the internet!  

For example he offers nursing students who passed their state board exam, methods to teach other nursing students on part time basis locally or online and make extra part time income, for example one of his sites is helps nurses register and list themselves as independent tutors.

In fact if you pass your NCLEX-RN exam consider coming back to this site and simply registering as an independent tutor, and advertising your NCLEX-RN Tutoring services free of charge! 

Also for dirt cheap books Rome Wells Created another site, called UsedCollegeBooks.NET visit there and compare cheapest book prices and buy NCLEX books from cheapest bookstores or even buy direct from other students avoiding greedy middle man fees!  However, books are not the best way and most convinient way to study with so be sure to read Rome Wells reviews of courses here.

   Oh and one more thing, Rome Wells happens to be a kick ass IT Engineer, meaning he is an actual Network and Security Engineer and also creating in the process another site called RateMySchool.NET giving you flexibility to even rate your nursing schools, or seeing what other students say about that school, helping you avoid useless mistakes of joining wrong nursing schools (still in development but you can check out preview).  The bottom line is Rome Wells is a great guy who care about nursing students. 

What if Rome Wells messaged me?

Hence if you ever get a chance to actually get a message from him, feel free to say hi!  He is here to help you out make the right decision and help you with your test preparation journey and your educationl path. 

Rome Wells is truly an advocate for education and from the bottom of his heart truly cares about your test prepartion succes and want you to pass that state board exam.  Reason for that is simple, if you actually pass, then you are more then likely to teach others and want to make part time income helping other students.  Rome Wells benefits from that as well, since Rome Wells benefits from that as well it's important for Rome Wells to ensure that nursing students are prepared as much as possible for their NCLEX-RN exam. 

How exactly does Rome Wells benefit? 

Well if you happen to pass your NCLEX-RN exam and happen to be one of the type of nurses who wants to make part time income, then you can register on his site offering your tutoring services and declare first trial lesson for $15 and adveritse your NCLEX-RN tutoring services. 

This way student can try your lesson for $15 then after that first lesson student can work with you directly ($15 would go towards agency), avoiding insane comission tutoring agency recurring fees and helping you future nurse make some extra income on part time basis by working directly with the student after student pays $15, and helping you future nurse make money.

So Rome Wells does not only help you prepare for this NCLEX-RN exam, but he truly motivates you to prepare for it by helping nurses increase higher chances of obtain more opportunities.  So do not just think of passing this exam as you passing your state board test so you can get a job  and become a nurse, think beyond that! 

Think that you can also maximize your chances of making income tutoring other nursing students on part time basis after working all day at work or during weekends!  Note Rome Wells doesn't just help nurses with the same opportunities, he similarly helps accounting students who pass their CPA exam similarly!   Take a look how Rome Wells helps CPA accounting students who pass their CPA exam make money.  Similar concept is for nurses!









Check out this course below to help you through your NCLEX-RN Test Prep Journey


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