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For CPA accounting Students

If you are CPA accounting student and trying to prepare for your CPA exam, then read how you can be motivated to study for your exam, while also saving money on your exam and even setting your self up to make money in addition to your full time corporate job as a CPA on part time basis helping other students. If you are still CPA student thinking about taking your exam, click here to continue reading.

For CPA accounting Tutors



Why become independent CPA Accounting tutor and advertise with us

Tired of getting listed on CPA sites that charge you money?  We are not saying you should not do that since it does increase your exposure to CPA students, however best way to really advertise your self is to either create your own cpa tutoring site, or get help from a company like Tutoring Services, LLC and get the following benefits or do both.



Ok this part of the article is a bit about our business system, you can skip that if you like, it provides reasons of why it's a good idea to actually get help from Tutoring Services, LLC to help you get marketed as a CPA accounting tutor, feel free to skip that since there is a lot of information not necessarially related to CPA exam itself, but rather under the hood reasoning of how we get tutors, why we get them, why we help students etc.

Our local tutoring network intercombined with our own blogs can help us drive student traffic

Our local tutoring network is designed to help students prepare for CPA accounting exam, while simultaenously providing inbound links in the direction of site like for example, that is interconnected to variety of different business tactics, holistically designed to provide student value, help students save money and provide tutors with opportunities to make part time income helping students.  

We leverage, RSS feeds and custom APIs

We interconnect sites, through multiple RSS feeds, custom APIs and many methods to automatically update many sites at the same time, something that no ordinary tutor in CPA Accounting can pull off, unless of course they are technology expert in programming, advertising, it consulting, SEO and many other things in between and managed to pump in hundres of thousands of dollars into ther advertising network and 10000s of hours.  
Which clearly is not realistic for an ordinary tutor who simply want to make some extra income teaching CPA accounting exam being able to pull this off.
In the case of Tutoring Services, LLC we are able to pull this off, simply because we do that concept not just for CPA exam but for other exams as well, and use multiple tutoring business systems in the mix as well as other systemts to drive student traffic.  Hence sometimes when we jump into particular industry, out of a sudden many blog sites, test prep vendors, and review blog sites, students, and tutors quickly learn about us.  We are able to do that for each exam PMP, LSAT, CPA, MCAT, GMAT, GRE teacher cert exams etc fairly quickly, simply because many of the concepts about learning principles are the same.  

One cool thing about our business strategy is that when we do one thing it effects multiple sites!  Really cool.

Every time we add an article in any of our networked sites (designed by NetworkConsultant.NET), our goal is to have student locally in particular CT NY or NJ county call us and ask us for help to get them matched with the tutor, because if we can do that, we can create money on comission basis in our local tutoring business model helping Accounting Students get matched with the right type of experts and maximizing their chances of passing their CPA accounting exam.  
We realized entire tutoring industry is full of scammers and companies who just do not really provide value other then just listing tutors on site and charging them insane comission fee without really providing much other value.  We decided to take a different approach and move across multiple horizontal and vertical direction at the same time.  

Which means we would be creating pages, of unique content, across many sites, that content would be as unique as possible in local area, and we would interlink and internetwork sites together, resulting in what so called Synergetic daisy chain effect of being able to help local students and being able to help local tutors as well as being able to help online accounting students.  Therefore anytime we add a page on our site, it replicates, resulting in people in one way or another finding us.  

About our SEO Strategy

Each page uses different keywords and meta data, and titles. Hence when we add any of the content on any of our sites, for us it's just a regular thing to do since we are trying to attract local students while for other sites out there who focus strictly on CPA exam reviews, it's about creating only CPA Accounting pages geared only to sell courses and only talking about how great the course is and why students should buy it, that is not our core business model.
We believe education should not be just about talking about how great the CPA Accounting test prep course is and why student should buy it.  We believe that it should about providing student variety of learning methods, study paths, road to succes, and options rather then simply providing reviews about particular online test prep course and hoping someone buys them (which is precisely what many blog sites do), because at the end of the day, every body's learning style is different from each other.  If the learning style is different, that means CPA exam test taker student can learn better using one method as oppose to another.  Providing multiple local and online learning methods to the student as a supplementary way of preparing for Accounting exam is what we believe in.  

In our case if let's say student called us and said, I would like to get some help, please help me find local tutor in CT, NY, NJ, and tell us that they want one for $10 per hour, then instead of telling students sorry we can't help, which is what majority of tutoring companies do, instead we simply suggest self guided resources to the student.   Or if the local student asks us to help them find a tutor within their budget then we can do that too, however if budget is too low we would actually advice student that it's to low for particular area and recommend alternative.  
This level of flexibility simply is not offered by any other tutoring or test prep companies out there, simply because their strategy is either to match make tutors locally.... and charge insane comission agency fee which is a complete scam unless the fee is reasonable and agency provides value, or companies simply chosing to become test prep only online and unable to really do anything locally due to expensive marketing needed to combat any of the local tutoring learning centers or any colleges, resulting in many students being under served for their learning needs.   Our company decided to bridge that gap and help students

Since we believe in that, it's very easy for us to kill multiple birds with one stone, help out students locally by providing them method to get matched with the high quality accounting expert locally with the help of an agency (since getting local expert is a lot harder then online and takes way more money to market this is just one of the small reasons why we charge small agency recurring fee for that business model and only in specific states and selected counties of CT NY and NJ)

Or simply if we do not have a tutor locally we provide alternative method for students to prepare using either self guided methods or through our sister tutoring site, that lists independent tutors free of charge where many of them provide first lesson free, and Tutoring Services, LLC only charges student $15 for the first lesson, and afterwords student and tutor can work together without any agency fees.
Therefore since we are able to leverage so many mechanisms to attract CPA accounting students, it only make the most sense for us to help out students who literally passed their CPA exam and wanting to make some extra income tutoring by becoming a tutor, to provide a reward for such students for being so motivated and passing their exam and helping other students. At the end of the day, it's just a right thing for us to do.  
Note what we do with one article, other test prep review sites can spend creating 100 articles and it still won't be as effective as a single article that we create, simply because our pages replicate across many sites of our network and create inbound links from unique content pages, plus we use social media sites and other sites to intermix content.  
We put as much energy as possible into getting local students to find us, and as the bonus side effect we sprinkle the links in the inbound direction of our site and other pages, as for example shown in the image, using different anchors, under different content, that is not 100% the same.  In case if you are reading this and wondering how we can help you get marketed don't hesitate to contact us from the contact page at the bottom of this site.  If for example you want to dominate your local area, we can provide strategy for how to do so as part of our advertising consulting fee service.
Plus it helps us generate revenue, in a way that doesn't destroy tutor's wallet, helping tutors increase their chances of making money, and paying off their college loans, which are not gettin any cheaper as they years go on.
Therefore, If you just got your CPA and thinking it's just the matter of craeting your own site and advertising youself, you can do so, but rememeber one fact, competition in Accounting CPA industry is huge, hence sometimes it simply makes more sense to team up with someone to crush your competition.  That someone can be Tutoring Services, LLC helping you be advertised as a tutor.  
Plus remember, being CPA is not the most exciting thing to do for some falks out there, some people simply never even thought of themselves that for the living they can be CPAs, until one day they just sort of decided to major in accounting degree.  For Some people it maybe something interesting and that's why they are on this site, but for others it's just intermediate step to get a career.  However the shocking truth is, the earning from full time accounting job is not enough.  

What 100k seemed like a good salary before in many states it became not as much as it used to (that is not say that you will be getting 100k per year as soon as you become CPA in many states it's simply not the case), resulting in accountants doing some part time work.  Well that part time work can either be tutoring or it can be like in the case of this new Ben Affleck movie "Accountant" doing something else (the last part about Ben Affleck and the movie Accountant was a joke :) , but anyway the point being made here is that, if you are becoming CPA don't just become one so you can work as a slave for a corporate company, have a bit of your own freedom on the side and earn some money on part time basis as well.
Plus you can expand to other branches of accounting and providing even more part time tutoring on the side as well.  For example if you were good in math, you can tutor math or other subjects.  
If it makes sense for you to tutor accounting and you got a good passing score and know subject matter very well anyway, hence there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn't try becoming a tutor. I am personally a breakdancer and love to breakdance and i don't mind teaching breakdancing either.  If you are an accountant and don't mind doing accouting then surely you wouldn't mind tutoring for some extra income.  In regards to breakdancing i wasn't kidding either. Check our breakdancing tutoring page here.

Attention CPA students 


Find out how you can save money on your CPA Accouting Test Preparation studies and how you can even make money after you pass your exam.


Discount coupons money saving tactic

In quick summary what this page is designed for, is to help CPA exam test takers save money on their educational expenses.  We will share with you methods for how you can save money on CPA test preparation resources with discount coupons that we will conviniently list on this very same page.   Using our coupons you can save money on your CPA test preparation expenses.

Saving and Making money on Accounting books tactic

We will also share secret tactics how you can save money on college books or even make money on college books by getting rid of your old books that you don't need and selling them directly to other students on college campus.  Often students want to buy books, but only can buy them online, and end up paying for shipping or standing in long college book store lines just to get a book for your college accounting class. 

Tutoring Services, LLC realized that it's  a major pain, and created specifically a search engine for College students who can buy and sell books directly from each other avoiding middle man and helping environment stay GREEN.

Make money tutoring CPA subject opportunity for tutors and future CPA exam test taking students who want to make extra part time income helping other students prepare for CPA test.

We will also share opportunities for how you can actually make money tutoring other students by helping them prepare for CPA exam in their local area or online and make extra part time income after working full day at your corporate job as a CPA.  To make these saving & making money concepts easier for you to understand we represented them visually for you.



Or you can continue reading further to see how we can help you save money.







 Verified CPA tutor icon

 Where there is CPA Study Guides, there is also tutors

Premium Triple Boost Advertisement Opportunity


Also one more thing if you see Rome Wells reach out to you direct

Don't hesitate to respond back to him, in some cases for some courses if there is a promotional period he can hook you up with discount coupons, or provide suggestion or recommendation advice based on your overal educational background helping you make up your mind in regards to which direction your career should go or what study materials are the best to prepare with etc. Everybody's learning style is different, hence advice can also end up being different.  

Also Rome Wells has exposure to different fields, not just Accounting and if he sees you are in the wrong path in your career he can suggest alternative path and provide advice and guidance.  Rome Wells simply knows the market and simply knows what careers exist out there, and provides advice not only to accounting students, but to future Doctors, future Lawyers, Future Business Graduate students, Project Managers, and even IT Network Security Engineers.

Rome Wells is independent reviewer, and simply has better understanding of entire market in comparison to any typical CPA former student or even someone who is in accounting profession. Simply because Rome Wells sees information from multiple angles, by using knowledge that he has obtained throughout creation of various business models, tutoring math, teaching breakdancing (yes a bit irrelevant and a bit funny, but its true I happen to be also a breakdancer), providing IT consulting, running tutor match making company, being an author, educational advocate and much more and providing advice to multiple types of students, amongst many other things..  








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