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MathBooster Teacher Certification Diagnostic Study System Detailed Study Guide

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MathBooster Detailed Study Guide
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Boost your Math Skills and prepare for Praxis Core Math Exam with confidence!

Tutoring Services, LLC has done it once again, and pulled of incredible detailed study guide that can help students prepare for their Praxis Math exam either 5732 or for 5751 combined math only section.  MathBooster Detailed Study Guide is part of the teacher certification diagnostic study system, the very same system that was designed by Tutoring Services, LLC for Biology test preparation course named BioBooster which you can look at here if interested.

Disclaimer: We are not affiliate with ETS official test maker of Praxis Math 5732 and 5751 Test.  All trademarks belong to their respectful owners.  ETS Makes many other tests as well not just Praxis, however many students simply find that official test preparation materials for this exam are not enough, which resulted in many educators failing exam. 

We help maximize your chances of passing your exam

Our company Tutoring Services, LLC is helping such educators maximize their chances of passing this exam.  Note under no circumstance, do we guarantee that you will pass your exam.  However, we do help you maximize your chances of improving your score.


In this article founder of Tutoring Servics, LLC and author of this book, presents MathBooster product, designed to help you prepare for your Praxis Math Core exam. Author also shares his story and raises self awareness questions about your inner you and guides you in the right path of either continuing in becoming certified teacher or simply reversing your decision into another profession.  

Rome Wells goal is not to sell you anything, but to help you make up your mind. Although if you do want to buy MathBooster do not hesitate to contact us from the bottom right corner chat window, or send an email to stating that you are interested in getting help and looking for some study materials that can help you study for Praxis Math Core exam.

This guide is for math part only not english

Note this Study Guide is only for Math part not English.  Depending on how many students express interest in reading section, our company may consider creating similar study guide for english section. 

This MathBooster detailed study guide is tailored towards future teacher certification students who are tying to pass their Praxis math exam and qualify to enter teacher certification program in college or university to eventually become a teacher.

Note this test is also taken by some other school candidates who are not going into teacher certification program.  Regardless if you are trying to become an educator or taking Praxis Math Core for any other reasons, this study guide is simply the right choice for you, especially if math is your weak subject.


Audience: Future Educators, and teacher certification candidates

Book Authored by Tutoring Services, LLC

About Authors:

Who is the founder of Tutoring Services, LLC and author of this book?


Founder of Tutoring Services, LLC is Rome Wells and contributing Author of this book as well.

Rome Wells is former secondary certified math teacher for the state of CT, who started working for the board of education at the age of 16, who launched local tutoring businesses in CT NY and NJ, and helped students get better grades throughout his career, while simultaneously working as Information Security and Network Engineer. His IT Engineering books you can see here.

Rome Wells is an academic advisor, educational advocate and simply knows what teachers want and what students want.  Many of the methods described in this book come directly from Rome Wells, from his years of experience tutoring other students math.  

Tutoring Services, LLC company helps educators become certified and make money

Tutoring Services, LLC is the company that Rome Wells founded a while back, that specializes in helping students save money on college education, find affordable, tutors, study guides and get better grades, as well as helping educators make money doing something that they love to do. His social media sites include pages like site like UsedCollegeBooks.NET and many others that he has founded.

Rome Wells has helped many students succeed, not only in teacher certification field sector, but in many other sectors ranging from military, medical, law, accounting, business, IT network engineering, nursing project managers, many other professional sectors.


Rome Wells (author's) Story of becoming a math teacher.

Hi, this story is about me Rome Wells and my journey about becoming certified math teacher. First of all I want to congratulate you in taking this long journey in achieving such an amazing dream of becoming a math teacher.

USA is a big country, and there are lots of big roads and lots of great activities, however to enjoy majority of these activities, live in a nice house and sleep well without having to to worry about your finances, takes a lot of courage, and a lot of passion.  It's also a good idea to have a goal in mind.  Goal that can help you put bread and butter on your table and feed you and your family.

My journey of becoming a certified math teacher for the state of CT was something that I had to do, not because I wanted to major in math, but because out of fear.  Yet that fear helped me to become who I am today.  Can you see your self in similar shoes?  Are you driven by fear? Or your goal?  Or your inner you?  Is your goal to feed the family and have rewarding career?

Can you hop across multiple fields and discover your self and what you actually want to do, or perhaps.... you are not sure how to discover your self and only taking this praxis math exam out of fear that you can not do any other profession?  

If you truly want to discover what Rome Wells teaches and how to discover your self read his blog here see how he attracts thousands of educators, colleges, universities, businesses, learning centers.  Read how he does it and jump outside of the bubble.... 

How to realize your dream of becoming a teacher or not

Goal that can help you realize your dreams, or perhaps goal that you may not be aware of your self and sort of considering teaching degree, but not really sure if it's right thing for you.  

Well let me tell you something honestly, from the bottom of my heart, from my perspective and my angle and what I think about math and what i think about teaching, and why I think it's important for you future teacher helping you realize your own goal, the goal of whether or not you truly want to become a teacher or perhaps the field is not for you.  As it was the case for me Rome Wells.... and what made me the way I am today.

What Rome Wells thinks about teaching and why what I think matters to you

Here is what I think about teaching.  First of all teaching is great, but it's not for me, teaching is amazing, but it is for me under certain circumtances and under certain conditions, teaching is rewarding only if you are seeing your rewards paid off, teaching is inspiring only if you gain that level of inspiration from students who truly reflect upon your efforts.   

Now let me tell you my story.  My story is simple, I am Rome Wells, here is my profile tutoring profile and it shows my teaching certificate in mathematics.


Is Math teaching truly right for you? (skip this paragraph if you are not planning on becoming math teacher)

I also know that possibly you are thinking on the back of your mind that perhaps you are not sure if teaching is right for you, perhaps you are thinking that is the only thing you can do, or perhaps you are thinking that you simply do not know what else is there better to do than to teach.  

I realize that, I understand that the decision of becoming a teacher and taking this exam is just one of the obsticles along your academic and career path.  I also realize that you are possibly in the stage of confusion and I realize that perhaps you are thinking teaching is not right for me, but I need to do something... and i may as well have that something to be... in elementary math teaching.....  

I realize... this is what you are thinking possibly on the back of your mind.   I understand it.  I am not here to brain wash your or tell you la la byes, instead i am here to help you future educator transition into the cruel world of education.

The reality about working in the field of education

The reality is, education is the degree that does not pay well at least in the educational industry type of job role in comparison to financial industies or even hot scilicon valley type of job roles in tech, the reality is, only if you truly enjoy what you do you can succeed, the reality is if you truly enjoy working with kids and teaching them math in class room settings and not afraid of stress and embrace it then you will never feel like you are at work.  

However, don't be fooled, by the reailty that others have created and bestowed upon you, do not be fooled, by the catchy marketing phrases spread across the internet luring you to becoming teacher, do not be fooled in going towards the path which you have not realized or reflected upon your self.  

What you may think is true about math career may only be the tip of the iceberg

Do not be fooled by the existence of reality that surrounds you, do not be fooled by the fact that others are better than you, do not be fooled that you can only do elementary education in math if your degree was in education and you have no foundation for any other career. 

I realize you are concerned, you want someone like Rome Wells to show you the right path, the path towards success, the path towards freedom, the path towards prosperity the path to happiness.   I realize you are possibly scared of this Praxis Core Math exam and I realize that you are thinking about taking it and moving on with your life and following the dream.

However I encourage you to think about your reality, listen to Katy Perry song chained to the rhythm and think about yourself from another angle, place your self in the shoes of anohter person, take your self and ask your self why you want to be a math teacher and why do you want to work for the state of Texas?  Ask your self, is it truly you?   

Do not make mistake others make

Now you may say wow, this is such a deep speech, it's so passionate it's soo inner... it's so... real....  The reason why i am telling you this is because I do not want you to make mistake, that other people make when they going to the field of teaching and becoming math teacher simply because they went to university received college degree in psychology or not so relevent degree to anything else and decided to fade themselves away with what's closest and most realistic.  

I understand that, but I also understand the concept of destiny, I also understand the concept of inner soul, and I understand that there is 2 of you, your inner you and your outter you.  

Your outter you is someone who is making decisions, based on the logics of the brain, and your inner you is something that guides you along the path, it's something that is within you, without even you realizing, or perhaps you sort of realizing it but no one really telling you about your inner you.    

Rely on your inner you to guide you

Your inner you, can either be, teacher, creator or healer.  Perhaps in previous life you were a healer, or perhaps creator or perhaps a teacher in one shape or form, and perhaps you do not even realize it.  

What I want you to do is to tap into your inner you and ask this question of whether you trully want to be a math teacher.  The best way to do that is to take a break, go to Hawaii enjoy the nature, and join one of the sound and relaxation centers, talk to the people in Hawaii and come back to Texas to rethink whether or no you truly want to be the math teacher.

Before taking Praxis Core math exam

I want you to do that, before you take that test, because after going to Hawaii, and attempting to discover your self, you may come up with a completely opposition conclusion of what you are aiming for.  This is precisely what happenend with me Rome Wells, when I traveled to Hawaii, in what so called a small island of Maui.  

Where I stayed in one of the house guests using airbnb and met an incredible yogi, who explained to me concepts of life and it made such a profound effect that my entire life turned 180 degrees in opposite direction in relationship and in regards to everything I was doing before.   What I learn on that island is the meaning of life, and what I learnt has helped me opene up my eyes, and see who I truly am.  

The realization that can help you open up your inner self

The realization that helped me open up my destiny, the realization that everything in life what I was doing was simply completely against my inner me, and what I learnt is how to tap into my own destiny and my inner me and realized something that math is more than numbers, instead it's a universal code that is pre-programmed within our habitat within our thoughts, within our presence within our daily lives.  Understanding this code from another perspective, from the standpoint of science and how it relates to my inner me is exactly what I discovered in Maui.  

Connecting with nature is the key to opening your inner self

When i went to Maui, I met one of Yogi from national geographic channel by pure accident and another yogi while staying as the guest in on of the houses using airbnb.  When i went to Hawaii, I was so connected with the nature and realization of who I am that when I got back from Hawaii to Connecticut, my entire concept of living flipped upside down.  

I realized that to reach that level of upside down state and tap into your inner self, you simply need to go with the flow, but still have relevant levels of planning in the mix of your journey, whichever journey it maybe.  Whether it's an academic journey or career journey in becoming elementary or middle or even high school teacher or doing something completely random such as selling yougurt or opening up your own bike shop.  

What is the bottom line before becoming a math teacher?

The bottom line is what i need you to do is to tap in your inner your first before becoming a teacher, it's either going to be the greatest thing you have done in your life.. and you will thank me later... your inner you may either agree with you and your path, that you have chosen or guide you in the different direction.  

For example if in previous life you were IT Engineer, then perhaps you were a creator in your previous life and your inner you may take you in the path of for example joining IT field and making more money than in teaching.  


What if the bottom line is for you to become someone else instead?

Or perhaps, joining field of accountants or project managers or information security professionals or something trade oriented, or selling stuff on amazon or perhaps running your own boutique store.  Or perhaps your mind is really in the business world or perhaps in military world and you do not even realize it.  

View other exams Rome Wells advocates and helps students prepare for here for project management, for business, for medical, for information technology, for military, for nursing. Education is not the only field where you can strive forward academically remember that.


Is education field really for you? 

Although yes, education is a nice field, you do get to have vacation in summer, and can tutor part time after school often making more money than in other professions, but that strictly depends on the area you are in.  CT NY and NJ are the hot areas to be in avg hourly tutoring rate is higher there for math teachers, however the lower the grade level is the lower teachers get paid for their tutoring efforts, for example elementary level teacher would get paid less than high school level teachers or college, hence picking an extra cert for higher grade level doesn't hurt.  

Doing well on the praxis core exam can help you boost up your tutoring profile and increase your qualification, even if you are not a math teacher, but taking praxis core exam only to satisfy your graduate teaching program requirement.

In either case I Rome Wells, teach not just math, but teach, spirituality, business, coding, information technology, marketing, cyber security and hacking, IT consulting, project management and pretty much anything that exists on this planet earth (or at least most of it). 

Now you may say how is that possible?  The answer is anything is possible if you put your mind to it, and being in multiple places across multiple industries not just education is also possible, but to remember don't spread your self thin or else.... you may end up being way 2 general and end up not needed anywhere.  


Picking core specialization matters

Hence always pick core specilization and core area of expertise.  Good news is..... with math as degree and solid business analytical skills..... you can never go wrong....

Anyway here is the link to learn more about me if interested, see how I created training college from scratch, see how i fight cyber crime, see how i help students to become accountants, doctors, lawyers, professors, educators, teachers, IT engineers, CIOs, spirtiual leaders and beyond, all by relating it back to concepts of math.  Hopefully this motivates you well enough to continue studying and getting certified in your Praxis Math Core exam (but only if your inner you tells you so)


Enough about me Rome Wells here is some tips for you, helping you better prepare for this exam

Ok enough about me after all you are here to learn and prepare for this exam, the best way possible.  Here are some tips to prepare for exam best way possible.

  • Study from multiple resources (not just this MathBooster resource, but other study guides as well)
  • Get help from a tutor (especially if you stuck, you will be surprised how much of a difference it makes to have someone face to face help you)
  • Ask your self constantly questions not about math problems and their solutions, but about their actual purpose and try to relate each question to real world example


Format of this Study Guide:  PDF

Methodology behind this Detailed Study Guide?

To help educators pass Praxis Math Core exam, by infusing brain power of Rome Wells directly into student's brain. (of course not medically, it's the figure of speech).  Study Guide is designed to be part of Diagnostic Study System, however what you are getting here is only Detailed Study Guide. 

Our Test Prep Core Framework Methodology

Our methodology and core framework for helping students prepare for this exam involves creation of test preparation materials that work togehter side by side in combination with one another to help students get better Praxis Math score. 

Praxis MathBooster Detailed Study Guide (a heart to the Diagnostic Study System) is simply one of the study resources which is part of the MathBooster Teacher Certification Diagnostic Study System, that helps you refreshen your math skills, memorization skills, especially for the type of educators who simply were never good in math, but attempting to become elementary school level teachers with minimum level of math needed in their future teacher ceritification career, or some other similar professions that simply doesn't require a lot of math.

What is MathBooster Teacher Certification Diagnostic Study System?


As you can see there are multiple study resources that are part of the diagnostic study systems, precisely 4 of them.  Our test prep methodology is all about first testing student, seeing how well they do, then having student go through the detailed study guide, and then if still not feeling confident getting help from online tutor sold seperately, and only after these 2 steps are complete, taking the post test to see how well you did after going through the detailed study guide. 

If score difference between your pre-test and post-test raw scores are clearly different and you see high level of improvement, then this helps you to get the overall level of understanding for how effective our MathBooster detailed study guide really is, and if indeed you saw major improvement in your test score on post test in comparison to pre-test, then the chances are that you have reached higest level of learning effectiviness for the math section area of your Praxis exam, thereby essentially giving you level of confidence that you need to go and take your Praxis math test.

Going through entire Diagnostic Study System is our recommended approach to anyone who is trying to prepare for this exam. I.e Purchasing pre-test, detailed study guide, optional online live tutor sold seperately and a post test.

Note this approach is recommended, however as mentioned earlier, detailed study guide was also designed to be sold seperately.  For many students who simply do not want to bother spending money on pre-tests and post-tests, and instead simply prefer purchasing MathBooster Detailed Study Guide and combining it with any other test preparation resources found on the market for better learning effectiviness, then this can also be a valid option.

However, your level of learning effectiviness for the content area covered in the detailed study guide in conjunctions with what is shown in pre-tests and post-tests, may be significatnly different, and if you end up studying with the wrong materials, this can also result in possibly failing your exam. 

Reason for that is simple, our pre-tests and post-tests are designed to be 1 to 1, meaning they are similar in nature, and they cover same topics that we cover in detailed study guide, and they make references to the detailed study guide, helping you reinforce your level of understanding even further. 

If you end up getting other type of materials on the internet you simply won't get that same level of learning effectiviness as you would with this specialized diagnostic study system, specifically designed by Rome Wells for future educators such as yourself.


What is exactly being sold here?

Now that you understand what our MathBooster diagnostic study system is, take a look at the actual resource number 2 (which is Detailed Study Guide that is listed here for you to consider purchasing for your Praxis Math Core test preparation journey.  What we further describe on this page is MathBooster Detailed Study Guide Resource.

 Note there are other resources that are part of of Teacher Certification Diagnostic Study System such as pre-test, online math tutoring and post-test.  However, this listing is all about Detailed Study Guide.













Liked what you seen?

Are you a student who failed Praxis math exam or didn't take it yet?

Vote here if you would like MathBooster Diagnostic Study Guide System created or not.  You can vote here 


I am an Online Test Prep Compay or a Tutoring Company, I really like the idea, how can I contribute?


If you are a tutoring agency or online test prep company and want to contribute.

You have 2 options, go to this site and vote that you want this Diagnostic Study System created,   We can either have you sign up as our affiliate partner where you can refer students to us and get share of revenue from every sale of the Diagnostic Study System (within exception of tutor) or contribute in other ways.


Way #1  Become 3rd party affiliate Tutoring Online Test prep company contributer

Help us recruit agency managed tutors, have them create this product and your company gets to be on this product with your company name below Tutoring Services, LLC's name showing as contributor.  You get to enroll tutor into our platform, you get to instructor the tutor to create Diagnostic Study System.  You get to manage your tutor who you enroll as agency managed tutor specifically for this subject or any other math subjects for which tutor is registered in.  You get to be the boss, and you get to preserve your company's identity under umbrella branding of Tutoring Services, LLC.  

You get to earn share revenue from each product sale and from share revenue every time tutor teaches.  You get to handle customer support and respond to student inquires either by phone or internal messenger or email and you get to make sure that agency managed tutor has created FREE practice questions and tutorials relevant to this product in their tutoring profile, helping agency managed tutor be differentiated.  You get to be the marketer of the agency managed tutor on lower level, and Project Management Company and get to be the graphic design company for content within the course and you get to be the match maker selling tutoring packages to students for this course.

So what will your agency Agency Managed Math Tutors get to do?

Agency managed Math tutor gets to be the actual content creators and gets to be managed and directed by your contributing 3rd party tutoring online test prep company. Tutor who you enroll will end up being your agency managed tutor, and you can match make this tutor in any other math subject on our tutor listing platform, neatly illustrated in the form of a discount tutoring package with well differentiating profile and make commission from each student you match make with your agency managed tutor.

Also will agency managed math tutors who end up creating MathBooster end up getting paid?

Yes Tutoring Services, LLC will pay them and you will also pay them, of course you do not have to pay them if you want smaller share of revenue.  If you want bigger share of revenue then you would pay for their fixed cost project to create pre-test, post-test and study guide as part of the diagnostic study system.  If you want smaller share then we would pay for the tutor and you get to project manage tutor.   System is smartly designed by a math tutor and engineer and network consultant Rome Wells himself (former Certified Math teacher for the State of CT) 

In either case, tutor will need to be provided incentive, and not just incentive in creating study guide, and pre-test and post-test, but incentive in making continuous recurring revenue from the product that student creates, by getting a small share from each sale.   This will hold tutor responsible and wanting to create better product, simply because if product is not good quality, then well… so are the earnings….   Simple as that…  Our company creates perfect equilibrium between what 3rd party agency gets and what tutor gets.

Can 3rd party agency enroll multiple agency managed tutors?

Yes with 2 tutors per product, one backing up another one primary.  With first tutor enrolled initially and 2nd followed at later stage, this way both agency managed tutors can make money and both must have practice tests and tutorials in their profiles and both must know in and out entire diagnostic study system content.  Primary and backup concept is used in every engineering project that I Rome Wells have created in the past in IT network consulting industry and carrying over that concept into this educational field as well.  If I can network binary numbers, I can network tutors, students, and agencies together in a way that makes sense, and that is precisely what my company Tutoring Services, LLC is intending to do.

How will my 3rd party Tutoring Agency manage  to convince agency managed tutors to create this product?

It’s very easy to convince tutors, to create this, because in comparison to other companies, there is a share of revenue involved.  Hence providing that the tutor who you enroll is both online tutor and content creator, than it’s no brainer for tutors willing to jump into such opportunities especially if they specialize in math. 

Plus any agency managed math tutors,  who work with us as agency managed tutors get to be more aggressively marketed than non-agency managed tutors, through sites like and Study Guide related sites and many other sites where students can find them.  Plus tutor actually gets to make money from tutoring students for this product relevant exam, and get to make money from product  sales of each individual component of Diagnostic Study System. 

No body does that, not 1 company that you find anywhere on the internet, and the ones that do, are nothing but greedy big corporations, who charge insane agency fees, fees that I Rome Wells founder of Tutoring Services, LLC intend to shrink in entire industry.  Unless you have a specific reason to hire high agency recurring fee that is justifaible do not charge high fee, students do not like that and that creates education non affordable.  Of course if the product is higher quailty then higher agency fee is justifiable.

Instead companies prefer to pay their tutors garbage rates in effort to minimize expenses, and resulting creating garbage products, those students are not happy about.   We make distinction to the math market clearly, that our agency managed tutors are simply the best in comparison to non-agency managed tutors, because they are specialized and get more incentives and because of that, they are more expensive and best.  Plus we simply do not enroll any one into our system unless they are trusted tutor, your agency would have to exercise the same algorithm that our company has created to verify tutor's trust before enrolling one.

 Of course students do not have to get our agency managed tutors, but that is the ultimate choice they would have to be willing to take. 

Most students who prefer to fail multiple times would not hire our agency managed tutors, and these who prefer to have higher chances of passing would most likely end up hiring our agency managed tutors.  In fact to help you better compare and see what is exactly the difference between agency managed math tutor and non-agency managed math tutor go here and see for yourself

If it’s so easy to convince tutors to create this product why isn’t Tutoring Services, LLC does it themselves?


Reason is simple, because we want agencies to make money too, and we want to improve quality in education and provide opportunities for tutors to make (to the select chosen few as agency managed and to 10000 of tutors who are not agency managed).  Plus we are not strictly educational company… you are… 

We are educational marketing company with recognizable name.  Just like when you see a movie and in the movie it says “Presented by Columbia Pictures” think of Tutoring Services, LLC as Columbia Pictures, and then in the move you see smaller names of other companies… think of your company as that smaller name… company… this is the best way we can explain who we are. 

Our goal is not to make you do all the work, and us not do anything.  We already created what we had to create, to get your attention, now it’s your turn to step up the plate and come forward if you truly think you are the best online educational test prep company and show us that you can create this and have your name along our name and get the opportunities for your company that you would not get otherwise.  Obviously we wouldn’t affiliate with 3rd party company who does not have any project management test prep development experience, you must have experience in creating mathematical content.


What if I am a math tutor myself, and also an agency and believe I can architect this course and even have my self being as agency managed tutor then get someone else to help down the road and enroll them as agency managed tutor, can I contribute?


If that is the case, in fact that is precisely the type of candidate we would provide priority to.  Why?  Well because you simply get to keep more money for your self without having to share with anyone by being agency managed tutor and managing your self, under umbrella of Tutoring Services, LLC.  However that also means, providing support to students for when they are trying to buy the product, or have any questions and being able to provide tutoring services on flexible basis to students and project manage creation of entire course and create content…. Are you up for it?  Are you the super math tutor that we are looking for?  If so definitely let us know by responding to this email or through chat icon on bottom right corner.


Wait but what will Tutoring Services, LLC do if some 3rd party agency gets to do all the work?

Tutoring Services, LLC will crush any math competitor on the way and be your personal marketing weapon as described in  (of course if you are not a contributor we can still fight on behalf of your company with advanced marketing weapons, we have custom packages for that, contact us if you need our help that’s what we do we market!) 

Plus you get to use our platform that allows you to differentiate tutors, and get to be strategized by Tutoring Services, LLC Network Consulting company who will set you in the right path of making money in this product and will also drive other students, helping you generate more money and obviously helping Tutoring Services, LLC generate money and will also help other companies who specialize in Test Prep as well make money by creating affiliate partnerships with them, and helping them become Tutoring Services, LLC affiliate partner, which in turn would make it possible for your company to generate revenue from sales brought by other agencies who teamed up with us as affiliate partners. 

Additionally we would use our inter combination of network tutoring sites and sites like sites like and many other sites that drive teacher traffic.  Plus depending on how you execute this Diagnostic Study System your 3rd party online tutoring/test prep company may also end up getting projects for other mathematics exams.  In either, case being contributor is much better than being simply affiliate and selling our product. 

Although it’s still good, because you get to make some money advertising our services and giving useful advice to students showing them how they can prepare for their math exam.  Of course you do not have to do any of that, and can just say I will create my own strategy.  In either case, whatever the case maybe we are here to help Tutoring Online companies and agencies.  Our goal is to make education high quality, while also provide options for affordability.

How many contributors can Tutoring Services, LLC have? 

There can be only 1 online test prep company, who project manages creation of the product, but you can always contribute by pointing link to our product or by joining our affiliate membership program, and we will return that favor for you in one way or another.