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Find out how you can prepare for CPA Accounting exam with the local tutor and increase your learning effectiviness! Secrets Revealed


Discover how you can prepare for your test with the help of a local accounting subject matter expert, someone who you can hire directly and get tutored directly at your home.  Continue reading to learn about the site that can help you find the right type of tutor. The best part about this site is that it doesn't actually charge you Tutoring Agency Comission fee.  Which means you can get fairly inexpensive tutor when preparing for your CPA exam, plus many of the tutors offer first Trial lesson for only $15

How do I know that? 

Well I know that because I created it myself, and have over 10,000 teachers teachers on it already (not just CPA ones).  Hence I wanted to extend this offering to CPA exam test taker students who are on the budget, and struggling to pass their CPA exam and simply looking for help from a local CPA tutor who will not charge an arm and the leg. 

Since there is no tutoring recurring comission agency fee from each hour as it is the case with the actual tutoring agency companies who charge whooping 40 to 70 percent from every hour lesson tutor does, you can actually can get pretty darn sweet deal for your self,  by getting a local tutor who can come directly to your home and help you study for your CPA exam at affordable rate. 

Note that is not to say that agencies are bad and you should not use them, that is not what i am saying here (in fact I own several local tutoring sites my self click here to see them), in some cases it's better to go through the agency then going on your own with the independent tutor from a site that simply allows tutors get registered on and listed free of charge. After all some tutoring agencies offer verification of the tutor, background check and actual in person over the phone support line, and other bells and whistles such discount packages etc.



Why in some cases tutors prefer to work with agencies

Plus in many cases tutors simply prefer to work with agencies, due to the fact that agencies offer tutors bigger incentives such as marketing of tutors in local areas, giving reason for tutor to actually stay with the agency as oppose to striking on their own. 

Hence for that reason you will see in many cases tutors work for such tutoring agencies who charge 40 to 70 percent from every hour tutor teaches you CPA and in many cases it's perfectly acceptable, simply because marketing itself can be extremely difficult job, that tutors simply do not want to do, because what tutors want to do instead is teach. Note if you are wondering what is one of my local tutoring agency fees comission is it's a heck of a lot lower then 70%. 

However, I realize that majority of the CPA exam test taker readers won't be residing in CT | NY or NJ and instead residing in other states, if that was the case I would recommend going through the agency instead since agency can work with student directly and offer tons of other benefits that independent tutors can't offer, such as "Tell us your hourly rate and we will find you CPA Tutor within your suggested hourly rate " and if we can't then feel free to check out


Why Finding CPA qualified Local Tutors is not an easy thing as it may seem













Independent Tutors can save students money


Therefore if you are not looking for any of the bells and whistles and simply looking for affordable tutor, without agency recurring fee then don't hesitate to visit site below, Plus the beauty about some of the Accounting tutors is the fact that first of all some of them offering $15 first lesson Trial, helping out Tutoring Services, LLC maintain the site.  Where essentially student who is studying for CPA exam can contact the tutor, pay $15 for the first lesson and then simply work with the tutor directly without any recurring agency fees. 

Tutor doesn't have to pay anything to register on the site and student is also happy because they can get someone to try first for the first lesson for only $15 instead of a whooping $90 rate, that belive it or not some CPA tutors charge, and believe it or it's perfectly acceptable rate, but then again it all depends on which area you are located. 

       Note tutors agree for Tutoring Services, LLC to charge student $15 for first lesson and agree in providing first lesson FREE of charge to the CPA student, thereby helping our company to maintain the site, helping tutors be listed FREE of charge on our site and gaining opportunity to possibly make money helping students prepare for their CPA exam. 



Why do CPA tutors agree for Tutoring Services, LLC to get paid $15?




        Tutors agree to that simply because it makes sense for them, it makes sense for them simply because they can work directly with the student without having to worry about any recurring agency fees from every hour they teach, have their own schedules, maintain their own client base, offer group discounts, and be in the position to lower their hourly rate even lower then other local tutoring agencies or even lower then the global tutoring agency companies who also have agency comission based business model structure. 





Plus in some cases independent tutors can even offer tutoring discounts for group based sessions.  This is a sweet deal, especially if you got another CPA study partner in your school who is also stuck, and you guys are trying to formulate a study group in your city, but simply stuck and not sure how to study for your exam or who to turn to. 


Group Tutoring Offering from Independent tutors can help students save money

In cases like that often simply asking independent tutor if they can teach actual 2 to 3 or more people group and seeing if they can provide discount, is even more beneficial then working with the agency!  Agencies are less flexible when it comes to such arangements, independent tutors are more flexible, and thefore in many cases would not mind giving discount of 20 to 40 percent for 2 students or 3 students.  Be sure to ask independent tutor if they offer discount. 

Note the tutors on site, have mind of their own, they are not managed by Tutoring Services, LLC agency and do not follow rules of strict tutoring agency,  such as reporting times when private lesson was conducted with the student or getting paid from an agency and do not sign strict contract, hence hire tutors only at your own risk!  Such Tutors are independent contractors, but they are given less marketing opportunities then let's say for example of managed CPA accounting tutors who reside in CT | NY or NJ.


Managed Agency Tutors Vs Non Agency Managed

Such independent non-managed by the agency tutors are more flexible, and in some case more affordable and more lenient to scheduling changes and other arrangements then agency managed type of tutors such as the ones in CT | NY and NJ.  Therefore many of them can simply say yep, I offer Group Discounts and display that in their profile in the form of the icon (providing that they go through the CPA verified icon service) 

Note: Hiring independent tutor direct, without going through the agency, may not be the best choice, if you do not know much about the tutor.  To help CPA tutors differentiate themselves we provide them flexibility to get CPA verification icon, where we verify if tutor is indeed CPA subject matter expert, if they were certified or not. 

Regardless if CPA tutors are agency managed or not, they may end up being at the same skill level.  However agency tutor may in some cases end up being even cheaper then non agency managed tutor.  There are many reason for that, such as, first of all our agency fee is the lowest out of all other agencies in CT NY and NJ, second of all agency is able to provide simply more students leads to the CPA accounting tutor and tutor is ok giving up some of his/her money to the agency in effort to secure more hours and make money. 

Other reasons can be discount packages, that tutor offers in his/her profile.  Plus the fact that our company actually verifies tutors for background checks is another reason why you want to pick agency based tutor, unless of course you see an icon on non agency managed tutor on that shows that this particular tutor had their background verified by the agency.  We offer that service as a seperate fee to non agency managed tutors.


We also show our tutors with group discounts who went through the verification stage.

In fact tutors who do offer group discounts, we also happen to show them in the form of "Group Tutoring Discount Offering" icon in their profile helping tutors differentiate themselves from the crowd, that is providing that they go through our Verified CPA subject matter expert icon strategy, which does involve all the way from the beginning from the day one of when they actually decided to prepare for their CPA exam, and used at least one or more of the study materials listed on our site and used our discount coupons (this way we actually know that they are studying for CPA exam and that they truly not just some random Joe, while simultaneously helping them save money on their test preparation expenses) 

So how is our method different?  Well, we recruit tutors from the start, not just after they got certified, but all the way from their original roots of studying for their CPA exam, just like you are studying for your CPA exam now.   We do that by using variety of methods to attract students and future tutors, such methods include writing articles and showing

  • Top accounting schools colleges/universities
  • Best Accounting Firms to work at
  • Money Saving Opportunities for students
  • Course Reviews
  • Showing local tutors and helping student realize how expensive some of them are and providing alternative method of preparing for CPA exam
  • State Requirements for CPA Exam test takers

We use the following methods to get the word out

  • Facebook Groups
  • Social Media Sites
  • Google Plus
  • Local Tutoring Network of CPA Accounting sitse
  • Test Prep Blogs
  • Study Guide sites
  • School Rating Sites
  • Books sites
  • Tutoring Job sites
  • Homework help sites
  • Tutoring Services sites

All of these sites are inter-tangled together in a way that makes it easier for us to get the right subject matter expert for CPA exam test taker who is preparing for their test and struggling. Plus think about this, if you get the right subject matter expert and happen to have couple of friends or study partners, you can split your CPA exam test tutoring expenses. 

Independent tutors do show group tutoring discounts, but only the ones that went through the CPA verification icon process.  This means that you can save money on preparing for your CPA test, by leveraging local tutor, and discuss with your tutor best time and place for group tutoring to take place, not bad for only paying $15 to our agency for first lesson.... and saving huge amount of money on CPA tutoring expenses.  Independent tutors can give really good group tutoring rates, helping you minimize your hourly expenses even more.

If you hire agency based tutor, you will be required to pay to the agency and not the tutor direct (however our fee is small), but agency tutors are verified, and more safer then non-agency once, however agency CPA managed tutors are only available in CT NY and NJ.  Do not get fooled contacting any of the tutoring farm sites that you see online, majority of these sites charge huge comission fees and show no result in your CPA exam test learning effectiviness.

Our Agency tutors are hand picked and interviewed, made accountable to sign contract and offer discount packages.  Having agency help you get your tutor picked, will most likely end up resulting in better chances of passing your CPA exam, but only in CT NY and NJ selected counties.  If you decide to hire a tutor using our agency, be sure to contact us and let us know when you are going to take your CPA test, so we can help you find the right tutor ahead of time before it's too late. 

Note competition for students getting the right tutor is high, and although we can not gurantee you that you will pass your CPA test with our tutors, we can maximize chances of doing so, by intercombining different learning methods for you to leverage during your CPA test preparation journey.


Tutoring Services, LLC helps current CPA students with more then just helping them get matched with local tutor

Tutoring Services, LLC specializes specifically in match making and network marketing, and leveraging this background verification check tactic for helping CPA students prepare for their exam with the qualified tutor, while simultaneously helping these very same CPA tutors who can tutor you now,  save money from from the very first day, when they weren't even a CPA tutor yet, and were simply in the process of studying for their CPA exam and searching for their test preparation materials, then stumbling up on the motivational tactic. 

The very same motivational tactic, that helps CPA tutors (former CPA students) realize their actual reasoning for why they should study for their exam, and carrying over that reasoning into financial incentive.  In case if any of that sounds confusing as hell.  Take a look here and see how we offer CPA students to get motivated, save money on educational test preparation expenses for their CPA exam & even maximize their chances of making money after they pass their exam, tutoring other students for this very same exam.


Getting affordable tutor is much simpler now then it was before

So what does it mean?  That means you can get fairly affordable CPA tutor locally in your area (only if one available) without having to pay twice as much as you would typically pay if you were to get a tutor from any other agency.  To help you get idea of what i am talking about.  Imagine you are studying for CPA exam.  Imagine you are stuck, you looked at a lot of different study resources on our site, and realized that you simply can't understand particular topic or perhaps you took exam already and failed! 

If that's the case sure you can use study guide, sure you can use video course, sure you can use online classes, sure you can go to a local CPA class or learning center or sure you can ask professor locally or online or in your school for help. 

However at the end of the day, the fact of the story is, unless you actually ask for indvidualized attention, then guess what your chances of preparing for your CPA exam effectively may be much smaller, in comparison to getting subject matter expert who can dive into CPA REG | FAR AUD | BEC sections with you and explain you what to watch out for how to master the test, etc.  

There is one gotcha though....


Or perhaps I should say not a gotcha, but rather reminder.....  Note not all of the tutors may be qualified as you would think to help you prepare for your Exam even if they are listed on our site.  I mean sure some are listed, some really are accounting experts, and did take their CPA exam.  However, how do you know for sure! 

Well other sites make their tutors pass the test online and boom you can be certified in 100 subjects over night!  Hmm, in our case we though it's completely bogus tactic!  

What owner of Tutoring Services, LLC did instead is created another strategy for helping CPA Accounting students decide whether or not the tutor who they are going to hire locally or online is truly right for them. 

So wait what type of strategy is that? 

The type that literally gets tutors who trully took the CPA exam passed it and not only passed it but actually studied for it and can prove to Tutoring Services, LLC that they did in fact study for their CPA test and that they actually did pass their exam.   Tutors who did take their exam and passed it and became CPAs, would be verified by requesting them to let Tutoring Services, LLC know which study material they used, and sharing their lessons learned when preparing for their CPA exam as well as sharing other information that we ask for when verifying if they passed their exam or not. 

Then only in that that case we would show an icon on tutor's profile CPA verified subject matter expert type of icon, that will give you the CPA exam test taker, warm and fuzzy feeling that the tutor who you are about to hire is actually legit. 

In fact to help you realize whether or not he/she is legit, you would be able to read his/her CPA exam lessons learned, to see how that particular tutor tackled exam, what difficulties they discovered when they took their exam or any other lesson learned about CPA exam.

Therefore word of advice is, look for that Verified CPA subject matter expert icon in tutor's profile.  Simply because, doing so, will show you whether or not CPA tutor is actually qualified to help you. 

We will also show our boosted premium local/online CPA tutors on this very same site

Additionally we just released a new marketing feature for CPA tutors to be boosted and also be shown on this very same site StudyGuide.NET/CPA-Tutors for a seperate monthly fee they can be boosted and shown on this very same site.  Note this feature is brand new, hence is the reason why you don't see tutors yet all the way at the bottom. 

However, once we do get request coming from tutors we will add them to this site as well in a form of a tutoring profile, which will show lessons learned story from a particular tutor, tutor's profile picture and link to tutor's profile page.

For now click on this banner below to be navigated to our tutoring site and search for your CPA subject matter expert.



Note if you are residing in CT or NY or NJ and looking for a CPA accounting tutor and happen to be from Fairfield, New Haven, Westchester or Bergen County then visit any of the sites below to get matched with the local tutor, view our phone number there and call us but only if you are from these counties.  We can not help you if you are outside of these counties by phone and can only help you by you contacting us at the contact form below this site for any additional questions that you may have.


If you are a CPA exam test taker who took your exam and passed and got an awesome score and would like to help other CPA test takers become a CPA tutor feel free to visit our tutoring section page to read more info before you become one, here Boost Tutors will be shown on the site below, we highly recommend that you become boosted CPA tutor if you want maximum CPA accounting student exposure.  Of course you don't have to, but it's just a suggestion.  Doing so will help Tutoring Services, LLC and you.

CPA test takers students get motivated and make sure you study for your exam the right way, so after passing it you can also become a tutor in addition to working at full time accounting corporate job (we are hoping it can be one of the big accounting firms) and help other students as well, helping you make some extra money and pay off your college loans.  As a local tutor straight out of college I my self used to tutor right after work and still do, and it definitely helped me pay off my college expenses.  There is no reason why you can't do the same. 

Although in my case it's mostly math, and science subjects, the concept of being able to tutor and make money teaching others is very similar, regardless if it's math, science, or anything else for that matter. Also if you are tutoring agency or learning center company or test prep company specializing in CPA Accounting don't hesitate to contact Tutoring Services, LLC to see how we can show your product to CPA exam test takers helping you make money, while helping students achieve their passing score. 

CPA student?  Took your Exam? Do you have your CPA study guides notes?  Want to sell it to us and in the future become CPA tutor? 


Want to sell it to us?  So we can share it with other students?  If so don't hesitate to contact us, this should give you even more extra reason to study for your CPA test. In fact here is what you can do when you start studying for you CPA Test.  Face it sometimes the best way to learn is by creating something that can help others learn.


Step 0.  Check out Exam info

Step 1.  Review money saving and making opportunities.

Step 1.  Chose the right Study Materials (be sure to check them out on this very same site) (be sure to read our review section first)  Note you do not want to get a tutor without having any clue about exam or it's content, hence we recommend that you at least study for your exam just a bit on your own, to not feel overwhelmed with content during your CPA private tutoring lesson.

Step 2.  Get a local tutor to reinforce your learning effectiviness (if you want to save money even more try to find one that offers group tutoring and partner up with study partner) either by getting help from an agency to help you find a tutor or by visiting and getting first lesson for $15 to try out your tutor, if you like your tutor proceed with the rest of the lessons.  Be sure that tutor can handle your weak links first for BEC, REG, AUD, FAR exam sections.  If in CT or NY or NJ visit the sites shown earlier.

Step 3.  Begin Studying and compile CPA study guide together  (if you get motivated enough and want to actually have a shot at creating your own CPA study guide for each of the sections, REG, BEC, FAR, AUD then simply start creating one, but do let Tutoring Services, LLC know that you are doing this ahead of time through contact form.  This way we can provide some extra tips, for how you should format the study guide and how to make it look good etc. 

Step 4.  Take your CPA Test (after you confidently studied on your own and not only studied on your own, but also studied for the purpose of literally creating study guide that can help others, if you created something that can help others, there is a very high chance that you literally mastered CPA topics)

Step 5.  Get your CPA Score and submit it to us. (if you used coupons that were given to you by us from our site, then we can place your CPA verification icon in your profile and provide further instructions to you in your tutoring profile)

Step 6.  Contact us through contact form, so we can review your study guide and see if we can publish it on this site.  If the Study Guide is good, we will publish it, and you will get solid 70% of the earnings directly to you and 30% would go to our agency. (this fee is chump change for the amount of exposure your study guide would get, note only limited number of students are accepted, note no matter what you need to create study notes especially if you want to pass your CPA exam)

Step 7.  Register on our site as a CPA accounting tutor.  We will place your CPA verification icon, and link to your study guide that you wrote directly in your profile, helping you get differentiated even more as not only someone who took CPA exam.  Also tell us your lessons learned during your CPA exam test taking.  We can display them in your profile for you as well.

Step 8.  Enroll into Boost Feature to boost your tutoring profile locally if you want additional student exposure.

Step 9.  You are all set, simply enjoy geting student requests then tutoring them locally and making money on recurring basis from study guide sales.  

Hopefully this should be good motivation for you to study for your exam.  Note if you do not use our coupons you can still enroll into boost feature and CPA verification icon feature, for seperate fee.   Note if you are a tutoring or CPA test prep company or learning center and want to dominate your local area, and need our help?

Then read this free over 400 pages marketing study guide created by Tutoring Services, LLC, from which our company can leverage similar tactics as described in this study guide to help you crush your competition and sell your local tutoring services, or CPA test prep materials, except this study guide is for LSAT test not CPA, but concept of marketing is very similar, regardless for what type of test your company is specializing in.

So What's Next?

Begin studying for your CPA, be sure to reivew your State Requirements before you begin preparing for your test. 

Questions?  Send us your question from the contact form at the bottom of this page.



Review differences between agency managed tutors and non agency managed tutors before you end up hiring one. We describe this concept very well here. This concept is tailored towards math students, but similar concept applies for CPA students and be great read for CPA student to better understand differences for Quality Vs Quanity.   

When ready to proceed in getting your non agency managed tutor go here for both local or online.

Follow instructions carefully.

Also if you go with that option do not reveal personal contact info with your tutor, this is important, otherwise our agency won't get paid, plus it's important for your safety and simply not the right thing to do.  By getting non agency manged tutor you agree to pay $15 to our agency in exchange to receive tutor's personal contact info and to have your personal contact info shared with thet accounting tutor.

For agency managed tutor

If deciding to get higher quality and less risk and wanting to go for agency tutor than contact Tutoring Services, LLC direct from either bottom of the contact form or from the bottom right corner, Let's Talk chat icon.

So basically you have 2 options.. non agency managed tutor (option 1)... possibly less quality CPA tutor and higher risk, but more affordable (in general not always)... or  agency managed tutor (option 2) more likely higher quality and less risk, but at the expense of small recurring agency fee (which can be offset in some cases by attractive discount packages helping you still get affordable agency managed tutor in comparison to non agency managed tutor).

Our advice is ... don't skip on your future education and go for agency managed tutor, if one is not available go for online agency managed tutor, agency managed tutors are great for long term tutoring.  However if if it's too short of a notice there is no guarantee that we can help you get matched with the agency managed tutor.  If it's a short term tutoring request than please proceed with non agency managed tutor.   Agency managed tutors are great for long term assignments where you buy up front discount packages.  





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