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Prepare for CPA exam with Yaeger with AdaptaPASS

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Company behind, AdaptaPASS is Yaeger, who been around forever, helping students prepare for their CPA exam.  Today Rome Wells, founder of Tutoring Services, LLC will be doing review specifically on Yaeger. 

Disclaimer: Ad is powered by Tutoring Services, LLC all names and trademarks belong to official owners of the actual property AdaptaPASS belongs to Yaeger.  Tutoring Services, LLC company is simply providing review for CPA exam test takers, who are looking for more information about AdaptaPASS and how Yaeger can help and don't know what any of it means. 
On the background of each image, we are including watermark Powered By Tutoring Services, LLC to let students know about our Tutoring Services, LLC company as well, helping students realize our awareness that we exist, and that we are here to help students make up their mind about which study guide they should buy.  Hence sometimes you will see us referencing in images either or Powered By Tutoring Services, LLC or both. 

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Our graphic designers work hard day and night to translate complex thoughts, and ideas into easily understandable type of images, helping other students effectively understand what each CPA review material offer. 


If you would like to spread the word about Yaeger and use any of our graphics in your own blog, please contact us first for our permission.  Each graphic is customly created to help CPA Exam students quickly understand the value of what Yaeger offers.   
Note Tutoring Services, LLC did not create AdaptaPASS, AdaptaPASS is a sole property of Yaeger, tha makes Yaeger extremely unique.



So what is AdaptaPASS?


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When I first had a chance to look at what Yaeger cooked up, I personally Rome Wells, the person who is providing review on Yaeger, here literally almost fail off my chair.  I seen multiple type of courses from different industries packaged together, and packaged several my selves to help students learn, but what Yaeger cooked up I can with all honesty say I have never seen before.  
The whole concept of AdaptaPass algorithm that Yager uses, is specifically designed around student's learning style. 
As a tutor my self i have experimented with variety of learning styles directly by teaching students' in their homes, using different type of learning tactics to attract student's attentiona and analyzing which mechanism works best for the student.  What Yaeger did here is literalyl converged multiple learning tactics together to help students learn dynamically rather then statically, helping you identify your weak links, much easier rather then studying incorrectly. 

Note you may think what I am referring to here is not exactly related to CPA, but in fact it does!  Learning tactics and methods that people use to understand material are the same across many subjects and academic tests, including exam such as CPA.  What Yaeger did with AdaptaPass is literally infused their over 25 years of experience of how students learn and prepare for CPA into holistic learning system that, helps students understand their mistakes, and provides guided approach towards passing their exam. 

When I tutored students in different subjects and I tutored students in multiple subjects, including math, computer science, and even test prep subjects across different industries such as LSAT helping students enter law schools, one thing I noticed is that some student's simply do not like to read, and when they read something that they don't understand how multiple pieces of infromation are connected together and constantly refer back from textbook to handwritten quizes and spending tons of time tracking information flipping across books to find the relevant page. 

This is no different for CPA exam especially when you are just studying from the textbook!

What I referred to here is example of static learning, the type of learning where student is forced to flip across pages and spending more then 30% of the time tracking information in relevant places rather then actually studying.  What Yaeger cooked up, is a dynamic system the one that literaly syncs up video, text and questions in a way that it actually shows you relevant information to what you are studying in relevant sections of BEC, REG, AUD and FAR, then for each section it gives you AdaptaScore, that leverages basically buch of propriatory mechanism, factoring things like, notes you made in particular section, homework questions answerd, practice questions taken.  As part of it's algorithm it even factors into how difficult the question is. 
Note although actual CPA exam doesn't reveal it's mechanisms for scoring, and did not reveal their formula to the public, Yaeger came relatively close to simulating the official scoring, that is very similar to actual exam, yet at the same time more propriatory to Yaeger.   When I say propriatory, i don't mean that it's bad, i mean that AdaptaPass is specifically designed in the direction of helping students discover their weaknesses, and improve their score.

The most Craziest and Innovative Method of Learning I have ever seen

The most craziest thing that i ever saw is how AdaptaPass uses bunch of personalized questions that are initially asked from you and presents you with the right format.  That i found extremely unique!  I had so many instances when i would tutor students directly at their home many students would tell me, can you please show me example of what you just described in your lecture, and then i would literally provide them bunch of examples in person to solidify and reinforce their level of understanding with bunch of supplementary questions. 

Yaeger basically did something very similar except insead of having real life tutor, Yaeger company managed to use video based instructor. (and believe me real life tutor who sits to you face to face explaining things  is a heck of a lot more expensive then what you would get with the self guided video course). 

By using video based tutor, Yaeger accomplished 2 things (and many other things not mentioned), 1 they have eradicated the need for local tutoring by helping you study on your own instead, and making education more affordable then it would be with one on one tutoring.   Note Yaeger didn't completely eradicate the need, in some cases it's simply more effective to have real person tutor you for CPA exam, it depends on the learning style. 

I personally recommend students to study with both, real life tutor face to face at your home or in local public place, or online and with video course such as the one provided by Yaeger, that leverages AdaptaPASS or any other company who offers CPA test prep that is high quality.

        Second thing Yaeger did is, they holistically intercombined videos of the actual lectures of a video instructor with actual text based CPA questions, and even synced them up, meaning every time you watch a video of specific section where you see instructor talking, it would show you relevant CPA question corresponding to that particular moment in time!  Note this may seem like, well, not a big feature and what's the big deal here right?  Well trust me... i seen many courses and basically many other courses do not have that feature, making overall learning effectiviness lower. 

This is a killer feature of it's own helping you learn way faster rather then flipping pages in the static book or watching any other courses that either have other students interrupting in the middle of the lesson, or watching it sequentially!   Holy cow, I mean seriously who would have though of that?  My best comparison to Yaeger CPA review AdaptaPASS system is like Khan Academy on steroids, but only for CPA exam test takers. 

If you watch the video provided on the Yaeger site, you would see exactly what i am talking about, it's hard to describe in words,   Therefore, i have requested my team to craete bunch of graphics to help you understand what AdaptaPASS is! Some of these pictures you will find further down this page.  Also further down you will see what's included in the course and Yaeger's comparison to other courses. 

Note this is not an ordinary static video course like you see at Udemy site or any other site, this is like straight out of science fiction type of learning method that will make you want to be glued to the screen and wanting to finsh all of your sections of CPA exam.





AdaptaPass Is like an artificial intelligence machine for CPA students!


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Indeed, when I first evaluated  AdaptaPASS, it literally learns your learning style. In the beginning it asks bunch of questions, and even if you answered them incorrectly to help the system decide which level of formatting is best for you, it adjusts towards your learning style at a later point.  For example when i first saw bunch of questions, such as are you more of a visual learner or textbook learner, i wasn't sure what type of learning style i liked the most, i sort of knew that I like to read and quickly scan material with my eyes rather then watching videos, so i slid the cursor of the AdaptaPASS questionaire in the direction of being a reader type of person rather then video based person.

Then as I started going down the path of analyzing what the visual format looks like for each of the sections, i realized that the system was feeding me more type of static text based images, that i can quickly read through, but simultaneously it would offer me video feeds from the instructor corresponding to a particular section.  When i saw that, this is when i almost fail of the chair. 

The system is designed so intelligently that it literally knows what section you are at when you are reading static text, and adjust proper lectures for you, then if you jump into the lecture, it would reinforce you with supplementary CPA question from the section.   

As I started the course review by first placing my self into more of reader type of mode, by answering the question that i am more of a reader, i thought that i like to read, but in reality, it turned out to be that i was so engaged into the actual video feed of what instructor was talking about, that i ended up watching more and more videos, and AdaptaPASS adjusted towards my learning style, and started feeding me more videos and automatically syncing up relevant information holy cow!  This is huge feature, because i wasn't even sure what type of learner I am until I started trying to learn wow!

Given the history of the fact that i am an educational advocate and love to learn new things, i found the overall complexity of AdaptaPASS convinient for the student who is preparing for their exam.  Often you don't realize what you get into when you buy a course, but after i tried it i was hoooked in it.  Note my goal was to evaluate overall system of Yaeger, not to see what type of questions are present and how effective it is from the verical stand point, i think the fact that over 88 percent of people pass their test should already tell you something, about it's overall effectiviness. 

However in case you are wondering what type of questions are present on Yaeger, questions that are presented there are pre-selected by no more then 2 instructors, reviewed, verified and categorized.  Another unique feature of these questions is that Yaeger actually selects the cream of the crop type of questions, the best type of questions.  There are many questions that were discarded in the process of selecting questions for CPA exam bank. Plus what i really liked about them is the fact that they go in depth of why the wrong answer to the question is wrong, and why the right answer is right, that are all customly created! 

This is huge differentiation across others, because it allows you to focus on your strength and realize your mistakes and have a deep analyzed response feedback from Yaeger's course.  Each of these responses was customly created by actual instructors and put together and compiled,  This is where majority of sweat an work went into.   What differentiate them the most is that they have high quality picked questions.  They don't just offer CPA questions in the test, CPA practice questions you can find on the internet everywhere for free. 

Just some of the features that differentiate Yaeger from others

What differentiates them the most is the fact that their questions are intelligently categorized into relevant sections of exam giving you flexibility to focus on your particular FAR, BEC, AUD, REG and helping you reinforce your knowledge with up to date ty pe of questions that are picked based on multiple criteria, such as how hard the question is how many points it's worth, etc.  All of that is factored into AdaptaScore and packaged together to show to the student where the student is at in the overall progress! 

Plus they even have a predictive based alignment feature, where you literally tell them when you are trying to take exam and the system feeds you content based on your exam test date, so this way you actually know when enough is enough for you to study, rather then preparing with countless hours by getting fed questions that you already greatly familar with!  This is a killer feature also!  For example many questions ask, how much time should i dedciate to studying, etc.  Well that question is difficult to answer unless  you know particular learning style of the student. 

Yaeger system adjust and recommends automatically best date for you to register for exam

The  Yaeger system adjust and recommends automatically the best date for you to register for your exam.  I simply have not see anything like that anywhere else.  Yaeger packaged up almost everything that comes into the humanly brain possible to achieve the most effective method of learning for CPA exam test takers, by infusing their years of experience.  Once again it's difficult to describe what i am referring to in words, hence continue scrolling down and reading and viewing some of the graphics we created, after reviewing it all feel free to click on this link to be navigated to the actual Yaeger sales page to try it your self.

What i am doing here is summarizing the differences and helping you decide if the course is right for you.  Think of me as your guide who is helping you make up your decision.  To try out actual course itself and see how you like it you can click here and check for yourself what i am talking about. Or continue reading further to view more info.

Wow I haven't seen this review, and didn't know about Yaeger, but after seeing it, i would like to try it however i already enrolled into Rogers or any other CPa material what do i do?


If you used any other CPA test prep material and found yourself weak in the particular section of exam then you can still use Yaeger individual course sections for BEC, REG, AUD, FAR to reinforce your self further and still take advantage of AdaptaPASS while increasing your chances of passing your exam.  For maximum learning effectiviness use different CPA test prep vendors, especially for the weak sections of the exam. 

It's ok to pay for a solid full course access and realize that perhaps you are still weak in one of the sections.  It's perfectly normal to make that mistake, especially when so many CPA blog sites out there only recommend what makes sense to them rather then really recommending what makes sense to them and to students (leaving students stranted just to end up buying some useless study material that they didn't even need in a first place!). 

However, not all of the courses are created equal, many of them have their own bells and whistles, and one particular section of one course maybe more effective then another course by another test prep provider/vendor. 

In fact some students do not even like studying for this exam with any video course, and enjoy studying with the study partner instead, especially if they are on the budget and want to split their test prep expenses. 

This is all great, however your study partner's learning style may not be the same as yours! Hence keep that in mind.  Some study materials it make sense to buy only for your self, such as for specific sections of CPA exam where you are weak at and other study materials in some cases if study partner is ok to split it expenses with you can be ok as well.  In fact if you want to know more abuot how you can prepare for your CPA Exam with study partner and save money in process of doing this you can click here.

CPA Test Prep Journey and Study paths explained

One study path you may want to consider if you are on the budget, is find a study partner in your local area or online, then find a tutor who can help you and your study partner prepare for CPA exam either locally or online.  If doing so online, use google hangout or Skype to do group chat video, have online tutor present content and teach both of you and split tutor's expenses between you and your study partner, then after you finish getting tutored, exchanged notes between your study partner ask your study partner if you or the study partner is willing to enroll into Yaeger CPA course and split expense.

This is of course sort of incompatible study path with AdaptaPASS since the course system adjust towards your learning style,  rather then your study partner. 

However, doing first initial steps of splitting tutoring expenses and studying with the study partner can be also effective way of preparing, in some cases way more effective then with any course.

For most effective way of course it's better if each individual study partner purchase their own account from Yaeger,

Some vendors for example do not allow sharing of materials across multiple people using single account (to protect their investment), and some provide discount if you and your study partner for example studies together.

Also if you do decide to study for your CPA exam from test prep material, don't do the mistake of simply reusing somebody's old material. Exam constantly changes, and Yaeger stays on top of it.  Hence my word of advice, if you want to save money, use combination of different study patht that i mentioned.  

Studying with multiple resources with more then just Yaeger can help you improve your learning effectiviness

Or you can simply study with study partner and split tutoring expense of a local tutor who can teach both of your directly in your home and don't study from the course and study from free resources, that is also an option, but the reason why their couse cost so much is because they package it all together neatly and easy for you without you having to worry about searching for any type of study partners or tutors or any of that and simply study on your own by enrolling into the course, but feel like you are studying with the actual tutor, except in online self guided setting. 

Note in some cases you want to use study path of for example, before doing anything at all, getting local tutor who can come directly to your home, tutor you for CPA exam twice per week face to face (very effective way of preparing in fact that is what my Tutoring Services, LLC company offers for CT NY and NJ CPA students), help you understand particular sections.  For example tutor may realize that you are weak in REG.... and in that case provide recommendation to you to enroll into additional supplemetnary material, that supplementary materical can be for example Yaeger's AdaptaPASS access to REG section only, which is way cheaper then the full course! 

Some tutors offer group discounts think of leveraging tutors in addition to Yager as part of your test preparation journey

Note some tutors even offer group discounts for helping you to save money locally, and often in many cases it's just easier to ask CPA tutor question, who actually took the exam and can share their lessons learned with you and gear you in the right direction, then buying a course in a first place, however.  For example suppose you are going to college and have another student who goes to the same college, you can buddy up with them and then agree on getting independent tutor who can help you prepare for CPA.  The are agencies (including our own Tutoring Services, LLC that helps students in CT NY and NJ selected counties or other students nationally thorugh our sister tutoring site) out there that can help you find a tutor or you can search for tutors yourself on our site, for more info about CPA tutors visit here.

Using local tutor can be expensive, Yaeger provides great supplementary or additional method of learning as an alternative

However if you do not want to spend money on a tutor, for each lesson because face it each lesson can be expensive.... For example tutors in CT NY and NJ charge whooping 120 bucks per hour easy!  Well after first let's say 8 something sessions you already would pay the same amount that you would pay for the course.  Obviously it depends if you used an agency to help you find one or if you went out on your own and tried to find one, on our sister site for example or if you bought discoung packages or not, or if you got group tutoring or not etc...   The bottom line is... what i am trying to say here is...

If you have a deadline coming up for your CPA test


If you have deadline coming up and not at the luxury of spending any money on real local face to face cpa or online tutor, then simply gain access to Yaeger, plus they have customized support also and very helpful.  If you do have a bit of time and luxury and money to get a local tutor, then do so, since this can be very effective since it's face to face, and you can ask any questions you like and tutor can help you answer them rather then getting self guided information into your brain that is limited to the type of questions  you have in real time.  For example, i am the type of learner who likes to ask questions as I go through information.  Sometimes it's important to go through the full book and full video before asking any questions though, since majority of these questions can be cleared away, and ideally this is what i would recommend to any student who is preparing for CPA. 

Note if you have luxury of getting local tutor is better then online

I dont' need to explain reasoning why local tutor is better then online, this resoning is quiet obvious, but if you want to see full explanation visit this link

Use intercombination of Yaeger Course and local/online private tutor

Before hiring a local tutor get familiar with course content go through the course, realize that you are weak at particular link then when tutor shows up ask them questions realted to your weak links and see if tutor can explain it to you better.   Hence my best suggestion is use intercombination of local tutor and Yaeger or any other CPA exam, and don't just look at price, price is the least minimum thing that you should worry about when it comes to preparing for your future.  

Colleges and University Classes can help you prepare for CPA, but do not have much interest as much as private institutions, tutors and customized test prep programs offer such as Yaeger

Colleges and universities simply don't cut it when it comes to preparing students for CPA exam.  Sure college classes provide you with general ground core knowledge, but they typically do not have that same level of private interested to help you as much as let's say private CPA tutor would, and as much as what Yaeger would intercombined together for maximum learning effectiviness.


So how does AdaptaPass work?



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