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Praxis II Teacher Test Praxis II Teacher Test
Praxis II Speech Communication: Content Knowledge (5221) Subject Assessments Praxis II Pennsylvania Grades 4-8 Core Assessment (5152) Examination Syllabus Praxis II Music: Content and Instruction (5114) Subject Assessment
Praxis II English to Speakers of Other Languages (5361) Examination Information Praxis II Special Education: Preschool/Early Childhood (5691) Examination Format Praxis II Middle School: Mathematics (5169) Subject Assessments
Praxis II Middle School: Science (5440) Examination Format Praxis II English Language Arts: Content Knowledge (5038) Examination Format Praxis II Government/Political Science (5931) Subject Assessments
Praxis II Health and Physical Education: Content Knowledge (5857) Subject Assessments Praxis II Education of Young Children (5024) Examination Information Praxis II Educational Leadership: Administration and Supervision (5411) Examination Syllabus
Praxis II Elementary Education: Content Knowledge (5014) Examination Format Praxis II Elementary Education: Content Knowledge (5018) Examination Syllabus Praxis II Elementary Education: Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment (5017) Test Information
Praxis II Pennsylvania Grades 4-8 Subject Concentration: Mathematics (5158) Test Praxis II Sociology (5952) Test Format Praxis II Spanish: World Language (5195) Subject Assessment
Praxis II Family and Consumer Sciences (5122) Subject Assessment Praxis II Fundamental Subjects: Content Knowledge (5511) Subject Assessments Praxis II General Science: Content Knowledge (5435) Subject Assessments
Praxis II Business Education: Content Knowledge (5101) Examination Syllabus Praxis II Theatre (5641) Subject Assessment Praxis II Technology Education (5051) Subject Test Information
Praxis II Teaching Reading (5204) Test Format Praxis II Art: Content Knowledge (5134) Examination About Praxis II Middle School: Content Knowledge (5146) Examination Information
Praxis II Professional School Counselor (5421) Examination Format Praxis II Principles of Learning and Teaching: Early Childhood (5621) Test Information Praxis II Principles of Learning and Teaching: Grades K-6 (5622) Test
Praxis II Physics: Content Knowledge (5265) Test Guidelines Praxis II Pennsylvania Grades 4-8 Subject Concentration: Social Studies (5157) Test Praxis II Physical Education: Content and Design (5095) Subject Test Syllabus
Praxis II Early Childhood: Content Knowledge (5022) Examination Format Praxis II Citizenship Education: Content Knowledge (5087) Examination Information Praxis II Chemistry: Content Knowledge (5245)Examination Description
Praxis II Art: Content and Analysis (5135) Examination Information Praxis II Agriculture (5701) Examination Information Praxis II Social Studies: Content and Interpretation (5086) Examination Ideas
Praxis II Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education (5023) Subject Assessments Praxis II Journalism (5223) Examination Information Praxis II Middle School English Language Arts (5047) Examination Ideas
Praxis II Mathematics: Content Knowledge (5161) Subject Assessments Praxis II Marketing Education (5561) Examination Format Praxis II Library Media Specialist (5311) Examination Syllabus
Praxis II Elementary Education: Instructional Practice and Applications (5019) Examination Format Praxis II Psychology (5391) Subject Assessments Praxis II Reading Specialist (5301) Examination Format
Praxis II World and U.S. History: Content Knowledge (5941) Test Praxis II Teaching Reading: Elementary Education (5203) Examination Ideas Praxis II Speech-Language Pathology (5330) Examination Syllabus
Praxis II Special Education: Core Knowledge and Mild to Moderate Applications (5543) Test Praxis II Special Education: Core Knowledge and Applications (5354) Test Praxis II School Psychologist (5402) Subject Assessment
Praxis II Pre-Kindergarten Education (5531) Examination Syllabus Praxis II Physical Education: Content Knowledge (5091)Examination Ideas Praxis II Pennsylvania Grades 4-8 Examination Format
Praxis II Music: Content Knowledge (5113) Subject Ideas Praxis II Middle School: Social Studies (5089) Test Syllabus Praxis II Health Education (5551) Subject Assessments
Praxis II Gifted Education (5358) Subject Assessments Praxis II Geography (5921) Subject Assessments Praxis II English Language Arts: Content and Analysis (5039) Examination Ideas
Praxis II Elementary Education: Multiple Subjects (5001) Examination Syllabus Praxis II Economics (5911) Examination Description Praxis II Earth and Space Sciences: Content Knowledge (5571) Examination Ideas
Praxis II Biology: Content Knowledge (5235) Examination Format Praxis II Audiology (5342) Examination Information

Praxis II

Praxis II

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The Praxis 2 Exam series is a rigorous set of licensing examinations for potential teachers and educators in the U.S which measures and determines the examinee’s mastery and proficiency of the desired subject area and his or her ability to fully and effectively communicate with their students and fellow educators professionally.

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More info about Praxis 2 exams

The Praxis 2 exam strictly follows the “No Child Left Behind Act” and it additionally functions to improve the educational structure of the country.

        The Praxis II test series is composed of various Subjects and every teacher is required to take the examination for them to be able to take part in the educational framework in various academic institutions in the country. Each subject may also possess various sub subjects and a single examinee may also need to take not just a single praxis 2 exam, but 2 or more depending on the choice of subject field.

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Welcome to Study Guide Science!   The Most Effective Science Study Guides to Help you Pass your Exams   Preparing for an exam in science? Having a difficult time in your science homework? Looking for the right material to match your interest in the subject? Having a hard time choosing...
Mathematics Study Guides


Best Mathematics Study Guides to Help you Pass your Final Exams   Best Collection of Math Test Prep Material in 1 Site We have gathered the best collection of mathematics study guides to help you prepare for your final exam, your mid term test or college exam.  We realize that there is...

Social Science

Affordable Social Science Study Materials   Social Science is an academic discipline concerned with society and the relationships among individuals within a society. It includes anthropology, economics, political science, psychology and sociology.   In a wider sense, it may often include...

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       As I was creating this page, I wanted to let all the teachers know that as a teacher myself, I know that becoming a teacher is a sacrifice of a life time.  To become a teacher takes dedication, whether it's in elementary, middle school or high school level.   Studying with the right resources also takes dedication.  Discovering methods to prepare for your exam with the right resources is a skill of it's own.     

As an educational advocate and someone who always loves helping students do better on their exams, I decided to carry over that vision to prospective teacher such as your self.   With so many study resources available on the market, it's gettng more and more difficult to keep up, wiht your test preparation studies especially for exam such as Praxis 2.

My personal experience

    I personally took Praxis 2 Math exam, and figured i'd create a resource site for other Praxis 2 exam takers, I also own  local tutoring company in Fairfield County, and figured i can share my experience and learning effectiviness expertise with Praxis 2 test takers and future teachers.

   The resources shown on this site can help you discover study secrets when preparing for your Praxis 2 exam, but don't just take my word for it. 

        Leverage the study guide resources located here on this very same site, browse for your exam by exam code or title and if you can't find something, don't hesitate to send a request in contact form at the bottom of this site, especially if you don't see your exam. 

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Word of Advice from an educator and a former certified teacher

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It's recommended that you study from multiple, resources. 

  • Start off with first of all reading this entire page in order to get familiarized with study methods, tips, study tactis and study paths, methods to save money on educational expenses and other info, then after you read it all, locate exam that you are trying to prepare for by scrolling all the way to the bottom of this page or clicking here
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Praxis 2 Exam Tips

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Praxis II

Praxis II Teacher Test

Study Guide Type: ebook, Flash Cards, Exam-Secrets, BioBooster-E-Course
Praxis II Teacher Test Prep material listed here will help you prepare for your Praxis II teaching certification exam.
Praxis II Speech Communication: Content Knowledge (5221) Subject Assessments

Praxis II Speech Communication: Content Knowledge (5221) Subject Assessments

Exam Code: praxis-ii-speech-communication-5221
Study Guide Type: Flash Cards, Exam-Secrets
Praxis II Speech Communication Content Knowledge (5221) Exam General Information The content knowledge test in Speech Communication is designed to measure the preparedness of examinees to teach speech communication in junior and senior high schools. The 120 selected-response questions cover a wide...
Praxis II Pennsylvania Grades 4-8 Core Assessment (5152) Examination Syllabus

Praxis II Pennsylvania Grades 4-8 Core Assessment (5152) Examination Syllabus

Exam Code: praxis-ii-pennsylvania-5152
Study Guide Type: Flash Cards, Exam-Secrets
Praxis II Pennsylvania Grades 4–8 Core Assessment (5152; Subtests: 5153, 5154, 5155) Exam General Information The purpose of the Pennsylvania Grades 4–8 Core Assessment test is to assess whether the entry-level middle school teacher has the content knowledge that is important, necessary,...

Praxis II Music: Content and Instruction (5114) Subject Assessment

Exam Code: praxis-ii-music-5114
Study Guide Type: Exam-Secrets, Flash Cards
Praxis II Music: Content and Instruction (5114) Exam General Information The Music: Content and Instruction test measures indicators of the beginning educator’s professional readiness to teach K-12 music in each of the three major music education specialties: general, instrumental, and vocal...
Praxis II English to Speakers of Other Languages (5361) Examination Information

Praxis II English to Speakers of Other Languages (5361) Examination Information

Exam Code: praxis-ii-english-to-speakers-of-other-languages-5
Study Guide Type: Exam-Secrets, Flash Cards
Praxis II English to Speakers of Other Languages (5361) Examination General Information The English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) test is designed to measure basic linguistic and pedagogical knowledge within the context of teaching ESOL in elementary or secondary schools. The test is 2 hours...
Praxis II Special Education: Preschool/Early Childhood (5691) Examination Format

Praxis II Special Education: Preschool/Early Childhood (5691) Examination Format

Exam Code: praxis-ii-special-education-5691
Study Guide Type: Exam-Secrets, Flash Cards
Praxis II Special Education: Preschool/Early Childhood (5691) Exam General Information The Special Education: Early Childhood test measures whether entry-level early childhood special educators have the standards-relevant knowledge, skills, and abilities believed necessary for competent professional...