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About the SSAT Test General Info

The SSAT (Secondary School Admission Test) is administered by the Secondary School Admission Test Board (SSATB). Many independent schools all over the world require the SSAT test for admission. The SSAT Test is administered at three different levels (Elementary, Middle, and Upper). In addition to the verbal, reading, quantitative skills, and writing sample, there is also an experimental section on the Middle and Upper Levels. The SSAT Test supplies independent schools with valuable information about a candidate’s potential for success in the classroom.  


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Why should my child take this exam?


       We reailze that SSAT is difficult for your child to take, but the main question here should be why do you actually need your child to take SSAT?  Reason obviously is to obtain acceptable score to help your child get into the right private school.  What happens if your child does not get in the right private school? 

       Well then the chances of overall success in getting proper education in comparison to simply getting education in public school diminishes.  Lots of parents fight for their children to get into right private independent school, often parents want what's best and that is understandable, however to ensure that you children do well and pass the exam with the appropriate score, it's important to know variety of sections such as quantitative, reading comprehension, verbal and writing sample. 

     Often simply studying from book is not enough however it does increase chances of student doing better.  Therefore in this site we compile variety of resources to help your son/daughter prepare for your SSAT exam or ISEE or any other private exam and included variety of recommended study resources.  As you scroll further you will see links and recommended study guides, however first take a look at what is covered on the exam.


The Four Sections on the SSAT and format of the exam


  1. The SSAT Quantitative section is made up of word problems that measure the student's ability to solve problems involving quantitative concepts.
  2. The SSAT Verbal section is made up of synonyms and analogies and is used to assess verbal reasoning and one's understanding of language. 
  3. The SSAT Reading Comprehension section requires students to read passages and then answer relevant questions.
  4. The SSAT Writing section provides students with a prompt (a picture prompt for elementary level) and the students are to write an essay in response.


How is the SSAT Exam Administered?


From the moment you are admitted to the test center until the time of dismissal, your test administrator follows precise instructions for the proctoring of the SSAT. Any deviations from these uniform testing conditions are reported immediately.

Students with Disability

Of course, a student with a disability may apply for testing accommodations, but the processes and procedures for the test's administration remain the same for every student.  Be sure to check out official SSAT site for any additional info.




Is the SSAT Reliable?

The SSAT is highly reliable. According to recent studies, SSAT scaled score reliability is higher than .90 out of 1, for both the verbal and quantitative sections and is approaching .90 for the reading section, which is considered quite high.

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Comparison between 2 tests ISEE and SSAT



In case if you decide your child to prepare for SSAT.

If SSAT is the right test, then come back to this website and review variety of resources that we have compiled for you, making it easy to study for this exam.  Regardless if you are interested in ISEE or SSAT test prep we got you covered.


How to study for SSAT Exam?


Studying doesn't have to be hard, we made it easy for upper, middle and lower level students to prepare for your exam.  Review collection of the study guide vendors below, ranging from study guides, learning resources, useful links, practices tests, flash cards, tutoring resources and more.  Some resources even offer premium pass to allow you time based access into practice questions and lessons for variety of study levels.

Learning Effectiveness Vs Price and type of test prep methods that exist out there




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Note we listed only upper level SSAT resources if interested in other type of resources more then just upper, such as lower and middle level, either click here for flash cards and exam secrets, or here for premium membership access or individual test preparation needs for your exam.




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