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Project Management Kit Great Resource!

Great Way to Be Professional and show your Project Expertise Skill Set with Templates!

Templates can help you present your project the right way and increase your chances of landning client.    Plus  if you buy the whole kit, they come with project management study guide, helping you prepare for your certification exam. (scroll below to see full info about what type of templates)

We offer the following types of templates.





How templates can help you reinforce your knowledge for Project Management exam   

     If you are currently studying for PMP exam or in the process of trying to land a job as a manager, or simply happen to be existing manager in a company who needs to complete a project, but have no clue where to start.  Then we got the solution for you!

Organize your Project with the templates.  The good part about these templates is that they also include FREE Project Management Study Guide! If you purchase entire kit!  

        This is great, especially if you are in the process of preparing for your PMP exam. If you are, we recommend that you review our variety types of study guides that we listed from the link above..


Templates can help Project Managers get organized!

Templates can help IT Directors, Project Managers and other types of individuals organize information for their project, or help students with interview questions preparation as the project manager.  Templates also help people present project professionally and help reinforce  knowldge for the upcoming project management ceritification exam..

FREE Project Management Guide for with the purchase of templates


         With combination of FREE project management Study Guide that you will get by purchasing this template KIT, you can improve your chances of passing your PMP exam!  Plus have valuable templates that can help you get your projects completed, killing multiple birds with one stone!   Obviously studying just from that exam is not going to cut it for you to pass, we definitely recommend for you to review other resources as well if you are preparing for your project management certification.  Anyway back to templates.


Why We recommend these templates and how we use them in real world? 

       Tutoring Services, LLC recommends these Project Management templates for delivering projects.  We suggest trying them out.   Use them to deliver your project from start to finish, and by using these templates you can save time on projects, improve your chances of passing your project management exam, download them today.

        Who is Tutoring Services, LLC?  We are the company that created FREE Search Engine for tutors to make money teaching Project Managemetn courses.  Hence if you are project manager and want to make some income on part time basis tutoring students locally or online in your area then don't hesitate to register with us, FREE of Charge No Middle Man Agency Recurring Comission Fees! NO

Don't Reinvent the Wheel Use the templates to get job done

In Fact our company uses these templates to deliver our own real life projects for our IT Managed Services based Network Consulting company! Check out our service page here to see how we use project management in real world.

       When it comes to delivering scope or dealing with customers, we rarely ever reinvent the wheel. Especially in IT industry, it's hard to keep up with every type of customer request, however to look professional, it matters to deliver projects properly and present them in the right way.

For our DBA Binary Fusion company, operated under Tutoring Services, LLC umbrella we do just that, use these templates when delivering IT projects.  In fact we even hire IT Project managers who are located in CT and NY and NJ view our tutoring jobs page for more info. 


Real Use Case Study of how we use templates

When it comes to working on the project, it matters how you approach the project which way, what is the proposal what is the scope like, many different elements matter.  Project Intiation template would be the best type of resource you can use to lift off the project.

Initiation Project requires looking professional

Project Proposal, Business Case, Feasibility Study, Project Charter, Job Description, Project Office Checklist, Phase Review Form initiation.  To Look professional you may want to consider purchasing initiation project templates.  Initiation stage is the most important phase, if done wrong companies can lose customers.  We use initation templates for our DBA Binary Fusion company to propose Network Deployment Scopes, Network Refresh and other types of projects, all of that gets initiated with the project intiation template. 


Planning for Projects at some point will require project manager or company gong through the following topics

Project, Resource, Financial, Qaulity, Risk, Acceptance, Communications, Procurement, Tender Management Process, Statement of Work, Request for Information, Request for Proposal, Supplier Contract, Tender Register, Phase Review Form

The question is will you be covering each one of these planning topics without templates, from scratch? If so, this can take a lot of time, we suggest using Planning templates to save you a lot of time.  You can buy them seperately if you do not want to purchase entire Kit. 

Execution of the Project requires knowledge and presentation of the following factors/qualities

When we execute our project at DBA Binary Fusion we follow the following principals, for example if we were to execute web development or Network deployment project, we would always cosider the following qualities and factors.


       Time Management Process, timesheet form/register, cost management process, expense form/register, quality management process, quality review form, deliverables register, change managment process, change request form, Risk management process, risk form/register, issue managment process, issue form/register, procurement management process, purchase order form, accepntance management process, acceptance form/register, communication management process, project status report, communication register,phase review execution.

        By using execution templates you can save time and organize your self in making sure your  projected is presented professionally.  You can buy Project execution templates seperately for any of the mentioned factos listed above.

When working in execution stage be prepared to have answers to the following questions

     How long the project takes, how many resources are going to be allocated for each project/task, how well task was completed, how good of the quality of completed task, was the project delivered?  Was it done within the change management/ and change control organization process?  Was the Risk management done properly?  Was the purchase order form issued for specific project?   Was it accepted? How is it all being tracked, what is the communication process flow like?  What's the project status?   


Don't like the price for templates?  Buy Seperately!

You can also Buy each indvidual template seperately for lower price, depending on what you need prices range from as low as $5 to $10  Click Buy Now Button link for more details!


kit includes all of the templates you need for projects.

More than 50 templates, plans and forms are included, covering the entire Project Life Cycle. It helps you to start up, plan and execute projects quickly and easily.

Every project management template:

  • Is professionally laid out
  • Has the charts and tables you need
  • Comes with step-by-step instructions
  • Contains practical examples
  • Includes tips & hints


You can download this kit immediately, then open each template in Microsoft Word and fill-in the gaps to create your own documents. It's that easy.


 Variety types of Project Management Templates

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Best Project Management Templates

This kit includes all of the templates available on our website, saving you $136 off the individual purchase price. The following project management templates are included.