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Live PMP Exam Prep Class Based on PMI objectives

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Prepare For PMP exam based on PMI objectives

So Effective, We Guarantee You Will Pass the PMP Exam.

Our Live Virtual PMP classes are taught by expert instructors, who also bring their real-world and relevant experience to the students. Now offering evening and weekend classes!

  • Taught live by veteran PMP training instructors

  • Save time and money by training without travel

  • Interact with peers and expert instructors

  • Attend this live class from any Internet-connected computer

  • Now offering night, weekday, and weekend classes

35 Contact Hours and PDUs Included with Class

Current PMP Exam Pass Rate 97% First Time Pass

Facts about PMP

     Did you know that studying for PMP exam increases your chances in obtaining a job in the company, Project management is one of the major key qualities employers looking for in the candidated.  For example take a look how real companies use their Project Management expertise in real world for delivering high quality solutions to businesses.

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PMTraining Live PMP Classes


Why it's important to be more then just Project Manager but also have specialization?

If you are studying for this exam and thinking that PMP is the only exam you will need to get project manager job, then think again, majority of employers looking for specialized types of project managers, for example if you wanted to become IT Project Manager then you must have some level of expertise in network architecture, design and security, or be expert in SQL databases, you must have some sort of specialization. 
       Having PMP exam passed and obtaining PMP certification  is something that will definitely differentiate you from other candidates, who are coming out straight out of college with Bachelors degree in computer science or other relevant fields.  However do not place all your best just on passing PMP exam and expecting a job, real world requires real experts, specialization is the key. 


Included with every class:

  • Accredited class taught by PMTraining
    (PMI R.E.P. #3962)
  • All class study materials
  • Online exam prep student portal
  • 35 PMI Contact Hours and PDU Credits
  • One-on-one access to instructor
  • PMI exam application assistance
  • 100% exam pass guarantee

What is covered on PMP prep course?

Many different topics for full topic list scroll below

Framework, Process Group, Integration, Time, Scope, Cost, Quality, Human Resources, Communication, Risk, Stakeholder, Management, Ethical Responsibility and Code of Conduct

Other relevant exams to consider studying for.

Other exams you may want to consider preparing for to increase your employment qualifications are AGILE, SCRUM, and if you really have what it takes to become super IT Hero, Black Belt Sigma.

How to Prepare for Project Management exam?

Step 1. Review which Method is best for you, note we list multiple study guide options for PMP, PMI Training has self guided courses, online live class and practice tests, depending on which stage of the training you are at, it may make sense to buy one study guide as oppose to another.
Step 2. Review what is included in each study method.
Step 3. Purchase Your Study Resource.

Want to see an alternative to PM Training? 

Have you considered getting online or local Project Management tutor to help you prepare for exam and pass your PMP test?

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Consider the following PMP study plan

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