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Prepare At your own pace online

       The following course is on demand PMP course which is a comprehensive review, helping students prepare for the critical PMP exam. By purchasing this exam you would have access to intensive course lessons.  With intercombination of 65 high quality lessons and 35 pmi contact hours, bootcamp is designed to provide all of the information you will ever need to pass your exam. 

Why is this course great resource to prepare for your PMP Exam?

Keep in mind that this course is self paced, if you are looking to solidify your chances of passing your PMP certification exam and getting the job of a project manager or enhancing your existing specialization, then we recommend studying from multiple courses not just this one.

What PMP course is even better then this one?

Great course that we think is perfect for students is the live version of this course, live version is very similar to self guided on deman course (the one described here), however it's ran by live instructor in real time. There is als 100% Pass Gurantee, when enrolling in their live class.  If you do not like studying on your own and prefer to study with the help of PMP instructor live online then click this link.



       However if you have no time for Live course or the budget, then this self guided course is for you, it's moderately affordable.  Plus think of it as investment rather then money spending when purchasing it for reasons why we think passing PMP exam is investment continue reading further.

Top 5 reasons to consider preparing from this self guided course as oppose to other materials

Reason 1. This course has many materials that you will need

Formulas, Memorization charts, study tips, process maps, tons of exercises, references etc, if you were to buy it all seperatelyt his would be way more then the price of this course you see here.

Reason 2. Course is done with high quality, helping you prepare for this exam with confidence

Reason 3. Studying for this course helps you with PMI accrediation, many other courses you see online don't have that.  Without accrediation you are less likely to get the job as the project manager.

Reason 4.  This on demand boot camp can be taken based on your schedule.  You don't have to wait for anyone.

Reason 5. If you pass this course you can also make money tutoring students online or locally on part time bases as an independent tutor, exclusive opportunity provided to project managers by Tutoring Services, LLC for more info visit here.

     We gave you plenty of reasons to consider purchasing this course and using it to obtain knowledge you need for passing your project management pmp exam.

How Does Tutoring Services, LLC Rates this course?

      About our rating:  We reviewed multiple courses, in fact we also hire local project managers and instructors working for us in the area of CT NY and NJ, and also giving opportunities for project managers to make money outside of these states throuh our sister site We also have a business called DBA Binary Fusion, that specifically focuses in IT Managed Services. 

     We specialize in Information technology sector, that specialization requires very strict knowledge of project management.  We have project managers in our team and experts who work with us teaching students and completing projects.  Feel free to check out how we use project management expertise in real world.

We Searched all over multiple sites for best study guide and here is what we found

    We specifically searched for multiple courses online to see which project management material is the best one and how our company can help future project managers pass PMP exam.  We reviewed multiple study materials.  Then we found this PMP bootcamp course and here is how we rate it.

Here is how we rate this boot camp

We give this course solid 4 star ratings.  There are other courses also from Simplilearn that we reviewed and we think that they are also good for PMP prep who we also gave 4 stars.

        However this self guided course, we believe has the higest learning effectiviness, based on the amount of materials included as part of the inclusive price.  In this self guided bootcamp you simply get more for your money, then in any other study guides we seen.

       From the perspectify of quality this course is very similar to others that we provided review of, however from the perspective of quantity of study items you get, this training supercedes by far any other type of PMP training available.

Our Conclusion Read more info about this course to see what's included then when you make your decision feel free to check out even more info about this course by clicking:



Anyway now let's talk more about actual BootCamp Self guided Course

 If you would like to stop reading and register for this PMP course click below


What's included in this BootCamp?

Here is what's included in this course, basic princpals and framework, including scope, time, integration management.


Over 35 hours of interactive lessons on Demand!


250 Printable PMP Course Slides for Lesson Reinforcement


Credits Earned Recognition! with Pre-approval for 35 PMI Contact hours!

Full PMP Mock up Exam and Knowledge Quizzes

PMBOK Knowldge Area Study Guide

PMP Exam Prep Course Manual, with Study Tips!

Formula Cheat Sheet with critical PMP concepts key to have before exam

PMP Glossary and Test Taking Exercises


Printable PMP Process Maps

Printable PMP memory MAP Exercise



This on demand course also cover cost, quality, and HR management.

Course Milestons 10-12 cover procurement, stakeholder mangagement as well as professional and social responsibility, cousre summary and certificate.

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What other courses does this Test Prep vendor offers?

In case if you happen to be into Cyber Security field, the field that is rapidly exploding in the near future, then you may want to check CISSP exam.  Passing this exam in combination with PMP providers a killer combination for your career.  This is where you can online training for CISSP exam.

Other Related information that is helpful for project managers

Did you know you can save time and money when working projects with Project Management templates?  

Note if you really want to solidify your undestanding of PMP exam, we also have variety set of Project Management Templates, that can help you save time and money when proposing project scopes to clients, executing, intiating or closing project.  Check out variety of project management  templates here.

Opportunities for Project Management Experts

How soon will you become project manager?  When you become one would you be interested to make part time income?

If so visit our project management jobs employment site to see if you can help out teaching students PMP, AGILE, SCRUM, ITIL, courses locally or online, Tutoring Services, LLC is hiring locally in CT, NY and NJ, if you outside of these states then you can become indepndent contractor working as your own BOSS by registering your Project Management expert profile absolutely FREE. If interested in jobs opportunities for project managers teaching other students for PMP, AGILE, SCRUM, SIGMA preparation or other subjects visit us here.

Hence passing pmp exam and spending money on training material can be investment not only for your career but investment into being able to make part time helping students prepare for project management exam.  Let this be your motivator when preparing for your exam.  

Have only couple of weeks left before your alredy scheduled PMP exam?  Freaking out?

  • Gain more confidence by booking your self tutoring discount package from one of the local or online PMP tutors to boost your chances of passing your Project management test. 
  • Getting at least 10 hours of PMP tutoring couple of weeks before your exam is highly recommended. 
  • Getting 1 on 1 tutor will provide you with the highest level of project management learning effectiviness.

Tip from Rome Wells for how to get your company to pay for your 1 on 1 PMPtraining

We realized that not every person who is preparing for PMP needs a tutor, but many folks fail PMP simply because they were not well prepared. 

Getting 1 on 1 tutor is a sweet deal for any exam candidate who is seeking in gaining warm and fuzzy feeling in their test preparation journey and increasing their chances of passing PMP exam.

The problem is, PMP tutors are simply way too expensive to be hired for 1 on 1 training

  • Which is precisely the reason why if you do no have money to pay for 1 on 1 PMP tutor your self, then one recommendation I can make is to simply get your company to pay for your 1 on 1 training and include this as part of your overall PMP test preparation costs.
  • Tutoring Services, LLC is the company that provides 1 on 1 PMP tutors for companies and students.  If your company happens to agree to pay for your project management training (and most companie do have yearly training budget) , then one way to get certified for PMP is to use the following 4 step study tractic.

Step 1. Get yourself course from Edureka 

Step 2. Get your self Rita book     

Step 3. Get your self 1 on 1 tutor  have your company pay for it (if interested in your company paying for the training contact Tutoring Services, LLC directly through chat icon at the bottom right corner)

Step 4. Get your self registered for PMP 

Using the 4 steps above you simply can not fail, and if you do, then feel free to buy more tutoring discount packages.   


Rome Wells PMP Study Tip for students on the budget who still want quality project management training in real time.

Want to go beyond Bootcamp?  Looking for live PMP online class? Have you considered checking online live class by Edureka? 

The PMP online course by Edureka is structuraly schedule based, meaning you must check the schedule when the course is being taken.  Hence it's slightly different from PM training boot camp.  

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