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Project Management Professional: Affordable Prep for PMP Exam

Prep for pmp with joseph phillips
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PMP Preparation Course by Joseph Phillips and course ratings 

About the course

     If you are in the process of preparing for PMP certification exam and looking for affordable PMP course that won't break your bank.  Then PMP course by Joseph Phillips can be perfect solution.  This course is quiet affordable in comparison to other PMP courses plus it's offered by an actual PMI Registered Education Provider
In simple words what that means is, this course is high quality  Many other courses that you find out there are not PMI Registered Education Providers (REP), which means the quality of the course is not reviewed by PMI. 

What is the purpose of this PMP Course?

         This course will help you prepare for your exam with confidence, however do read our additional recommendations to see how to chose the right study path to maximize your chances of passing your PMP exam.

About Quality of this PMP course

    Quality of the course is important just to become PMI REP, company must undergo rigorous processes of proving how their course can help students prepare for PMP exam, and must have great level of maturity.  Plus the fact that you can get 36.50 PDU (professional development unit) is another great reason to take this course.  PDUs are needed to maintaing your Project Management Professional status. 
       This course is easy to follow and has interactive videos, which means you don't just watch a video statically, like it is the case with many other providers who offer PMP training, but instead you interact within some the videos as you watch the course, this helps you reinforce you project management content knowledge understanding. 

This PMP course is aligned with 5th Edition PMBOK Objectives

What does that mean? This means that you have higher chances of passing your PMP exam since entire PMP is based on PMBOK objectives.  It focuses on processes, project management life cycles and many other key knowledge areas that are absolute must to master when studying for this exam.  The latest 5th edition book covers many areas that project managers must master and includes:
  • 35 contact hours of project management education
  • Worksheets,
  • lectures on the enitre PMP exam objectives,
  • math and concepts worksheets,
  • 24x& Web and mobile access
  • PMP Memory sheets
  • PDF format exam question for students to study on the go


        The fact that this course comes with 400 PMP Practice exam questions and answers on all eaxm objectives is a huge plus, you can practice your project management exam skills and see how well you do, then focus on the weak areas that you did not do so well on and reinforce these weak links with flash cards for every term used, PMP exam formulas and many other resources.

How does this PMP course compare to others on the market in terms of affordability?


        One great thing about this course is that it's very affordable, and great study resource for PMP students on the budget.  We (Tutoring Services, LLC) give this course 5 star rating for this course from the perspective of affordability.  However it is worth to note that although this course offers many study materials, it has one of the lowest price, when you start looking further under the hood of why that is, main reason for that is because author of the course simply wanted to win by volume. 

This course use to be $199 Value now it's priced at $40!  

Other courses have higher price and do not have the same number of students signed up simply because what other providers offer is PMP course that are way too expensive. 
This particular author took a gamble to produce high quality but at very low price, and thereby managed to get high volume of students taking it and using it to pass.  Over 9000 students are registered for this course this must tell you something right?

Our personal recommendation when studying for this course

Word of advice, although studying from a single course to prepare for your PMP exam maybe tempting, we urge you not to make this mistake and use from multiple study courses.  If you are on the budget and can't afford any other courses then this PMP video course is for you, but even if you are on the budget do not risk failing your exam simply because you only relied on one study course provider to prepare for your exam.   There are multiple study paths when trying to prepare for this test, depending on your budget.  Studying for PMP does not have to be hard.



Here is our suggestion when studying for your PMP exam

     This goes without saying PMBOK is basically like a bible in PMP test taking community and is a must read before following any of the recommended study paths.  Price of the PMBOK is exluded from our recommended study path plans suggested here.

Study Path 1 Affordable Path for students at $100 budget

Chose this study path, if you plan to spend no more then $100 on your PMP preparation studies before taking your certification exam.


Step 1. Study from Rita's book (simply because it's highly recognized in the PMP test taking community and based on our research this book is a must read for any aspiring PMP certification test takers.
Step 2.  Purchase access to this course that is described here, however before you purchase it please read reviews/recommendations for this course that our company Tutoring Services, LLC provides and  read about study paths you can take to prepare for this certification exam on this very same page. 
Outcome of this study path 1 will be as follows, you will have medium chance of passing your PMP certification exam, depending on your overall foundation level of Project Management content knowledge area.


Study Path 2 Slightly Affordable for students at $100-160 budget

Chose this path if you want to maximize your chance from high possibility of passing your exam.

Step 1. Read review about Rita's book that we did and purchase your self a copy of PMP Rita's book, highly recognized textbook in the community.    (you can even rent the book which will make your study budget even lower)
Step 2.  Purchase access to entire bank of PMP questions, great vendor who offers PMP practice exam questions and is also PMI recognized (REP) can be found here.
     Note these questions will give you high confidence for passing your PMP Exam and plenty of practice questions, having reviewed only practice questions from the course that we describe here is not enough on your own.  Reinforcing your key knowledge areas with additional set of practice questions, provided by another vendor other then what you see on this course, is our recommended action for students who are in the process of preparing for their PMP studies. 
     The reason we recommend these questions is because they are not just .PDF based, they are LMS system track based plus there are so many of them for you to study from that it simply makes most sense to use in addition to studying from this PMP prep test course that is described here.  Studying from multiple vendors who offer high quality training is the key.
Step 3.  Definitely in addition to the questions recommended above purchase this course that we describe here, you can find out more about this PMP course and read other student' reviews by following this link.

On the side note: If budget is not an issue here and you just want to pass

If you read abouth 2 recommended study paths above, and do not think that the recommended study path above is right for your need or perhaps not care about affordability much and simply want to prepare for PMP  exam with the most reputable study vendor on the market for PMP test then continue reading this 3rd study option.      

Study Path 3 Most Effective option

Overall study path 3  is a bit more expensive then then the study path 1 or 2, but it is still quiet affordable and does increase your chances of passing your PMP exam.  If affordability is not an issue and your company is willing to pay for your course, then don't hesitate to check out this PMP self guided boot camp that is offered by another reputable training provider, that also have tons of PMP reinforcement knowledge lessons and cost a lot for a reason.  That reason is, it's very high quality training and has tons of information that you would need to pass your exam.

So what does Study Path 3 has?

Step 1. Study from Rita's book

Step 2. Study from Bootcamp

Note how study path 3 does not mention preparation from Joseph Phillips course?   Why is it the case? Well although Phillips PMP course is cheaper indeed and a great course that covers many details, the course still does not have enough of study materials in comparison to what you would get with the self guided bootcamp.  Plus if worth comes to worth and bootcamp does not do the trick of helping you pass your exam, you would get money back gurantee and can even sign up for online class directly with the same bootcamp vendor to reinforce your study skills even more for seperate online class fee, offered by the same vendor.
Plus bootcamp simply has way more content then what is offered in Phillips course therefore price is much higher. 
       For example, if you were to go with the self guided bootcamp for your PMP studies you would have tons and tons of access to the practice questions for 90 days, be able to create your own questions and drills, have access to to power point slides, process maps, and many other key characteristics that Phillips course does not have.  Bootcamp covers many PMP study materials that are already included, so this way you would not have to buy additional study materials seperately. 
   The only thing you go to watch for is 90 days access, be sure to ensure that 90 days is enough for yourself.  If you chose to go with study path number 3.    If you think it's not enough time, then before enrolling into the online self guided bootcamp, do go thorugh this Joseph's PMP prep course as your first step, so this way you are not going to be too stressed out going through the bootcamp content.

In summary

Take a look at one of the testimonial comments from one of the students who took this PMP Course


        This is a great PMP course to help you prepare for the PMP exam. Make sure that you allow yourself plenty of time - don't cram. This course goes through all the Knowledge Areas plus the Code of Ethics, quizzes you at the end of each chapter, gives you games to play to help you, a recap of everything to review right before the exam plus 5 exams to help you.
       Joe's exams are very similar to the actual PMP exam so you don't have to worry that the exams in this course do not mimic the real thing. I highly suggest reading the PMBOK before starting this course to ensure that you are familiar with all the terms and processes, etc. This course reinforces the PMBOK and adds to it because the PMBOK does not include real life material which the PMP exam does

To view other testimonials from other students click more info button

Now let's analyze what this student just said in testimonial?


       Student said that you must allow plenty of time and don't cram.  This is a very good advice, give your self plenty of time.   Another thing that student mentioned is that the course even has games!  Wait what games?  Yep you heard correctly games to help you reinforce your PMP knowledge skills.  Who would have thought that combining learning with games can make process of studying fun
       Now the next thing that student mentioned is how realistic questions are and how they closely mimic exam.  Student also recommends reading PMBOK before taking this course.  But wait how come we didn't mention that in any of our study paths?  Well we did mention Ritas book in study path 1, right? 
       We think Rita's book does a great summary of what PMBOK offers, but in addition to listing the processes and other concepts it translates these concepts for an every day person to be able to understand what any of the terminology means.  PMBOK is like a bible but without understanding the overall meaning it may not be much of use if only studied from it as the only resource.
  PMBOK is basically like a bible of PMP community, we also recommend to read this just like student mentioned in their testimonial, in fact according to our company's research we have found that out of 100 PMP test taking participants in the survey, 89% of students used PMBOK when studying for their PMP exam.  Hence our recommendation is if you have the money to buy PMBOK then definitely purchase it and study it as the pre-requisite before you proceed with any of the recommended study paths above.
       Another comment that student made is that PMBOK does not reinforce real life material, but PMP exam does.  That is indeed the most truthfull statement ever. Without specialization it's hard to master this exam on your own, assumption for most of PMPs is that they have some level of specialization either in IT security, web development or other tracks.  To see what we mean  take a look how our company Tutoring Services, LLC uses project management tactics in real world. 
    Hence it's important to note that this course by Joe Phillips is mostly tailored towards IT level professionals.  Some other courses are tailored towards more general practioners.  Anyway based on our company's research, and our company is Tutoring Services, LLC in case you are wondering who we are, and perhaps you have already passed your PMP exam and want to earn extra income teaching PMP subjects in your local area or online working as an independent tutor then don't hesitate to visit us here.
        Our company specializes in researching best PMP study test preparation materials, tutor and student match making, test prep.  We review multiple resources on the market and place them together side by side in one place on this very same site that you are looking at, we create polls, blogs, and other methods to obtain information from other PMP test taking students then leverage that information to provide study tips, and other usefull resources for PMP test taking candidates. 
Project Management area of expertise is not the only area that we specialize in, our roots come from educational and IT consulting background, hence as you continue reading you will see us constantly referencing usefull links and study tips for highly relevant for PMP test taking professionals resources.

What is included in this PMP course for students on the budget?


         Anyway if you read all of our Reviews and Recommendations and want to see what exactly is included in this course, please scroll below or click on more info button.  By clicking more info button you will be taken to official sales page of the course where you can view more information about the course, read student testimonials, view how many students enrolled in the course and sign up for the course.   Note you can also stick around here and read our PMP certification page to view more info about exam or read reviews about other PMP study resources.


  Tip from Rome Wells

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