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Early in Your PMP Certification Path, You may encounter the following questions.

  • Do you find it is hard to find the time for PMP Bootcamp while you are having a full-time demanding job as IT Director or Project Management?
  • Preparing for the PMP Exam is very expensive?
  • People say that the PMP Certification Exam is difficult and the passing rate is low?
  • Taking a 4 hour exam would be non-realistic or impossible?

We did all the hard work for you and found the best PMP Learning Resource on the market.

       After spending tons of hours researching the internet and reading numerous PMP blog sites, fortunately Tutoring Services, LLC have found solution to the questions listed above.  Getting Certified for PMP EXAM does not have to be hard.  Take a look at the Project Management Practice Questions study material shown below.  It can help you solidify your chances of passing your PMP certification exam.  Continue reading further to see how and why.

Are You Prepared for your PMP Test, why not study with access to practice questions?

If you have asked your self questions above or ever wondered of how to study for your PMP exam efficiently, then you may want to check out how you can study for your exam by practicing answering project management questions and seeing how well you do on the simulated PMP Test.

Why use this resource to prepare for your exam?

Professional PMP Practice Exams

Access Instantly 

Instant access from any web browser, with nothing to download:

  • Unlimited access to 1,000+ exceptionally realistic PMP exam practice questions
  • Detailed explanations and PMBOK® Guide references for every PMP question
  • Includes over Twenty condensed PMP mock exams and Ten Knowledge Area tests based on the latest exam format and PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition
  • Personalized reports, exam dashboard, PMP exam tips, video tutorials and much more included
  • New! Easily create your own PMP tests from our database of 1,000+ questions.
  • 90-day access to professional PMP practice exams for only $59.00.

More affordable way to prepare for PMP Exam is as follows

We realize it can be tough to prepare for your project management exam especially when there are so many options to study from.  Here is what Tutoring Services, LLC thinks about this PMP practice exam set in comparison to other PMP Project Management study guides on the market.  This particular practice exam set has tons of methods for students to obtain necessary skill set in effort to pass their exam, but is not recommended to be the only source of your PMP studies. 

The practice exam set of PMP questions has a very reputable vendor who is updating exam questions content consistently, ensuring that you do not end up with questions that are outdated or not relevant to the latest PMBok Guidelines.  
Do not ever purchase any study guide materials from vendor who does not update their exam questions based on the lates PMBok guidelines.
Always check to ensure that practice exams allow you to create your own PMP questions, so you can drill your knowledge skill by creating set of multiple quesions per each exam and testing your self to see if you are improving.

Now let's talk about Price and Affordability.

Price wise speaking, this set of questions is very affordable, however not strong enough to help you fully prepare for your exam without full Project Management Life Cycle understanding of foundation, but highly recommended to practice from in combination with the actual PMP course. Here is our Ratings

Affordability Wise we give this PMP Exam Set (5 out of 5 stars)

      This particular PMP Practice exam set has lots of content that is simply not available with other practice tests you find on the market offered by other vendors.  There are over 20 PMP mock focusing on ten knowledge area tests based on the latest exam formatting and PMBOK Guide 5th Edition.  (if you want both the guide and access to tons of other PMP materials you should consider checking seld guided bootcamp course for PMP)
     Reason why we give 5 stars to this practice exam set is because it's not only just the exam practice set it's the ultimate test prepartion machine for your Project Managmenet Journey! 
         Sure you will find tons of other study materials out there which we also list on this site and also may find helpful.  But in some cases other companies will charge $20, however that $20 course may end up leading you in the wrong direction and end up causing you to FAIL your PMP certification exam especially if the study course vendor content is not updated. 

How much will it cost you studying the wrong way?

Well let's do the math Exam cost approximiately $500, time spend reading useless questions that are not even covering latest topics will set you back another 35 to 100 hours. Is failing due to poorly written $20 practice set questions worth waisting $500?  Probably not.  That is not to say that all of the $20 PMP practice exam courses or practice sets are like that. 

How do we know all of that? (this section is kind of boring if you want to skip to the bottom of this to read further about pmp practice exam content click here)

        The reason why we know all of this is because we are educational research company Tutoring Services, LLC. We specifically research best study material that can be leveraged by students when preparing for their exams.  We research Academic subjects and Professional exams, then we lay it all out in front of students to see.  
We let students know that there are low quality and high quality PMP products
      We explain to students that there are high PMP quality products and low quality, low quality are typically cheap products. We also know that, is because we create products from scratch (not this partiuclar PMP product but other products in academic sector) and also happen to be in Test Prep, Research and Tutoring field and fully understand the ultimate truth behind student's PMP test taking needs.

Additionally we go beyond just recommeding PMP practice exams

      Plus we actually hire PMP tutors ourselves in CT, NY and NJ area (specific counties), and have entire company DBA Binary Fusion that is ran under our umbrella focusing on nothing but Information Technology/Web Development/Project Management services (if you would like to be our intern don't hesitate to apply for more info visit here, note only limited spots available USA Only in CT, NY and NJ)
    Hence we can confidently recommend to students PMP product that we think is good.   We are not some blog enthusiasts, with scheme to produce the best PMP blog in the world and lure you into purchasing their product while begging their students to buy products through their links, in fact we been non profit since 2008 for our Tutoring site that still up to this day does not charge any agency comission fees, making us the only educational company truly FREE, who provides Tutors opportunity to make money without chargine agency recurring comission fees.
      In fact we invite you our fellow Project Management students once you pass your PMP exam to register on our site FREE of charge to earn money tutoring students PMP Exam or other subjects without having to pay any tutoring agency comission fees and earning money on part time basis (offer available only for USA residents). 

We want what's best for students

We provide independent evaluation of what we think about this PMP Practice exam product.  Our goal is to simply inform you what your learning options are and recommend you what we think is best for your project management test preparation Journey and help you make decision on your own. The practice exam set from PM Training that you described on this page is your ideal test preparation study material for your PMP test.

We also have Project Management Ninjas

    We also have project management instructors who we directly communicate with, who happen to work on Wall Street in NYC providing PMP Training for College students.  We can recommend students PMP training experts who can literally work with students side by side online and prepare you for Black Belt Sigma, PMP, PMO, SQL or any other exams online over our propriatory whiteboard. Or if you live in NY Manhattan, CT, or NJ area locally meet you face to face to provide in home PMP tutoring or in local starbucks or online.

Speaking of Online PMP prep

       In fact we even develop our own Whiteboard Solutions helping students learn math online, and leverage that for other subjects such as PMP Test preparation, meaning you don't get charged arm and the leg when preparing for your exam online.  How would you like to be trained on weekend online by PMP Trainer one on one?  If you prefer that option we can recommend the right person for that, simply shoot us an email by leaving a comment.  This option would be perfect in combination with the PMP practice exam set purchased here. 
        However it's a bit expensive, hence is the reason why we don't recommend our PMP experts provided directly by Tutoring Services, LLC to you unless of course you are located in CT, NY or NJ region and ready to pay up for our high quality PMP expert Ninjas or if you want someone online and still ready to pay up but slightly less then local tutor.   Why do we say that upfront like that, reason is simply because we provide quality PMP experts, just like similarly we provide Math Calculus experts and provide you real expert who really can help you pass your exam.

Why it's a good idea to have consitency when studying for your exam?

      Another reason why don't recommend our PMP tutors provided directly by our company is simply because when studying for PMP exam it make sense to have single company provide both PMP trainers, study materials practice tests and higher level of assurance that you end up passing your exam rather then getting tutor from one vendor, getting practice test from another vendor, and getting course from the 3rd vendor. 
      This can cause students stress and inconsistency in their learning process and create learning gaps when preparing for their PMP exam.  Students prefer consistency and single vendor to work with and not having to jump across different vendors providing different things and getting confused. Hence for that reason if you do prefer to get online tutor and practice exam and bootcamp content by single vendor then click here.

We give students choice when preparing for their exam

      However if you prefer to have one of the trainers provided to you by Tutoring Services, LLC directly then don't hesitate to leave a comment below to let us know that.   We will help you get matched with the professional expert online or in person (only if you are in CT, NY or NJ area).  After all we are not just in Educational Research business, but we also happen to be tutor match making company as well. Check out one of our local tutoring sites to see what we mean (we have tons of them)

Anyway back to this Practice Test Description

The Shocking Truth every PMP Student must know about Study Vendors

       The truth every PMP student should know is if study vendor doesn't charge enough for practice exam sets, that means the product was not properly created.  Meaning not enough time was spent, not enough research was spent in creating it based on latest PMBok objectives.   Many companies you see simply create PMP Exams Practice courses with questions, but their quality is horrendous.  These companies you must watch out for.  
To give you an example of how our company Tutoring Services, LLC helps students find proper study resources in PMP prepartion journey take a look at this comparison of how we help students Academic world prepare for Calculus subject. 
    Sometimes we get students who contact our company Tutoring Services, LLC and ask us, well why are your Calculus tutors so expensive, and here is our response that we give to Parents.  (take a look to see what we mean) After reading this response students instead of purchasing cheap tutors, prefer to purchase expensive ones?  Why is that the case?  The reason why is simple students prefer quality, the same story goes here. 
When preparing for PMP exam it's important to study from reputable vendor with high quality content.  We believe the PMP Practice Set exam set has high quality content.


How does it compare to other vendors in terms of affordability?

       Here is what other test taker companies missing out there that can definitely help you prepare for this test.   Ability to create your own questions and practice from randomly selected set of questions to reinforce your skill sets. 

This particular vendor has slick way for you to create your own questions out of 1000+ questions database, letting your create your own PMP tests to reinforce your skill level and knowledge.  So although other tests can be affordable and even cheaper then the price of this particular exam set, many other vendors who offer similar exams simply lack that level of flexibility. 

     Plus many other vendors do not really provide you access to 90 days, this vendor provides access to your exam for 90 days, this should be more then enough time for you to prepare for your exam, in case if it's not enough time for you to prepare for your academic exam then you may want to consider getting private PMP instructor to help you prepare for it, we list several options for private instructors access listed below (as you continue reading). 

In fact if you already looking at considering purchasing this PMP practice exam and not entirely sure if it's enough and really want to take it up a notch to ensure that you end up passing your Project Managment Professional exam, then there are PMP online class offered by the same vendor with real live instructor, that already includes access to this pmp practice exam set as part of your PMP training.  Note PMP Bootcamp also has everything listed in this page, + more.  For PMP BootCamp info click here.


Our Verdict

So on your own this practice test is great, but only if you already have PMP foundation skills. (after all you can't build a house without foundation, same goes here, you can't pass without having foundation skills)

We think this Practice Tests by PM Training can be great study resource, but in reality it may not be fully enough to study from just the practice exams, unless of course you solidify or reinforce your skill set with formulas, mind maps, printed materials and other types of study guides neatly offered in PM Training BootCamp.

What is offered in the bootcam  can solidify your understanding of Real PMP exam and go far beyond practice tests describehere. Plus bootcam is also part of the same PM Training Vendor, making it more intuitive for you to study from since overall look and feel is similar in many instances when studying for the exam, reviewing formulas, reading mind maps, checking our the practice questions and more. 

        Hence if you really can spend a bit more on bootcamp and kill 2 birds with one stone getting both access to practice tests and getting tons of other project management study content that you would not get otherwise, then we strongly recommend you to check out bootcamp pmp prep study option.


Although sometimes it may simply be best to study with multiple resources. 

If you are on the budget then you may want to consider more cheaper PMP study guides, such as exam secrets and flash cards with combination of access to the practice tests described here (we would not recommend purchasing exam secrets and flash cards on your own, we do not think it's enough to prepare for this test with just flash cards and exam secrets.

     However exam secrets and flash cards study guides can be good especially in the beginning stage, but tend to be too general in content and not too specific, you have to watch out for that especially with new exam format changes, it's very important to go with the vendor that is on top of it all.  Sure there are other courses also available by oher vendors that are great, but they simply lack overall amount of content that is really needed in order to prepare for this test efficiently. 

When purchasing access to these practice tests consider not the price, but the fact that you can reinforce your skill set by creatings tons of practice questions, and the fact that there are tons of PMP exam tips, video tutorials and personalized reports that can help you prepare for this exam efficiently. 

Other vendors lack amount of content needed for you to pass

Other vendors simply lack that level of content depth.   Note if you do not feel that 90 days is not enough for you, then start your journey by studying from exam secrets and flash cards, then once you get some level of understanding purchase access for 90 days to this exam.  It will be cheaper then buying access to bootcamp, but effectivelywill deliver at least 75% chance of passing your exam. 

Reason why we say 75% is that because, even if you were to purchase exam secrets, flash cards and PM training access for 90 days to PMP practice questions, it still not as good as the bootcamp.  To increase your chances above 75% percent of passing consider the following pre-requisite.


Before jumping into purchasing practice questions consider the following

     Purchasing access to bootcamp or PMP practice Exams with quest is something that you do not want to jump into either unless you have some sort of project management foundation and ready for it, since bootcamp does require extensive training, and practice exams with questions that you don't understand won't mean much, so having some level of project management foundation is essential here.  

    There are several cheaper versions of video course tutorials for PMP exam, that can be great way for you to get into, and will not put too much stress on you as much as bootcamp would do and can be great learning foundation for you.

     We recommend you review our other vendor who we listed here, who offers video courses. You can start learning 4 cycles of project management, initiation, execution, planning and closure then reinforce your knowledge with other exercises that SimpliLearn the vendor offers.  This vendor is not as good as PM Training Vendor, but does have some great level of initial learning foundation and can be leveraged as the stepping stone, when preparing for your PMP eaxm.  

          If you have already had some training in PMP and for example took a course before in college or your training school, and already do have some understandign about PMP exam, and what it covers, or simply already took this test but failed, simply because you were studying from the wrong resource, and simply want to improve your chances of passing, then do consider purchasing access to this particular 90 days access to practice tests, or our highly recommended option to PMP self guided bootcamp.

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