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Alpha Score LSAT Online Course for students attempting to prepare for Law exam

lsat alpha score test prep
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LSAT Test Resource for Improving your Score

In case you are preparing for your LSAT exam and attempting to find a resource material that can help you study for your law school with confidence, then don't hesitate to check out this test prep resource, be sure to view student's testimonial above.   Based on our research this study material is indded one of the most affordable in comparison to other test prep vendors who we analyzed and reviewed. The best part about this course you try it for free to see if you like it.  Continue reading to see what is included in this product.

We give this Resource 5 star rating

    For the following reasons: It's affordable and not going to break your pocket, it has lots of study reinforcement materials as part of your course access. Including lsat practice questions whoopng 12 month subscription access, practice quizes and assignments and even personal instructor assistance.

On the side note, after you do get a good score using this product and get into your top choice law school

Our company Tutoring Services, LLC gives 2 whooping reasons for you to want to do well on your exam in addition to your professional reasoning of increasing changes of getting into your top law school.  2 Whooping reasons above hopefully would want to motivate you more into getting as high LSAT score as possible.  (although reason #2 is not for everyone since it's limited geographically)

Be sure to stop by back and let us know your lessons learned.

Reason 1.  Extra income working as an independent LSAT tutor opportunity

       When you pass your LSAT exam be sure to contact us back and let us know your LSAT lesson learned during your test preparation journey for your LSAT certification test, and how you used this resource to prepare for LSAT exam, share your lessons learned with us, we will share it with other students and also allow you to register on our sister site as an LSAT tutor helping you make extra income preparing other students for LSAT exam by advertising your self free of charge, this will help you differentiate your self from other LSAT tutors and help you while you are attending law school make extra income for your self on part time basis.

Additional Job opportunities for LSAT Law School Students if residing in CT, NY or NJ

Reason 2.  Working as LSAT tutor locally  in CT | NY and NJ

Our company is all about making education affordable helping environment stay GREEN, this is our goal and message, and this is why we give back to the LSAT test taking community and provide opportunities for law school students who did well on their LSAT exam and got top scores to work directly with Tutoring Services, LLC as an LSAT tutor in the state of CT, NY, NJ. This opportunity is only for CT, NY and NJ residents, for more info visit our tutor jobs page. 

How we can help LSAT students who did well on the exam make extra income in CT | NY and NJ

       Our Tutoring Services, LLC company specializes in tutor match making for local CT, NY and NJ areas of Fairfield, Westchester, New Haven, Bergen County area of NJ, focusing on helping school students who achieved their top score get rewarded by earning money teaching students locally. 

          We have robust local tutoring network of websites where we advertise our tutors, having someone who did well on LSAT exam can greatly help us out expand our network of professional tutors while at the same time helping LSAT students who passed this exam with top scores make extra income helping paying off their expenses on part time basis tutoring local CT, NY and NJ students.   (limited to specific counties)


Advice Tactic, which course to chose this one or another one?

So you are in the process of deciding is this course for you?  Well  you read reasons why it's a good idea for you to


Should you include this course in your study path when preparing for your exam?

We have compared other vendors as well and here is what we think in regards to how this course is compared to other vendors. 
It contains
  • 50+ hours video lectures
  • It's Mobile Friendly
  • digital and printable books
  • It also includes previous LSATs
  • Plus you can access material for entire year
Many other competitors on the market have their own strengths, but unfortunately more expensive. It can help you save 100s of dollars less then the other competitor test prep LSAT study products we found on the market.  To see these strengths and comparison side by side scroll a bit down.


Now let's say you like LSAT resources that are offered by this LSAT vendor  but let's say you also like the idea of interactive learning


      For example let's say you like the affordability factor, but also like the other vendor too, and can't make up your mind which study vendor to pick when preparing for you law school exam.  Well then what we recommend is chosin primary vendor for your all LSAT test prep studies, and anything that you are weak at reinforce it with additional resource from another vendor.

     For example,you can leverage Alpha Score as your primary method of test preparation for your LSAT exam since it's most affordable, and then if you really want to supplement your self with interactive adaptable self paced learning method in specific section, then most certainly you can take advantage of Manhattan Prep resource.

Or for example if you do like the idea of test progress tracking and amazingly awesome messaging forum and clear explanations to many of the videos. and want to really dive deep into both theretical and practical sections of LSAT test prep, while using abundant amount of tools, then Velocity Prep can be your additional supplementary vendor.  For example you can leverage multiple strategy guides from different vendors in the form of printed books sold conviniently for you seperately. 

In another words you do not need to get access to all 3 vendors if already good in all of the sections except one, unless of course you want maximum learning effectiviness out of your LSAT test prep studies, but what we are saying here is. 

If let's say you are bad in logic games, and want to get ahead in logic games and study for this section in a slightly different way then what Alpha Score offers then don't hestitate to check out Manhattan Prep Interactive course.   This can be most affordable way to tackle multiple birds with one stone when preparing for this exam.  Take a look first at course comparisions below to understand other courses values, so you can see the difference between Alpha Score and others.  Tutoring Services, LLC is doing this to help future Law School studnets to make up their mind.  It's difficult to simply describe what each test prep vendor offers, without offering some sort of comparitive perspective, in regards to how this particular vendor is actually compared to other. 

LSAT Course Test Prep Vendor Comparisions