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CPA Certification Exam By State Requirement

cpa by state requirement

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CPA State By State Requirement for Certification Exam

Take your Accounting CPA test?   Discover requirements for your particular state, see how much education, experience you need, exam fees and more.



cpa state by state requirement

The requirements to sit for the CPA exam and get licensed vary from state to state.

Since CPA certificates and licenses are granted by the individual state accounting boards rather than at a national level, the rules can be a little bit confusing.

Main idea behind this page, is to help, future CPA test prep takers, and students who are preparing for this exam, solidify their understanding about specific state requirements, before applying for their test, and also be prepared.

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State by State Accounting Exam Requirements

For the state of CT License Requirement click below, link.

CPA Connecticut License  State Requirements

cpa ct license requirement

Don't see your State? Navigate here to view about state requirement, application info and more.


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Many students from UK asked me this question about UK Requirements

Is my degree recognized in USA? Am i eligible to take CPA? The answer is it depends on your university.  Make sure you talk to academic advisor.  However here is one university that is indeed accepted and accredited and you can finish it then take CPA in USA and get a job for 70k  BSc hons degree in Applied Accounting from Oxford Brookes Universtiy


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