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About CSET Exams

The teaching certification exam (CSET) stands for California Subject Examinations for Teachers, one of the many US state teaching certification tests that gives college or university students get the opportunity of obtaining their teaching license to be able to work as an educator or teacher.

What we offer?

Our site offers high-quality test prep resources for CSET for the aspiring test taker like you. While there are many kinds of self-help and books and subject review books, these test prep materials may not be enough for the test taker to full understand and benefit from it for their teaching certification exam. Our study guides are comprehensive and very detailed that you don’t have to worry about a further need for enrolling in review classes or hire private tutors to help you with your preparation for the upcoming test.

We offer 2 methods of Studying for CSET Exams

Method 1. Self Study

With method 1 self study approach educators can simply browse this site and find appropraite CSET exam of interest example, math, science english etc.. and view information about exam and related study guides.  We have flash cards, exam secrets and more.

To begin either search from the top right corner for your exam or use filters on this page to show more exams and browse through them.

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Method 2. Local/Online Tutor Assisted Study

With method 2.  If you need assistance and still didn't do well on exam or simply didn't prepare fast enough, missed tricks and tactics that could of helped you pass or simply not comfortalbe in studying on your own, then feel free to browse our local/online tutors who can help you work through the rigorous test practice questions, and help you pass your CSET exam. To view list of tutors visit

Can't Pass your CSET Test, why not let our local/online tutors help you prepare for it!

What CSET subjects can i get help for?

Tutors who are registered there offer CSET tutoring in multiple subjects, math, science, english etc. 

Who are the tutors on this site?

Tutors registered on this site are independent tutors, offering their tutoring services, with many of them offering first tutoring session for only $15 as Try Before You Commit further with the tutor.  Many of them can come directly to your home, or alternatively even tutor you in CSET subject online.

Benefit of Passing CSET exam and how it can help you make money.

Did you pass your CSET exam?  Want to make money teaching other educators who also want to learn how to pass it? Then don't hesitate to visit site designed by teachers for teachers, who are interested in making money tutoring either educators or k-12 students in math, science, english or test prep, while earning money part time.

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Do you have all of your college books purchased?  If you answered no then feel free to visit for collection of cheapest college textbooks sold by other students in their college or university.

CSET California Test Prep books for future Teachers & Educators!

Before following this book advice, make sure you review other study resources listed on this site before you go to this site.

Here is where you can get dirt cheap CSET exam books --->, compare prices, buy CSET EXAM test prep books from the cheapest bookstores, Save environment and Save Trees, help earth stay GREEN, cheaper than self guided courses or tutors (but not as good as courses or as tutors, or perhaps... not the same.... in terms of learning effectiviness) Compare prices and select the best CSET Teacher test prep books or sell your book directly on college campus.

Powered By Tutoring Services, LLC helping you save money on education! However, before you buy any book on that site view other CSET Study resources here which may very well end up being better than books, for your individual learning style and needs.  

Also if you want to learn more about us visit and see how we help teachers and educators, learn and earn money.


Trying to obtain Teaching Position in School? Not sure what school has to offer?

We realize that making your decision in which school you may want to teach can be tough choice, which is why we created RateMySchool.NET visit our site to find school/teacher/professor/colleges/universities reviews and see what others say about the school.

Why Study from our collection of CSET Study Guides? offers variety of study gudies from different edu vendors and help educators succeed in their test preparation studies, which can be  vital for successful test results. Our listed study guides are beneficial in helping you improve your studying routines and learn the appropriate preparation methods while making use of your classroom-trained skills and knowledge and experience to its fullest potential for your CSET test.

Study Smart not Hard for your CSET exam

Do not miss out on the latest trend in preparing for your teaching certification exam. Get your personal copy of the best study guides for CSET and start developing your competencies that are essential to acing your CSET Test. Visit our online library and check out our available study guides for CSET today!

Trying to prepare for any other related CSET teaching certifcation for another state such as Praxis 2?

We have also collection of study guides for Praxis you can visit our praxis 2 teacher certification test prep site to view study guides for praxis 2 exam.

For Educators and Teachers who want to Tutor and make money.

         Tutoring Services, LLC provies option for educators to register on site advertise themselves free of charge as independent tutor and offer tutoring services for other educators who would like to prepare for CSET test, but can't seem to pass it.  We have created this portal specificaly for such teachers who are looking for part time income.  Additionally we have content development opportunities for educators who are interested in creating content for as well as offer online tutoring. 

       We have create seperate platform for that, platform allows capability for educators to register on our site, have dedicated profile in subject that they tutor, and have partnership agreement to create study guides and practice test for tutoring services, LLC get paid for doing so, as well as receive student opportunies from Tutoring Services, LLC working under comission based model system.   We are looking for product content developers, specifically who can create practice tests and study guides in variety of subjects ranging from mathematics, english, science and many other fields.  To apply for this opportunity visit our company works explicitliy with such educators to provide them intercombination of both home local tutoring, online tutoring, content development opportunities.  


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CSET Teacher Exam

Study Guide Type: Flash Cards, Exam-Secrets

CSET Teacher Test Prep material list..

CSET English Exam

CSET English Exam

Exam Code: cset-english
Study Guide Type: Flash Cards, Exam-Secrets
CSET English Exam Study Guide The California Subject Examination for Teachers (CSET) is an exam that allows educators to prove their competency on a certain subject field. Passers are granted certification from the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) which will allow educators to legally teach...
CSET Agriculture Exam

CSET Agriculture Exam

Exam Code: cset-agriculture
Study Guide Type: Exam-Secrets, Flash Cards
CSET Agriculture Exam Study Guide Passing the CSET or California Subject Examination for Teachers is a milestone wherein educators have to prove their capabilities in order to legally teach in the field. Applicants must be sufficiently equipped with knowledge and must have the capacity to go through...
CSET Art Exam

CSET Art Exam

Exam Code: cset-art
Study Guide Type: Exam-Secrets, Flash Cards
CSET Art Exam Study Guide The California Subject Examination for Teachers (CSET) is an exam which certifies educators so they may be able to teach in the state as an official educator. Educators wishing to teach in the field of performing arts are required to first take the California Subject Examination...
CSET Physical Education Exam

CSET Physical Education Exam

Exam Code: cset-physical
Study Guide Type: Flash Cards, Exam-Secrets
CSET Physical Education Exam Study Guide All educators aiming for a teaching position in the state of California are first required to take the California Subject Examination for Teachers (CSET) to obtain a certification from the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC). A certification is needed...
CSET Earth and Planetary Science

CSET Earth and Planetary Science Exam

Exam Code: cset-earth
Study Guide Type: Exam-Secrets, Flash Cards
CSET Earth and Planetary Science Exam Study Guide The California Subject Examination for Teacher (CSET) is an exam conducted by the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) that assesses educators’ capacities in teaching. Educators who pass the exam are granted permission from the board to...