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CSET Chemistry Exam

CSET Chemistry Exam

CSET Chemistry Exam Study Guide

The California Subject Examination for Teacher (CSET) is an exam conducted by the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) that tests potential educators so that they may be given certification which will allow them to legally teach in the state. Applicants should be good a knowledgeable on the subject matter to easily pass the exam. Applicants have to take two different subtests in order to obtain a certification. If the applicant fails in either of the tests, he/she can retake the specific test but only after a period of 45 days. Scores for the CSET Chemistry Exam are valid for 5 years.

Eligibility for CSET Chemistry Exam

To be eligible to take the CSET Chemistry Exam, applicants must first have to comply with the eligibility criteria listed by the CTC board. Applicants should satisfy all educational requirements before applying for the CSET Chemistry Exam by proving his skills in the field. CSET certification also provides credentials to educators who wish to teach in the middle and secondary grades. Examinees should also prepare well and study hard for the exam to attain a certification.

Format of CSET Chemistry Exam

The CSET Chemistry Exam assesses the educator’s capabilities in the subject field. Topics to be covered in the CSET Chemistry Exam are: atomicity and molecular structure, chemical reactions, kinetics and molecular theory, solute chemistry, thermodynamics, biochemistry and organic chemistry, nuclear sciences and theory. These topics are also important for the CSET Chemistry Exam: periodicities, structure of atom, molecular structure, types of chemical bonds, stoichiometry, chemical reactions, rate of reaction, acid, bases, salts etc. Examinees should study hard and ready both mind and heart to be able to score good in the CSET Chemistry Exam.

The exam has both multiple-choice questions and subjective answers hence examinees should have a decent knowledge base as well as good writing skills. Examinees should aim to answer as concise yet precise as possible; so as to gain a high marking score from the special educator from the board marking the exam. The exam has a total of 300 points out of which 220 marks are needed to be able to pass the exam and qualify for a certification.

Scope of CSET Chemistry Exam

The CSET Chemistry Exam challenges the candidates’ cognitive skills on the subject hence examinees should answer questions with accuracy so as to attain high marks. A study guide will definitely help a examinee study on multiple-choice questions and also provide exercises that will allow him/her to practice writing concise responses. With the help of the study guide, acing the exam will be very possible.

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