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CSET English Exam

CSET English Exam

CSET English Exam Study Guide

The California Subject Examination for Teachers (CSET) is an exam that allows educators to prove their competency on a certain subject field. Passers are granted certification from the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) which will allow educators to legally teach in the state. The CSET English Exam measures educator’s cognitive skills and knowledge in the field which will determine if he/she is qualified for a teaching position. The exam is made up of four subtests and examinees have to pass all four subtests to be eligible for a certification. If an examinee fails to pass a certain subtest, he/she is allowed to retake the exam after a period of 45 days. Score for the CSET English Exam are vvalid for a period of 5 years.

Eligibility for CSET English Exam

To be eligible to take the CSET English Exam, applicants are first required to comply with certain eligibility conditions presented by the board. Applicants should be able to prove their educational attainment to the board so as to determine if they are worthy for a teaching certification. Credentials are given to educators who decide to specialize in teaching in the middle and secondary grades. Above all, applicants should study hard and be well-prepared for the CSET English Exam since clearing all four subtests will be a quite difficult feat to accomplish.

Format of CSET English Exam

The CSET English Exam measures educator’s talent and excellence in the subject field. Topics to be included in the CSET English exam are:  textual scrutiny, language and literary awareness, composition and speech process, different arenas of communication. More important topics include: analysis, criticism and elements of literary text, human speaking language and its development, rules of oral and written language, analysis of media and journalistic approach to writing, creative content writing etc.

The CSET English Exam is a mixture of multiple-choice questions and constructive response queries hence examinees should study hard to be able to have a decent knowledge base and exceptional writing skills. Accuracy will determine most of the examinee’s marks and a study guide will definitely help the examinee achieve maximum accuracy. The CSET English Exam has a total of 300 points, out of which 220 marks are needed to pass the exam.

Scope of CSET English Exam

The CSET English Exam assesses the applicant’s rationale and objectivity on subject matters. Educators participating in the exam should be very competent in all subject areas covered by the English syllabus. Certification provided by the CTC board also gives credentials to educators willing to teach in middle and secondary grades.

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