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CSET Agriculture Exam

CSET Agriculture Exam

CSET Agriculture Exam Study Guide

Passing the CSET or California Subject Examination for Teachers is a milestone wherein educators have to prove their capabilities in order to legally teach in the field. Applicants must be sufficiently equipped with knowledge and must have the capacity to go through the three different subtests in order to demonstrate their prowess. The CSET Agriculture Exam measures the applicant’s fundamental information in the field. Subsequently, three subtests are led by CSET to determine the capability of the applicant in different points. On the off chance that the competitor fails to pass either of the subtests, he can retake the specific test in which he failed. The score of the CSET Exam is valid for 5 years and examinees can retake the exam only after a duration of 45 days.

Eligibility for CSET Agriculture Exam

To be eligible to take the CSET Agriculture Exam, the CSET board lists some eligibility conditions that applicants must first have to comply with. Candidates must have a specialization in the subjects crucial for the exam. Basically, this exam provides credential to the educators interested in teaching in the middle and secondary grades. The educators must study hard and prepare both mind and heart to pass the exam as they will have to take three different subtests.

Format of CSET Agriculture Exam

The CSET Agriculture Exam assesses the educator’s skills and competencies crucial for teaching the subject. The exam covers: plants and soil sciences, ornate horticulture, animal science, foundation of ecological theory and natural resources, agricultural economics, modern technologies in agriculture. These topics are also important for the exam: soil and its properties, nutrient system in plant, classification, genetics and physiology of plants, greenhouse management and nursery handling, nutritional requirement in animals, coordination and connection between agriculture, society and environment, ecosystem, and the role of entrepreneur in agriculture.

The highest possible mark that the examinee can achieve is capped at 300 and a minimum of 220 marks is required to pass the exam (approximately 75% of total score). Most questions are of multiple-choice formats hence examinees must have good decision-making skills to answer tricky questions. A study guide will definitely help examinees study for the most probable topics that should appear in the exam.

Scope of CSET Agriculture Exam

The CSET Agriculture Exam includes a writing test wherein examinees are required to write his/her answer in sentence form, providing a brief explanation for the answer. Markings are done by an assigned educator from the board. This part of the exam contributes greatly to the overall scoring hence examinees should prepare for this part as well.

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