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Fundamental Ideas for NES Mathematics Test for Preparation Help with ebooks | tutors

Fundamental Ideas for NES Mathematics Test for Preparation Help with ebooks | tutors

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Updated Revision for NES Mathematics (304) Test Preparatory Guides

The upcoming NES Mathematics Test is a test set in ever year round. Every appointments for this exam is available on a first-come, first­­­­­­­­­-served basis. This examination is a Computer-Based Test (CBT) composing 150 multiple-choice questions, candidates should get the 220 national benchmark score to get the license as a certified teacher. The examination will cover four hours and 15 minutes. Candidates can check their scores in states of Arizona, New Mexico, Oregon, Washington and Wisconsin. Test takers must prepare $95 for testing fee. On-screen calculator is provided with the test along with formulas. Scaled score will be provided immediately after testing; score reports are released within two weeks of testing. Each candidates must abide all testing rules and policies.

Examination Topics for Test Takers

Listed below will be the topics (main topics and subtopics) needed for test takers as their reference of reviewing. Knowing the fields needed to evaluate is a good sign of high score. Candidates must know their role and start the review ahead of time.

Mathematical Processes and Number Sense

•         Understand mathematical problem solving

•        Mathematical communication, connections, and reasoning

•        Number theory

Patterns, Algebra and Functions

•         Relations and functions

•         Linear, quadratic, and higher-order polynomial functions.

•         Exponential and logarithmic functions

•         Rational, radical, absolute value, and piece-wise defined functions

•         Euclidean geometry in two and three dimensions

•         Coordinate and transformational geometry

Trigonometry and Calculus

•         Trigonometric functions

•         Differential calculus

•         Integral Calculus

Statistics, Probability, and Discrete Mathematics

•         Principles and techniques of statistics

•         Principles and techniques of probability

•         Principles of discrete mathematics

Measurement and Geometry

•         Measurement principles and procedures

Assessment Coverage for NES Mathematics (304) Test

Each main topics are graded according to heaviness of examination topic percentage. Most percentage topics should be reviewed greater than the those where not.

Mathematics Processes and Number Sense which covers 19% of the examination

Patterns, Algebra, and Functions which covers 24% of the examination

Measurement and Geometry which covers 19% of the examination

Trigonometry and  Calculus which covers 19% of the examination

Statistics, Probability, and Discrete Mathematics which covers 19% of the examination

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