Praxis II is a series of standardized tests for potential teachers as part of the requirements to acquire teaching certification as mandated by several states and other professional licensing associations. It evaluates the knowledge relevant to general and particular subjects and particular teaching skills of potential teachers who intend to handle Kindergarten to Grade 12. Praxis II comes in the form of paper-delivered and computer-delivered formats. There are states or licensing organizations that require potential examinees to comply with their testing requirements before applying for tests. The scope of the standardized test is wide, ranging from Agriculture to World Languages. Learn more about Praxis II and how you can get ahead of others and obtain higher ratings today!


The California Subject Examinations for Teachers or CSET were designed and developed by the California Commission on Teacher Credentials or CTC for potential teachers who want to or are obliged to accomplish some requirements to obtain teaching certification through standardized tests. The CSET Multiple Subject tests are administered to potential teachers for the multiple subjects for elementary level and for Education Specialist for special education credential. It has three subtests: Subtest I includes reading, literature, language, and history, the subtest II covers science and math, and the subtest III includes physical education, human development, and visual and performing arts. Know more about the CSET test here today!


The Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure or MTEL was created by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education as part of the state's requirement for potential teachers seeking teaching credential and certification to teach pre-Kindergarten to Grade 12 levels. It measures the potential teacher's proficiency in communication and literacy skills and their knowledge on various subject matters. It was developed to make sure that teachers in Massachusetts have the ability to communicate with the students, parents and guardians and other educators and that they are geared up with the sufficient knowledge relevant to their major. MTEL also caters to those who are working to obtain licensures for vocational, technical, and adult basic education. Discover how you can pass your MTEL test now!


The Texas Examinations for Master Teachers or TExMaT is administered by the Texas State Board for the Educator Certification or SBEC and Educational Testing Service or ETS. It measures the aptitude and mastery on the specific subject matter of potential teachers. The test is given to potential teachers who need to earn a teaching certification and have at least three years of teaching experience. TExMaT test is consists of 4 testing examinations: the paper-based examinations, Master Mathematics Teacher or MMT, Master Reading Teacher or MRT and the Master Science Teacher or MST and the computer-based examination, Master Technology Teacher or MMT, which is a computer-based examination and is taken separately. The examinations contain a mixture of multiple choices and constructed-response questions. Learn more about the TExMaT examinations now!

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