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Business Education 309 NES Exam

The National Evaluation Series teaching certification test is only one of the many US certification exams that can be taken by aspiring teacher graduates to earn the needed license to practice their profession. The Business Education exam is 3-hour computer-based exam with 150 questions in a multiple-choice format. Testing fee costs $95.

Passing the Certification Test with the Best Exam Guide in Connecticut

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Contents of the National Evaluation Series Exam

This NES certification test in CT contains the following sections:

Business Management, Law and Ethics

▪ Organizational management

▪ Human resource management

▪ Ethics and social responsibility in business

▪ Accounting, Personal Financial Management and Quantitative Analysis

▪ Business accounting

▪ Consumer economics

▪ Computation and quantitative analysis in business

Economics and International Business

▪ Microeconomics

▪ Macroeconomics

▪ International business, marketing and trade

Marketing, E-Commerce and Entrepreneurship

▪ Basic principles if marketing, marketing research and product/service planning and placement

▪ Principles and procedures related to e-commerce and internet marketing

▪ Entrepreneurship and business plan development

▪ Business Communications, Technology, Career Development and Professionalism

▪ Principles and procedures related to business communication

▪ Information systems in business

▪ Information processing and computer technology applications in business

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NES Business Education (309) Exam Secrets

NES Business Education (309) Exam Secrets

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NES Business Education (309) Test Flashcard

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