Marketing Study Guides

Marketing Study Guides

For Students.

Discover Marketing Study Guides that can help you learn concepts of digital internet marketing.  In this section of the site we add variety types of marketing products.


For Marketing Companies

If you happen to have a marketing product which you would like to also sell here, please contact Tutoring Services, LLC to arrange your product placement.


For Tutoring and Online Test Prep companies

If you would like to learn the secrets of marketing, and how we can help your company be found by students, continue browsing our site to view more info.


For Schools/Colleges/Universities/Business Schools

We sell our marketing books to colleges, schools, and universities.  Pricing licensing model is different for educational large size organizations.   We sell marketing books for entire educational organization. Our marketing books are tailored mostly towards businesses, however we can provide school edition version that is tailored towards your particular school to a specific type of degree program.  

To request us to produce marketing book tailored towards your degree program specifically contact us from the chat window at the bottom right or by contacting us from Form and let us know how many students are in the degree program and we will create education edition marketing book for your organization.






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how to get student leads revealed

Marketing Guide for Local and Online Tutoring and Test Prep Companies

Trying to get your local or online tutoring or test prep company of the ground? Find out advanced marketing secrets, that can help you increase student leads.

Ecommerce Marketing

Discover how Ecommerce marketing works.  Learn how to Sell on Amazon.  Discover secret tactics to gain competitive edge in developing your ecommerce store, and your Amazon business.