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NES Biology

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NES Biology 305 Test Examination Preview

The National Evaluation Series is a teaching certification test taken by many teacher grads in the US. The Biology certification exam in NES is a computer-based exam with 150 multiple-choice questions. The test questions can be answered within a span of 3 hours and an on-screen scientific calculator is provided as well. Testing fee costs $95.

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Exam Coverage and Biology Test Competencies

This NES certification exam contains the following sections:

Nature of Science

▪ Principles and procedures of scientific inquiry

▪ History and nature of science

▪ Relationships between Biology, Engineering, Technology, Mathematics and Society

Biochemistry and Cell Biology

▪ Chemistry of living organisms

▪ Cell structure, function and bioenergetics

Genetics and Evolution

▪ Molecular genetics

▪ Patterns and processes of inheritance

▪ Mechanisms of biological evolution

▪ Scientific explanations and evidence for the history of life on Earth

Biological Unity and Diversity

▪ Structures and functions of organisms and their life cycles

▪ Processes involved in homeostasis

▪ Anatomy and physiology of human organ systems

▪ Ecology and Environment

▪ Populations and communities

▪ Ecosystems and biomes

 ▪ Effects of human activities on the biosphere

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