Real Estate Commercial Investment Secrets

Real Estate Investments

Learn how to invest wisely into Real Estate Deals with Rome Wells.

Investing in real estate can be complicated business, let Rome Wells help you discover the secrets for how to make money in commercial real estate.

Discover Tons of Commercial Real Estate Secrets from Rome Wells himself. 

Many folks asked Rome Wells, how on earth can you possibly know about real estate? 

Yep the very same guy who helps folks with the career advice, education, and passing exams, whatever these tests are... academic, professional.




Who will benefit the most from Rome Wells Commercial Real estate investment secrets?

  • Teacher
  • Tutor
  • Lawyer
  • Accountant
  • Project Manager
  • Doctor
  • Nurse
  • IT Security Engineer
  • IT Engineer
  • IT Consultant
  • HVAC Tech 
  • Plumber
  • Contractor
  • Real Estate Agent
  • Property Manager
  • Commercial Insurance Broker
  • or even a college student!

What will Rome Wells teach you about commercial real estate?

  • Secrets for how to make money from commercial real estate! (regardless what your profession is)

In fact here is the high level overview of what secrets I will reveal to folks, when it comes to making money using commercial property as an investment.

So here are the Real Estate Investment secrets...

Secret 1

Learn how to generate cash flow by copying other folks!

(Note learning how to copy is an actual art!  Rome Wells shows you specifically that art... in fact Rome Wells )

Secret 2

Learn Math (to see if numbers makes sense!)


Secret 3

Learn How to Network (with other folks to help you get the deal you want!)


Now that you got the gist of the 3 secrets that I described above, let me clarify these 3 secrets below, to help you understand how to make money by investing into commercial real estate.

Secret 1 Learn how to generate cash flow by copying other folks!

(Note learning how to copy is an actual art!  Rome Wells shows you specifically that art... in fact Rome Wells )

You may say well, that is a useless secret... Rome Wells, isn't that obvious...  remember what is obvious to someone may not seem so obvious to someone else.

Remember there are lot of intelligent people in this world precisely 7 billion of them.. if not more... increasing rapidly every day... what makes you think that you bein innnovative will result in you being better than someone else... ?

Got my point?

The probability for getting good cash flow generating revenue type of commercial propery  by relying simply on your inexperienced skills and innovation than someone else's efforst in real estate who is already successfull is a lot smaller... and not just by a small factor but by a huge factor!

Now you may say... Rome Wells, but why should I follow you.. after all it doesn't seem to me that you are any type of commercial real estate investor... and I only want to learn from successfull folks... 


If you are asking such question, you have all the rights to be asking that, that is precisely why I tell you that the commercial real estate investment secret is to learn how to copy others... 


What I Rome Wells can help you do is... learn how... to copy others...  I am not here to tell you that I am successfull commercial real estate.. person.. i am most certainly not! 

However, what I am certainly is... is someone who can learn multiple skill sets very quickly... and explain them to you in such a way that you can take advantage of and become successfull.  In simple words, I can help you learn how to learn.. this new field... 

In my line of work I failed many times, trying all sorts of business ideas, . but the reality is... I didn't give up... and continued and still continuing to expand my brain in the direction of obtaining just yet another skill... (commercial real estate)

In fact if you think about it... the process of learning never ends...   The process of learning is a continous cycle.  In fact my company's slogan Tutoring Services, LLC happens to be... Where Learning Never Ends... (yep the same company that I have founded and happens to have over 15000 teachers registered on just one of many search engines that I have created) 


Feel free to take a look at my company's logo on my site.. and heck.. maybe even in case if you do become good in commercial real estate investing...then you can register on my site to make some money tutoring other students, helping you generate some cash flow on active basis while saving money for your first deposit for your first commercial real estate property. 

Here is my site best part about it is... registration is free and yes I don't even charge agency recurring fee helping you skip the middle man... 

Meaning... you can teach other folks how to invest in commercial real estate after you get super good at it (with the help of Rome Wells), and the best part about it  you can even even tutor other students the skill that you may already have..   

After all the assumption is... you most likely already have a  current full time day job... regardless, if you are a doctor, lawyer, IT Engineer, Project Manager, HVAC Tech, Teacher, or who knows maybe even English Tutor...  (my site has multiple subjects where you can register in and offer your tutoring services, so this way you can generate some cash flow on active basis teaching other students skill that you may already be good at, helping you save some money for your first commercial real estate property.

Obviously you will need to know how much money you can raise for your deposit, and determine your goal, but all of that I teach in my videos, that I post on youtube and my google plus channel.

You see the way Rome Wells different from other folks, is simply because I can relaet closer to you then the typical commercial real estate coach, after all, not only do I help folks learn how to invest in commercial real estate by copying other folks and teach you other secrets, but I actually help folks improve their chances of getting better job, getting better education by becoming certified in whatever test that you are seeking to become certified in (obviously depends on subject listed on this StudyGuide site)

Remember the main thing you want to do when saving money for deposit for your first commercial real estate property is to use not just all the advantages that you can lay your hands on in the world of commercial real estate, but also be able to tap into your very own personal advantages, of improving your own education to get a better job  with higher salary and save money quicker, or get paid on part time job in addition to your full time job tutoring other students and make money helping you save money for your first deposit.

Now you may say, well...   That is very intersting stuff Rome Wells is offering and is actually offering ways to make money using active income to break in the commercial field and get to that first deposit vs simply talking about just ways how to raise money, using creative financing or other means (as it is the case with every commercial real estate coach or successful professional out there who you find lecturing in meet up groups or online classes)

So in simple words, Rome Wells although not an active commercial real estate investor, I can stil show you how to learn commercial real estate, because I am close to the level of your caliber...and not just some real estate commercial investment Guru who is eons of years from your mindset...  and not only learn but show you how to copy others... and share with you tools I use to analyze deals, and help you learn how to nework with others...

However, enough about me and enough about ways of making active income to help you save money for your first deposit.  I am sure you want to know other secrets of commercial real estate investment... 




Secret 2 Learn Math (to see if numbers makes sense when analyzing commercial real estate deal)

How would you like to learn math from someone who is actually certified math teacher for the state of CT? 

Yep that's Rome Wells... although on regular basis I (Rome Wells) don't use math to the highest extense of my capabilities when it comes to commercial real estate (because face it.. math is complicated), I still must ensure that when I am analyzing commercial deal that the numbers actually makes sense... (that's when all the math skills come in handy)

Now... unless you are border line genius and someone who happen to

  • be already existing business owner and own your own LLC
  • be already micro-influencer or motivator
  • have graduated with masters degree in math education,
  • have graduated with bachelors degere in pure math and created your own search algorithms and search engines,
  • have also created your own IT consulting company
  • as well also happen to be a writer and a digital 21st century advocate
  • then the chances are that grasping mathematical concepts of real estate commercial property variables that are involved in analyzing whether or not the deal is bad or good ...  is probably not for you.... 
  • unless of course.... (you use a cheat code sort of like in the video game)

In this particular Commercial Real Estate investment field game... that cheat code happens to be Rome Wells...

Now you, may say well, how is Rome Wells a cheat code for me?  

Perhaps you maybe thinking that you are not a border line genious and not someone who has education in math, especially with masters degree, and bachelors degree and most certainly not a founder of any educational or consulting LLC companies of any nature and not any type of educational advocate of any sort and barely know how to write books or express thoughts.

You may also think to your self that you do not have your own LLC and most certainly not someone who is well connected across different industries and never created your own search engines, never formed any companies and perhaps only worked full time for a very long time ... doing something that well... 90% of the earth population do... being regular folks going to school, getting a job and working 9 to 5 day by day.



And perhaps there is nothing wrong with that strategy, providing that you do not feel miserable every day you go to work... I know I don't... that is precisely why I still have a full time job and not telling you to quit yours! (until the day comes to do so)

So the real question here is... when will that day come to quit your full time job and the answer is... the day when you get enough commercial properties to be able to pay off for your expenses.  

Now you may Rome Wells, but that is obvious to me.. that is no secret...   and my response to you is... indeed what sometimes is obvious may not seem obvious at all to some other folks... and if it was obvious then everyone would invest into commercial real estate, yet not that many people do it... 


Instead I prefer to use special calculator software that helps me shed some light into whether or not the deal is good or bad.

If interested to know what that software is.. and learn this secret directly from me message me from the bottom right chat corner of this window... and say Rome Wells... please let me know which calculator you use to analyze deals to see if they make sense or not, and I will hook you up with the FREE ebook and show you where to get this calculator)

This calculator is basically your cheat code... 

Meaning you do not have to be super duper expert in math to use it, and best part about it, it comes with killer training videos that show you how to use it..all you have to do is simply message me from the bottom right chat window corner to show you what this calulator is!

Or better what check out one of the syndicator deal analyzer spreadsheets that lets you calculate multiple scenarios..and helps you figure out whether you should consider purchasing commercial real estate property or not.  The Syndicated deal analyzer is just one of the secrets that I Rome Wells would like to share with you.  The Syndicated deal analyzer is pretty much the tool you want to use to begin making sense of numbers.  It is the tool that can help you make sense of math. 

You are more then welcome to check out my review about this tool or simply message me from the bottom right corner chat icon to ask me any questions about this tool, and I will gladly help you in making informative decision of whether or not you should consider purchasing it and whether or not commercial real estate investement journey is right for you... (after all this journey is not for everyone... and only for the dedicated and passioned folks). 

Or you can also check out this free Ebook that can help you better discover the value behind not spending too much time analyzing deals and waisting time, but instead understand how to analyze deals quickly within the first 10 mins.  Follow this link, read my review and begin taking actions towards understanding the math around the numbers.

Plus I Rome Wells, can most certainly explain you math concepts in a way that actually makes sense.

At the end of the days, math numbers must make sense...  when analyzing commercial real estate deal!

Secret 3 Learn How to Network (with other folks to help you get the deal you want!)


Now you may say well why should I listen to Rome Wells for how to network with people and what is the reason for me doing so? 

The answer is.. simply the more and stronger and trustworthy your network is the better the chances are that you will end up getting good commercial deal, and lots of your problems, risks and concerns in real estate investment will be minimized...

I personally use The Secret Art of Pivoting when it comes to networking, in case you are wondering what a hell is Secret Art of Pivoting visit my Quora profile to learn more.   The art is very unique, and was written authored by me Rome Wells...   

Simply read many of my answers on Quora to regular every day folks to see how I pivot my responses of answers to them... and you will gradually understand what the Secret Art of Pivoting is.. and can apply this very same art in creating your own network. 

Also check out my google plus connection to see how i create digital networks for accountants, lawyers, teachers etc.., and see how i visualize them and infuse information into people's brains. 

Using this very same art of pivoting and angling your responses to the proper audience... is the very same way that you can achieve strong relationships, that will utlimatel result in you growing your business further.

The Secret Art of Pivoting is an actual art coined by the 21st century educational advocate (Rome Wells)....   and if the art is mastered can  result in you becoming very successfull. 

However, "remember the success is defined by not what you consider as wealth, but by passion and desire to fuel that passion by being persistent and taking action...." (quote from Rome Wells 21st century educational advocate)

That is the key when it comes to investing in commercial real estate.

Now you may well, Rome Wells why should I listen to you how to network? 

The reason is simple, I am not only the author for the Secret Art Of Pivoting, but also happen to be an actual Network Consultant... that's right literally a network consultant... someone who started as connecting IT systems, then converted into connecting people... then businesses and folks like you...  See my original IT network consulting site of my business to see how I connect the dots....


I simply learned in my journey of life for how to connect the dots (from multiple angles), across multiple fields, helping folks become teachers, educators, tutors, lawyers, project managers, IT engineers, HVAC techs etc.. and now I decided to also help you... the person who is reading this... to help you... learn how to invest into commercial real estate, by simply copying other successfull folks (and I will show you how... simply follow my google plus page)

One way to learn how to copy other folks, is by first connecting with other folks... and there simply no better network out there when it comes to connecting with other likeminded enteurpeneurs other than well.. Michael's network...   

In case if you do not know who Michael is... consider viewing his free ebook 10 Mins deal and getting signed into his network, where you can connect with other like minded enteupreneur and discuss deals in private forum. 

Michael is a great syndicator... here is his free ebook check it out... 




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