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Discover how you can make money beyond of simply being HVAC owner/tech in the world of Commercial Real Estate


Discover how you can pivot out of your HVAC career into the world of commercial real estate and make passive cashflow from rental properties


Hi my name is Rome Wells founder of Tutoring Services, LLC and HVAC enthusiast.  in this article I will show you how you can get out of rat's race within 3 to 5 years by buying and renting out multi-family units while still using your HVAC expertise in the process of getting out of rat's race.

Perhaps you maybe skeptical, or perhaps you maybe in the mindset of how to become EPA certified, or perhaps you are in the mindset of how to expand your skill horizontally in the world of plumbing beyond the field of air conditioning.

Perhaps you are thinking about how to expand your HVAC career, or perhaps you are thinking of  how to discover ways to make more money doing HVAC work. 

Perhaps you are tired of working doing HVAC because of health issues or back problem or whatever that is that maybe preventing you from moving further in your carreer or life.

Perhaps you are thinking of becoming HVAC company owner and have your own van with beautiful signs and logos showing the words "Heating & Cooling | HVAC Solutions"  

Perhaps that is your goal, the goal of obtaining more clients and serve more clients in the field of centrail air conditioning repair and in the world of setting up heat pumps for the winter.

Perhaps you are tired of constantly working in the field of HVAC, perhaps you feel that no matter how hard you work, it still feels like you are not getting paid enough.

Perhaps you are struggling to find meaning in life as you are doing your HVAC, because you are too busy searching for the next best tool to get or too busy to work for a better HVAC company that pays you more money.

Perhaps you are thinking how tired you are from servicing HVAC calls on daily basis, and perhaps you are thinking about how many units you can upgrade per month from non environmently friendly r22 refrigerent to r410A refrigerent and already counting the money in your mind to see if it makes sense for you.

Perhaps you are trying to gain enough knowledge in the world of residential before you graduate to the world of commercial HVAC.  

Perhaps you have been told by others that commercial field is where money is at with HVAC, but instead you focused mostly on residential repair.

Perhaps you have been thinking about diving into the field of commercial HVAC, but was too intimidated by large tons AC units and overwhelming level of responsibility to repair such units.

Perhaps you have been thinking how similar the overal concepts behind air conditining and regardless if you are focusing in the world of residential HVAC or commercial... conceptually it's all the same from the standpoint of how AC system works....

Perhaps you have been told that you need experience to dive into the field of commercial HVAC.. of at least 5 years.

Perhaps you saw other companies hiring commercial HVAC techs for 60 dollars per hour... and was striving to reach that goal, by becoming certified, finishing schooling and obtaining experience. 

Perhaps other told you why are you spending so much time repairing other air conditioners when you can jump beyond your HVAC field into something else or in parallel to what you already doing.

Yet none of the folks showed you how....   How to pivot yourself out of HVAC field in the direction of financial freedom goal.  

None of the folks out there took the time to focus on you... the HVAC tech or current HVAC company owner.

Well... if that is the case... then good news..... I am here to show you how you can pivot out of your HVAC field while still preserving your HVAC skills initially by diving into something far more lucrative than you have ever imagined.

Now you may say ... well why... Rome Wells you are telling me this?

Perhaps you may be asking yourself now... well why on earth is Rome Wells telling this to me (HVAC future or existing tech or general contractor or HVAC owner etc...) 

Regardless why you are here... you have one thing in common with me Rome Wells... and that is the desire to not work all your life as HVAC tech and get out of rat's race... 

Since I Rome Wells happen to share the same passion for getting out of rat's race it is in my duty to have you get educated and discover how you can join me Rome Wells in getting out of rat's race.  

Now you may say no... I am not convinced Rome Wells.  I prefer to just continue working for the rest of my life... as HVAC tech and really do not care much about getting out of rat's race....

If your are thinking in such direction then you are only fooling yourself... That same level of thinking I also had... when I was reading other folks articles just like this one... and was very skeptical myself... until the day when I decided to sit down and try to figure out why... on earth i am not succeeding financially and why on earth, the amount of money I make seems like it's never enough.

Pay attentiont o this Secret carefully

Here is just couple of reasons you should consider pivoting out of HVAC field into the world where there is money...  and doing so... gradually while you are still working as an HVAC tech... or gradually transitioning out of working as HVAC techn into HVAC company owner who is handling... clients on part time basis... while still having opportunity.. to dive out beyond your HVAC career into what I am about to help you discover next in this article.

Before I help you discover how to pivot out of your HVAC career, while still retaining one foot in your career while having another foot in another career, let me share with you first... some of the reasons why you should consider doing so.

Let's phase it HVAC field is seasonal and the outcome of how much you earn is also seasonal 

Some may say.. no that is not the case... but the reality of it all.. Summer is a lot more lucrative in making money vs winter.. at least in the warmer states...  obviously if you have already expertise in heating aspect of plumbing slightly beyond just air conditioning heat pumps ... then this statement can be more widely argued.  

However, what i am here to deliver to you is the knowledge, that is based on logic... logic that have been defined by my research in the field of HVAC.

What I am about to share with you is will change your outlook on your existing career.  What I am about to share with you will make you think twice... about everything you are doing in the field of HVAC and start asking questions... for how you can get out of rat's race quicker.

So why should you consider pivoting out of your HVAC career and doing so gradually?

You see... the problem is... no matter how you look at it... what I have discovered along my journey... is the very simple fact that every profession that exists out there is part of the game... part of the bigger game... where you happen to be like a pawn in the chess board, while king happens to be commercial real estate property owner/investor.

While all the other pieces on the chess board are simply the type of pieces who are serving the king.   

Now you may say... so where do I fit in.. if i am an HVAC tech who happens to be serving residential and commercial properties when it comes to fixing their AC?  

The answer is... you are a pawn...  The pawn in the bigger game a lot bigger then what you can possibly imagine...

While if you are an HVAC owner... you are still a pawn... regardless if you are HVAC tech or the owner you are still a pawn in the bigger game and regardless how close you get to your overall career ladder.. regardless of how far you reach... you are still a pawn... 

Now you may say... Rome Wells, so what does it all mean?  That means... that you are only a small fraction of a bigger money making equation... where what you provide as service is only small fraction of the money making machine... 

Now you may say... so what do I do?  Do I just stop trying to go higher in the ladder in the HVAC career if I happen to be... a pawn... regardless if i am an HVAC owner or an HVAC tech... ?

The final goal yes... but during transitional stage... from your career to a higher echelon no... 

Now you may say wow... Rome Wells I am still confused what on earth are you talking about... what pawns... what transitional stage... 

The transitional stage... where you happen to pivot yourself out of the HVAC carreer in the field of commercial real estate owning or investing multi-family property.

Transitional stage that will allow you to have one foot in HVAC career while the other foot in the brand new world... where you no longer... a pawn... but getting closer to become a better unit on the chess board... such as (bishop or a knight).

Now you may say Rome Wells.. I don't play chess.. I don't know what is a knighto or a bishop is... what do you mean? 

What i mean... Is I as the person Rome Wells and the one who dived into multiple fields including HVAC... telling you that you can become a lot more than just being an HVAC person...  you can be a money generating machine ... by graduating yourself to a higher echelon.  (higher class level the level where money is flowing... by initially becoming bishop... or a knight... sort of like in chess board...)

The money makcing class level where you do not get exposed too much... because you are in the process of thinking how to replace capacitor or air filter vs dedicating at least a bit of time and start thinking about... how to get out of rat's race... 

The level that is highly shielded by nothing other than you brain... the level where other folks exists and all around you... yet you are too busy to see... what's around you... 

Now you may say... wow Rome Wells.. that is very philosophical type of shit... what exactly are you trying to say... make a point...

The point is simple... You see vs you trying to become the super duper HVAC tech... try to learn other aspects of the world... that can help you make money...

Dive out of the HVAC field slightly and begin gravitating towards money making...  

Let me show you how to begin gravitating towards higher money making level class

Note .. to understand what I am about to tell you.. you must completely forget about HVAC for a moment... and focus exactly on what i am telling you...  

Note your brain will pull you away from reading this further as I continue bringing up topics that are less and less relevant to you, however... stick to what I am telling you and you will be glad you did.. and then one day you will come back to me and thank me for helping you get out of rat's race and reach your financial freedom goal.

What I will tell you next.. will seem obvious, but continue reading further... because as you continue reading... you will discover secrets that me Rome Wells share with you... secrets that will pull your mind in questionable state... 

Note in the process of reading my secrets you may say ... I am not sure if I should follow these secrets.. simply because I don't have money... or I don't know how to raise money... or do not understand how it all works...   What I want you to do is disregard these thoughts and continue reading.

So here is how  you can cross the barrier and jump beyond HVAC field into the world of money making using Rome Wells secrets.

Secret #1  Money Making exists in the commercial real estate onwership/investmenship world and you must jump into it to get to that higher level echelon class to make money in if you want to get out of rat's race.

Where you get to be the owner/investor (king) of the multi-family building and you get to rent out the units and make money from renting out each of these units to other folks who will pay you rent...  While everybody else around you are knights, bishops,rooks, queen, pawns...

In the future... (if you follow my guidance.. and steps for getting out of rat's race) you will realize that the pawns are the folks... including folks like your past self... someone who in the future will look back... and say... wow... i also use to be an HVAC tech/owner... and I was a pawn in the bigger game.. but now I am the king... all thanks to Rome Wells secrets)

What I just showed you is the secret #1...  the ultimate secret

The next questions you may ask.. Well Rome Wells... tell me more... i want some more elaboration on how to get out of rat's race... what do you mean about money existing in commercial real estate world...

1. Do you mean that I just should work hard and get experience so I can work for $60 per hour fixing air conditioner units for commercial properties? 

2. Or do you mean that I must learn how to dive into the field that I was never truly exposed to... but only heard about how other folks make money generating passive cashflow from rental properties.. but was scared to do it myself....

The answer to both of these questions is Yes to the 2nd question.

Now you may say... Rome Wells I am not sure how to do that... please help me discover what you mean further... 

You see.. to help you discover how to dive into this field further, you must dedicate yourself towards education... and developing desire to learn new things... developing desire to understand how you can get out of rat's race and formulating a goal... 

However... to help you dive into such mindset... it's a lot difficult for me to do, by simply explaining it all in this article.  

You are probably thinking... what's the catch here... The catch is simple.... invest in your education to learn how to get out of rat's race by renting out multi-family homes... the best part about it all... is that there are indeed ways to raise money... to buy your building.. even if you got not money... 

There are ways to find multi-family home deals that can literally move you closer a heck of a lot closer to financial freedom goal vs working your entire life as HVAC tech... or even being HVAC owner.

You see.. the problem is.. working as a full time HVAC tech... it's hard for you to pivot your focus out of the daily tasks that you already do... and the simple thought of quiting your full time HVAC day this way you can simply not work.. full time and instead gather passive income.. by renting out units... may seem like such a huge and impossible thing to do..

You see.. that is exactly what I thought... but what i started doing is breaking down the math behind... the numbers... and behind the multi-family properties as I started analyzing them and started looking at my own situation... and my own finances.

You see... one major hook that was pulling me back... (and as I am writing this article... is also still pulling me back.. but in a lot less... way then... before... after what I have discovered) is the action of quiting my job right after I buy my first deal or several multi-family properties....

In fact what was holding me back even more was... how on earth am I going to come up with money to get all the multi-family properties... or a single multi-family appartment building that can help me get out of rat's race.

However, after educating myself with entire commercial real estate world of investment/ownership.... i realized that it's not as hard as i have originally thought!   

You see the problem is... when you work all day as HVAC tech fixing ACs you don't think too much about things like... when you can get out of rat's race.. you think about things like... how much money you can earn to ... help put bread on your table... for your family or yourself..

You see I was also thinking about my current job the same way... and still in a way thinking about it the same way...

As you reading this ... you may say ... Well Rome Wells what is your curent job.. and are you yourself still employed at the full time job?  The answer is.. yes... but as of 2018 January 1st... I managed to make a breakthrough discovery.   

The discovery that raised an incredible comfort in my mind for how to actually quit my job and continue still surviving and continue still being able to pay off my current expenses that I have now... 

Which is precisely why I decided to share my secret with you HVAC tech or owner... so this way you can listen to my discover and view what I learned.. .and also try to do the very same thing that I am doing.. which is attempting to get out of rat's race... by adjusting the wavelength of your thoughts into my channel.. 

The channel that can help you get out of rat's race so this way you can spend more time going for vacations rather then crawling in the attics looking for how to replace capacitors in the evaporator handler unit.

Now you may say Rome Wells.. I am not about to quit my job.. and listen to what you are saying... because you have not even quit your job yourself.. what makes me current HVAC tech even consider listening to you or following you?

The reason why is because... all my life.. i spent educating people vs... focusing on myself... this converted me into the 21st century educational advocate, someone who simply helped folks get into better college, rise up in their careers by becoming certified in various types of tests/exams etc.. but all that effort and dedication on my part have amounted to absolutely nothing... from the standpoint of me doing well financially.


So why should I follow Rome Wells commercial real estate onwernshipinvestmentship journey?

Now you may say... well Rome Wells to me it just sounds like you do not have a track record in commercial real estate investment world... to be able to trust anything that you may say next... simply because after all.. why would I listen to your secrets if you haven't even quit your job yourself yet...and telling other HVAC techs for how to dive out of rat's race.. that's just ridiculous!

Yes... it may sound silly and it may sound like I would not be the best person to follow... but yet you are still reading this article... and if you are still reading this article so are there other HVAC techs/owners... and sooner or later after you look at the references that I will provide you with next... will help you realize that Rome Wells is a real deal... someone who is not just coming from the mindset of being super duper commercial real estate guru... (because face it i am not)... but someone who is instead closely related to the field of HVAC... and that relationship of being in the field of HVAC... makes anything Rome Wells says believable...

You see the beauty about following my journye of diving into commercial real estate ownership/investmentship is that you will get to see how I try to decipher entire field of commercial real estate and how I am using every possible way of convincing myself... that I can get out of rat's race... and if I can convince myself... then most likely I can also convince you... in doing similar actions as what I am currently doing as of January 1st 2018.

You see the beauty about following me is that I am acctually discovering entire commercial real estate field in real time.. and only started doing so in January 1st 2018. 

You see when I read information I analyze it very quickly and doing so in such a way that can help me understand how on earth can I get the multi-family building.. without much of my own money... how on earth can i raise capital... how on earth can i still continue working with having one foot at my job while another foot in commercial real estate world... and how on earth can i build wealth...

You see the beauty about following my journey is because I dive into other succesfull folks journeys and relay these journeys to you in a way that it actually makes sense... (if it wouldn't make sense.. then I wouldn't spend past 10 years building my educational company Tutoring Services, LLC and gaining incredible expertise in being able to relay information to others in a way that helps them break the learning barrier)

Now you may say Rome Wells... tell me more... how are you planning on convincing your self that it's possible to get out of 3 to 5 years out of rat's race?

The way I am planning on convincing myself... is by analyzing 1st.. my yearly expenses... to see how much money i am waisting... per year...  then next step is discovering that number... and actually sitting down and spending a bit of time trying to figure that number out...  In my case that number is relatively close to 50k per year as my current expenses.

Now to reach my 50k per year... I would need to get multi-family property that will allow me to quit my full time job...

The problem is... it costs a lot of money to get my first multi-family property... plus no matter what I do ... it just seems that math behind the numbers do not make sense.. regardless on which property i look at and analyze.

That problem of staying in paralyzed state of analyzing properties can happen to anyone who is trying to dive into commercial real estate.... that paralysis keeps you from pulling the trigger and actually closing on the multi-family property...

Now I was trying to analyze reasons behind such paralysis... I was trying to analyze what's holding me from buying multi-family property... but no matter which way I looked into it... it just seemed that what was holding me back is the fact that I was scared... 


Fear is the main factor beyond pulling the trigger and pivoting out of HVAC into Real Estate

I was trying to analyze the reasons behind why I was scared into just leaving my full time job and buying my first multi-family property... and initial obvious reasons that constantly flowed in my mind was... well.. health care benefits and bonus and cushy salary in the IT field....  

However... upon looking at all of such reasonings.. I realized that majority of such reasonings have been infused into my mind by society, by the government.. by that higher echelon... folks... who want you to continue staying in your own lower level... of not making money as they are.. so you can continue working full time and continue... being a zombie or a drone... in non-ever ending journey of never being able to have any free time... other than just working full time all the time.

To me I just did not feel like this was the way I want to live... I want to have vacactions, I awnt to spend more time enjoying my life, doing what I want to do vs.. working for someone else.

Yet the opposite forces of reality were constantly pushing me back... Hence perhaps that is the main reason why I didn't even bother diving into commercial real estate field.   Perhaps that is the reason I constantly had thoughts like this... "What's the point... cashflow is low... there is no way.. this can help me pay off my expenses"   vs thinking... "yes cashflow is low... but there is tons of other factors... beyond cashflow that are not directly seen and difficulty to see without first analyzing the math behind the deal and analyzing your own yearly expenses"

I wasn't thinking about things like IRA, i had money in my fixed bank account and was too scared to do anything with the money, I was not paying attention too much to concepts of 401k other then just thinking it's retirement money, that I can never touch, and even thought about touching that money to invest with this money into commercial real estate... would push me away... simply because I was always thought that... somehow you get penalized if you take out the money out of 401k... (which is not the case... when it comes to investing it into commercial real estate... as I have realized later... in my journey)

In my journey since January 1st 2018 I discoverd incredible amount of information about commercial real estate (the knowledge that I can gradually relay to you... if you follow me on facebook group), and how to analyze deals, and how to begin placing my mindset in the direction of my financial freedom goal...   

Some of the actions I have done since January 1st 2018 was.. doing small actionable steps.. such as rebalancing my 401k, taking care of financies, increasing my 401k contributions, opening up IRA for my wife is who is not working and using the information that i have learned... to get myself closer to financial freedom goal.

At first you may say 401k, IRA i don't have any of that.. I am just the HVAC tech trying to make some money in AC world... and far away from having any of these things...  Well if you are... just the beginner... then all of my advice that I am providing you and even if you do not have 401k or IRA also applies to you as well.. regardless if you have money or not...

For folks who actually do have money... there is a lot and lot of flexibility from what you can do when it comes to commercial real estae investment and property ownership and in regards to what you can actually do increase the amount of money you make and reduce your taxes.

You see all that mumbo jumbo stuff, i was never interested in.. I wasn't interested in hearing about 401k or IRAs or any of that crap after 2008 economic collapse... (in which I haven't been burned, but many other folks have been burned) 

If you ask me on what I have been burned by answer is.. education... i spent 10 years attempting to create search engines that no ever needed... and spent 10 years of educating folks ... without my efforts being appreciated in anyway.


Here is what I realized about commercial real estate world and making money

Hence what I realized at least if I dived into commercial real estate world any small actionable item that i do... is going to be appreciated.. (at least from the standpoint of house value... as it increases in value due to market growth)

I also thought about failures, of other folks and analzed the risk factors in my journey since January 1st 2018...  I asked my self quesitons... such as "Well how risky is it really to invest into multi family properties vs stock"  and what i realized is that it's a lot less risky... when you actually know the math behind the numbers and understand why one particular building is more expensive vs another... 

Out of all the other folks who I provide advice in getting out of rat's race you the HVAC person would probably have the most expertise when it comes to working with variety of buildings after all ... you  most likely already working in either residential buildings or commercial buildings repairing ACs.. if anything you out of all the other folks would have a very good advantage... in understanding the building... vs someone else who was absolutely not involved in any trade skill at all... (hence you diving into commercial real estate would already have trade skill factor advantage vs someone who does not...)

Yet the funny part is... some of the folks whom I seen who were not involved in trade skill at all.. are in fact in some cases more successfull than the folks with the trade skills...  The reason is is simply because they operated in these higher echelon levels of being a knight or bishop... I am talking folks like... real estate commercial brokers... or real estate property managers. or commercial real estate lawyers... 

So next time you walk into the building and trying to repair the central air... on the roof.. do pay close attention to whom the building belongs to... pay close attention to the higher echelon that i was referring to earlier... do pay attention in envisioning yourself getting similar building... or perhaps if building is too big and not of your level yet... another similar building... that is perhaps a lot smaller..

Also join my facebook group to see how I analyze and propose variety of methods that can help you stay afloat when you do decide to jump into commercial real estate ownership/investment world...... I describe many part time active ways of making part time income so this way you can ride out the wave.. of initialy time period... when you do not generate too much money to cover all of your expenses....

I show the part time working tricks, to teachers, lawyers, accountants, IT engineers, project managers and yes HVAC techs/owners as well.  Note currently as I am writing this article i only have 10 people in my group maybe actually less...

I have no idea as of now if anyone will join... but i suspect many folks will... be the one who takes action first... and joins the goup in the early stages... to see my videos.. and analysis and tricks and secrets from multiple angles...

the angles that you would not see anywhere else...  because everyone else is either already successfull and has no precise reasoning to be digging under the hood trying to figure out ways and secrets/tricks and hacks to still survive in the initial stages after quiting your full time job..  

I would even show tricks that you can use... to still work part time... in your own field while providing services that you already good at to other folks... on part time basis... and diving out of full time working role.. by relying more heavily on the passive cashflow income that you produce from your properties along with little supplementary part time jobs that you will dive into ... but at least you will not be locked down to a full time job and still have more freedom and more time vs.. just not having any time... as it may very well be the case now!

One more thing... did you know that Rome Wells created his own manifold prototype device in the field of HVAC?

If you didn't know that visit to learn more... where i show google plus page and video of me discussing manifold... but that was before.. i dived into commercial real estate field...  Yes believe it or not... i was a bit upset with manfolds being soo expensive and simply decided to create my own... and yes i was thinking more about... crazy little things like that.. vs actually thinking about bigger higher class echelon class things... that generate money... yet i still do not regret attempting to create my own digital manifold... (fee free to discover my journey on

Did you know that you can still use your HVAC skill set to invest more wisely into commercial real estate simply because you happen to have hidden advantage over others?

Plus one more thing... given the cirumstance that you are an HVAC tech/owner... you will be very good candidate in purchasing multi-family building that actually have central air... (it may seem like not a big factor.. but i don't think i need to tell you that repairing HVAC in commercial real estate building is expensive...... hence even more reasons for you to consider bringing your already existing skill set to the table... when it comes to investing or owning commercial real estate property...)

Think about it... other investors.. who look at the math numbers behind the property always wonder.. about centrail air maintenance fees and costs etc...  while you on the other hand... already know a lot about HVAC world and have less worries when it comes to understanding math behind a particular deal.... when it comes to buying a building that for example have 2 huge AC units on the top of the roof... 

You are more likely to use that synergy factor of knowledge that you already have... to be able to better understand the building and math behind the building... vs someone who have no clue about AC!  Plus remember other factors.. you repaing HVAC yourself or coordinating other folks to do it will be a heck of a lot cheaper then simply hiring HVAC company and you happen to not know anything about ACs... (as it is the case with some other folks)

The very simple fact that you know the skill trade.. and have knowledge about this... is huge when it comes to buying commercial real estate buildings with central air...   You are less likely to be fooled by contractors and that minimizes your risk factor... and plus if anything if you trully passionate about your building... perhaps you would even want to fix it yourself! 

After all you are the HVAC tech... (athough trust me when you start diving into commercial real estate world.. there will be less and less factor of what you know vs... how well you can get other people to help you....) 

Yet still if you look at property and see that wow this property need AC repair and it will cost 40k to replace all units... then boom you already know you can do it cheaper if you are HVAC tech... some folks who analyze deals out there... stay away from purchasing commercial real estate buildings with central air... because they know it's super expensive to repair! 

After all  think of yourself... how many times someone told you... that money is in commercial  properties... and why do you think HVAC companies willing to pay HVAC techs 60 dollars per hour for work in commercial world? 

That is because they are charging commercial property owners a lot of money to repair the units and milking them for their money! That is the reality...  and don't tell me that is not the case... i may not be the super duper HVAC tech... but rather enthusiast but the logic behind the HVAC business I have already discovered... just like I have already discovered how to create my own digital manifold... and just like I have already started to discover commercial real estate world.. 

The reality is.. if you have trade background and diving into commercial real estate property ownership world... boom you are already at advantage... however you must pivot the property analysis that you do in the direction of your advantage.. 

See the tricks I am explaining you here?  You already know this info... I am sure... but no one had time to really sit down and just write it all down for you to process in your brain... 

While I Rome Wells did that for you free of charge... (with only 5 hours of my time spent in writing this article...) all for you... current HVAC Tech/Owner...   

Doing it all for you so you can get out of rat's race, just like I similarly have done so and provide advice to many other folks in the other fields...  such as accountants, lawyers, teachers, IT engineers, you name it.


Slightly off topic... yet not really

Now as you very well know.. I also help future lawyers get educated and I happen to be connected to them in one way shape or form by similarly helping them get certified in the relevant field of law (helping them prepare for exam) just like I help HVAC folks discover educational resources to prepare for HVAC field and just like I help students become certified teachers... (given the circumstance that I happen to be certified math teacher for the state of CT myself)

I also help cyber security professionals as well to become certified in their field and earn more money in their career.

See how many other folks I help get out of rat's race... and not just HVAC techs.

The reason why I am telling you is because I have seen these folks operating in similar pawn levels and they are all also concerned with the very same thing... such as... how to get out of rat's race... All of them are trying to become kings on the chess board... and all of them I also happen to help... in getting there...

In fact see my advice to IT Engineers to see how I help them get out of rat's race where I similarly tell them the very same secrets that I am sharing with you... Check this link out for yourself...  

Or see my advice to accountants.. the folks who may actually think know it all... yet in reality are also in the same dillema of not being able to get out of rat's race and also seeking answer for how to do that...  see my advice to them.

Or see my advice to teachers... to see how struggling school teachers can do the very same thing as what I am going through right now and discover a way for how to make money in commercial real estate investment world.

Now... what I have done... so far is showed you some of the pawns out there.. some of the pawns out there who also want to get out of rat's race and my advice to them.

I have seen higher level echelon class operate with money in a way that is just mind blowing... these higher echelon folks... are the folks who know how to make money by investing money or becoming commercial real estate syndicators and know how to analyze commercial real estate deals...  yet the reality of it all.. analyzing deals is not as difficult as I have originally though..

In fact if you are interested in learning how to analyze deals and get your feet wet and at least attempting to make some actionable steps to your financial freedom, then do consider checking out this... FREE Ebook.. by Michael.. 

After you finish reading feel free to visit Rome Wells journey in learning about commercial real estate (on facebook) and how I am learning about it in real time and showing you actions that I do... on my facebook group... 

Me doing this in real time.. vs simply telling you how great someone else succeeded... is a heck of a lot more energetic and effective to follow... obviously in combination with someone who is already succesfull such as for examle Michael Blank. 

In fact he happens to offer a really awesome course which i am currently going through as we speak.. and the amount of information i have received from this course in combination with his syndicated deal analyzer spreadsheet that shows you how to map out the numbers of a particular multi-family building.. and project expenses and earnings in 1,2, 3 years time frame period... is absolutely incredible.

Now you may say Rome Wells.. what numbers what spreadsheets... what on earth are you talking about?  

Well you see.. to really understand if you can get out of rat's race or not you must have some idea about... well.. math... yep math behind the numbers... and even if you are the greatest math guy/gal in the world... nothing will help you visualize it all in terms of numbers as good as Michael's syndicated deal analyzer spreadheet is...  which you can find here...

Once you do check out Micahel's spreadsheet that shows you how to map out deals, and view some of his video tutorials.. and read his ebook at that point you can start diving into his course... which you can find here..

Now as it goes to joining my facebook group to see how someone who is not successfull just yet... is discovering the world of real estate and to see what actionable steps I am doing in my daily life to get to the level of becoming successfull just like Michael is... consider viewing my facebook group.. to learn more where the group is visit this section and read through this website..

Note joining my group is free... plus maybe seeing what I am doing in real life and explaining tricks and tips and secrets for how you can still work at your job and gradually transition into commercial real estate invesment/property ownership... may very well also convince you in making small actionable steps towards your financial freedom goal.

Hopefully you enjoyed this article... and will consider taking action, in learning how to jump beyond just being and HVAC tech/owner.


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