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Beyond Teaching

Discover how to earn extra income outside of teaching and learn how to get closer to your financial freedom goal.



Jump Beyond Teachng by getting out of rat's race within 3 to 5 years


What I am about to show you... will either change your mind... but only if you are an action taker... vs passive learner...

Discover how to get out of rats race with the help of Rome Wells by following his journey

Are you fed up teaching every day?  Do you feel that you are being disrespected on daily basis? Finished up your cert and hoped for the best, but it turned out to be not so good as you have hoped for?

Did you dive into teaching to perhaps be a hero, but realized that it may not be for you?  Did you dive into teaching field to have security blanket, but realized that such security blanket took a lot of effort to go through schooling, only in return to be less rewarded as all the other folks in other professions?  

Do you feel that what you do on daily basis at your teaching job is not being appreciated?  

Do you feel that perhaps there is something you can do but not sure what to get out of such nonsense and be respected for your time and your achievements and be more rewarded for your actions?

Do you feel that your advice that you provide to other students (the students that you teach) doesn't make much difference?

Do you feel disrespected by students/parents and by school administrators in anyway?

Do you feel that someone of your caliber with possibly masters or bachelors degree should be getting paid more then what you are currently getting paid?

Do you feel that you spend lots of time grading other students homework and doing work outside of school... when you could be doing something more for yourself?

Do you feel that you are not enjoying teaching in group basis in public schools.. but perhaps maybe still enjoy teaching on 1 on 1 basis?

Do you feel that the amount of salary that you are getting is simply not enough?

If the answer is yes...   Then be prepared to to buckle up and sit tight in your chair... because you are about to be taken upon the wild journey.

The incredible journey of Rome Wells 21s century educational advocate, who shows teachers how to get out of rats race by teaching them how to switch their mindset or supplement their already existing mindset in the direction of making money passively from rental income in commercial real estate, while still initially placing your teaching skill sets to use and tapping into your teaching skill set to get through the initial phase of getting your first and subsequent deals... (meaning apartment building.....)

Even if you are worried about money... there is a way you can get it... and there is a way you can place your mindset in the direction of not just being a zombie working teacher on day by day basis, but being able to get back your precious time doing what you already perhaps enjoy doing on some level (such as 1 on 1 tutorin on part time basis), while simultaneously injecting your mindset in the direction of the financial freedom goal.

In this article, what you will find is a description of my getting out of rat's race thoughts.. someone who is at similar caliber just like you.. certified teacher or perhaps even if you are not certified teacher just yet... what i am about to show you will still apply to you as well.

My thoughts shown in this article will either push you take action in learning how to get out of rat's race... by divinging into the field of commercial real estate investment, even if you currently do not have money, or it will pivot you away in the direction of continuing doing what you are doing now... which is teaching... 

Discover and follow the Journey of Rome Wells to see how you can pull the plug on your job and dive into commercial real estate field

Learn the tricks that can help you make extra money while you are on your pathway to successfull freedom, by piggy backriding upon your already existing skill... (which is teaching)

Learn what incomes will help you generate income on part time basis, when you do get out of the full time teaching job.

Learn how you can set yourself up ahead of time... before you pull the plug and fire your boss.

Other blogs out there.. only focuses on helping general population for how to get out of rat's race... while me Rome Wells focuses on yes... also general population, while keeping teachers in mind.

How can you get started?

Read my advice/thoughts/strategies/tips/secrets/reviews and  motivational content below for how you can get started in the world of commercial real estate without being super duper business person, but learn how to become one along the way with Rome Wells.

My focus in my journey is to ... help me get out of rat's race... but.. i don't mind sharing my thought process and secrets with you (my fellow teacher or future certified teacher... , besides it's a lot more fun going through the same journey together than on your own), simply becauseI didn't mind sharing my thought process to thousands of other folks in every other field that i have researched before i dived into commercial real estate in January 1st 2018.

Note what you will get from this article is the guided approach towards your financial freedom goal.  

What I will share with you if you follow me in my facebook group... is how you can make money.. from multiple streams of income...

My thought process behind helping you learn how to make extra income is to help... you.. while obviously helping myself...   

My goal here is to help you discover your own potenail and your level of comfort, and let you know that yes... you can do it.. regardless if you are a current school teacher or someone who is about to become a teacher... you can make huge huge huge huge progress towards your financial freedom goal by diving into commercial real estate, but doing so in a way that actually doesn't place you at huge risk, doing so in a way that can help you minimize risk and be able to see the math and numbers behind every deal.

My goal here is to help you believe in yourself... and raise the level of confidence for you so you can become successfull commercial real estate investor and wealth generating machine, but to do that it may require getting your feet wet and requies you to dive out with one foot out of teaching world while retaining the other foot in the teaching world.  What I will show you is how to transition both feet, but I will be angling my teaching style not only at you...  but at many other folks who want to get out of rat's race... 

All you have to do is simply take action and follow me on my facebook group... to see how blog about commercial real estate field and what I am trying to engineer behind the scenes to help folks get out of the rat's race.  Other folks only talk about commercial real estate and don't really talk much about streams of income that you can leverage... to help you get out of rat's race..   

Me on the other hand is like the rat that runs in the treadmill constantly trying to find way to get out... So why not listen to someone who is attempting to get out of rat's race... vs... actually listening to someone who already got out of rat's race... only? 

Why not listen to both successfull folks who already got out... of rat's race and someone who is presently trying to get out of rat's race and documeting his journey?  That is precisely what you would get from Rome Wells facebook group channel... but it requires taking action and spending time on what you already good in doing.. studying.. just like you are studying for your teacher certification test... just like you studied for SAT or any other test while you were in high school, just like you studied for your mid term and final exams...   

So what I will show you is how to learn commercial real estate field and infuse your mind with higher level of comfort in taking action... My goal here is not to just give you confidence... but to push you to the level of believing in yourself... rather than being zombified by the overwhelming influence of others behind the scences who are pressing upon your every action in the direction of... doing what's good for big corporations... vs what's actually good for you!

Now what I am about to show you is the way out.. just remember... if you are going to read what's shown next... do consider.. taking action... advice/reviews/recommendations/tips and tricks and secrets that I provide are FREE.  Sure there are some resources that are not free, which I also share with folks... however these resource act like the time saving mechanism... where you can minimize the amount of time you learn about... commercial real estate field dramatically. Remember doing everything yourself and learning yourself everything random is possible...  however... it will take you a lot longer then studying structurally.  

So what am I about to tell you next?   Consider reading further below... then after reading below, consider visiting references to urls I provide... follow these references until you stumble upon my commercial real estate facebook group.  However before you visit my group... read how to get started below.


So ready to get started (but before you do ... read this)?


Just so you know when you start reading this article... i will not be just talking about commecial real estate... but i will be pivoting my writing style in the direction of you... (the teacher.. or potentially future teacher).  Hence I will be describing my journey in perspective of thinking about you.. and will be providing relevant information that can help you make money... as you dive yourself into the world of commercial real estate investment.  Hence some advice that  I show or provide or references is in perspective of my own journey (but the advice is still relevant to you)

The best part about my collective guided advice as you continue learning more for  how to get out of rat's race...  is the very simple fact that I myself...also trying to get out of rat's race... and what you will see me do... is how I reverse engineer entire commercial real estate field in front of you... so this way you can learn how to get out of rat's race quicker without working as teacher for the rest of your life. (and i figured it would be interesting to see for you... since it's coming from someone who you can trust vs... to let's say some guru who you never heard of... but with all that said... i will be also referencing such gurus... to help you learn from folks that already succeeded in my teaching style... and you will see whom  you can learn from from and recommed by reading my reviews)


Also note... I realize that many of you will want to see how to get out of rat's race using passive income, but what I will be providing as advice is the combination of suggestions for what you can do both passively and actively at least in the initial period of your journey.   As I help you discover how to make money passively, what you will do with this information will either super charge you to continuously wanting to dive into the commercial real estate further, while also keeping one of your teaching feet on the ground.  

One foot in commercial real estate investment and the other foot in making money actively on part time basis.  What I will show you in this article are guided steps in the direction that can help you dive beyond teaching, because face it... making money teaching... salary wise... is no where near as good as other professions as crazy as it may sounds for someone like you the reader... someone who got most likely master's degree someone who wants to dive into american dream but gradually begin realizing that the expenses for anything you want to do outweight your desires and needs for wanting to travel to more vacactions, for wanting to not feel like you are being locked down to having to wake up early and giong to work every day.


About me and how I can help you get out of rat's race in 3 to 5 years or obtain your freedom back of being your own boss.

Hi, my name is Rome Wells.  Certified Math Teacher for the state of CT  and I figured I share with my fellow teachers secrets in how to add some additional income to your daily lives outside of your daily full time teaching job.

What i will show you is how to jump outside of your full time teaching job and reveal secret field that can help you get out of rat's race.

I will do that by first telling you a bit about my backgound and share with you some of the ways that can help you make part time income in the process of describing my journey... then I will show you what field I discovered 10 years later after helping folks like you... and how i reached the "aha" moment... in knowing what I want to do next in achieving financial freedom goal.. and how you can do it too.



Why you are here...

I realize that you maybe attempting to get a teaching job or perhaps trying to get ceritifed, and I also realize that teaching income is not that much in comparison to other professions.

Heck I know... I am the teacher myself..(although technically i don't really teach full time)  What I do instead is i tutor on part time basis, Here is my tutoring profile

In fact what you are looking at is my very own search engine that i have created for myself and for other teachers whom I can trust to be part of my network.

The very same teachers who can make money on part time basis doing something like tutoring other students in math, english, science, you name it.


How can you make money beyond your full time teaching job

The reason why i am writing this article here is to show you what you can get yourself exposed to on part time basis outside of your teaching job, so this way you can make some extra money.

So in case if you are studying to become a teacher, remember if you are certified the more money you can get for tutoring other students... but also remember not too much money... and it strictly depends on how much... you can get... meaning it all depends on the market..

Hopefully if you are still studying for teaching test certificate you get to be more motivated to continue studying and passing your exam... 

In case if you have already finished studying and already have prepared yourself for a teaching career and became a teacher, or perhaps realized that teaching is not for you after becoming a teacher... or perhaps realized that you want to do something beyond teaching... to supplement your income... then continue reading further.

Teaching in school full time can be tough... 

I realize that working with students in school on daily basis is a very difficult task.  I realize you may say to yourself that this your passion, but i also realize... that the fire of passion can some times stop burning.... or perhaps it can be burning less as the time moves on further and further.

I also realize that the constant hassle of having to deal with parents and having to be pressed upon by principals and school administrators to be on time every day and grade homework outside of school ours during your own hours can seem like very depressing thing to do...  (Speaking of homework, check out my homework help blog that you can also recommend to your students to share useful resource)


It sometimes may feel that you are just waisting your time... correcting homework and being disrespected by students.

I know how it feels... it happened to me... I was being disrespected by students... and I just simply couldn't handle the world of teaching... I give lots of respect to teachers who are out there on the front lines fighting daily with their lives to bring bread on the table, which is precisely why... I Rome Wells, have decided to help teachers to bring more bread on the table.

A bit about Rome Wells journey

The first thing I did was... I created search engine... that allows teachers to register free of charge and advertise their Tutoring Services, so other students can find such teachers and hire them (to essentialy help you the reader make more money teaching on 1 on1 basis either online or locally without paying agency recurring fees).

When i created search engine, I had one goal in mind... eradicate middle man out of the picture... 

Most of the websites out there charge students outrageous agency recurring fees from every hour teacher tutors... Well that is just plain rediculous.   

I decided to put an end to this, and created search engine that helped teachers and subjet matter experts advertise themselves free of charge and be contacted by students where students wouldn't have to pay outrageous agency recurring fees (especially in situations where agency doesn't even provide much value! other than simply listing your profile in their search engine..)

I felt like the entire world of business was carried on top of educators backs... where hard working class teachers would have to carry business enteurprenus on their backs and be contributing to bringing home less and less money from every tutoring hour... just because agencies out there eat up 35 to 70% fee leaving folks with chump change!

I felt that that this was no way to live the life.  I felt that I had to do something for teachers to help them carry less weight on their backs... So I created search engine where I simply eradicated any agency recurring fees out of the picture.

This instantly cause over 10000 teachers to register with me and the only fee that I have on that site is... $15 trial fee that the student pays for first lesson...  

Which is pretty much the fee that student/parent pays upfront for the first trial 1 hour lesson, and after paying that first $15 trial lesson the remaining of the lessons are done direct without any agency recurring fees.  

So in simple words, every one wins... student/parent wins by getting $15 trial lesson who they pay to Tutoring Services, LLC agency and... teacher wins because.. they get to have an actual client whom they provide the first lesson at no charge to the student, but in exchange for providing that first lesson free of charge get to be advertised also free of charge on my site 

Student/Parent wins because they get to try tutor for really cheap price foro nly $15 without risking of having to pay expensive tutors $90 per hour... and then decide if they want to continue or not with tutoring... 

My agency wins from the standpoing of getting that intial $15 without having to spend any time on administering the match between the student and the teacher... and teacher wins because now out of a sudden teacher doesn't have to pay for every hour... tutored.. .additional 45% to 70% as it is the case with many agencies... 

Now what I just shared with you is just one of my business models that I have created for teachers.  However... the reality of it all was.. that even then I didn't stop in helping teachers make more money on part time basis... 

I knew that being teacher is like being a super hero... and takes a lot of guts.. to do.. but I just felt like I didn't bring enough value to teachers...  

Sure creating national search engine is great, to help out a bit to folks but it's not good enough for some teachers.  Some teachers were just not getting students from my search engine.. even though it's free... to register and even though teacher doesn't have to pay $15 for lesson it's the student/parent who pays $15 for the first lesson...  yet this was still somehow not enough for many teachers... many teachers wanted more.... 

Many teachers wanted to put bread on the table... I didn't know how else I can help more to teachers, but I didn't give up.. I continued expanding my brain to see how I can help teachers further in being able to make more money... 

This is when I realized that If I don't match make teachers together with students and teachers sign up... on the free site... and don't really end up getting any student leads as often as they have truly wanted to get moer students...

So I figured there got to be something else that I can do for teachers who want to make money in a way that can help them maximize their chances of landing student leads further.... beyond just free site 

This is where the idea hit me.. what If I was to create another search engine that can help me bring teachers together, but only the type of teachers who are truly passionate about their subject... and not just everyone as it is the case with

So i stared thinking how to do that, and what I came up with is... with this site..  If you visit this site you will see for example my tutoring profile, discount packages I offer, and subject i teach, practice test I offer to attract more students to my profile, video tutorials that can show my passion in particular subject and expertise, my teaching certificate that shows my level of education and brief info about why someone should even bother hiring me.

I knew that the only way for me to attract teachers to this newly created search engine was to show them that it's a lot more then ... in fact you can see how much a lot more is in comparison to by for example viewing bunch of tutoirng profiles here.. in Algebra for example..

I also knew that I couldn't just attract every teacher to this search engine, and only teachers who truly want to expand their chances of landing students leads.  However, no matter how much I tried to get teachers, no body wanted to sign up... 

So what I did... is... I paused my newly created search engine, until I get to hear more interest from folks... 

Up to this day .. I still haven't seen much interest... even though the search engine allows tutors to be professionally presented in a way that would allow tutors to truly present themselves in a way that would want students and parents to hire such tutors... 

The reason why this model didn't fully work yet, is because in model, I am charging agency recurring fee from every hour.... which is a lot less only 25%-30% agency fee.... vs where there is no agency recurring fee...

Well what I realized.. is.. that no matter what  I offer no matter how much I offer to teachers.. they simply not interested... in making money... so i figured ok.. maybe that is because they already making a lot of money and have their own students... but still didn't make sense to me... 

So what I decided to do.. next is ... simply offer something else to teachers... i decided to offer teachers flexibility to get out of rat's race and be able to quit their school teaching job in 3 to 5 years.

Here is how... What I started doing is... i started trying to quantify my expenses... for how much money i spend yearly... and i looked at much time i spend at my full time job.. (which by the way it's not in teaching... but in Information Security role)

After realizing that I am spending a long amount of time at my full time job.. i had to figured out a way for how can I go beyond my full time job and generate income that is equivalent to my expenses and a bit more... while working less...

So i thought hard about this.. an in January 1 2018... i had a breakthrough, aha moment..I discovered something that I wish I discovered earlier.

I discovered field that can help me reach my financial goal and be able to have enough money to pay off my yearly expenses which is about 46k to 50k yearly

Note it took me 10 years to discover the field, the 10 years before that since 2008 to 2018 i was wondering around doing other things... such as well... helping teachers... except... the thing is... while i was helping teachers.. i simply didn't get appreciated enough for all the things i have done for teachers... and i simply wanted to do something where i would get appreciated enough for my efforts... and the field that I discovered that can help me do that is....  you ready for this?

Commercial Real Estate Investment

The secret field that every one knows about, but scared to dive into.   This is the field that helped me get to my aha moment in January 1st 2018 is when I had the "aha" moment and realized that everything I was doing before was leading up to ... commercial real estate investment business.

Now that I have revealed this field to you.. you may say... Well Rome Wells.. it sounds like you found something, but i am not surprised by this.. i know about real estate.. or i have an uncle who does it or.. i am doing this already....

Well if you are .. then congruatulations you are on the right track...  except the only difference is... there are many tracks in real estate.....  itself.... luckily given the circumstance that I am a teacher myself and enjoy tutoring... it became relatively simple for me to dive into this field of real estate and start sharing secrets for how to generate wealth with other teachers, laywers, project mangers, IT cyber security Engineers, doctors, accountants, UPS post officer workers, police officers, firefighters and beyond.

So now you may say... Rome Wells.. but wait.. what about... your search engines.. and why are you sharing all this info with teachers who are barely certified and far away from buying any type of multi-family properties... or not have money right now to do so...   why are you sharing these secrets Rome Wells with honest hard working teachers?

The reason why i am sharing this with you is because I am a teacher myself.. still certified for the State of CT and guess what... I simply know how tough ... it can be... to teach.. I did my student teaching for about 1.5 months and after graduated with masters in math education and obtaining my state cert... to teach for high school level... i never wanted to teach again.... 

However, I still enjoyed tutoring... and I still enjoyed computer engineering... so i wanted to combine my passions together... for education and computer engineering world... and dived into.. well.. creating all sorts of search engines... 

The outcome of my efforts resulted in something absolutely incredible... it resulted in being a great writer, great educator, and someone who can easily connect the dots when opportunity comes around... and although it took me about 10 years to discover this field of Real Estate...

what I want to do is emphesize the knowledge I learned so far in my journey towards beginning my quest in searching for my first multi family apartment building commercial real estate property... and share my journey with you... so this way while you are still in the phase of diving into your teaching career you get to realize how powerful commercial real estate investment field really is....

This is coming from certified math teacher for the state of CT (the trusted figure... see my certificate in my tutoring profile), 21st century educational advocate, founder of Tutoring Services, LLC and someone who simply wants to see you put more bread on your table... and be more appreciated for your efforts vs being treated in a disrespectful way by your school students.

So now that you read to what I had to say... consider this... what if you were  able to reach your financial freedom earlier, and get to quit your teaching job? 

What if Rome Wells guided you in the direction for how to do that?  What If Rome Wells motivated you to get closer to your financial freedom by doing something incredible... ? 

What if Rome Wells helped you discover yourself for how to increase your income? 

What if Rome Wells helped you perhaps not leave your job just yet.. and helped you figure out how to transition from your full time teaching job into the world of commercial real estate investment, while still using your teaching expertise... and making part time income on the side... while also making money from commercial real estate?

What is your biggest fear?  Losing your teaching job?  What If i showed you how to crush this fear and showed you small actionable steps that you can take to reach your financial freedom goal and get out of rat's race in 3 to 5 years...or at least be able to position yourself in less stressfull situation then where you are at now in terms of working all day and wasting many hours?

Now you may say Rome Wells.. all that is super interesting, but what about your search engines?  Did you give up on all of the search engines that you created?  What makes me think that you are not just going to jump to the next great thing after you realize that commercial real estate is not as good as it use to be or lose your passion? 

Indeed these are very valid question... historically speaking my mindset is in the pivotal world.. where I Pivot in the direction of what makes most sense... but If i was to teach you the things.. that can help you develop that pivotal mindset as well in the world of real estate to help you get out of rat's race wouldn't that be something that you would want to learn?

Or perhaps you prefer to work until 65 years old as a teacher?  Look I am going to be honest... I failed.. many times.. but I didn't give up trying.. and in fact... many search engines that I created.. i still leverage for expanding my influence in commercial real estate across multiple professions... it's just i realized that what I was doing with the search engines as I was trying to help out teachers..

I simply wasn't appreciated enough for what I was giving back to the community... I wanted the field that gets appreciated... and let me tell you this... real estate gets appreciated.. and any action you do in real estate towards progress gets appreciated. (that is of course if you buy in the right markets)

Now what I will teach you in my journey is incredible amount of information that can help you figure out how to raise money for commercial real estate even if you have no money right now... or or have limited amount... 

I can show you the secrets for how to copy other successfull folks and show you the math behind the numbers of what is a good deal vs a bad deal.. (heck after all i am certified math teacher for the state of ct) 

Plus I can show you how to network with people, to expand your brain and mindset and capabilities in the direction of being able to reach your financial freedom goal.  

Plus I will do that in such a way that will allow you to see what the real estate commercial investment is all about from 360 degrees view across multiple timelines... in such a way that will help you minimize risk... while helping you maximize your chances of making money... either using passive income... or... making money using... active income...  in commercial real estate investment world.

What I will show you is referencies, analysis of different properties and show you people who you will follow and who motivated me, and who can motivate you in the same direction as they have motivated me and made me reach the "aha" moment in January 1st 2018...

Note it's been not that long only about 1 months since January 1st...  as I am writing this... Imagine in 1 month... I managed to expand my braing in being able to discover pathways towards financial freedom goal... and discovered how truly even you someone who is working full time as a teacher can make your financial freedom goal reality...

Wouldn't it be nice to not teach every day in school and get passive income from commercial real estate rentals?

Wouldn't it be nice to perhaps tutor only on part time basis make some money to supplement your income with tutors you enjoy tutoring?  1 on 1 tutoring is heck of a lot different vs teaching in school ( i probably do not need to tell you that)... in my case 1 on 1 is extremely enjoyable..

Teaching 1 on 1 can be great since you can still supplement your commercial real estate investment business with... your teaching...  or perhaps driving Uber on part time basis... but be able to do this.. without feel like you are being tied down to your full time job!

Now... i myself haven't quit my full time job... but I placed my self into planning mode in 2018... January 1st.. the financial freedom planning goal.. and started reverse engineering entire field.. from every standpoint... and started seeing patterns for how to dive out of rat's race.. the patterns that i simply haven't seen before!

The patterns that I only started seeing after planning to dive deep into commercial reale state.. while at the same time doing so in such manner that helps reduce risk.

If i was super risky I wouldn't be certified math teacher, but then again in my life I did some risky things... such as creating search engine for over 10000 teachers and still haven't seen a dime... (meaning in software business it's a lot harder.. vs... real world...) in real world you buy the brick and brick appreciates... you fix  the house and you sell it for more... 

There is so many amazing factors involved in real estate that can help you generate wealth that I absolutely just fell in love with it, the instance i was exposed to it...  (if a real estate agent.. would tell you this... then you would be very skeptical... but if a guy like me... who is basicaly very similar to you... tells you that... woudln't you at least consider learning more... ?)

Note what you are going to see in my journey is... the pathway.. the guided pathway.. and will simply join me.. free of charge on my facebook group...    and see how I analyze deals.. and analyze different risk factors, and analyze ways how to get out of rat's race and combine all of that with different synergetic methods of getting out of rat's race... 

You will see me really  passionately working hard and explaining and teaching... and expanding the network and sharing lots of secrets with you... free of charge and also you will see me providing other references that are more structural in the form of online courses, coaches etc... the time saving mechanism that can pretty much propell you in the direction of rapidly expanding your mindset in the direction of increasing your learning effectiviness in real estate and minimizing risk.

Look this is coming from the guy who is... well a teacher... an educational advocate.. the guy who failed.. multiple times... but didn't give up and learned on failures.. and propelled himself in the direction of helping others to avoid my failures and helping others learn how to gain wealth... 

Note... I may not be super duper real estate guru.. as you may want to think.. but at least I am close to the caliber level of your own self... and someone who is actively seeking and trying to reverse engineer ways for how to break out of rat's race... and if you are one of such folks... who also want to learn how to get out of rat's race.. then join me Rome Wells in my journey of discovering financial freedom by leveraging your already existing skills of teaching and getting out of rat's race in 3 to 5 years.

Note.. Just because I say 3 to 5 years.. doesn't mean that you will become free in 3 to 5 years.. it's just can either means major major major change in your life will happen that will result in you having a lot more free time... while shifting your mindset into doing something what you already good at on part time basis.

Or depending on what type of deals you dive into 3 to 5 years can literally means you stopping teaching completely and doing commercial real estate investment full time.

Either any of the following can and will happen if you take action and apply measurable risk analysis behind every deal that you analyze. 

I will show in many of my references for how to analyze deals... and will reveal to you the secret tools that i have used myself the very same tools that helped me see the math behind the numbers and cath the "aha" moment and realization that getting out of rat's race is possible.

To learn more visit

As it goes for my search engines... well.. here is an exampleo of how I am continuing my passion into the world of real estate by combining my search engines and real estate field together...

What you see is that even though I failed to convince teachers to be my tutors... on my search engine for an agency recurring fee... I still prevailed in being able to convince you to at least consider taking action and either 

A) Become a tutor on part time basis to bring more food on the table by registering on 

B) Becoming a tutor on (only limited to specific geographic regions in CT, NY and NJ areas selected counties)

C) Dive into commercial real estate and combine A) and B) to increase your income and get help from Rome Wells in being guided towards your financial freedom goal in commercial real estate investment world,and be more appreciated for every effort you do... and be less disrespected by the students... 

Plus the best part about me offering to you way to learn more about real estate and get out of rat's race is the very simple fact of it all that.. you can hire other real estate coaches... because face it after all.. who would want to hire Rome Wells to teach real estate 1 on 1... basis providing that Rome Wells himself was only exposed to commercial real estate for 1 month.... only since January 1 2018.. 

However... remember the difference between coach and the actual person who is already successfull is several hundreds of dollars extra from every hour..... vs someone who is an educational advocate... or another subject matter expert who dived into entire field from 360s angle and of similar caliber... and learn what you must do vs what you must not do.. when investing into commercial real estate from all sorts of caliber types of educators.. and successfull folks....

Now... remember.. just because someone is not doing it themselves... doesn't mean that they are not good in teaching/coaching or tutoring...

Remember the saying?  These who can't do ... teach?

So now that you thought about everything that i showed you... consider simply visiting this link and learning more about commercial real estate investment, to see how you can get out of rat's race and do so in such a way that you don't end up getting into trouble while doing so... 

Also... note.. if you don't consider exploring what I just gave you as a tip...  Consider at least... checking out what I tell to other professionals... and see how I also convice them in jumping beyond their professional career....

See my advice to future Accountants...

Future IT Engineers

Read and see what I tell these folks... similarly like I am telling you secrets about commercial real estate, I also share the same secrets to other folks...but... only few out of many take actions...  Be the one who does take action and visit this link to learn more about investing into commercial real estate.

Plus if you get to be great in learning about commercial real estate then you can also be one of the coaches.. registered on my network, where you can teach other students and make money... 

Obviously currently i am accepting only folks who are experts to be coaches on my commercial real estate network search engine that I have cated.  I placed my self in the search engine just as an example.. of how your profile can look like if you one day become real estate coach, just to give folks idea....

Note obviously that doesn't mean that you can not hire me to tutor you about real estate on coaching basis.. you can.. but it will only be up to certain level...

(remember... i only started in January 1st 2018 diving into it, but also remember that the person who would teach you... is the 21st century educational advocate (commonly referred by many students as Mark Twain of modern 21st century educational advocacy).. who also spent past 10 years researching how process of learning works.. and can rapidly infuse information into your brain... something that no ordinary experienced folks can do..

that expertise of teaching and infusing information came from many years of failing... and finding angles for how to increase learning effectiviness of human brain, plus remember Rome Wells is a certified math teacher for the state of CT and the guy who is literally a networker..

someone who knows how to connect the dots and sees entire field as a matrix... of patterns... and can help you learn quicker these patterns... to help you minimize risk and become successfull even if i don't have commercial real estate property myself.. plus.. my rate is fraction of what you would pay to an actual super duper commercial real estate guru... (who will probably be disconnected from where you are... simply because they are not on the same wave length as you are ... in comparison to Rome Wells...)

when it comes to extremely compleax deal, I would refer you to obviously someone who is either very successfull or to an online group coaching sesion or to any other resource.

My best recommendation when it comes to learning about commercial real estate is to learn from multiple resources such as... syndicated deal analyzer, my google plus page, my facebook group, my coaching and from an actual online courses...

Commercial real estate investment is one field that you can actually learn! vs attempting to open up your own software business for example... trust me!  I went through multiple timelines and multiple podcasts across different real estate gurus and went through researching multiple professions and realized... that commercial real estate investment is the the only field that truly makes sense from generating wealth... anything else is just secondary factor.

Hope this article have motiviated you to learn more... 

Rome Wells

21st century educational advocate





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