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SAT Scholastic Aptitude Test Learning Guides

SAT Scholastic Aptitude Test Review Guiding Tools

College Board in United States maintains SAT as a centralized exam which helps you for college admissions in United States. This is a nonprofit organization and formerly developed, published as Educational Testing Services.  SAT Exams possible range of scores can be from 600 to 2400 out of the three exams, that is 800 points in each exams.

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SAT Examination Format

SAT is composed of three sections listed below, along with its further information for the exam:

•   Writing – Out of 800 the average score for this exam is 493 and the candidate should complete the exam for 60 minutes. The coverage for the exam includes grammar, usage and diction.

•   Mathematics – Out of 800 the average score for this exam is 515 and the candidate should complete the exam for 70 minutes. The coverage for the exam includes number and operations; algebra and functions; geometry; statistics; probability; and data analysis

•   Critical Reading – Out of 800 the average score for this exam is 501 and the candidate should complete the exam for 70 minutes. The coverage for the exam includes critical reading and sentence-level reading.

Expectations in SAT Examination

 Critical Reading

The 70 minute time allocation is divided into two 25-minute sections and one 20-minute section. This exam is composed of sentence completions and question about short and long reading passages.


Generally known as quantitative or calculation section. This exam is divided into three section. First section is a 25-minute section, entirely multiple choice for 20 questions. Second, a 25-minute sections that has 8 multiple choice questions and 10 grid-in questions. No penalty for incorrect answers. Third, a 20-minute section, all multiple choice for 16 questions.


The multiple choice questions include:

✔   Paragraph improvement questions

✔   Sentence improvement questions

✔   Error identification questions

There is an essay section as well which is for 25 minutes.

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How to View for SAT Study Guides

There are two ways you can search your study guides for SAT. Just follow the steps showed in the images below. First, you can find the SAT Study Guides by inputting on the Search bar the Exam title or Exam code of the specific SAT subject that you are going to take. 

Second is by moving over to the bottom part of the page. On this part, you will see lists of Study guides. By default you will only see 5 study guides, you can change the default settings for Show by clicking on the drop down arrow and select more study guides you want. Click BUY NOW to buy the desired study guide.

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