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Best Premium ISTQB Certification Study Resource for Foundation Level Exam

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Do you want to pass the ISTQB Exam in 2017?

Are you struggling to prepare for the ISTQB exam? Wish you had the complete study material for ISTQB exam in one place? Are you looking for the latest question papers? Are you spending more time searching on the internet for study material, than studying for the exam?

100% Pass – Best Premium ISTQB Exam Study Material

Easily Pass ISTQB Foundation Level Exam In FIRST Attempt with high score with our Proven Study Material.

What do you get with the package?

  • Best book for preparing for the ISTQB exam. The book covers all 6 chapters required for ISTQB CTFL Exam. All concepts are explained in easy to understand manner, suitable for beginners too.
  • Glossary of all the terms used in ISTQB and Software Testing
  • More than 600+ premium questions from dumps with revised questions latest syllabus
  • Solving Statement and Decision coverage – Special section with 600 Questions and Answers
  • Printable Cards to help you remember key topics
  • Question paper dumps with 1300+ question and answers for practicing mock tests
  • Detailed guide on the ISTQB Syllabus and exam structure
  • Step by step preparation guide for ISTQB Foundation Level exam


Why our package is the Best Premium ISTQB Exam Study Material?

  • Best book and study material for ISTQB Foundation Level Exam – We have the best book and study material for ISTQB CTFL Foundation Level exam. The study material is useful for both experienced professionals and freshers as well. Our material is not only used by students studying for the exam but also used by professors and lecturers in Universities in countries like UK, USA etc to teach their classes. This material is based on the best resource on Software Testing – Each month they help thousands of students and professionals prepare for ISTQB Exam Certification. Search Google for “ISTQB Exam Certification” or “ISTQB Certification” they are the number one result.
  • Latest Premium Question Dumps – Our premium ISTQB study material contains several premium question dumps from recent exams. These question dumps cost $50 each but they are all included as part of our study material.
  • Complete comprehensive study material and guideEverything you need to study to pass the ISTQB Foundation Level exam with high score is included in the package. You will not need to read any other material other than what’s included in the package to pass the exam. We guarantee this because many students have passed with high score using our material and following our steps.
  • Comprehensive collection of Practice Questions – Our study material includes 1300+ questions from actual question papers. These questions cover the all the 6 chapters from the Foundation Level syllabus and all 4 Knowledge levels (K1 to K4) which are part of the exam objective.
  • Expert reviewed – These study materials and question papers have been reviewed by industry experts, several of whom have worked with ISTQB in setting the syllabus content and pool of questions for the exam. These have also been used by students in passing the ISTQB CTFL Foundation Level exam with high score.

This study material is valid for taking the ISTQB Foundation Level exam/ISEB BH0-010 from any ISTQB Exam Board in any country including US, UK, India etc. You can take the exam from the testing board of that country or from any authorized Pearson / Prometrics testing center. Please go through our FAQ below for more details.

How can I download the package – Best Premium ISTQB Exam Study Material? How much does it cost?

The study material has a one time cost of USD 50 for international buyers and Rs. 3000 for Indian buyers. You will be able to download the material immediately after payment, on the payment confirmation screen. You will also get an email with button/link to download the file. The zip file contains all the material listed above. Till date, everyone who has used our study material and followed our step by step preparation guide has passed the exam on their first attempt. Secure your future now, use our study material and pass the ISTQB exam.


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