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Binary Fusion ISQTB CTFL QA Software Training In Manhattan NY & Job Placement Assistance

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Prepare for ISTQB CTFL Exam and get Job Placement Assistance in Manhattan NY


What is the benefit of this training?

To help you break chicken and the egg conundrum of no job = no experience and no experience = no job.  (conundrum which is difficult to break unless someone like BinaryFusion a reputable company with strong educational founder and information technology background places trust into you and helps you break that conundrum) 

To help you increase your qualifications by getting Certified in ISQTB CTFL (certification that our company BinaryFusion helps you prepare for and get certified for)

To help you increase you qualifications by getting hands on experience in QA software testing. (experience which BinaryFusion company can help you obtain by providing you with hands on training in the form of instructor-led courses nicely compiled together as part of the Fusion Track Professional Quality Assurance curriculum)

To help you increase your qualifications by getting relevant education that matters in the eyes of employers infused into your brain. (the very same type of education financial companies are in fact looking for in employees before hiring them)

To help you increase your chances of landing job in QA Software Testing or relevant to "Professional Quality Assurance Fusion Track" curriculum type of job role in information technology sector. The job placement assistance that can help you break chicken and the egg conundrum by us converting you into BinaryFusion Consultant after you complete our instructor-led courses and hands on project)


What type of jobs students can land after completing training?

We help college graduate students ages 18 to 24 who are about to finish graduating college with Bachelors Degree in Computer Science, Mathematics or relevant type of fields, break into financial sector type of QA jobs in information technology where financial industry is our core area of expertise.  However, our "Professional Quality Assurance Fusion Track" training is also feasible for other industry type of jobs relevant to QA software testing field and not just finance.

Here is the type of jobs we help our Binary Fusion Consultants break into

  • Professional quality assurance software tester
  • QA Analyst
  • BA Analyst with Software Testing background
  • QA Analyst with Project Management expertise
  • QA Tester
  • Junior QA Tester
  • QA Engineer
  • (and many others)


Note some QA positions are more difficult to get into than others, due to the fact that some positions require lots of years of experience, which can be beyond the years of experience which our company BinaryFusion can provide to recent college grads.

However, if let's say you do have some experience, from previous jobs that you must have been exposed to for example working in University or working after graduating high school, then this can greatly super-charge your potential of being placed by us.  

Now some of you may say well why would I need Binary Fusion's help if I already have some experience, I can just do so on my own. 

        Indeed you can do so on your own prepare for ISTQB CTFL foundation exam for example, (in fact I Rome Wells even share with you some study materials that you can use on your own to prepare for ISTQB CTFL exam pass it and get certified!).  However, getting certified is only 1 small peace of the puzzle.   

Why doing so on your own can only get you to your goal of landing a job in QA Software Testing field half way?

The other peace of the puzzle that is equaly important as getting certified is called experience, experience that often many students who decided to take their journey on their own, simply do not have.  

  • Experience that other financial companies or non financial companies are looking for in employees.
  • Experience that you can only obtain by getting relevant instructor led training, that pertains to your overall goal.  
  • Experience that can only be trusted upon by companies to rely on, only if you have gained that experience based on highly relevant to companies needs and wants.
  • Experience that can be obtained not only from doing, but from knowing how to do it and why.
  • Experience that is not only defined in the context of software testing skills, but the type of experience that has a hybrid set of skills such as soft skills, business analysis, project management, scripting, professional skills and more


       As you can see there is lots of puzzle peaces.  Our company Binary Fusion helps students break the barriers of experience by infusing students' brains with relevant to "Professional Quality Assurance Fusion Track" concepts, the very same concepts which are relevant in the eyes of companies, who are in fact looking for QA Software Testers or releavant to QA Software testing type of employees with soft skills, business analysis, project management, scripting and other types of skills.

Having great inter-combination set of skills is exactly the reason why companies prefer some candidates over others.

So what is the solution here?   

One possible solution here is to get help from some one who can help you break into the field of QA Software Testing or relevant to "Professional Quality Assurance Fusion Track" type of job position, by getting your brain infused with the relevant to financial companies and other types of companies type of skills, which employers are in fact looking for. 

The solution here is to get experience and knowledge from not just a university that may only teach general academic concepts, which are great, but not good enough in the eyes of financial companies or companies in other types of industries, but to also get the relevant hands on training and education from the company that is a hybrid of both worlds.

The world of Education and the world of Information Technology combined. Our company, Binary Fusion company is preciesly the type of company that brings both worlds together, the world of education and the world of IT into 1.

How exactly does Binary Fusion makes information in the Professional Quality Assurance Fusion Track relevant to financial companies who are hiring?

We have created "Fusion Analysis Team" responsible for researching the field of Quality Assurance and Software testing relevant to the QA job positions companies are looking for and infusing skills and concepts that financial companies are looking for in the context of our training as part of the "Professional Quality Assurance Fusion Track" curriculum, thereby accelerating the process of student learning and experience gathering by tailoring our training program in the direction of financial companies wants and needs.

This means Binary Fusion Consultants would be able to learn quicker information that is relevant in the field of finance, and be able to gain experience quicker.  

This means getting 3 months of training in accelerated program with Binary Fusion is similar to getting 1 to 2 years of experience of working in financial organization full time.  

Except in financial organizations, trouble is... not everyone does the same thing all the time... the entire concept of employees in Financial organization doing multiple tasks creates slow process of experience gathering.  


In comparison to let's say Binary Fusion Consultant, who is the recent college graduate and went through the accelerated "Professional Quality Assurance Fusion Track" relevant to financial industry, got certiffied in ISTQB CTFL software testing,and received help by Binary Fusion getting placed into a QA software testing or relevant to QA Software Testing type of job role.


Why should students consider QA Software Testing field as part of their initial career journey?

Trying to break into the field of QA is much easier than let's say attempting to become Network Security Engineer, or attempting to become IT Project Manager


Who Provides this Training?

Company named:


Founder of the company is Rome Wells himself. Yep the very same Rome Wells is all over the internet (about Rome Wells)and the very same Rome Wells, who is guiding college graduate students in their journey towards successfull career paths.

Where does the training takes place?

Training takes place in Manhattan NY.

Who provides the training?

One of the professional instructors, or ocassionally Rome Wells himself as the guest speaker!