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Praxis II Spanish: World Language (5195) Subject Assessment

Praxis II Spanish: World Language (5195) Subject Assessment

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Praxis II Spanish: World Language (5195) Exam General Information

This test is designed to measure the knowledge, skills, and abilities of examinees who have had preparation in a program for teaching Spanish in grades K–12. Because programs in teaching Spanish are offered at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, this test is appropriate for examinees at either level. All sections of this test are at the Advanced-Low level, as described in the proficiency guidelines of the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL).

This test integrates listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills, as well as linguistic and cultural knowledge, through active participation in a variety of questions in the interpretive modes (in the Listening and Reading sections) and in the interpersonal and presentational modes (in the Writing and Speaking sections). The Listening and Reading sections of the test are composed of selected-response questions, whereas the Writing and Speaking sections are composed of constructed-response tasks.

Praxis II Spanish: World Language (5195) Examination Format

The Praxis II Spanish: World Language (5195) Exam is composed of 75 selected-response questions and 6 constructed-response questions. Examinees are given a total of 3 hours to complete the exam. All questions and answer choices are in Spanish and are based on various genres of authentic material, whether written or in audio format, from various Spanish-speaking regions of the world.

This is a computer-based test with sections of various lengths and time constraints. All sections of the test are separately timed. While the time allotted in the Reading and Writing sections is managed by the candidate, timing is computer controlled throughout the Listening and Speaking sections. Prior to beginning the Listening section, the candidate will participate in a practice exercise reflecting the type of questions in the Listening section. Similarly, there is a writing practice exercise prior to the Writing section to acquaint candidates with a special character toolbar that they will be using to type their individual responses in Spanish.

This test may contain some questions that do not count toward your score.

Examination Coverage with its Approximate Number of Questions and Percentage

The Praxis II Spanish: World Language (5195) Exam has the following content categories:

Interpretive Mode: Listening with Cultural Knowledge

Interpretive Mode: Reading with Cultural Knowledge

Cultural Knowledge (Tested in sections 1 and 2)

Interpersonal and Presentational Writing

  1. Interpersonal Writing: Response to an E-mail, Memo, or Letter
  2. Presentational Writing: Opinion/Position Essay
  3. Presentational Writing: Integrated Skills

Presentational and Interpersonal Speaking

  1. Presentational Speaking: Integrated Skills
  2. Presentational Speaking: Express an Opinion or Make an Oral Presentation
  3. Interpersonal Speaking: Simulated Conversation

Content Categories I, II, IV, and V – Language, Linguistics, and Comparisons (88%)

  • Demonstrating language proficiency in the target language (at the Advanced Low level, as described in the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages [ACTFL] Proficiency Guidelines)
  • Understanding linguistics—linguistic features of the target language
  • Comparing the target language with English

Content Category III – Cultures, Literatures, and Cross-disciplinary Concepts (12%)

  • Demonstrating cultural understanding—connections among the perspectives of the target culture and its practices and products

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