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HVAC Video Tutorial for how to replace your AC capacitor

HVAC Certification Test Prep and Tools
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Air conditoner freezing up... Specifically the air handler low pressure pipe is freezing up... tsk tsk tsk not good...  


I am not showing in this video the frozen pipe, but... it was frozen.  Since it was frozen, I had to do some research and realized that the possible reason for that can be bad capacitor. Hence what I did is simply ordered new capacitor and replaced the old capacitor.  FYI disregard buy now link.. there is nothing to buy in this resource... it is free, it is just a video me explaining how to replace capacitor in air haindler unit in my home on the 2nd floor.

What is covered in the Video

In This Video Rome Wells shares with everyone how to replace ac capacitor in the air handler in the attic.  In a video shows

  • Rome Wells climbing into his attic in his home, analyzing briefly air handler.
  • Measuring capacitance of the faulty capacitor
  • Measuring capacitance of the new capacitor
  • Installing capacitor into the air handler
  • Closing the door of the air handler.
  • Showing bunch of multi-meters that Rome Wells purchased by mistake originally when learning HVAC.
  • Showing his attic and his out of battery drill and gotchas to watch out for when repairing ACs
  • Showing how he is shutting down the AC using the electrical switch before working on the unit.
  • Sharing view of his other air conditioner on the 2nd floor.
  • Explaining the reasoning why he got the 2nd air conditioner.
  • Describing R22 refrigerant briefly
  • Making comments about non comfortable environment in the attic and what can be really done about that. (the answer is either get another helper or get another tool)
  • Making coments about his plans and his HVAC Journey.