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FTCE Middle Grades Mathematics Test

FTCE Middle Grades Mathematics

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FTCE Florida Middle Grades Mathematics 5-9 Examination Information

Mathematics is one of the most important subjects that are taught to students but with recent negative comments towards the subject, students are most likely to be wary of the subject. Undeniably, the subject IS difficult, but the greatest factor that affects students’ way of taking the subject is how the educators teach it to them. Educators have to be patient and considerate to their students so as to maintain the students’ attention to the subject. The Florida Department of Education (FLDOE) conducts the FTCE Middle Grades Mathematics 5-9 Exam to test such educators’ capacities. Passers are granted certifications that allow educators to practice in the state as a Middle Grade Mathematics educator.

There are two certifications available, professional and temporary. Professional certifications are valid for five academic years and are renewable while temporary certifications are valid for only three academic tears and are non-renewable. After temporary certifications expire, educators must then apply for a professional certification to continue teaching.

Eligibility Requirements for FTCE Florida Middle Grades Mathematics 5-9 Exam

The Florida Department of Education requires applicants to first comply with certain eligibility requirements in order to be qualified to take the exam.

Both certifications require applicants to hold a bachelor degree in Middle Grades Math Education or in any course related. For professional certifications, applicants are also required to have a master’s degree. For temporary certification, applicants minimally are required to have a 2.5 GPA in the subject.

A fingerprint report is also needed for both certifications and only after duly processing these files will the board grant the certification to the educator.

Examination Format of FTCE Florida Middle Grades Mathematics 5-9 Test

The FTCE Middle Grades Mathematics Exam covers mostly basic topics in mathematics. The test also includes questions that test the educators’ knowledge on how to deal with students who have a hard time with the subject. Listed below are ten topics that are to appear in the exam. Beside it are percentage values that represent the number of questions on the certain topic in the exam.

•  Problem-solving and reasoning skills

•  Mathematical manipulatives and models and instructional technology

•  Assessment in mathematics

•  Connections among mathematical concepts

•  Number sense, operations, and proportionality

•  Foundations of algebra

•  Algebraic thinking

•  Data analysis, statistics, and probability

•  Two-dimensional geometry

•  Measurement and spatial sense

The exam is composed of 75 questions and the examinee is given 150 minutes to attempt the test. The questions are of different formats such as:

•  Word Problem

•  Direct Question

•  Scenario

•  Command

•  Graphics

Considering the level of difficulty and the amount of time given, it would be wise for examinees not to dwell to long on a single question and answer the easier ones first. But to lower the standard on which questions are difficult, a study guide particularly crafted for this test would be very useful. Not only will it refresh and improve your knowledge, it will also prepare you with possible questions that would appear in the exam. 

With hard-work and determination, acing the exam on the first attempt will be very possible.

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On the bottom part of this page you will see lists of ftce test study guides, to help you review and prepare for your examination. Change the default menu for Show into desired number of items you wanted to view. Also along side with each study guides there is a button called “Buy Now”, click it for each reviewer you wanted to obtain.

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